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You can say you're fighting a war with good or evil, to protect or destroy, but in truth behind your stories, there's a much simplier fate and pattern I've observed: It's always only ever in pursuit of one thing: “Desire”... and from it I saw that “Sin” was born. This desire is the only interesting possibility in the world now, because desire is the only way to evolve.
―-Lukain in CTS

Lukain Necaros
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Name: Lukain Necaros
Alias: Death Weaver
Commander of Strife (By Nicaiah)
Kanji: 死の織工
Rōmaji: Shi no Okō
Tōsō no shirei-kan
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Real age isn't known, he appears in his mid 30's.
Date of Birth: November 1st
Birthplace: Naobi
Height: Just under 6ft tall
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Researching the Boundary's Energy
Collecting symbols of death
Improving his talents with magic
Values: Nothing other then his own research and perhaps powerful souls
Likes: Wine (Typically made by Fasado)
Struggle in the World
Obscenely Bitter Food
Dislikes: Impatience
Human Spirit and Conscience
'Useless Emotions'
Loud People
Having his time wasted
Faith and Hope
Weapon: Dark Magic and the Boundary's negative Energy. He does own a weapon, but rarely draws it.
Rank: S
Personal Status
Relatives: Unnamed mother and father (Deceased)
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Previous Affiliation: Unknown (Third War of Ars Magus)
Department: World Force Militia (Commander and Leader of)
Position: Marshal of the NOS
Member of the World Order Council
Partner: Yami Akuhei
Previous Partner: Akuhei Yamaorochi
Unknown colleague from the Third War
Simple Move List
Drive: Void Weaver
Anime(s): Control Sequence
First Appearance: Episode 1: Begin Sequence, Breakout Black
English Voice: Keith Silverstein [1]
Lukain Necaros is one of the central antagonists of Control Sequence, and serves as the NOS's Marshal, along with a core member of the World Order Council, managing warfare.

He's accomplished in military tactics and is a master of the energies of dark arts and alchemy making him a deadly Sorcerer. He undertakes great studies into the Boundary, having no fear of it.

Though he is not in charge of the Sequence Destroyers, Yami Akuhei chooses to work with him often, and he also has a hand in the research development sector alongside both Rychia and Fasado.

Character InfoEdit

Lukain is one of the feared leaders of the NOS whose power is unquestioned. The man uses powerful magic that is infused with the Boundary's power and is barely human anymore. He doesn't seek to bring mankind to paradise, or utter ruin, it seems he seeks something else entirely.

Strangely the age lapse between now and the Third War of Armagus don't add up, but no one questions it. Currently, Lukain sits as one of the undisputed powers of the modern government, though due to the superior law with the gates being closed to seal off most access to the Boundary's energy- he no longer preforms the levels of experiments he used to. He doesn't take to the field himself often, he is highly respected, mostly from fear from what he does. It isn't uncommon to meet individuals who don't care for him, because he's not exactly the greatest or sane person.


Impossible to bring to sorrow, anger or fear, Lukain is a cold, fearsome individual to behold on the field. This cold individuality of his makes him work well with his direct cohorts, Akuhei, and Fasado.

His ambitious desire for power has long since driven the man to conquer challenge after challenge, and with so much conquest behind him in the likes of the Third War of Ars Magus, along with the various suppression of insurgencies after the war in the Liberation Sector- the Marshal of the NOS is prone to boredom very easily. For some reason down the line after his inclusion to the Council, he lost his interest in anything including the people in the world and says the world is unable to be altered, with nothing able to match the NOS's power, as he believes there is nothing left to achieve now aside complete dominant control and 'order'. Whether that's part of his goal or not is unknown.

Very little serves to stimulate him anymore, so he often appears emotionless and uninterested in everything around him and with people in a general sense. He does express a genuine distaste toward emotions in people, as he sees them as hindrances, and see others as worthless things apparently, expressing it multiple times, even to Nex as he called him a 'thing' after defeating him. He is one who believes in only the strong surviving. He has built an ego with accomplishments over the course of his history making him a person most wish to defeat and destroy. Though Lukain doesn't appear to worry or care about any of this himself, even welcoming the challenge to people like Nex to take on the NOS.

However, he is devoted to his position, maintaining the NOS's grip of Order and being stern as the military's leading example using anything he can to win, uncaring of the human resources. Apparently one wouldn't want to go through his training exercises according to Siegfried, as he's incredibly harsh and demanding. Because of his nature as a tactician, he typically doesn't care about petty details and instead focuses on the key points he can use in stratagems. His curiosity is never peaked, but also never satisfied if he does find something worth pursuing.

On very rare occasions will the man slip a grin when he's truly intrigued, but if he does it isn't for anything good. He also possesses a subtly cold sense of sadism, and has a single pleasure trigger point for mental struggle that can break his stone visage.


Lukain is fairly tall with a standard complex, his eyes are a sharp navy blue with his ash black hair kept short to no further then his chin. Lukain's attire consists of a fine material black and dark blue cloak with sleeves to his wrists over a white buttoned shirt and a popped collar, with thin black gloves wrapped on his hands. The cloak traverses behind him with it being tucked by a set of tassels, and the emblem of the NOS pinned to the side of the cloak. He wears plain thick black pants that fit into his shoes with a metal heel which sport the same coloring as the cloak.

Base BackstoryEdit

Lukain stands at the pinnacle of all military achievements and is the unquestioned power behind the NOS’s might. Lukain’s history is left in the dark much like Akuhei and Fasado’s, but his innovations that remained confidential had brought a new era of power to the government.

