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HJ Stories
Wandering Hope

000: Returning ThoughtsEdit

HJ stands still, looking towards a blob of black with a white mask dubbed "Arakune" they have been at it due to the armagus HJ wields, believing it to have a essence of the azure.


HJ fires off three laser bullets from his armagus, but all they do is pass through him and his purple poison cloud, baffling him at its sight

Arakune: kihehehehehehehehe!!

Arakune tosses out another poison cloud, but HJ retaliates before it hits him


HJ fires a powerful beam from his armagus, breaking the cloud, and he blows the smoke off of its gun barrel.

HJ: you and me, bug bag...and this time... I'LL CRUSH YOU!

HJ and Arakune dashed towards eachother at moments hesitation. HJ attempts to attack arakune with his armagus' saber form, but Arakune blocks it with an insect-like arm. HJ begins to step bak to avoid any close-up attacks. Arakune looms towards him, intent on stealing his armagus. HJ kept fighting to keep his armagus away.

HJ: No, your not getting my armagus you blob!

Arakune had then cursed HJ when he was with an opening to attack, HJ had been surprised

HJ: Dammit!

HJ had run off, with various seithr-like bugs after him HJ might have met his end. HJ cowers to a corner, seeing arakune looming over him in a form of a floating eye.

HJ: ....y-your not g-gonna kill me that easily...

HJ attempts to attack but his weakness prevents him from moving his arm

Arakune: heheheheheheheheh.

Arakune laughs with glee at HJ's demise, until someone from out of the blue snatches him away. Arakune was puzzled at what had happened to HJ,but he decided to not worry of it for the moment, knowing they'll cross paths again.

Elsewhere however HJ was recovering, with a young female giving a report.

???: right, understood. I'll let the kid rest and report what I saw of the former scientist's current state.

HJ had gotten up, but had stayed quiet when he saw the girl discussing her mission.

???: Alright, understood... I understand my mission. If the kid ever runs into me again I'll introduce myself properly.

The woman had turned around to see HJ had woken up

HJ: ...who are you?

???: all you need to know is I saved you from former sector 7 professor Lotte Carmine... and your welcome... if we meet again I'll introduce myself properly.

HJ: ... right

HJ had gotten up as she had left, but she tells him a point of advice

???: hey, kid. if you wanna ever meet me, I might be somewhere close to that tower up there

she pointed to the tower of ikaruga, the 10th hierarchical city.

HJ: ...right, I'll keep your advice in mind.

as she left HJ walks off another way

HJ: so that girl says she's heading to Ikaruga huh? I might as well head there too...I might find answers about what happened to them too.

HJ sets off for Ikaruga, hoping he finds the mysterious girl once more, and to find answers of something he may seem deeply involved with.

001: Separation Edit

HJ: ... (okay...I assume ragna won't know where I am,and I hope I'll find that girl.... and if arakune shows up I'll murder him for what he did.)

HJ was busy contemplating his thoughts about Ragna,a mysterious girl,and arakune, a pile of living seithr. He was unaware of a mysterious person following him

???: Meow? Hey H-guy!

HJ turned around and saw the person following him, unaware that the person knew him

HJ: ...uhhhh who are you?

The person was mad that HJ does not remember them at all, and shows themselves, to be a kaka-clan citizen

???: Meow? does h-guy not remember? How about wimpy guy?

HJ took some resent from the alias that was given upon him, and sighed

HJ: ...don't call me wimpy, and what's your name?

???: Tao is Tao, meow!

HJ had now remembered the kaka, her name was Taokaka, she had also rescued him from arakune before embarking on his journey to Ikaruga

HJ: Oh...your the other girl who saved me another time against that thing... good to see you again. Anyways, I was wondering if you seen arakune recently and I-

Tao: does wimpy guy mean squiggly!

HJ: yes....and don't call me wimpy...go with that H-Guy thing you came up with

Tao: Tao will CRUSH Squiggly!

HJ was glad to have someone on his side against arakune, and ran off, motioning Tao to follow

HJ: come with me, we'll look for him...and maybe get some lunch...I a kind of hungry

Tao: meow?

HJ: come on, we don't have all day!

Tao hearing the most-loved word of "food" sprung her into action and she quickly followed

Tao: FOOD!

HJ: yeah...

Tao tackled HJ and he furiously tried to get her off


HJ: hey calm down! I don't want anything scratching my clothes! seithr is bad enough! *chuckles*

Tao: But Tao wants food Neow!

HJ got Tao off of him and he got up and ran off, Tao happily following him, HJ gave her his word with a small grin.

HJ: don't worry!

002: Knowledge of HopeEdit

A bright flash emits from the sky and crashes towards the earth sounding not to unlike Thunder

HJ: ...!?

A man was what came from the flash of light, he ahd a polite demeanor, and greeted the two

???: Hello.

HJ was somewhat skeptical of the man and decided to ask of his appearance

HJ: who are you supposed to be?

???: *laughs* Guess I should probably introduce myself...

Tao: Oh, its light guy, meow!

HJ was confused that somehow Tao already found a nickname for him, but he shrugged

HJ: ...?

Raiyun: This kitten has seen me before...? And I'm not "Light Guy" My name is Raiyun.

HJ had felt satisfied and decided to introduce himself to Raiyun

HJ: I see...Houdini Jr...or HJ for short...nice to meet you

Tao: Meow? Tao has never seen you, but that was COOL, meow!

Raiyun: Well...glad you thought so. Although it usually creates problems, making such a forward appearance...anyway HJ was it?

HJ: yeah

Tao: And Tao is Tao!

Raiyun: *Looks around* I don't see Ragna. Was he not with you a little while ago?

HJ: ...actually we split up... We thought we could cover more ground that way

Tao: Meow, good guy...

Raiyun was slightly disappointed by his answer

Raiyun: I see... *sighs* well I suppose it is for the better.

HJ: why?

Raiyun: Nothing, never-mind...I'm looking into matters too much.

Tao: Meow?

HJ: I see, I am also in two of my own matters, one being to find answers....

Tao: To find h-guy's girl, meow!

HJ: blushed and tried to make tao stay shut

HJ: Tao please, stay quiet...

Raiyun: He has his own road, but I would have preferred it had he had a companion to keep him company. He cant do much on his own, not in the state of mind he's in now. He cant even see me because of all that chaos in his head.

HJ: I see.... well anyways, if you wouldn't mind to explain why your here to me then go ahead....

Raiyun: Hmm...interesting that you can see me so easily though. You must have a strong hope in your soul.

Tao: Tao can see everyone, meow!

HJ was confused about what his soul had been doing to make Raiyun visible to him

HJ: ...? what does my soul do with that? I have the hope to find who killed my family, and hope to find someone that saved me from this arakune...thing

Raiyun: Its...difficult to explain...when your an observer of the entire world of Azure you might understand.

HJ: ...okay

Tao: Meow?! Are you bat girl?

HJ: but basically I see you due to all this hope...okay then, and tao he is not a girl....or a bat for that matter

Tao: Tao knows that, meow!

Raiyun:...I'm the Seir, not a bat

HJ: ...okay then... well I hope I didn't waste your time

Tao: We're off to find food, meow!

Raiyun: No you didn't waste my time...don't worry about that. If you find Ragna again, stick with him.

