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Novus Orbis Sequentia

Faction Information
Type: World Order
Branches: Several hundred small branches and several large factions of operation.
Subdivisions: Sequence Intelligence Agency
Council Templar
Alternate Name(s): Sequence, The World Protectors
Organizational & Historical Information
Size: Worldwide
Notable Member(s): Lukain Necaros (Marshal of the Militia Division)
Headquarters: The 1st Imperial City of Okoto
Status: Active
Anime(s): Control Sequence

Novus Orbis Sequentia (New World Sequence or NOS) is the successor and evolution of the NOL, and a governmental world power in the current world of Control Sequence.


The NOS is known as the World Order, serving to manage the world and the people within it. In Control Sequence, they're known to be the World Protectors and the victors of the Third War. They claim to be working toward making an order that mankind truly desires, but their disconnection to the people aside their reliance to protect them from the Seithr makes them seen as more dogmatic.

Their system is primarily commanded by the World Order Council, replacing the Imperator system during the Third War. Its Reich of Order is of six individuals who stand as the supreme leadership, while the Overseers are guides who provide them the Seithr Control System to ensure mankind's survival against the Black Corrosion.

The Innovos Duodecim still would stand as their elite, and are split among the divisions.

They still would maintain the technology of magic and the Grimoires, specifically, after the War ended, they bolstered their weaponry with the technology developed, including Nex Exitium and Azure Interface Primefield Devices.

When Nex decided to oppose them and threatened their system that protected the world called the Seithr Control System, the World Order Council branded him an SS-Class criminal, a Phase-Black in threat level, and would send many divisions to capture him, all failing.


Elite Ars UnitEdit

Elite Ars Divisions are comprised the core militia power the NOS has. It is run by the Marshal, while individual operations are entrusted to those deployed to follow the chain of command. They own the latest developments of weaponry such as Ars Volo Magus Tech. Their squads are as follows:

  • 2nd Elite Ars Unit - Siegfried's unit, serves currently as a solo unit. Does specialized missions to serve the Marshal.
  • 5th Elite Ars Unit - Reiga's unit, consists of Akari. Direct superior is Mysteria.


Zeroth DivisionEdit

The Marshal's personal army, it's filled with individuals who are considered too dangerous or experimental to be on the main unit, with him overseeing each. They are sent to deal with tasks the Marshal gives, and answer only to him.

SD DivisionEdit

The Sequence Intelligence Agency's Sequence Destroyers, who are deployed to deal with direct threats to the system, erasing them with the Nex Exitium.

Council Templar DivisionEdit

The Council's private military deployed to deal with the "horrors" of the Boundary and serves the people directly. Their normal soldiers are seen with Azure-blue uniforms.


Sequence Intelligence AgencyEdit

The ones who protect the world's most "dangerous" information, they operate in the confidential ops of the NOS to keep their status as the world protectors. They're in charge of safeguarding the information of the entire world, holding it in various databases. Their elite units are the Sequence Destroyers. Their common soldiers are typically in pitch-black uniforms.

Research and Development DepartmentEdit

R&D is in charge of weapon development as well as research into the threats to mankind, spending most their time observing the Seithr-based Phenomena Black Corrosion. It's made up of several scientists and alchemists who work in laboratories scattered across the world, though where their research originates from is unclear.

R&D is also responsible for the development of non-specific AIP, securities, Grimoire defenses as well as the maintenance of Cauldrons, Seithr Cores and Shards.

While scientists are relatively harmless and rely on the help of the army to protect them-- the rarer alchemists are the most dangerous among the R&D division, as they use the department to practice experimental techniques and even creations.

Rychia, head of R&D is an Alchemist.

Their HQ is stationed in Naobi.

World Order CouncilEdit

The World Order Council is the main department of authority, every so often the heads of every department (or a substitute) will meet to discuss the situations at hand. They're known as the Reich of Order, this includes:

  • Head of Council - Nier Netsuki
  • Head of Duodecim - Vacant, current head is missing.
  • Head of Military - Lukain Necaros
  • Head of Intelligence - No Information, often has Yyntal serve as a sub.
  • Head of R&D - Rychia
  • Imperator - Often has subs, such as Marina.

Council TemplarEdit

The Council Templar is a division dedicated to dealing with threats from the Boundary, connected to its "darkness". Trained to deal with the likes of Seithr Beings and creatures of dark magic, they serve the people directly and answer to the head of the Council as well as their grand masters. They can, at times, be seen as extremists, and are not without their flaws. Despite that, they are highly regarded as the ones who keep the morality of the government intact, though their influence has greatly waned since the end of the war.

Their HQ is stationed in Iwatsuchi.

They can be identified by a white shield and sword symbol with a singular wing upon it, the tip makes a halo-like design.

Amanohokosaka Clan and the YakuzaEdit

The Amanohokosaka Clan is a clan to which the Imperator belongs, and is the last to remain with the NOS in the Clans.

Before the events of the Third War the clan has expanded its influence on the world and became a financial empire, essentially controlling most of the NOS' finances and being a large monopoly. They finance most of the NOS's projects, lending them large sums of money and collecting after that with interest if the projects are successful. The Clan's resources are seemingly limitless, as it controls a lot of world industries, including medicine, science and etc.

The clan is essentially a legal crime empire, as they employ Yakuza who serve as their collectors and warriors. During the war times the Yakuza serve as the vigilantes and the law enforcement service, helping the Elite Ars Unit in resolving the conflicts and helping the civilians. However, they can be persecuted for any crime they commit, such as illegal gambling. The elite Yakuza, known as the Blood Pack, serve as the Imperator's personal bodyguards and often judge the lesser members of their society. The Yakuza can be identified by a lotus symbol on the back of their suits. The ordinary members have a white lotus, while the Blood Pack's lotus is indigo.

Current MembersEdit

  • Reich of Order - The Council that oversees all departments.
  • Nier Netsuki - Admiral, Head of Council
  • Lukain - Marshal
  • Rychia - General and R&D
  • Imperator - Traditional Ruler conjoined with the Reich of Order
  • ??? - SIA Director
  • General - Do not answer to anyone except those directly above them, they rarely appear during public operations. They override field officers.
    • General of the NOS - Akuhei
    • Generals - Rychia
    • Admirals - Nier Netsuki
    • Lt. Generals - Fasado
    • Major Generals - Arcius, Tsureta Senaru, Faulheir
    • Brigadier Generals - Siegfried Schtauffen, Kazeyui, Caestia

Field Officers - Commands smaller divisions.

    • Colonels - Yyntal Sorairo, Marina Hikamigawa
    • Lt. Colonels - Mysteria, Magnus Kiyomeki, Lazarith, Beleth
    • Major - Zanza Sentoki

Company Officers -

  • Captains -
  • First Lieutenant - Reiga Sorairo
  • Second Lieutenant -
  • Warrant Officer -


  • Admiral - Tenryo Mutsuki (AWOL)
  • Lieutenant General - Serza (Joined the Liberation Sector)
  • Lt. Colonel - Yuega Tegi (Defected)
  • Majors - Kiryos Hikamigawa (Defected without public notice, his position is still intact.)


  • The name means "New World Sequence".