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Name: Mizunu
Alias: Miz
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Beastkin
Age: 17
Blood type: O
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
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Mizunu is a young wolf beastkin, and a new character in BlazBlue: Hope's Damnation.


Material Collection InformationEdit

    • Pre-Hope's Damnation
  • Hobbies: walking, picking on HJ
  • Values: Other beastkins
  • Likes: Her friends, coffee
  • Dislikes HJ
    • Post Hope's Damnation
  • Hobbies: Walking
  • Values: other beastkin,those she cares about
  • Likes:coffee,her friends
  • Dislikes: bickering with HJ,Relius Clover,dwelling on the past.


Mizunu is someone who is brash and always ready for a battle. She cares about other beastkin close to her, no matter how good of a standing they have. She has some ignorance towards humans, but only harbors hate for Houdini Jr due to the fact he more or less is afraid to fight back. She never runs away from a battle unless she seems overtaken by the enemy.

During the time Hope's Damnation takes place her fun in picking on HJ somewhat dies down. Due to seeing her former target's appearance and resilience to the current situation. She teasingly calls him by his real name to try and get on his nerves, but aside from that she has grown to respect him. Regretting all the past insults and actions she had done to him. Later right before the start of the True Ending, she tries to do her best to help HJ with his own strife against Tomuzu with her plans with the tome of the damned, willing to fight when necessary.

In BlazBlue: Flames of Hope, Mizunu is portrayed in her past personality, often heard to be picking on the young HJ. However she uses this as a way to take her mind off her troubled status as a wolf beastkin. In private she's a rather laidback friendly woman. As well as someone protective of others, shown over the course of OVAs III through V, where she is willing to help escort HJ back to his home in Yabiko after finding him in Wadatsumi due to going with Hayato on a mission.


Mizunu is a wolf beastkin, who wears a teal robe, with a red undershirt and blue jeans, she wears a red headband and white scarf

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Musical ThemesEdit


(HD) Hanging Gardens - Time will Tell when memories appear


Arcade Boss(s) Arcade Title(s) Story Title(s) Game(s)
Tomuzu Wolf's Howling Echo Moon's Glare Hope's Damnation


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