Tao: Tao will stick to good guy like glue, meow!

as they were about to leave Raiyun had stopped them for another piece of information

Raiyun: Also there's—Hmm? *looks around*

HJ: ...?

Raiyun: Someone is watching this...but how? I'll need to leave soon but Azure and Twilight its-- *Stops*

Tao: mew?

HJ: ..?!

A man comes out of the shadows

???: Heh. Hello...

Tao: Look out light guy!

Riaiyun was shocked at the myserious person's appearance

Raiyun: Dammit, I got careless...

The man shoots a Blood Bullet at Raiyun, HJ ducked for cover

HJ: Well, you gotta get somewhere safe!

Raiyun: I'll be fine, get out of here both of you!


The man then threw something on HJ's back as he ran off

Tao: Meow?! Where to h-guy? *follows*


As Tao and HJ ran, Raiyun discussed with the unknown assailant

Raiyun: ...what the hell are you doing here?

The man glared at raiyun

???: Angel-like beings like you shouldn't be the world of reality. I'm giving you a chance. Go, or die.

Raiyun: This is my world you moron...I'm the guardian of it. And don't think this will be the last time you see me. I'll make sure the heroes arrive to the tower, I promise you that...

Raiyun had left after he had given the man his conjecture on his threat

???: Heheheehehheh...

003: Reunion Edit

HJ and Tao were now a considerable distance from Raiyun and the assailant, now searching for arakune.

Tao: Let's play H-guy!

HJ: ....not right now tao, I need to investigate answers to my dead family...and arakune....

Tao: Black Squiggly?!

HJ: don't worry tao he ain't here right now...

HJ then quickly saw insects headed towards them and shoots at them with his armagus

HJ:....and forget what I said there he is!

Tao: Taokaka Charge!

Tao attempts to attack Arakune, but he dodges the attack

Arakune: ah, there you are... hand me the armagus or give me the kaka and you will be let go....


Tao: Meow! Die Squiggly!

HJ: now I got a chance to pay you back for getting all the seithr on my jacket!

Arakune: might as well kill you both, 2 birds in one stone! kehehehehehehehehehe!

(after a loss)

HJ: ngh...!

Arakune cackles with glee as many bug-like appendages appear from his slimy mass,

HJ: Tao! GO! Find Ragna!

Arakune: I'm going to enjoy....this!

(after a victory)

HJ: ...damn, your still alive after all those attacks?!

Tao: Tao can't believe it!

Arakune: hahahahahahaha!

Tao and HJ were cornered by Arakune, but seeing a large space of running distance they make a run for it

HJ: well Tao, let's make a run for now! I know someone will finish him off!

Tao: okay h-guy!

Arakune: I'll deal with them later I to find the azure....

Later HJ and Tao returned to investigating leads to the murderer of HJ's dead family

HJ: to find leads to my murdered family...

HJ had remembered Tao did not know his story, and decided to tell her

HJ: oh family was killed 6 years ago in a crossfire, I think it was either sector seven or the NOL

Tao: En-oh-elle? Seyctor Seven? Meow?

HJ: their organizations

Tao: Meow? Meow? Meow?

HJ: I swear one day, I'll save them

Tao: What about h-guy's girl, meow?

HJ stopped and looked to tao puzzled

HJ: excuse me?

Tao: h-guy can't fool Tao, meow! We're going to save h-guy's girl!

HJ: What?!

Tao: Meow!

HJ: ...well if we do find this 'girl' please....stay quiet

A person comes rushing through, ignoring the group she passes. She stops in the center of the city looking around frantically for something or someone.

HJ: ...?!

Tao: Mew?

???: He's not here now...where did they go?

HJ had observed the person, and realized who it was

HJ: (that's...that's her...the one who saved me!)

???:...guess I'll have to retrace my steps...

HJ: ...hey!

Tao: ...meow?

The girl looked to them

???: Hmm? Oh I'm sorry! I didn't crash into you or something did I? Sorry, I'm kinda in a hurry...

HJ: it's fine... but I got a ever fought something that people dubbed 'arakune' haven't you?

Tao: Is this the girl h-guy is looking for, meow?

???: Um...oh yeah, Sector Seven's previous professor Lotte Carmine that got turned into that walking bag of seithr? Yeah I've fought him before...

HJ: yeah...

???: Wait you look kinda familiar...

The person then remembered the moment she saved him from arakune

???:Ah! You're the guy I helped from that bag of bugs...

HJ: ...yeah surprised you remember....never caught your name yet...I'm houdini Jr...or HJ for short...

Tao: Girl save h-guy, meow?

HJ was irritated at tao's remark

HJ: ...hey he had me near my end tao

The girl was obliged to meet HJ properly, and introduced herself

???: Well HJ glad to finally meet you properly. Names Bullet, I'm looking for the man named Azrael who is responsible for the death of my squadron...I found him but he got away...a snake-like guy was with him to...

Tao: hmmmmm.....

HJ: I see....I'm looking for someone who killed my family...either the NOL or sector seven

Bullet: Wow, so you've got a vendetta with em too huh?

HJ: I guess....but you never know...

Tao: Meow!

HJ: my armagus here was my brothers....

As HJ explained most of his past, Tao is thinking of why HJ and Bullet were somewhat close together

Tao: Tao understands neow!

HJ: ...and tao just hates arakune, because that bag of bugs loves eating kaka kittens....

Bullet: That's awful!

HJ: I know...well we can't stay and chat for now...

Tao: Tao knows why h-guy was looking for this girl!

HJ: best we part ways for now...seeya!

Bullet: Hmm?

HJ: ...

Bullet: What is this little kitty going on about anyway?

Tao: Its because this girl's chest rivals boobie lady's, meow!

HJ was extremely flustered and embarrassed due to tao's exclamation

HJ: ...TAO!

Bullet: Excuse me...?

HJ: ignore her please....

Bullet Appeared to be slightly upset at the sight of what tao had said

HJ: we have to go...seeya! *runs off*

Tao: H-guy is shy, meow.

Bullet thusly punched Tao and left the area, with disappointment

HJ: (now I got no shot....I guess)

Bullet: *muttering to herself as she walks off*

Tao: Tao wants to play with boobie lady's rival!

HJ: ....

Bullet had grown more angry at tao's nickname for her

Bullet: What was that?!

HJ grew annoyed assuming tao was still with her


Tao: Let's play! meow!

Tao tried to tackle bullet but she got out of her reach

Bullet: What the heck? Hey get away, I don't have time to play! I'm on a mission!


Tao: Boobie lady's rival isn't a very good rival if she won't play with Tao! Boobie lady always play with Tao!

Tao's ear twitched hearing "food" come back to mind


Bullet: Boobie lady?!

HJ: smart move from I need time to think of how to explain this

Bullet: What a ridiculous bunch...

Tao: Give Tao om noms h-guy!

HJ:'ll get them as soon was we find it...for now your gonna help me think of how to clear your outburst up!

Tao: h-guy lied about food?! Tao is disappointed in h-guy, meow.

HJ: ...shut up, your getting the food too, now...let's get going

Tao: Food food food food food food, meow~!

HJ: ... (so I got a cat who hates arakune,loves breasts,and knows some girl who she dubs "boobie lady" ...and I got bullet who's after sector seven...and what tao says about her breasts are why I like her...which is NOT TRUE, but I will fix things soon)

Tao: h-guy likes boobie lady's rival, meow! Tao understands, meow.

