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Mujihi Mazio
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Name: Mujihi Mazio
Kana: 無慈悲
Rōmaji: Mujihi
Alias: Roaring Thunder
Kana: 鳴り響く雷
Rōmaji: Narihibiku kaminari
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Beastkin
Age: 14
20 (beginning of control sequence).
Date of Birth: July 19th
Birthplace: 10th Hierarchical city of Akitsu-Otsu
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Travelling
Values: Bitoku,Red Thunder
Likes: Bitoku
Dislikes: Racism, Fasado
Weapon: Chaotic Element,Element Breaker
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Liberation Sector
Department: Red Thunder
Position: Leader of Red Thunder
Partner: Bitoku
Nicaiah Metake
Simple Move List
Drive: E. Breaker
Overdrive: E. Destroyer
Distortion Drives: Point Blank Damnation
  • Roaring Rebellion (verse one)
  • Quick-Counter (verse one)
  • Demonic Twister (verse two onward)
  • Death Seeker (Verse 2 onward)
Astral Heat: Elemental Vengeance
Anime(s): Control Sequence
Japanese Voice: Hideo Ishikawa
English Voice: Yuri Lowenthall
Mujihi Mazio is one of the primary characters in Control Sequence. He is the son of former Rogue Sector member Tekina and a mercenary leader under the guidance of Nicaiah.

He's deployed to Kagutsuchi to hunt down individuals who are causing problems.

Information Edit

Prior to the events of Control Sequence, Mujihi had a normal life. Things changed when the NOS sent their Sequence Destroyers to kill him and his family, namely under the man named Fasado. He was gravely injured, but was spared the fate his family was forced upon thanks to the Liberation Sector Zero. He was practically near death until an experiment from the sector known as "Chaotic Element" was given to him. Due to using this, the higher ups of LSZ required him to assist their endeavors to compensate, which he does. Namely in forming the mercenary division known as "Red Thunder".

Verse 1Edit

Mujihi was first mentioned by name in the first season by Fasado, as a means to hinting of their relation as personal enemies. He officially appears in episode 10, fighting alongside Nex against Valetha, while in an effort to protect Myri and Bitoku. He later appeared a few episodes later, fighting Fasado in a means to protect Byakai.

A battle he participates in taking place in episode 15 shows that he has a connection of sorts to Zerde, as he shows anger at his insults, insinuating he was a rival of sorts to his parents prior to their erasure.

After that battle however, as the two make it further to the closed off area in the following episode, they run into Zaezel, Mujihi fighting him to protect Bitoku from him. The fight wasn't in his favor as he nearly died from seithr-inducing flame shots. Sylar came to their aid, causing Zaezel to leave, with no wish to fight him. Sylar left after that, leaving the two alone.

The two soon run into Nex and Myri, whom after a short time are left with Myri as Nex leaves to confront Zaezel. Mujihi finally realized a few of his memories had him feel familiarity towards Nex, (which will be shown in the origin series). He keeps these in mind as Bitoku leaves to face Valetha. He questions Serza on the events to the best of his ability, but stops when it falls short.

Other AppearancesEdit

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Personality Edit

Mujihi has a somewhat unreadable personality. Hidden under what seems to be a permanent scowl, he shows little to any enthusiasm or positive emotion. He prefers to keep to himself outside of battle, in which there his true colors show. He holds a great resent for Fasado and his actions toward his family. He considers his group, and the LSZ like they were his family. Showing to a degree he cares about the people who helped him. He also holds great respect for Nicaiah, seeing her as someone of high regard, similar to the person who saved him from near death. He shows little resent to Sylar despite his fight against the LSZ. Showing greater resent to Valetha Deumos due to calling the beastkin race as filth, to the point of intentionally missing her head by inches.

Appearance Edit

Mujihi wears a white button up shirt and blue jeans, shrouded under a black robe, with a red armband with his group insignia on it. Over his eyes he wears a pair of golden goggles, and an earpiece in his right ear. He wears pairs of golden armbands and gloves as well, and his fox ears and tail are red. A contrast to Bitoku's Blue fur color.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mujihi is skilled in hand-to-hand combat skills as well as ranged combat with his firearm. At lose range he can harness elements of fire,electricity,and ice into various techniques of punches and kicks. Using his weapon as a conduit his strength grows moderately. Mujihi when at a distance prefers to try and freeze the opponent in their tracks with a barrage of icebolts, before closing in with another bolt of a different element.

Musical Themes Edit

  • Hopeless Redemption Mujihi's theme
  • Full Moon of Damnation Mujihi vs Fasado theme
  • Snowflakes of Hope Shared Vocal Theme with Bitoku

Stages Edit

  • LSZ Corridor 13: Fate is a cruel truth to take

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