Might as well be quick since summer vacation is almost over.

In 5 days I'll be back to school once again. So I may not appear at all at times, unless I manage to pry myself from other distractions

I will however be hard at work behind the scenes for Fateful Element! The weekends I'll be free as usual unless otherwise stated.

HJ: And we don't want you guys worrying about him. If he's in any sort of mood to just disappear. Just ask, he'll likely answer.

Yeah, that's one way of putting it.

Among other things I've also been busy training in Under-Night Inbirth EXE Late. So look forward to fighting me in spring when it hits the states! Be prepared for Akatsuki and Chaos.

HJ: that guy apparently got a near-accurate palette...

only downside is no long hair! :P

HJ: Oh Tails, you wound me so.

But yeah, that's the note for all wondering where I may be after 5 more days. Peace out!!

--Tails and HJ