Tao had made HJ furious over this for some of their walk back to their investigation.

004: MeetingEdit

HJ and Tao returned to discussing until the ran into a mysterious person

HJ: and you are???

QS: Name's Quicksilver.

HJ: I see.

Tao: Meow?

HJ: no

QS: I know about you two.

Tao: Tao has already met h-guy's girl, but Tao doesn't know this man.

HJ was irritated at tao for the hours earlier where she embarrassed him in front of bullet

HJ: ...

Tao: Meow? H-guy? You shouldn't be shy, meow.

HJ: ...quiet tao

QS: Let's just say I have some sources that informed me about you.

HJ: I see

Tao: Boobie lady gets lots of guys, even scruffy man!

HJ was ignoring tao's description of whom she deems as 'boobie lady", listening to Quicksilver's words.

HJ: ...

Tao: But she always turns them down, meow.

QS: You've met Bullet, I see?

Tao: Meow, you know boobie lady's rival, meow?

HJ: yeah

QS: We've worked together.

HJ: ....I see.

Tao: H-guy likes boobie lady's rival, meow, Tao can hear bells.

QS: *smiles* And you have interest in her...

HJ was shocked at how he knew this info

HJ: ! wha- how do you know? it's not like I- ...then again she saved me.

Tao: Meow, Tao can see you're blushing, meow!

QS: I see... So where are you going?

HJ: find answers.

QS: And where is this place you'll find them?

Tao: Tao wants answers too, meow! Like where is Tao's food?

HJ: no idea....but I hope to find someone from either side to assist me.

Tao: Are you ignoring Tao now, do I have to talk like Scruffy guy, meow?

QS: Well, I have nothing to do at this moment, so I will join you.

HJ: calm down tao...and thanks...let's get going... *walks off*


the trio walked off prepared for the challenge up ahead

005: Gaining a Thought Edit

The three were walking on a trail, discussing what they must do

HJ: we gotta find someone from either sector seven or the NOL to find my answers....

QS: We must keep going.

HJ: right

Tao was still intent on being as loud as possible to get HJ's attention


HJ: ...tao, quiet I can hear you!

Tao: That's the point, h-guy!

QS: Be quiet. There can be enemies.

Tao: meow?

HJ: yeah...

Tao: Tao can fight!

QS: So, we should be ready for everything...

HJ: ...I got a bad feeling someone's gonna show up

QS: Tch. I feel something.

Tao: Tao feels it too!

HJ: ...

QS: Show yourself.

Someone had walked out to the light, with someone else alongside him

???:...So you can sense me? Bravo...I didn't think you'd catch on.

?????: ...

QS: That voice...

HJ: ...

Tao: Meow!

HJ: ...who's clover?

???: Indeed, it is, nice to see you Quick Silver.

Tao: You're related to shorty, meow!

?????: ...

QS: He's a Colonel of Engineering Departament of NOL.

HJ had gotten a thought hearing the information

HJ: ....the NOL??? might as well get answers then...

???: I am Relius Clover...that tracking device that our friend put on you proved quite handy.

Tao: Tao has seen him before!

HJ took aim at relius with his armagus

HJ: ... your of the NOL...right?

?????: ...We should thank Ike for it...

QS: Ike?

Tao: Silver-guy, meow?

Relius Clover: Hmm...I don't think you need to know anything Quicksilver. Or you for that matter... Houdini Jr.

HJ was shocked that relius had known his full alias


?????: ...

Tao: Tao wants to know what you did with shorty, meow!

QS: Relius knows about many things. Your name wasn't a big secret.

HJ: ...what do you mean?

Tao: Tao knows h-guy, meow.

QS: Somebody has reported him about you.

HJ: ...!?

Tao: Meow?!

HJ: ...alright then Relius....what do you know about 6 years ago with that crossfire with sector seven?

Tao: Meow?

Relius had seemed ignorant to the past and seemed oblivious

Relius: Hmm? I'm sorry...six years was so long ago and I'm afraid my memory isn't recalling that particular event...could you remind me what happened?

Tao: Meow, you're a bad guy, meow.

?????: ...

Relius: A bad guy?

HJ was angered and decided to be blunt with his answer

HJ: family was murdered, dumbass....

Tao: Tao knows you're with green guy, good guy said so!

QS: So, Clover, you have our answers.

Relius had thought for a second

Relius: Green guy and good guy? Do you mean Hazama and Ragna the Bloodedge respectively?

HJ: ...

Tao: Meow? Was Tao not clear, meow?

Relius: I'm amazed you remember such things...then again you are a replica of HIS genes.

HJ: ...?

?????: ...

Tao: Meow?

QS: HJ, what does he mean?

HJ: ...I don't know.

Tao: Oh, you mean cat person!

HJ: ...but if you mean my brother it's because we're related....

Relius: Jubei of the Six heroes, is to who I refer.

Tao: Don't talk bad about Cat Person, meow!

HJ: ...I see....

QS: Master Jubei...

?????: ...

Tao: Or Tao will beat the stuffing out of you!

Relius: Hmm...I suppose neither of them will be arriving anytime soon...

QS: No matter. You stand on our way, and we'll make you step away.

HJ: 6 years ago a crossfire of the NOL and sector seven caused my families death, making me an orphan...if you have no answers I'll hand your gravestone to you and call it a day!

Tao: h-guy, back Tao up, meow!

Relius: Oh? will you now?

HJ: back off clover, I'm looking for the one who organized the crossfire though...your in no way that useful to me...but I am not merciful

Relius: I really could care less what happened to your family...they were not a part of the plan.

HJ was in shock hearing that Relius had somewhat an idea of his family

HJ: ...plan?!

QS: A plan?

Tao: plan, meow?

?????: ...

Relius: I do not need to say anything...everything will become clear once the stage is prepared. But for now...Forte.

HJ: ....

QS: Alright. Let's do this.

Forte: I know...

Forte's right arm becomes covered in fire

Relius: Hazama has requested me to eliminate please stand aside.

QS: HJ, Tao, take care of Relius. I'll take on his creation.

HJ: right! come on tao!

Tao: Right behind you, h-guy!

Relius: Very well then, lets see that Armagus's power!

(upon loss)

HJ growls at Relius

Rellius: ...Forte, dispose of this child.

HJ: Guys..Get out of here while you can..!

(upon a victory)

The two groups were at a stalemate staring each other down Quicksilver somehow healing his wounds

QS: Get out of here, Relius.

Relius: We must resume our search...perhaps we shall meet again sometime...

Relius had soon after left with Forte

HJ: ... I shall say the same....

Forte: ...

Tao: Tao will always be Tao, meow

QS: You fought well, guys.

Tao: Tao is a vigi...a vigil...a viga...a vige...Tao kicks butt, meow!

HJ: thanks....

The three soon get going before more trouble heads their way.

006: Parting waysEdit

The three heroes had discussed what relius had meant by a plan

QS: Nice. So they have a plan, and we should interrupt it.

Tao: Tao knows someone who could help!

QS: And who?

HJ assumed the obvious and attempted to stop tao, with te most loud voice he could use.


Tao: Nice lady, meow!

