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(Reiga) Talk about insane, a scarlet haired girl out of nowhere came and attacked the city calling herself the Scarlet Demoness...calling humanity filth she intended to kill everyone in the area. Luckily I managed to run her off, but she seemed to be looking for someone, don't know who that could be. If things weren't bad enough Akari and I went to rest as we entered the higher levels and who do we find? Serza, the former member of the SD Division. Things just got incredibly awkward...

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"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Verse 1 Episode 8: Embittered Reunions

Kagusutchi Upper Levels Area 1 3:41pm
Within the station

A rather light atmosphere turned tense within moments as a heavy stare from Reiga is shot towards a man named Serza, the former member of the Sequence Destroyers. Branded as traitor, Serza didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest. His deep violet hair shifted out of his eyes as he shifted position and stood with his hand propped on his black hat.

  • Reiga: ...You've got a lot to answer for, Serza.
  • Serza: What makes you think I'm going to talk when you're leering at me like that?

A cup next to Akari on the surface of the table is snatched away by Serza. He drinks the water, downing it in a single clean gulp. Spotting Reiga's frown along with his scornful azure eyes he opens his hand and holds out the empty cup in gesture.

  • Serza: Can you please, stop staring at me like that? No reason we can't talk this over civilly ri—

A loud crash of cracking glass is heard, drowning out Serza's question. The cup shattered to pieces after Reiga, in fury, struck it away. A strong frown forms across his expression as he shoots straight up from the booth and goes right up to him with swift long steps.

Serza's own gaze currently focused on the pieces of the shattered cup, he cocks his head and points to it with his index finger.

  • Serza: ...Or not. You know someone is going to have to pay for that cup...someone's gotta fix that.
  • Reiga: Knock it off. Why the hell did you leave? Not that I want you to come back, things are better off without you.
  • Serza: You're so kind "Azure Prodigy".

A sarcastic tone bubbles up to the surface of his voice, causing Reiga to become further irate.

  • Serza: Clearly you're still annoyed about being left in the dark about a lot of matters regarding what your father did alongside us. Guess what though? Its not my problem. The SD Division's work was kept solely between members. All that secret intelligence was part of what pushed me away.

A flash of a blade comes in diagonally and invades his vision. Serza reaches outward as he easily catches the sword and looks at Reiga with a slight raised brow and a grin. Azure eyes wide with surprise, Reiga makes a quiet growl as he pries himself away.

  • Serza: I never pinned you as the type to have a temper. I don't fight anymore, unless ordered to.

That grin he had for a moment said otherwise, Reiga thinks to himself with a bothered look.

  • Reiga: Huh? Gee as I recall you loved fighting...
  • Serza: ...Working as a Sequence Destroyer wasn't exactly my cup of tea if you will. And me "enjoying" fighting was because of the fact—He frowns.
  • Reiga: You tried to kill me you jackass!

Hearing the yell sound off, Serza's eyes turn cold as he leans in and looks right at him.

  • Serza: If you would quiet down, and let me finish then I'd explain. I might not like you; at all. But, I didn't intend to try and kill you. In fact the reason for that, is this.

He takes hold of an intricate metallic hilt and pulls out a serpentine katana with a pitch black blade and a malevolent vibe. Shimmering neon in the lighting it causes Akari to shy away and Reiga shudders for a moment.

  • Serza: This Exitium? I found out that it was actually causing me to shift to a different persona all together in battle. Some kind of malevolent energy is sealed into it and its been infecting my mind according to Nicaiah for years now.
  • Reiga: W-what? Really?

A bit surprised to say the least, he looks at Serza with different eyes.

  • Serza: No I'm lying...yes idiot. Really.

He sheathes the blade with a quick movement.

  • Serza: So when I began to think something was up I decided to leave the Ministry and the SD Division. Sure, being the most infamous of the SD Division alongside Akuhei himself was nice, I don't care for the idea of being used. That and I've grown to resent them quite a bit after it all. Working for Liberation Sector Zero has proved a lot more enjoyable.

Reiga seemed skeptical, but that weapon did have an evil vibe to it. Troubled by the situation, he gives a sigh.

