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Kira Kotegawa was the former police chief where Nick now works.


Kira, or known as Captain Hate to his subordinates back in the day, was a former police chief. He was tasked with the protection of Josh and Kana's parents. When he pulled the security detail, Josh and Kana's parents were killed. All information about him was seized by the NOL with the intention of brining a case against him. The NOL fell apart however, and instead HJ removed him from his post when he cleared house. He then went into solitude, living in disgrace. A few years later, Nick brought the warrant to Kira's attention, and Kira revealed that he had paid the hitman to remove Josh and Kana's parents. Kei used Kira's new powers, granted to him by the Branch, against him, trapping him. Kei, Josh, and Kana then defeated him. After returning to normal, Kira performed suicide by stabbing his sword in his stomach, refusing to be brought in by 'vermin'