HJ: ...good

QS: Alright.

Tao: Tao knows about your fascination with boobie lady too, h-guy

HJ was now fed up with tao's insinuations, he facepalmed.

HJ: ...what? I have no idea who she is

Tao: But...Tao doesn't know where she is...mew...

QS: So let's find her.

Tao: Nice lady said she was after green guy, meow.

HJ: I...I should be going I guess, besides I might want to kill Arakune again if he shows up

QS: Alright. Take me to her.

Tao: Bye h-guy, say hi to boobie lady's rival when you see her for Tao!

HJ: I'll think about it....

Tao: Come on silver-guy, let's find Nice lady, she gives out meat buns, meow!

QS: See ya, HJ.

HJ: bye

the three parted ways in hopes of finding their answers to what they seek

007: Twilight AzureEdit

HJ: .......I'm gonna find something ragna, you two have fun with your grimoire enthusiast convention

As HJ prepared to walk away, ragna had wondered what he meant

Ragna: Grimroire...enthusiast convention? The hell?

HJ then stopped and returned to the scene in front of him

HJ: ...nevermind that

Ragna: Kiba, where did you get that? I have one just like it...

Kiba: What...?

Kiba then saw the Azure Grimoire

Ragna: This.

Ragna holds up his right arm to show the red shell of his grimore

Ragna: but yours is blue

Kiba: How do you...

Ragna: I...don't even know. This makes no sense to me...

As HJ backed away in fear, the two grimoires glowed with each other

Ragna: Huh?

Kiba: What the?

Ragna: What the hell is goin on with the Azure grimroire?

Kiba: The Twilight Grimoire, why is it?

Ragna: Twilight...?

HJ: ...?

Ragna: ( this...who the Rabbit was talking about...?)

The two grimoires glowed yellow for a brief second'

Ragna: Whoa!

Kiba: !

Ragna: What is going on?! Who are you? where the hell are you from?!

HJ: the hell was that?!

Ragna: I have no clue, but the Azure grimoroire is going crazy around this guy!

Kiba: What was that...? Wait, you're...

Ragna: I'm...?

Kiba: You're Ragna the Bloodedge. You made it possible for rebellions against the NOL other than Sector Seven to exist.

Ragna: I what?

Kiba: Wait, you don't remember?

Ragna: Don't remember what? What the hell are you talking about? I'm fighting against the NOL!

Kiba: Your actions brought the birth of forces above even the NOL.

HJ: mercenaries count?

Kiba and Ragna stared at HJ menacingly, but HJ stopped them from asking anything

Kiba: ...


HJ: don't freaking try to ask

Ragna: The hell is this...this makes no sense... Are you from the future or somethin? Cause I don't know any of this crap your talking about.

Ragna glared at Kiba confused at all the events he had heard of

Kiba: Huh?

Ragna: I don't UNDERSTAND. How many times do I need to tell you?! I haven't done any of this you speak of!

Kiba: Wait, what year is it?

Ragna: Oh for the love of...its 2199.

Kiba: What?!

Ragna: What? You don't have a calender?

Kiba: Isn't the year 2401?


Ragna: Pretty sure its 2199.

Kiba: ...

Ragna: So then I'm guessin you aren't from here...great.

Kiba: Gale! Where are you!?

Ragna: Gale...?

Gale XIV: Why do you know I'm here?

Ragna: An...Observer?


A man in glowing white floats down

Kiba: Where are we?!

Ragna:...Who the hell is this?

HJ: ...

Gale XIV: In the year 2199, January 2.

Ragna: Told you...

Kiba: How did we get here?!

Gale XIV: It appears your memory is damaged.

Ragna: That's what I'd like to know...considering your guy's appearance is causing all sorts of shit to happen in our world...

Gale XIV: It's not him.

Ragna: Then who the hell is it?!

Gale XIV: The Continuum Error.

Ragna:...that thing again...what is it anyway?

Gale XIV: A mass in time. It's trying to combine everything into one single world.

Ragna: The hell?! Can the time stream even handle that?!

HJ: ...I hope so! I don't wanna die though!

Gale XIV: Continuum Error makes it handle it, and destroys the finished product.

Ragna: ...that doesn't sound very good for us...

HJ: we gotta stop!

Ragna: I already knew that much...

Gale XIV: There's someone trying to stop any threat.

HJ: ...?

Gale XIV: He seems be calling himself CONTINUUM...

HJ: ...that's kinda stupid

Ragna: !!! CONTINUUM...That name...

HJ: it sounds weird

Gale XIV: He seems to be trying to get anyone who wants to join him.

Ragna: Dammit....I know exactly where this is goin...

HJ: ...if that's why some tracker was on my back thanks to ragna pulling it off like wax then he better not use me!

Ragna: You idiot...the tracker is to keep an eye on you. They want you dead.

HJ was mad due to not being told of anything about the tracker and lashed out at ragna

HJ: ...hey I didn't know it was on my back UNTIL YOU FREAKIN' YANKED IT OFF OF ME YOU ASS!

Gale XIV: Stop.

Ragna: I wasn't even yelling...

HJ: sorry

Gale XIV: CONTINUUM's reason for doing this is unknown, but he seems to combining the worlds here.

Ragna: Well that's wonderful...can't let him do that. Gonna have to kick him out of the world...where is this freak?

Gale XIV: He's not here, so he can keep going. But they made a transporter to get to him directly.

Ragna:...where's that at?

Gale XIV: A tower made for the purpose.

Ragna:...That figures... Alright then...I'll go to this tower. I'll kill that bastard myself, he's not gonna mix our worlds.

HJ: ...yeah!

Gale XIV: There's something else.

Ragna looked to gale

Ragna: Whats that?

Gale XIV: He can't be killed. We need a special tool to use on him.

Ragna: Oh great! that's wonderful! Where is this "Special tool"? In a magic chest?!

Gale XIV: But we already have one half of it.

HJ: well we're doomed unless we find this thing....

Gale XIV: The Izanagi Unit.

Ragna: One That is not helpful...

HJ: so who has the second half?

Ragna: Hell if I know...

Gale XIV: Artimus.

HJ: and he is?

Ragna: I've heard that name a dream.

Gale XIV: Something made to take the power of someone.

Ragna: As weird as that sounds...

Gale XIV: Dreams do mean things in real life.

Ragna: Uh...right.. Well this dream sucked.

HJ: ...

Kiba: Wait...

Gale XIV: What is it, Kiba?

Kiba rises his grimoire them as it glows yellow

Kiba: Isn't this Artimus

Ragna: Cool we have the second half, lets go kill this guy.


Gale XIV: First, we need a distraction.

HJ: ...

Ragna: Distraction?

HJ: ....fine make the buttmonkey do it

Gale XIV: Something that he'll lose focus on what's around him.

Ragna: We cant just walk to the tower and confront him?

HJ: ...

Gale XIV: Sadly, no. He seems to teleport people who tried to somewhere else.

Ragna: Well that's great...well then almighty whoever you are, what do you suggest we do to distract this guy?

HJ: ...

Gale XIV: An army of people. He'll be watching the fight between the people who work for him against our army.

HJ: ...

Ragna: So a war...

HJ: basically he loves wars huh?

Kiba: Shouldn't we go?

HJ: Not sure

Gale shook his head in disappointment

Gale XIV: We need the strongest of every world.