  • Serza: Still don't trust me? I'm used to it...the fact of the matter is though, I can help them defeat the other SD Division members.
  • Reiga: I wont ever trust you Serza...but I wouldn't dispute your choice. Probably better we're enemies, then you wont have to feel bad about fighting me now that we're on opposite sides.
  • Serza: Its like trusting a criminal, you either choose to or you don't but you take a huge risk doing either. 
  • Reiga: But I wouldn't wish ill on you either. If what you say is true, and you do suffer from what the NOS gave you, then I'm sorry.
  • Serza: Ah, you're still soft Reiga...that always did annoy me to a degree.
  • Komyo: Serza...

Komyo says his name as he notices Akari just staring at her as though trying to find something. Akari feels Serza's gaze on her and she looks at him and blinks.

  • Akari: Who is this person...?
  • Serza: Ah. That's Komyo...she came to us from another division of Liberation Sector Zero. She's quite the fighter despite her looks.
  • Komyo: W-what? Don't tease me!

Komyo puffs her cheeks as she seemed annoyed with his comment. Serza simply adjusts his hat and then looks at Akari.

  • Akari: She me...I don't understand why though...
  • Komyo: I'm not strange!
  • Serza: Delta yes? An incomplete model...Delta was the one most copied for its battle prowess and it had the most successful of the connections with was also considered the most successful of all the models made by—probably shouldn't say that. But anyway, I heard that it was a model used back in the Third War of Armagus as well.
  • Akari: Really? ...I didn't know that...I don't remember anything about it...
  • Serza: You probably haven't ever completed interfacing. I imagine once you're complete you'll remember all you want to.
  • Reiga: ...Why do you know about that anyway Serza...?
  • Serza: I was previously in the SD Division, what was confidential really doesn't matter to me anymore. Unfortunately a lot of it is a haze anymore...

Komyo runs her hand through her black hair, this all was only confusing for her.

  • Serza: So up for that lunch now that we've calmed down?

Reiga gives a benevolent grunt to show his disdain to the thought. However he still wasn't ready to head out, and Akari seemed to want to relax. She seemed content just staring at Komyo, the girl clearly feeling a bit nervous from the constant stare.

  • Reiga: Fine...
  • Serza: Excellent! Top orders were to find Nex but there's always time to relax yeah?

Serza kicks back into a chair and relaxes with a content grin. He fixes his shirts collar as he slips off his black thin coat next to Komyo.

  • Reiga: ...Wait you're looking for Nex?
  • Serza: Mhmm. Well from what Nicaiah said it was an order from the top...BD-51.
  • Reiga: Black Division...51... (Those people are after Nex too?)

Serza looks back and claps his hands.

  • Serza: Some service please?


Kagusutchi Upper Levels Area 1 4:27pm
Main square outside the station

A tinted silver building stretches high into the sky, one of the many that filled the city. As one climbed higher, the scenery continuously changed. Embellished walkways of paved tiles and stone, metal decorative hedges, and archways were all present around the two who walked quietly along. Sticking out like a sore thumb, but the streets were filled with nothing but unconcerned masses. Unique and lavish scenery catches the eye of Myri as she turns her head to look at each passing one. The man beside her didn't share the expression, he pops the collar of his ebony jacket as he takes long steps.

Those who lived here in these areas had almost nothing to worry about because the government protected them directly. That man didn't care however, he simply entered without concern. Myri stared at the buildings that stretched up high, pointed tops were a key point for some of them giving the place a rather futuristic advanced feel.

  • Myri: This place is huge...

Nex turns and looks over the area trying to spot the quickest way to get off the streets and get to the restricted area further into the levels. Being here probably wasn't the smartest idea, but no one seemed to bother him, save a few glances. He did however take notice to the lack of persons in uniform around the gates, normally they'd keep any from entering that were suspicious. Nex even had his hand clasped on the pommel of his blade readily.

  • Nex: Strange there's no guards here...must of been preoccupied with somethin...
  • Myri: Well there was a lot of noise earlier. ...Hey, I'm tired, can we go into the buildings? I've never been to this part of the city before.

Nex looks down at her and frowns strongly at the idea.

