"...Wheeeeee It's my birthday yet again."

HJ: Yeah,,, I'm gonna be honest this just feels like something we gotta deal with.. (*rolling neck*) but it still brings us all together

Mujihi: if by together' means not with blackbeak, I'd be better off not here.

Fasado: Well still, it's a festivity. If I weren't here surely I'd be shunned no matter what

Ventus: Still, a party is a party.

Tager: Indeed. Hopefully that experimental cake oven I had installed into my chest cavity isn't breaking down... I was ordered specifically to make a three layered cookie cake for this occasion... Why that was even the case is not to be questioned...

Amane: Still, anything wouldn't be complete without a dance...! Thankfully the stage is set, and all we need to do is-- Don't tell me he's the disco ball again.

Suddenly Arakune just wails from the top of the ceiling, as a sort of black, gooey, disco ball.

Caliber: Not again....!

HJ: (*slight laughter*) oh let him be what he wants, Amane...

Tokatsu: Well still, birthdays should be celebrated with joy and not contempt... Even if we are in company of enemies...

Erreku: Ah don't be such a sourpuss. (*currently resting a shoulder on Matt's head*)

Matt: ....Yeaaaah the sooner the cake is ready, the better Tager.

Tager: affirmative.

Flamme: Well still, this should hopefully be the best birthday for you yet...!

Elettrico: and may you have many more after this!

"I'm sure I will..."

Mizunu: I get the feeling something might happen though.

Carl: We're definitely sure nothing will ruin this event for your sake...!

Kagura: I still haven't even gotten the girls here yet... What's taking them...?

HJ: Kagura no... Don't make the birthday party crazier than it should be...

Bitoku: I could make some ice cream if that'll lighten the mood...!

Mujihi: definitely appreciated.

"But all in all, I just hope everyone has a good day and I have a nice birthday... I'm sure it'll be a nice day off too."