HJ: ...I think I do know a strong person...

Ragna: Well then they'll have to hurry. I'm heading towards the tower, I've a feeling the man I'm looking for will be there as well.

Kiba: Gale, There's something else.

Gale XIV: What?

Kiba: It's Ragna. His grimoire, it glowed yellow like mine...

Ragna: Hmm? Oh yeah it did...but only for a second.

Gale XIV: Ragna, give me your hand.

Ragna: Why...?

Gale XIV: I need to see something.

Ragna: uh...

Ragna had walked towards Gale, opening his hands. Then a large golden glowing object appears on Gale's wrist

Ragna: huh?

Gale XIV: Don't worry.

Ragna: The hell is that? What the hell did you do to my grimroire?

Gale XIV: I'm looking inside...

Ragna: Can you not do that? Its really kinda creepy...

The grimoire glows yellow again

Ragna: Ah jeezus that's bright! *shields eyes*

Gale XIV: Artimus must of been made with the grimoire or the grimoire was involved with the creation...

Ragna: What?

Gale XIV: Artimus has connected to your grimoire.

Ragna: THE HELL?!

Gale XIV: Artimus might not activate with one of the grimoires.Your grimoires have become keys to Artimus...

Ragna:...I don't understand any of this....All I wanted to do was help my sister from the corruption of that damn organization she's now apart of. I dind't want this! Artimus or whatever its called!

Gale XIV: You might not even get to do that if all worlds are destroyed.


Kiba: ...

Ragna: Dammit all to hell!

Gale XIV: What?!

Ragna: Nothing! Okay, nothing! I'm just...tired. I wanted this to be over...and now this shit happens... I'll fight I always have, until the very end.

Kiba: ...

Gale XIV: Where are you going?

Ragna: *Stops* to the tower...where else. Unless there's some other place I'm supposed to be... I guess I'll see you again Kiba. *Walks off*

Gale XIV: Kiba, we need to go.

The ground near both Gale and Kiba glows, and HJ stood by

HJ: ....

  • The glowing ground floats, the two heading in a different direction*

HJ: ... I'll go look for ragna

HJ set off to find ragna

008: Returning the Favor Edit

(this is set if you choose to look for ragna in the split path)

HJ: I gotta find ragna... *walks off*

While HJ travels,there can be sounds heard from the distance of a battle

HJ: I hear something

HJ ran off, to find bullet fighting Arakune

Bullet: Hey you, better get out of my way or I'm gonna turn you to ashes!

Arakune: heheheheh, no one will find your body once I consume your ars!


Arakune: ...? *sees him* ah, so you have come again? maybe I'll let the young girl go free if you give me the armagus...

Bullet: I don't think so! I'm not losing to another one of the sector seven freaks!

As Bullet attempts to fight off Arakune, HJ hops down from where he is and lands between bullet and arakune

HJ: ...

Bullet: Oh its you.

HJ: stay back...I got this

Bullet: Suit yourself...

HJ: he's been after me for a month already, it's about time I try to stop him....

Bullet steps back, permitting HJ to fight arakune again

HJ: ...alright you bag of bugs....BRING IT ON!

Arakune: the armagus will suitably give me much knowledge and a sense of the azure!

(after a loss)

HJ: damn...cant...fight anymore....

HJ fell over dropping his armagus

Arakune: heheheheh, the armagus is mine!

Bullet: HJ get somewhere safe before you get killed!

(upon a victory)

HJ stood there as arakune retreated once more, and Bullet gives off a grin to his skills

Bullet:...That was pretty impressive.

HJ: ...thanks...I have had time to master my brother's I think I mastered it's true power....

Bullet: I saw a huge light earlier...what was that?

HJ recalls the flash of light between the two grimoires....but he tries to stay quiet of the event

HJ: ...I'm not sure.....but I assume it's something I might have to deal with sooner or later...

Bullet: Oh...have you seen the tower in Ikaruga?

HJ: no I have not, why ask?

Bullet: That tower is something that Azrael guards with his life. So i'm dying to find whats going on up there...

HJ sees the tower in question, and looks back to Bullet

HJ: I see... well, if I ever get there I'll try to notify you...stay safe alright?

Relius had appeared from another portal with forte

Relius: *Appears from a portal* Damn...not here either. I could of sworn the traces of their energy led to a point not to far from here...but they've already moved.

HJ: ...well I'll be seeing you later...if time permits it

HJ was about to leave until bullet notices relis

Forte: ...

Bullet: Huh? Relius...clover?!

HJ: ...! oh no not him again!

Forte punches Bullet in the face,causing her to fall unconscious


Relius: Well instead of finding those two I find Bullet...the little soldier blurting out what she doesn't need to...


Forte Carries Bullet and walked to Relius

Relius: Hmm? Oh its you again...

HJ: Relius....I think I remember something...something you said about a plan 6 years ago....

Relius: Oh? And whats that?

HJ pointed at relius accusingly


Relius:...Did I now...

Forte: May I do something?

HJ: yes...and seeing you organized a way you indirectly KILLED THEM! so I got all the answers I need....

Relius: Hm...finally pieced the puzzle together did we? Slow aren't you...well Forte, we have our orders...eliminate this boy.

HJ: ...!

Forte: Why? He's useeless.

HJ: ...he just wants me out of your way....

Relius: Well that is true...

HJ: I'm sure that's how everyone thinks of me...but listen, you better let go of bullet RIGHT.NOW!

Forte: I didn't know you blocked us. You're just a speed bump.

Relius: No...she presents a threat to us.

HJ: ...who gives a flying crap about it?

Relius snaps his fingers,causing fire to come out and shield him and Forte

HJ: just because she's a threat doesn't mean you kidnap them ...and you know what I know she can't hear this, but if I ever fnd you again relius...I am gonna save bullet and SEND YOUR ASS TO AREA 28

Forte: Let's go, Relius...

Relius:..Why do you cower? You are so pathetic. HJ: that's because right now I'm just weak....

HJ grew higher in rage and attempted to attack relius

HJ: I need rest for BACK OFF!

Relius: I don't know why Ragna sees anything in you...I see nothing, but a deluded child chasing a fantasy

HJ took this into thought, and somewhat agreed

HJ: ...hmph, you may be right...but I have an everlasting hope to avenge my family relius.... remember that

Relius: Ha...what a waste of time. Let us leave Forte..

Relius and forte left into the portal with bullet in tow

Relius: Raiyun...I know you're there. But you are far to late to change anything, observer.

Relius walks into portal and disappears into the night

Ending:True Hope Arises Edit

As HJ walks again, a burst of light appears infront of him

HJ; !

Raiyun appears once more, more injured than when they first met.

Raiyun:... Are you alright?

HJ: ...if you think having your friend that you kind of like kidnapped and called useless I would say yes if you think it is

Raiyun: Nothing...I just got into a bit of a scuffle was all... I'll be fine...

HJ: oh...well I did too with bag of bugs arakune....

Raiyun: HJ...

HJ: I saved bullet from him only to lose her again thank to relius the murderer.... but what do you need to tell me?

Raiyun: You need to travel down your path...find Ragna. He may not say so, or act so, but he needs you...he needs everyone...

HJ had wondered about the recent kidnapping and what he should do then, but raiyun reassures him

HJ: ....right...but...what about her?