  • Nex: What? I'm not going anywhere except out of this place and towards the restricted area. I agreed to protect you, I didn't agree to go sightseeing.

A gruff answer from Nex, she crosses her arms as she sighs discontent.

  • Myri: But just moving ahead is boring...and I just said I'm tired. Lazi would always--
  • Nex: I don't care if you're tired, deal with it. This isn't "Coddle the princess" anymore. I don't care what Lazarith did for you, get it out of your mind cause I'm not him.
  • Myri: You know not everyone can walk a million miles a day...
  • Nex: Stop complaining dammit...

Looking over a bit, Nex sees through the window of the building. Gathered around were people talking among themselves, enjoying their lives. He sticks to the side-roads, but before long he sees someone who does warrant him to halt. Someone with azure blue hair. The sight of that Azure-hair caused his heart to skip a beat. That wasn't possible, no way in hell, he thinks with his strong stare completely focused. Confused to why Nex suddenly stopped, Myri tugged at his coat. Nex didn't answer, so she peaks into the window, thinking it was the reason behind his actions.

  • Myri: Um...did you see someone in there?

Myri peers in trying to see if there was anyone she knew. Strangely enough there was one she saw, though he was busy speaking with another man who consumed a rather large amount of food. Quite glutenous, if she could mention so, but he seemed skinny to all heck. Two girls were in the room as well, one with black hair and a white streak on her bangs. A young man with scarlet hair and a white coat however catches her attention as her two toned eyes widen. Lightly, her hand touches the window before she taps it.

  • Myri: Hey, that's Reiga! Wait whose he talking to? Hey...Nex, do you—huh?

Nex had been focused elsewhere, Myri discerned as she turned. Her words likely going right over his head.

  • Nex: That's...
  • Myri: Huh? What are you looking at now? I'm trying to tell you something...and you're ignoring me.

A man stood leaning against a wall with a warm mug of coffee held tightly in a firm hand. The wind ran through his azure blue hair, sending the long flowing red cape in many directions, along with flickering about a lengthy red headband. On his side rested a heavy, intricate sword.

  • Myri: Wait a second...

That man. She'd seen him before, she knew it. It takes Myri a moment, however she plants her mind back to the battle she'd seen a day ago between Reiga and this man. Slowly but surely she pieces the image together and remembers exactly who this man was.

The Brigadier of the NOS, Siegfried Schtauffen. But...why would Nex be so concerned with his presence here?

Of his own accord, Nex moves forward intently after a sigh. His face lacking its usual glowering look, he was clearly unsuspecting of how the events would unfold next.

  • Myri: Nex he's--

He'd heard Myri's voice, trying to tell him something, likely something he should have listened to, but he wouldn't stop. This was a person he had to speak to, and now.

  • Nex: Sieg...

Finally, he spoke the name. No anger or scorn, only a hint of surprise lined his tone. There were too many questions going through his mind, why was he here, what was he here for, what was he doing, after all, it had been years since they'd last seen each other. And, although he wouldn't admit it, he was glad to see he was still alive, all things considered.

Glancing up from his drink Siegfried eyes caught sight of Nex, in both shock and surprise he dropped the mug as it hit the ground shattering into several pieces.

  • Siegfried: Nex...?
  • Nex: So you're here too huh. I haven't even seen you or heard about you in hell, years.

Nex tried a safe approach, but the man's scowl indicated that he wasn't happy to see him.

  • Siegfried: ...As much as I would love to say its good to see you, its not.
  • Nex: Oh give me a damn...

This is what he would get for the attempt of being kind. Nex gives a disgruntled sigh as he shifts position and places his hand against the side of the building.

  • Nex: The hell has gotten you so annoyed. Unless you're still throwing a childish fit over the past.
  • Myri: Hold on, you two—

Neither of them budge or even look toward her. The two stared each other straight eye to eye. These two weren't going to listen, Myri gives a disappointed sigh. Interfering seemed pointless right now.

Nex waits to hear an answer from Siegfried, he wasn't expecting him to still be soured by what happened when they were younger but to be fair, it wouldn't surprise him. It'd only prove he hadn't grown a single inch in soul since years past. In Nex's mind, it wasn't like Siegfried could ever understand why Nex had to leave that day. And it was even more so unfortunate that after he did leave, tragedy struck.

