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Birth Name: Karin Arai
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personal Status
Relatives: Nicole Arai (Mother)

Rin (Sister)

Status: Active
Material Collection Information
Novel(s): A and K

Karin is Rin's younger sister, and is not a member of 'The Branch'


Karin was born at some point after Rin. Rin seems to take good care of her younger sister, as she hushes Karin before she can say anything disparaging about 'The Branch' in case Michel was listening in.

A and KEdit

>Karin stuck to the shadows and discussed with Rin about figuring out where 'The Branch' was keeping their mother. Rin hushed her sister before she could say anything disparaging, due to the chance of Michel still being around. Karin cares about her sister, making note that she didn't have to claim that she had been the one to kill Mitch, and that she was only trying to get closer to whoever it was that was blackmailing them within the organization. Karin returned home after her mother was found by Nick and HJ. Rin actively taught Karin self-defense during this time. She now lives at home with Josh, Saori, Kana, and Rin.


Karin cares for her sister, but despises Michel. She sees Michel as cold and unforgiving and she keeps him at a distance. She seems to be more warm-hearted then her sister.


Her appearance was covered by shadows, and thus has not yet been revealed.