Raiyun: If you go down...this path, you're bound to cross ways with Bullet will have your chance...

HJ: ...thanks. I'll keep it in mind unless she remembers what the ditzy kaka told her....

Raiyun: Haha...just promise me one thing HJ...

HJ: what?

Raiyun:...stay true to who you are. Hold that hope close to your heart, your brother will be beside you every step of the way...

HJ was confused as to his meaning

HJ: brother? what do you mean? unless you mean my armagus

Raiyun: That's exactly what I mean...he lives on through the use it well.

HJ:...right... I'll keep those words in mind Raiyun...

Raiyun: You're a wandering hope HJ...but your hope is just what we all need...good luck.

HJ: thanks...

HJ had walked off, knowing what he has to do

Raiyun: Wandering Hope....heh....I like that....


Gag Reel: Crazy Lovers Edit

(this is what happens if you choose the second option of whether or not to find Ragna, and choosing the first option on the split path between this and the bad ending)

It was a while after HJ walked off on his own, it was a late time of night, and he happened to find Bullet walking alone, and he attempts to greet her

Bullet: ....

HJ: ...uhhh hey....

Bullet: ...?

Bullet turns around to see HJ standing close by

Bullet: Oh...

HJ: ...yeah I think your trying to get over what I said.....

Bullet: No. I just like walking. Its really nice out tonight.

HJ: yeah...your right....

HJ: I just hope nothing ruins this....

Bullet: Ruins what??

HJ: the peace

Bullet: right, I guess we should get going...

Before they leave for their destination, Bang comes landing in front of them with a thud.

Bullet: ...?

HJ: ...!

Bang: That...fiend!!

Bullet: Fiend?

HJ: ...I have NO IDEA why he got here!

Bullet: Um...

Bang: Ragna the Bloodedge, I shall track you down and claim that bounty!

Bullet: Ragna?

Bang runs off before HJ could properly react to his presence

HJ: ...that.. was weird

Bullet: Er...okay then.

Tao: Wait for me scruffy guy! Meow!

HJ: and ragna is someone I was traveling with

Tao follows bang before he leaves her sight

Bullet: I...know who Ragna is HJ.

HJ: oh

Bullet: I just wondered why Bang mentioned him.

HJ: I guess he must of punched him extremely hard

Litchi: Tao! Get back here this instance!


HJ stares with a shocked expression at the event that just happened as Litchi chases tao

HJ: ....

Bullet: Want to go to the lake? Its pretty when the moon is like this.

HJ: nothing wrong with that, let's go...

Bullet: Okay.

HJ walks off with bullet, and he discusses why he likes the peace of the night

HJ: I kinda like the night for it's peace, it kinda helps take my mind off the stress I have right now involving my deceased family...

Bullet: Its peaceful. The city is quiet this time of night

HJ: yeah.... your right

As they speak to each other, Rachel appears in front of them with Valkenhayn

Bullet: And the know we never...huh?

Rachel: Oh dear.

HJ: ...?

Bullet: Um hello?

Valkenhayn: Greetings.

Rachel: The teleportation ars magus was faulty again, wasn't it Valkenhayn?

HJ: uhhhh how did you get here?

HJ stares shocked at valkenhayn and rachel's appearance

Bullet: I'm...confused? We were just going to the lake. *Sigh*

HJ: yeah...first bang shows up then tao then you and the butler show up... it's like sometimes peace evades us

Bullet: it usually isn't this way...usually everyone is at the house.

Valkenhayn: Young couples often gather at the shore of the lake.

Bullet: what?

Rachel: Is that so Valkenhayn? Too bad there is not a couple here.

Valkenhayn: Young people are so predictable this day, Madame Rachel.

HJ and bullet look to them with blank expressions

HJ: ....?

Bullet: Excuse me?

Rachel: Oh? And who might you be?

HJ: ....

Bullet: I'm Bullet. A mercenary. I just wanted to walk... that's it.

HJ: ...

HJ nods to bullet in agreement of their walk, and Valkenhayn pours tea for Rachel

Rachel: Is there tea here Valkenhayn?

Bullet: *Sigh* I know another way we can go.

Valkenhayn: Of course.

HJ ignores rachel's presence in front of them trying to concentrate on their travel

HJ: ...I'm trying to ignore all the insane interruptions....

Rachel takes a sip of her tea

HJ: and so far it's working.....I guess

Bullet: This way we should be able to get through...though its a little thick in the forest.

Rachel: I'd be weary of that one if I were you, Bullet.

Bullet looks to rachel questioningly

Bullet: why?

HJ: ...

Rachel: Oh nothing.

Valkenhayn and Rachel vanish into another portal before they keep moving


HJ: should we go on with whatever you originally planned?

Bullet: Well...anyway, lets keep moving.

HJ: right

the two make their away to their destination

Bullet: We're almost to the lake.

HJ: great! can't wait to see it

Bullet: Come on slowpoke! Cant jump up a few rocks?

HJ: sorry!

HJ tries his best to keep pace with bullet and she stands on a boulder

Bullet: See? This is where we get a view of the lake. I think there is a waterfall to, but I've never been to it.

HJ: yeah I never seen this lake before

they hear a scream nearby and a young girl runs by, her friends following her close by

Bullet: ?!

Noel: Bugs! I hate bugs! No more bugs!

HJ: ...!?!?!?

Noel: *runs by*

Bullet: Well...

HJ: ...that was odd

Makoto: Hey Noel, wait up! Runs after her* its only a little spider!


HJ: ...moving on...

Tsubaki: You guys! *huff*

HJ: yeah I never been to this lake so I never saw the waterfall

Bullet: Where is everyone coming from?

HJ: and I have no idea....

Tsubaki: All this over a little spider! Really Noel...

the three girls keep going, and bullet sighs

Bullet: *Sigh* Well anyway, I wanted to see the waterfall.

HJ: I think everything going on is just going from the woodwork, but I think we could try to find it

Bullet: Tonight would be a good night. Come on, lets keep going.

HJ: Right

Kokonoe comes out of the water after they leave.

Kokonoe: Dang. Well, that was a waste of Tager's underwater tests.

The two turn around and see kokonoe

Bullet: Um...

HJ: ...uhhhh

Bullet: Why? This is so random...

Kokonoe looks over and sees the two

Kokonoe: Huh? I didn't know anyone was here.

Tager floats up from the water soon after

Bullet: ???

HJ: weird

Kokonoe: Don't worry about him.

Bullet: Right...well...

HJ: I'm trying not to worry anyways

Kokonoe climbs on Tager's back and starts paddling away.


Kokonoe starts singing Italian songs and vanished in the distance

Bullet: ...???

Kokonoe: Ooooooooooo lo mio....

HJ shrugs off the event and keeps going

Bullet: I...don't even want to know. Come on, lets keep going.

HJ:Right! I won't give up

The two keep climbing and are close to the top

Bullet: Alright...just a little further... The waterfall is at the summit here.

HJ: right

Bullet: You aren't tired right?

HJ was about to answer until someone interrupts them

Bang: A true man is never tired!

HJ: not really

Bullet: What?

Bang is hanging from one of the rocks

Bullet: Again...why?