  • Siegfried: Childish fit? Its because of you that Imyo died... Its all because you left...

Siegfried fired back; his years of resentment towards Nex very apparent. Nex's eyes shift cold as ice. He scowls definitively to profess his disagreement with that statement.

  • Nex: Don't put that on me.

"How dare you bring that up." He thinks to himself with annoyance quickly boiling through his veins as he pushes himself off the wall suddenly to get right in front of him.

  • Nex: I had hard enough of a time dealing with it as is. You never once thought of why I left. God damn you're still a friggin child.
  • Myri: ... (Wait...Imyo was Rau's friend. He died after Nex left but that means that he was taking care of both of them? Why?)
  • Siegfried: Why not? Everything bad seems to happen where ever you go Nex.

He countered calmly.

  • Nex: What the hell is—

Nex started, but stops fast as he hears Siegfried's tone change with his next remark.

  • Siegfried: And to say I didn't think of why you left is an understatement... In fact I understood why you left, but even so I-i didn't want you to go. Do you know how much of a hell it was for me when Imyo died?

Nex's angered look melts away and his eyes lose their edge as he dips his head slightly.

  • Nex: Alright lets get one damn thing straight I didn't want to go okay? I was asked to go. You think I wanted to leave what little I was beginning to have behind for THIS?

He looks back up with narrowed eyes and a strong frown, teeth bared in anger. Not at him, but at what occurred that day. When he was told by Imyo that he had to leave, because "they" were coming. It held a heavy weight in Nex's heart in truth, because again he was being ripped from what he began to care about. Dammit he cared. He wanted to stay and he couldn't, and again it was all lost. While he was left the broken shards of an empty hollow memory to haunt him from day in and day out. Yes it was those kind of memories of his choices that embittered him so.

He could feel his emotions running hot at just the mere recollection. He could have done something, he could have used his grimoire, he could of...he could of...

But he couldn't. He wouldn't be afforded the chance to protect what he wanted to. No, when he left it was because Imyo said he couldn't stop them, Nex would be taken, Siegfried would to. They'd lose it all in one simple sweep. Nex's hands clench as he speaks and he gets right in front of Sieg.

  • Nex: I left because Imyo told me he couldn't protect me from what was coming. But it sure as hell wasn't my damn intention to put you through that.
  • Siegfried: ...Tch... It wasn't your intention? Ha! Don't make me laugh since when do you care about someone else's feelings?

Nex hid a look of surprise as he quickly gives him a cold stare. The brief flicker of regret that he showed to Siegfried vanished the instant he heard his words. He pays the response in kind.

  • Nex: ...Screw off Sieg. If you're gonna be a little kid then I don't have a damn thing to say to you.
  • Myri: Would you two stop...?
  • Nex: Why the hell are you—tch nevermind. I don't have time to deal with this anyway.
  • Myri: Hey wait a second—ugh this is impossible...

She puts her hand on her head and tilts it back.

  • Siegfried: A little kid...? I'm not a kid anymore, i'm not that frightened scared little kid you once knew. I'm a soldier now.
  • Nex: A soldi—

Nex pauses for a moment as he processes that and his look changes as he looks right at Siegfreid.

  • Nex: You mean to tell me you're in the freaking government...?

His question comes out cold as ice with a narrowed gaze.

  • Siegfried: What did your friend over there tell you that?

He casts a glance at Myri.

  • Siegfried: Indeed, i'm with the government as you so bluntly put it.

Lowering his head, Nex shoots a malevolant look forward at him before his hand reaches and grips the man's collar tightly. Without giving him time to even react, Nex lifts him and strikes him back hard against the wall. The sensation of being rattled against the wall traverses through Siegfried's body. Nex's menacing stare bores into him as he pins him there. Furiously, he speaks.

  • Nex: You freaking IDIOT. Imyo took care of us to keep us out of the government and you JOIN them?! Nex's yell filled with rage, Myri's eyes become wide.

Siegfried was taken aback, surprised by the sheer force that felt from hitting the wall.

  • Siegfried: W-what the hell, Nex you... Of course I joined them!

