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Azure Requiem Destruction (Contempt Remains)

Nex Vs Siegfried Theme 

A fate and curse, our two roads intertwined
Just another hope shattered by the hands of fate
We chose our roads now what happened, everything shattered all too fast
Everything we despised you’ve become but we once had similar resolve out before us
Have you forgotten everything?
Have you forgotten what we were to be, to change our fate in this endless agony
We’ve become opposites, broken everything!
All our trust lost! We’re nothing of what we used to be!
Did anger blind you?
Can’t forgive, can’t move on, you've become a contemptible weight beneath my conscious
Just leave me be I have nothing to say!
You didn’t listen to me, how could I listen to you?!
You betrayed everything...! Destroyed the past!
This hateful familiarity of spiraling pity and detest
Sealed on the road of figment and betrayal the contempt is all that remains
Its all that remains!
Your actions placed you here its impossible to change
Tried so long to open your eyes you never bothered to understand why
Why don't you remember what we used to be
You’ve forsaken any hope, stained this memory, condemned us to hell its your fault
But I’m sure you think its mine
Anger has blinded you!
Won’t forgive, gotta move on, you’re a damned weight beneath my conscious
Why wont you leave me be I have nothing to say!
If you wont listen to me, why would I listen to you?!
You betrayed everything! Destroyed your chances in the future!
Unforgivable Irredeemable Reprehensible! You’ve become all we’ve sworn not to be
There’s no changing it contempt is all that remains
Its all that remains!
Souls slip to chaos your mind without order as we turned our backs
Yet I wish it could change, I wished it could be different, but its the same...
But you won’t let me keep the promise…
You’ve given up on the future and yourself…
I’m left with no choice so,
Can this ever be forgiven?!
Too late for words now!
I can’t let myself be slowed anymore...I can't handle this never ending war
Nothing left to do, no regrets left-- I’ll resolve this with my sword…!
Friends no more you’re becoming my worst enemy!
The one I once knew is consumed before me--!
What a fucked up wasted reality!
Anger controls you! Burns what I used to know...!
Screw it I'm done!
We’re nothing, nothing more, nothing to forgive!
I’ve moved on, you’re not worth the time!
I have nothing to say nothing but hate...
What will it take for this to end?!
Its beyond the point of changing its nothin' but cruel fate!
Now we walk down the roads to the void of this truth
But I don’t turn an eye, I'm leavin' the memory behind!
Sorrow and contempt is all that remains in my mind
Its what you wanted right?!
Its all you’ve left me with...
Its all that remained...Even if you're dead...
It'll only leave me with despair of contempt that'll never end...!

Siegfried Version