HJ: dunno... but how did you end up THERE bang? *climbs up*

Bang: Darn you Ragna the Bloodedge, you're just as bad as that villain Jin Kisaragi!

HJ: ...

Bang: I will claim all that money for Ikaruga!

Bullet: Again with Ragna...lets keep moving...

HJ: *sigh* yeah...

Bang: I, Bang Shishigami, the hero of love and justice, shall beat you into a pulp with my passionate fists!

HJ ignores bang as bullet looks on

HJ: I'm still ignoring him...

Bullet: He's so loud though...

HJ: yeah he is

The two continue to climb and they reach the lake itself

Bullet: we are...

HJ: nice view.... it looks beautiful

Bullet: See the waterfall?

HJ: yeah...

Bullet: Isn't it beautiful?

HJ: the night sky kinda makes it better honestly

Bullet: Yeah... Lets get closer.

HJ: yeah....

As the two get closer they hear something close by

Bullet: Huh?

They hear someone trying to cook near the lake

HJ: ...

Hazama: Damned egg...I need a way to get this water hot. I can't boil it in my favorite spring here...


HJ was extremely angered at the sight of who beat them to the lake


Bullet: *Sigh*

HJ: I think I got an idea....

Hazama: It's almost done...

Bullet: No wait, lets move over here. Come on HJ.

HJ: okay


Ragna comes crashing across the field knocking Bullet into the water

Bullet: !!!

HJ: whoa!

HJ got knocked into the water as soon as ragna passed by them as well


Hazama: What the hell--?!

Hazama gets knocked across the field while Bullet struggles with the water

Bullet: Agh! well this is great...

HJ: ... come on, I'll help you out

HJ extends his arm to bullet and gets her out of the lake

Bullet: Thanks...

HJ: no problem....

Hazama: What the hell Rags?!

Hazama fires off a chain as ragna swiftly blocks it

Ragna: The hell?!

Miwa: Hazama!


HJ: ...

Bullet: Wow.

Miwa blocks the chain that was headed towards her

HJ: ...I swear this is random...

Hazama: Oh thanks you ruined my egg!!

Ragna: I don't give a damn about your egg!

Bullet: ....

HJ: ....

Miwa: Huh? Bullet?

Bullet: Hello...Miwa...

Miwa waves nervously to bullet

HJ: you aga- ACK!

Ragna was flung into him interrupting what he was saying to Miwa, as a sort of deadweight and he falls over, Ragna gets up and prepares to attack Hazama again

Ragna: You damned son of a bitch!

HJ was holding his chest from the immense pain from the attack

HJ: ...

Bullet: Are you okay?!

HJ: ... yes...

Miwa walks towards them and decides to chat with them

Miwa: Hey, you guys okay?

HJ: we are....just we were on our way to the lake....but random stuff keeps happening

Terumi was fed up with ragna and attempted to end it quickly


Serpents start flying every which way, kicking up water and splashing everyone, ragna dodging the attacks

Ragna: Tch! You missed

Miwa,Bullet,and HJ stared at the battle, HJ being angered by the second

Miwa: ...

HJ: .......

Bullet: Wow. This...

Miwa covers her chest as more water falls on bullet, practically making it the last straw towards HJ, readying his armagus in its saber form.

HJ: .....THAT'S IT!




HJ dashes towards the two combatants intent on shoving them down the cliff

Terumi: Gyahhahahahaha!

Ragna: Dammit Terumi!!

As terumi disappears ragna runs from a furious HJ unaware of his coat flying off behind him from his rage, Miwa motions for bullet to come towards her

Miwa: Hey, Bullet, come here.


Bullet: Okay...

Miwa: Not a good thing for either of us to be know?

Bullet: Yeah...

Miwa: In more ways then one if you catch my drift.

Bullet was shivering due to the cold temperatures of the water

Ragna: Dammit all to hell that freak!!

As Ragna fell off the cliff HJ stopped before he could fall down himself, he sighs with relief upon stopping

HJ: ..phew....

Bullet: Well...that was completely random...

Miwa sticks Uindokatta in the ground and a circle of air envelops them drying them.

HJ: I agree....hey where'd my coat go?

Bullet: Thank's Miwa.

Miwa: Much better.

HJ was too busy frantically looking for his coat to notice Miwa and Bullet's conversation

Bullet: much for that.

HJ: yeah...

Miwa: No prob. And don't forget, you're a girl too. Wet clothes don't suit us.

Bullet: I know... I'm so embarrassed...

HJ: can use my jacket....not that I need it right now anyways....

HJ gave bullet his jacket to help dry her off

Bullet: Oh thanks.

HJ: welcome

Miwa: Don't worry, HJ is a good guy. I'll leave you two alone, nice seeing you again Bullet.

Bullet: Thanks Miwa.

Miwa had left after a small nod

HJ: ...

Bullet: Well...that certainly was interesting...

HJ: yeah....

Bullet: Why...were Hazama and Ragna here?

HJ: I wanna know that as well....

Bullet: and that random robot too...

HJ: but for sure ragna hates hazama....but hazama I dunno

Bullet: He was...saying something about an egg? I don't know...

HJ: ...I honestly wondered why the heck he just popped up like he was scuba diving.. and yeah hazama did say something like that...

Bullet: Well at least we get to see the waterfall...

HJ: ...I have NO IDEA what bang had to do with this...but yeah, still beautiful as ever...

Bullet: Despite all that chaos.

HJ: yeah...

Bullet: Well...I guess we should head back before Zero starts to wonder.

HJ: your probably right

Bang: NO!

Bullet: What?

Bullet saw bang stuck to a rock nearby where she and HJ stood

Bullet: oh no...

HJ: maybe we ought to run for it?

Bang had fallen off the rock and fell into the lake

Bullet: ...?

HJ: ....

Bullet: He is so...random.

HJ: ....okay then...taking your word for it there

Bullet: Well lets head back then.

Tao: Meow.

Tao was seen on a higher spot of the mountain looking down to the couple

HJ: yeah...

Bullet: Tao?

Tao: that wasn't a good ending, fire lady!

Bullet: Ending?

HJ stood and tried to call out

HJ: hey, bullet, you coming?

HJ was clearly ignoring tao at all costs trying to leave as soon as possible before any misconceptions go off

Tao: Meow! haven't you ever been read a bedtime story, meow?

Bullet: Yeah I guess...

HJ had no idea where tao was going for with this

HJ: ...

HJ waited for bullet to catch up before leaving from the lake

Tao: Meow! Tao wants to see fire lady and h-guy making out, meow!

Bullet: E-Excuse me?!

Tao: Meow? Tao thought that was the point. H-guy and fire lady wanted to be alone...meow.

Bullet: The point...? HJ was this your idea?!

HJ blushed nervously and tried to tell her the truth

HJ: ....NO

Bullet: Did you SET this up?!


Tao: h-guy doesn't know about Tao, meow

HJ: I had nothing to do with all!

Bullet crossed her arms and shook her head

Bullet: I've had enough of this ridiculousness, all I wanted to do was go for a walk...

Tao: Meow...

HJ: come on let's just go...


HJ: if we get back quick enough we might see that constellation

Bullet: Constellation?

Bullet followed HJ to a good spot to stargaze and find that constellation

Tao: Meow. Nothing like in the storybooks, meow.