He coughs out as he maintains a stare, Nex simply narrows his gaze. His fingers clench and wrap around even harder.

  • Nex: Why...
  • Siegfried: As I said I had nowhere else to go and I had other reasons for joining... What the hell else was I supposed to do?!
  • Nex: Grrh...

A growl comes from his throat. Nex flexes his hand before he clenches it tight into a fist—dark as night energy swirls around it, and he quickly pulls it back. A second passes and he strikes toward his head, that idiot, he thinks. Over and over like a broken record.

  • Nex: GRAH!!

A loud bang is heard in a black flash of darkness, it would have smashed the helpless Siegfried's skull in. Instead, a smoldering section of the wall teeters forward and disintegrates, toppling down. A fist imbued in black energy pulls itself out, Nex having shifted his fist at the last moment. Unable to even look at him, he releases Siegfried in near disgust.

  • Nex: You...I can't freaking...there was a hell of a lot more you could have done you idiot.

Siegfried glanced at the damage Nex has just cause, but his face remained calm as he stood staring directly at him.

  • Siegfried: Oh? Then name a few other things then...I joined with the NOS for personal reasons not just because they paid well. It has something to do with my past...and the NOS is the only one that has the answers I want.
  • Nex: Whatever Sieg I don't want to hear it. I've just got one thing to say, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into. Because Sequence is the absolute LAST place you should be.

Uninterested in hearing what he deemed excuses, he draws his sword and shows the crimson edge off in front of him as it slides through the rain. The drops of water being devoured in black specks as it touches its scarlet face. A brutal gaze could be felt from Nex's eyes as he firms them narrow.

Watching silently, staring at the sword with cold indifference, Siegfried turned his own cold eyes towards Nex. Without so much a second thought Siegfried reached for Ettard placing his hand on its polished hilt before quickly drawing the sword.

  • Siegfried: Tch... I'll prove it to you then... I'm strong enough to indeed hold my own... I'll prove i'm much stronger than you Nex!

His hands clench tight, as Nex draws a quick strained breath. He wasn't expecting to have to fight Siegfried of all people, but he wanted to see if he'd grown since the time, and already by his word choice he doubted it.

  • Nex: ...Stronger then me huh? Come on then...!

Response a growl of anger Nex rushes ahead. All anger aside he ingrains himself into the fight and pulls back his leg before delivering an unrestrained kick while twisting his body. People take notice to the fight but don't do anything to intervene, seeing that Siegfried was already in the NOS it was his job to handle this. Glimmering with intense discord, Nex's eyes don't leave Siegfried for a moment; Their cold stares, eye for an eye.

  • Myri: W-wait a second--!

Backed by Nex's forceful swing, Necros whips forward seconds later to point its edge straight at Siegfried. Glimmering in sync with his angered disregard toward the azure haired man's choices.

Hands clenched tightly around his sword, Siegfried used the flat of the blade to take the brunt force of the kick. Siegfried countered with a horizontal slash aimed directly at his midriff. Blur of metal swings by and Nex pulls forward to catch it with his own sword, pushing it away with force he smashes a fist into Siegfried's gut. Tingles of pain rush through his body, but it obviously wasn't enough to shake him.

The blow stunned Siegfried slightly, but recovering quickly he launched an offensive attack feinting with his sword, then pulling the blade back using his fist he threw an uppercut.

Nex side steps keeping his scowl and whips his opposite leg up and around to try and hit him in the head with the edge of his foot.

  • Nex: The hell are you even doin Sieg.

Siegfried does a forward roll avoiding the attack before bringing up his sword into quick forward slash and he sends a wave of azure fire towards him.

  • Siegfried: I'm just getting started... Take this!

Lifting himself into the air with a hop, Nex's blade becomes emblazoned in a darker then black aura. Swiftly, He throws a serpentine pitch spike towards the wave. A horrid screech fills the air as the dark mass hits the ground and travels forward through the ground to collide with the wave. Windows blow themselves out from the strong pitch.

  • Nex: Reaping Fang!

The powerful wave causes him to stagger slight, but he regained his balance using these few seconds he channels a small amount of energy into the blade causing it to glow bright blue slightly. He rushes forward at Nex slashing vertically at him.

