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Alias: The Smartest Kaka
Gender: Female
Race: Kaka
Age: 20
Date of Birth: July 4th
Birthplace: Lost Town
Height: 170cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood type: O
Rank: A
Personal Status
Relatives: Taokaka (Sister)

Torakaka (Sister)
Jubei (Progenitor)

Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Astral Heat: Téa Termination
Game(s): BlazBlue: Momentum Shift

BlazBlue: Fate Corruption
BlazBlue: Crisis Rebellion
BlazBlue: Calamitous Complex
BlazBlue: Fate Dissolution

Japanese Voice: Téakaka
English Voice: Téa Mari

Téakaka is a member of the Kaka clan. She is commonly seen traveling with Isamu and is a playable character in BlazBlue: Fate Corruption.


Téakaka was born into the kaka clan, but when she was little she wandered off and was found by Isamu. Isamu raised as her as they traveled on the road, teaching her the things Jubei taught him. She has been mentored by both Torakaka and Jubei. By that virtue, Téakaka knows how to cook, how to fight, and how to find food while on the road. She does not have the same verbal tic that Taokaka has. Being able to go a long while without even uttering the word, meow. Téakaka has been likened to Torakaka. Torakaka says she, 'sees a lot of herself in her'. At one point, there were plans for her to become the Kaka Clan village's next protector, but when she vanished, that was given to Tao.

BlazBlue: Momentum ShiftEdit

During the events of Momentum Shift, Téakaka tries to attempt to catch up with Arisu in order to convince her that she's playing for the wrong team. However, she notes that she is a slippery little devil and escapes her attempts. After this, and the events of Momentum Shift, she returned to traveling with Isamu.

BlazBlue: Fate CorruptionEdit

During the events of Fate Corruption, she continued her travels with Isamu. She seemingly knew that Isamu's fate was to give his life in order to continue the cycle, as Isamu had spoken with her about it. At the end, Téakaka decided to wander around on her own.

Incarnate TrilogyEdit

During these events, Téakaka simply travels around looking for information to collect that would assist the others. After the saga, she simply vanished. To where to, is not known.

Material Collection InformationEdit

  • Hobbies: Sampling new foods, Seeing new places
  • Values: Kind people.
  • Likes: Kind People
  • Dislikes: Anyone who steps on her tail.


Téakaka is a kind person and a soft-spoken person. She rarely yells and is slow to anger. Very rarely has she ever gotten angry, as Isamu taught her keeping her emotions in check. She is likened to one of the smartest of the people in the Kaka clan in the same sentence with Torakaka.


Téakaka wears the same outfit that Tao wears, however, its color is blue. Her hair is worn Captain Unohana-style, and it is blonde. Her tail is also blonde with a few black marks.

Musical ThemesEdit

  • Clever Kaka - Téakaka's Theme
  • Terminated - Téakaka's Astral Heat
  • Not Common - Téakaka's Mirror Match
  • Training Time! - Téakaka vs. Isamu
  • Friendly Spar - Téakaka vs. Miwa Suzuki
  • Brains - Téakaka vs. Hiroshi Suzuki
  • Roles to Play - Téakaka vs. Arisu
  • Cat and Fox - Téakaka vs Kiyoko Itou


  • Postprandial Happy (Lost Town) - There is nothing like home...