Tao was watching the two leave

HJ: sorry if you were sort of irked by any of this...

Bullet: I'm just confused I guess...

HJ: I was more irked by tao....

Later after they left the lake, they found Miwa is sprawled out on the grass on a nearby hill watching the stars and feeling the light wind.

HJ: I'm not that kind of person

Bullet: Oh hey look its Miwa.

Bullet passed HJ and towards Miwa to talk

Miwa: huh? What are you guys doing over here?

HJ: we're just here to stargaze I guess

Bullet: We wanted to see the stars.

Miwa: You picked a good place.You want me to leave?

Bullet:... Do you mind her HJ?

HJ: ...I don't mind if she stays

Miwa: Ah good.

HJ and Bullet lied down close by to Miwa to watch the stars

Miwa: I have a cool story, you guys want to hear it?

HJ: sure...

Bullet: Sure.

the two looked to Miwa to hear her story

Miwa: My mother used to tell me when she'd star gaze with me, that those that pass away become stars in the night sky. Like they're looking down on us. I like to think my mother is up there somewhere, smiling

Bullet: Wow...that's so beautiful.

HJ: hearing it now I'd say the same with mine....especially my brother....

Miwa: Its like they never vanish, they just look down on us, watching over us.

Bullet: Yeah...

HJ: ... yeah....I'm sure my family is proud of me....

Miwa: So...*claps* gonna go at this like wind hitting a tree, what were you two doing out here tonight anyway?

Bullet: We were just...enjoying the night. Until all that stuff happened back there...

HJ: yeah...and the battle that got you guys all wet...

Miwa looks over at HJ.

Miwa: Huh?

HJ: ...uhhh earlier, when water got splashed on everyone

Miwa: No...the way you said it.

HJ nervously looks down thinking of a better way to phrase his sentence

HJ: ....uhhh sorry lemme try that again


Miwa: ...Guys'll be guys.

HJ: the water from the lake got splashed during the battle, does that work?

Bullet: I guess so.

Miwa looks to bullet and they chat alone

Miwa: so, do you like him?

Bullet blushes and tries to hide it

Bullet: Eh!? No, I...

HJ: .... (I'll take that as a yes due to the silence)

Miwa: No? Guess I'm a hopeless romantic then.

Bullet: Oh stop it...

HJ: ...

Miwa: But one day, I would like to find the right person for me. Can't be single all your life, you know?

HJ: ....

HJ is ignoring bullet's and miwa's talk, looking to the stars, to see bang's constellation look upon them, remembering something bang had said. Miwa goes back to looking at the stars.

Bullet: Okay...maybe a little, but only because he's kinda funny in a way...and yeah I want to find the right person too

HJ contemplates on his undying hope, and tthinks about his undying love for bullet.

HJ: ....... (I'm not sure if you like me bullet....but if you do, I'll always do what I can to help.....I'll never give up hope on you either....)

Miwa: I want to know everything the first time you go on a date.

Bullet: ...Really?

HJ fell asleep, trying his best not to show any visible signs of crying over his thoughts


Bullet and Miwa notice HJ had fallen asleep

Miwa: Well, look at that,just like a little kid.

Bullet: Hah...yeah. Kinda cute in a way...

Bullet and Miwa smile upon the sight, HJ trying to avoid any signs of his sadness

HJ: .....

Bad Ending: Revival of The Worst Edit

(this is what happens if you choose the second option when on the split path between this and the gag reel)

HJ had noticed a famiiar booth, and contemplated thoughts on that to do

HJ: ... *thoughts* ...I see that booth....but...should I go to it?

Unbeknownst to him Relius Clover, of the NOL had been standing there, trying to wonder how he operates his booth

Relius: How does one operate a "troll booth" anyhow...oh?

Relius had found a note from his colleague, which had read;

Dear whoever the hell is in my booth, if you think your troll enough to handle it best of luck—Hazama

Relius: He really needs a more suitable hobby...huh? *notices HJ*

Relius' sights had been set on HJ, thinking he'd be an easy target, but HJ had other thoughts

HJ: not to *about to leave* ragna would murder me

Relius had gotten more open to him, trying to keep a good self-image

Relius: Hello young spark. Are you interested in winning 10 dollars? You're friend can wait can he not? I promise it wont take to much of your time.

HJ: ...

Relius: 30 seconds to be exact

HJ: ...? *thoughts* urge to resist...lowering ...remember what ragna said! stay the heck away from these booths! okay one more time wouldn't hurt* *walks to the booth* ...alright what do you got?

HJ walked towards the booth, fully knowing that ragna would punish him for going to the booth again, but his urges to resist were lowering by the second

Relius: This one will work a bit differently. I'm going to pull out random pieces from your mind, and if you can survive the torment, you win 10 dollars. Worth it no?

HJ: I'll try my best... *thoughts* what is this madman up to?*

Relius had began his 30-second memory search

Relius: Good...Shall we begin? I see....torment, missery, all that wonderful emotion...did you lose a family member at some point?

HJ: ... *calmly* all of them they were killed by the NOL...

HJ is trying to keep calm, knowing fully well it is not as bad in terms of process than Hazama's work

Relius: Ah...the classic tradgedy...but whats this? That Armagus you carry was from your brother, but he never thought much of you...did he? I keep hearing... "worthless"

HJ: ...yes it is my brother's but your wrong...he cared about me very much... you must be hearing other thoughts about something else

Relius: As a child you were frail minded...and looked up to your two were very close. And you see the same in someone else. But what if they were to also leave you?

HJ was somewhat puzzled, but answered anyways

HJ: ...I...I'd actually feel a bit hurt...why ask?

Relius: Because he'll die. And you'll be alone, without any family. And...there is one person you have so much hatred for...the one who caused this trauma to you...I should be honnored. And you know why?

HJ: why's that? and time please?

Relius: its been about...25seconds. And also, you're looking at the one who caused that Trauma. And will likely cause it again, and because you're so worthless to everyone you're friend will die.

HJ had realized the truth, the man who murdered his family was right in front of him

HJ: your the one... your the one that murdered them

Relius: Yes I set that little battle up...not my fault they got in the middle of it.

HJ: ...I see, quick question...time?

Relius: 30 seconds exactly. But, here's the thing...this isn't actually my booth, nor do I have 10 dollars...but this was entertaining to say the least.

HJ: I lost ten dollars worth of agonizing torture! FOR NOTHING!

HJ got up out of a small fit of rage, but hestiated to attack relius.

Relius: Exactly! Isn't that just the most joyous expireience of all? I certainly thought so...

HJ: be honest...not felt like I was assaulted... and mugged...but I finally feel content finding the answers...but knowing it'd be my fault my friends would die....

Relius: And torn apart slowly...left to suffer in the depths of your mind for a 10 dollars that was non existent...oh and I made the part about your friend dying up... Though he probably will anyway.

HJ was slightly orn by this, he did not like having blame pinned on for losing his friends

HJ: ...YOU BASTARD! If...if I ever find you again I'll send you into area twenty-eight to rot and die!

Relius: Oh please try. That would be of great entertainment. Farewell then. *Disappears into a portal*

HJ: ...damn...I guess....I should...disappear.... *gets up and walks off, holding his head*

HJ walked off to find ragna, to tell him he had gotten his answers, and to heed warning of the tragedy if it were to happen