Nex comes in quick once more as he lands to the ground. With deadly focus, he brings his sword to his side as he surrounds himself in a blazing dark aura. Necros in bright scarlet tones rips forward as he tries to slash across Siegfried's chest, although he let off on the force halfway through.

Something greets him, a burning sensation which was actually painful. Accompanied by a wound appearing on his body, Nex shoots off a growl, but recovers quickly.

Suddenly he pauses a moment, reflecting on when they'd fight when they were younger. When Nex took him to the ruined sector they decided to hone their skills. It was there that Nex was first exposed to the fact he'd had Azure as well. One thing Nex knew was Azure could never be underestimated. Taking note, that he seemed to have more control over it here since that time.

Siegfried jumps back putting distance between the two of them. Knowing that distance and spacing were the key to this battle, he understood Nex was the better of the two in close combat. Focusing more energy into Ettard he unleashes a full powered wave by stabbing the tip of the blade into the ground then slashing forward towards Nex.

His eyes follow him and he tries to dodge the wave, however its a moment too late and he rolls back through the air and into the side of a building with a growling grunt.

  • Nex: Gurh! (He has no form of releasing or channeling into its power fully though. But he has become stronger...if the NOS did one thing it was harden his ass.)

Nex quickly jumps to his feet as he frowns. He opens the shell on the back of his hand only slightly. Nex: Wanna use Azure huh...fine by me. Nex refused to use it fully on him, let alone release the grimoire. A pitch black and blue light flickers and flashes forward as he then rushes forward, fast and focused. Without warning his arm snaps forward molded in darkness of azure, Nex tries to catch him in a red claw.

Siegfried's eyes open wide in surprise and shock, watching the red claw carefully he tries to dodge quickly, but is too slow and is quickly caught in the attack. Nex grins slightly and spreads wings from his back manifesting Seithr around himself to do so.

  • Nex: What, don't like flying? Hell Raiser!

Nex jumps, flexing the wings downward as he shoots himself into the air taking a frantic Siegfried with him.

  • Nex: Too damn bad! Soul Breaker!

He releases him as they hit apex, then strikes into him with the claw in great force. Like a melding nightmare, black and red energy coalesces and rips through before it bursts sending Siegfried away in a collection of darkness. Nex's own wound closes a bit after as he lands to the ground, the wings furl and vanish. Siegfried tries to stand, stumbling slightly feeling a slight lose of something inside of himself it wasn't just pain he felt, but it wasn't important enough at the moment.

  • Siegfried: W-what the hell... What the hell was that?!

He growled angrily finally losing his cool, as he rushed forward launching slashing horizontally at Nex. Bending his knees, spreading his legs and grounding his feet, Nex remains firm. He preps to embrace the hit taking a tight hold on Necros's hilt and placing the demonic sword right in front of him to absorb the impact.

A sharp wail of their blades is heard as they collide.

The sheer force pushing him back, he could see a hint of anger in Siegfried's eyes and Nex frowns seeing the same bratty kid again in his mind.

  • Nex: You couldn't possibly control it like that. You can't even focus your damn anger.

Angrily he pushes forward with his sword, Siegfried glared at Nex his rage reaching its boiling point. He was tired of always being treated like the same kid he years ago.

  • Siegfried: Dammit! Stop treating me like a damn kid already!
  • Nex: You yelling is only proving my point, idiot. You'll lose control like this.

Nex holds his ground, keeping his eyes straight on Siegfried. Nex's lacked wild anger, rather his were simply cold, and even uninterested, disregarding Siegfried's anger completely. Nex lets himself be pushed back as his feet move back slightly.

  • Myri: Don't you two think that's enough? You're making a huge commotion!

As she yelled to the two, she had a point. The sides of the walls smashed in, the tiles cracked, windows broken, but Nex didn't care. However, the noise did attract the eyes of others on the opposite side of the street. A pair of azure eyes look out the window, belonging to a young man in a white coat who was calmly eating a bowl of ramen.

  • Reiga: ...The heck is going on over there?

Reiga looks over from the booth he sat in next to Akari and across from him.

