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Marina Hikamigawa
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Name: Marina Hikamigawa
Birth Name: Marina Amanohokosaka
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 55
Date of Birth: December 25
Birthplace: The 1st Imperial City of Okoto
Height: 5'9
Weight: Secret
Hobbies: · Playing guitar
· Meditating
· Refining her "dance"
Values: · Her son
· Her clan's legacy
Likes: · Rainy days
· Rock music
· Tanabata festivities
· Cherries
Dislikes: · Yami Akuhei
· Violence
· Drought
Personal Status
Relatives: Kiryos Hikamigawa (son)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Kaiji Amanohokosaka (cousin)
Education: Military Academy
Various universities
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Department: · Amanohokosaka Clan
· Council Templar
Position: · Knight-Commander (Templar)
· Colonel (Military)
Previous Partner: Yyntal Sorairo
Simple Move List
Drive: Diamond Dust
Anime(s): Control Sequence
Japanese Voice: Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice: Karen Strassman

Marina Hikamigawa is a character in Control Sequence and is the mother of Kiryos Hikamigawa. Marina is a senior member of the Amanohokosaka Clan and is a member of the Council Templar.

A valiant warrior and a loving mother, Marina is deeply concerned about her son's well-being as well as the position of her clan in the world.

Character InfoEdit

Marina Amanohokosaka was born before the Third War of Armagus and was about 16 years old when the conflict began. During the War she has lost her older brother who was declared KIA, and after the end of the conflict, her mother also passes away, leaving Marina as the head of the clan. Due to her grief and the weight of responsibility, Marina renounced her status and gave the title to her uncle.

Plot InfoEdit

Marina first appears in Episode 20 as a representative of the Amanohokosaka Clan, as her cousin Kaiji was unable to participate in the meeting. In Episode 21 she along with the others discussed the situation in Kagutsuchi, but they come to a stalemate and the meeting ends.


Marina is a fairly tall woman of a slightly pale complexion and a slim build, but with a fairly developed musculature. Her indigo hair is usually worn loose and reaches down to her waist. Her azure-colored eyes usually have a calm expression to them, but are also capable of expressing indignation. She wears a purple silken blouse decorated with azure tribal designs, primarily on the chest and sleeves, and held together by two black leather belts that forms a diagonal cross on her waist. An indigo scarf emblazoned with lotuses is wrapped around her shoulders. She wears black trousers that run into black leather boots decorated with silver metalwork and markings. Around her neck hangs a silver necklace with a small cross attached to it.

Her Templar attire is a custom variant tailored for her. It resembles a business suit more than any military uniform, following an "all-white" color scheme. She wears a shirt-and-waistcoat combo with a tie and an open jacket with the Templar insignia emblazoned on the left sleeve. Marina's hands are covered with full-finger leather gloves. Her elegant white trousers have a half-skirt attached to the back, covering her rear and reaching down almost to her ankles. On her feet are exquisite white shoes with silver toes.