What is known about his teenage years was that he gained a fascination for the boundary due to his parents work with it, and witnessing the beings who were “born” from it. He viewed its otherworldly depths as a challenge to master and worked toward being able to perform his own experiments one day. He was mentored by several higher grade magic users, as he pursued the path, and was one of the first to dare to mix both science and magic together in his quest to conquer the Boundary.

While he wasn’t as deadly as he is now, the younger Lukain still had a sense of ambition and power to him, and a vision for the world.

He seemed to have an incredible affinity for magic, though saw fit to alter it to his own liking and infuse it with his own or others energy via the Boundary’s dark power under the eyes of one of his Mentors who encouraged the path he took. He began to experiment with alchemy, and black magic alongside this man who showed him the road to this power, encouraging him to kill off the rest of the ties of his life such as his family or friends. Lukain did it all without hesitation for the satisfaction and ambitions and his brief remorse soon fueled his rise. He had little regard for human life as a whole, and was always seeking to push beings to their limit and see how far they could go before breaking down both in body and soul. He even sought to know what occurred after that when the soul entered the afterlife, capturing them and seeing how long they could sustain existence before fading to nothing. It was this that eventually led to his parent's demise at his own hand and he used their souls for his own endeavors.

The gift of powerful magic bestowed on him completely corrupted and consumed him as he began to turn away from those who still cared about him, and wished only to continue to develop his abilities with the arcane and anyone who stood in the way he began to view as an obstacle, and saw everything close to him as a weakness. With each experiment he performed on AIP or people- his taste for power simply grew as he witnessed results and he wished to push further. He took a fascination over how the struggle of a soul would increase its strength, and how emotions translated into power. Somewhere down the line it eventually destroyed the humanity within him and he became a literal shell of a human being incapable of compassion. His accomplishments, confidence, hardened nature and immunity to fear quite literally made him a master tactician, as he took his place among one of the leaders of the NOS in the Third War of Armagus.

Suffice it to say it was the results of his studies and experimentation that led to immense discoveries by the NOS and even earned the eye of a man known as Akuhei Yamaorochi. The ambitions of Lukain with that man by his side were well known throughout that time, however, it isn't known to any but a few within his own ranks to what he did. At the end of the Third War of Armagus, Lukain among other leaders of the NOS would have the Gates and Cauldrons sealed off, much to his inner disdain.

Plot InfoEdit

Control SequenceEdit

Lukain had few appearances in the first verse of Control Sequence, he was mostly kept behind the scenes as the one who gave orders to the others, including Reiga, Siegfried, along with Mysteria. He directly supervised Akari as well.

Lukain's first appearance was in Episode 1 where Nex appears and he's seen commenting that his Sequence begins again before he relays orders to the Lt Colonel Mysteria to pursue him. Shortly after that in Episode 2, the man is seen directing a combat simulation between two of the NOS's future hopes: Siegfried and Reiga Sorairo. He had a few times where he spoke to Akuhei through transmissions, Lukain informing him of the situations. Lukain also had another lesser known cohort he employed for a mission to test Nex, Gallus.

Lukain was seen later on toward the end of the verse more directly, appearing himself in Kagutsuchi in an episode alongside his companion worker Akuhei. The duo took a moment to notice the presence of Yumiko Nanaya as they discussed the situation with the girl in the pod, Miwa Suzuki. Lukain lost interest in the conversation when it was said the mission was a failure to retrieve the girl, as Nex destroyed the pod. He then asked Akuhei to follow him out. Akuhei does so, and the General tries to trip Lukain up with an act of intimidation but Lukain merely shrugs it off and asks Akuhei to take care of the Observer that escaped the purge and make sure she didn't intervene. Akuhei agrees but comments how Lukain is truly nothing human in mind, as he can't even bring him to frustration or fear.

When Nex arrived near the center of the central portion of Kagutsuchi where Zaezel waited, Lukain stood in Nex's way and promptly asked Reiga to take care of Zaezel instead while silencing Mysteria's attempts to defend Reiga's actions.

When Nex attempts to attack the Marshal, Mysteria defends her superior, only for Nex to toss her away with ease. As Lukain reveals he was behind the order to kill Imyo off and take Siegfried back due to his lineage with the Schtauffens, Nex snapped and tried to call him out for being ruthless and hunting Imyo and Siegfried down when they were defenseless. It leads to a confrontation between the two, with Lukain's victory and disappointment that Nex failed to use the Azure Grimoire. Afterward, he revealed to Myri the nature of her power along with the ties to the past. He then tells her to use that power to keep Nex from harming any more people or disrupting the world's stability and peace and uses her wish to return to Lazarith as a return favor. Lukain's plan fails though when Myri refuses to do it at the last moment when she witnesses the possible repercussions of those actions. The Marshal then moves to take the man himself, but when Myri makes a direct intervention, he warns her the choice to protect Nex from them would have its consequences. Lukain then took his leave to check on Fasado's progress.

He made a transmission while observing a fight between Fasado and the White Demon, Sylar who just shot down the offer to join the NOS in return for promised destruction of the LS's structure. Lukain mentioned that he'd become an enemy to the if he continued his chaotic actions, though the Demon didn't seem to care. When Sylar leaves, Lukain makes a comment toward his energy seeming strange before he told Fasado to meet with Akuhei and not to intervene in the events about to take place.

His last appearance was at the end of the Verse where he commented alongside Akuhei that things could move forward now that the Azure Grimoire awakened, he wanted to find a 'key' and asked Akuhei to make sure things are ready.

Verse 2Edit

Lukain was revealed to be a member of the NOS's World Order Council as they're discussing the situation in Kagutsuchi, much to Lukain's boredom while the others bicker over how to handle Zaezel and Nex.