  • Akari: Its so noisy!
  • Serza: That seems to be—huh?

He halts his words as his attention is taken. The man's neon eyes glimmer with interest and surprise as he feels the Azure's strong presence.

  • Serza: (...Nex...) Komyo... stay in here for a moment.
  • Komyo: Huh? Serza where are you going?

Serza turns away and takes his hat and moves out of the building exiting the glass door, Reiga quickly follows him.

  • Reiga: Hey, wait a second we weren't done talking!

Siegfried ignored everyone else focusing solely on Nex, staring into his eyes. The same cold, almost emotionless face that he held throughout their battle it annoyed him more than anything. Nex notices out of the corner of his eye more people slowly gathering and he growls as he applies pressure to the blade.

  • Nex: (The hell are they...)
  • Reiga: Freaking answer me when I'm tal—

Unable to finish his response as he sees Siegfried and Nex, Reiga's eyes become wide.

  • Reiga: The Brigadier! Wait who the heck is he fighting?
  • Serza: ...Nex. Idiot... (Talk about opportunity though...but is fighting him here and now, the best idea?)

After the response, he debates on the matter as his hand reaches for the hilt of his weapon, the Nex Exitium. He has a slight tingle of excitement, but it fizzles out when Reiga quickly rushes out past him upon hearing it was Nex. A sharp ping sounds as Nex releases himself from the deadlock. He slides back with a lowered narrowed gaze, doesn't make eye contact with the others yet.

  • Nex: I guess you've grown, a little. You at least don't cower seeing my azure anymore, that's an improvement.

He straightens with a firm scowl.

  • Nex: But you're no where near strong enough in my book to be trying what you are.

The response cold, harsh and blunt he closes his eyes and puts his blade in front of him into the ground.

  • Nex: I don't know what you're in Sequence for, nor do I care why you're in it, but you really shouldn't be like this. You're weak in the mind, weak in the soul, the only thing they focused on was your power.
  • Reiga: (The heck is he talking about, the Brigadier isn't weak in any sense of the word...)

Reiga stops just a bit away from them, Serza remains observing the two with his neon eyes.

Siegfried flinches from the harsh words staring blankly at Nex.

  • Siegfried: I-i.... Why...?

The bitter and cold response hurt a lot, and had caught the man offguard. However, he refused to accept what Nex had said closing his eyes for a moment as he sheathes Ettard the fight was clearly over.

  • Siegfried: Dammit it Nex... Why can't you just acknowledge i'm not that same person I was... I can take care of myself without your help nor do I even need it now. My soul isn't weak nor is my mind... I fight for what I myself believe in... And I fight for this world itself...
  • Nex: You fight for the world itself...?

He scowls deeply at the response. Necros slides back to his belt as he pushes it back with his hand.

  • Nex: I'll acknowledge it when you wise up and leave their ranks. Right now you're just annoying me, just a bother to me, just that same damn kid. And I've absolutely no interest in fighting you Sieg.

With that last devastating response, Siegfried sees his back as Nex begins to pull away from him, unconcerned with the people around him. He was too annoyed with Siegfried to care. Myri dips her head, slightly in shock by how cruel he was to this man he seemed to have connection to. She quietly goes to follow him keeping some distance.

  • Reiga: Nex!

Nex, upon hearing a voice stops for a moment and then looks at him without turning his body. His body language hinting that he was in no mood to be bothered.

  • Nex: ...What? You have something to say?
  • Reiga: What the heck is your problem? Talking to him like that—

Seeing his azure eyes narrow, Nex gives a scornful look and turns his head. He had no interest in listening to this scarlet haired man's words.

  • Nex: You know nothing about it, stay the hell out of it.

He then continues his leave without another word, a disheartened and angered Reiga frowns.

  • Serza: Huh. Well that was interesting. Didn't even notice me, I feel loved.
  • Reiga: Hey, you okay sir?

In one final vent of his anger Siegfried unsheathes Ettard and launches a wave of fire destroying the building completely.

  • Siegfried: Leave me the hell alone...!

With that he turned saying nothing more as he began walking away. His eyes narrowed into an angry glare as Siegfried leaves not wanting to be bothered anymore.

  • Serza: Well...they didn't strike chords right at all. What a mess they made.
  • Reiga: ...What on earth is their connection? I've never seen the Brigadier so angry...
  • Serza: I don't know...

Komyo and Akari both come out to join the two looking around in surprise.

  • Serza: Well then, Azure Prodigy...I do believe we've had our chat. Next time we see each other, best have that sword of yours drawn. I know I said I don't care much for fighting but you and I are enemies here, better start acting like one or we'll both be in trouble.

Before Reiga can say anything, Serza walks off, intent on going deeper into the city following Nex. Komyo doesn't have much of a choice except to follow him.

  • Komyo: Serza, wait up...!

Reiga blinks before he looks off to where they were heading. His head swarming with the wonders of what the Brigadier's connection to Nex was, and if the NOS knew.

  • Reiga: What just happened anyway...?
  • Akari: mmm...

She frowns, making a small sound as the rain continues to drift down on their heads.


Kagusutchi lower Levels 5:21pm
Outside Rau's residence

An empty house sits before him hidden in fogs, the light of the area seemed to give way to a dreary and cold atmosphere. A small whistling of the trees could be heard, but other then that the sounds were as dead as the feeling inside of him. Byakai's cat eyes stare towards the small humble place with no real emotion.

  • Byakai: Rest in peace...and know I'll see you avenged by the name of my father.

A man soon joins his side that had been near the house, holding a small silver cross, donned in a white outfit he looks towards Byakai. Byakai had been so consumed with paying respect and getting the letter that he hadn't noticed the presence of another.

  • ???: Son of Morkuv, do you intend to continue staring at it lifelessly? This place is nothing but a memory.
  • Byakai: ...This world tends to take away the little life it has left in itself. People like Rau...he didn't deserve to perish by that man's hand. And yet he did. And like my father died with his secrets, the world wont ever know what Rau knew. His lives story, nothing. He's simply gone.

Byakai stands from his position and looks toward that man in the white outfit.

  • Byakai: Mind me asking who exactly you are? Forgive me if I sound rude, I wasn't expecting company.
  • Keil: Keil...Keil Angelo. I'm a member of the ministry...seeking out a certain man.

A white hood concealed his face, and the robes hugged his body. Byakai's ears twitch as he hears the name, but matches it to no one he's heard of.

  • Keil: The nature of the world is cruel, that much is true.
  • Byakai: ...Keil then. I'm going to continue in his stead against the NOS and I'll find out why my father had to die. Why Rau had to die.
  • Keil: You've a strong will...
  • Byakai: Do you intend to fight me? Is that why you're here? Cause, I'm pretty sure I know this man you're looking for. And I'm not going to backstab him by selling him out to our mutual foe.

Keil sighs.

  • Keil: Nor would I expect you to son of Morkuv. Who I seek is my own endeavor, I wouldn't ask you to step in on my own road. But be cautious as you traverse in this war, after all they're already having someone try to assassinate you.
  • Byakai: But why? Because I'm his son? Or something more?

Keil shakes his head.

  • Keil: I'm afraid I can't say, but I ill advise to walking the road of revenge. If you want to find out what your father knew, the life he led then continue seeking the "truth" follow he who leads us to it, follow Nex.
  • Byakai: Nex? Truth—

Byakai pauses taking in the man's words.

  • Byakai: Hold on, how do you know anything about my father anyway?

Keil doesn't answer him as he walks forward and then leaves him with those words.

  • Byakai: Wait...! ...dangit.

Keil disappears from his sight in a white light, and leaves the Beastkin alone.

  • Byakai: A Ministry member of the war? Well, next time I'll have to get him to talk cause it sounded like he knew a lot about my father.

He moves forward with quick steps, going back towards the direction he and Nex split off in. Something cold set in, brushed up the nape of his neck and forced him into a shiver. Someone else clearly with him, his cat eyes of amber narrow slightly. A small dagger nearly misses his head and hits the wall, shattering into millions of pieces. An invisible power freezes the ground and Byakai's feet become encased in a solid block of ice. Byakai growls as he feels the cold touch grip him, he quickly springs out of the ice as he throws his hands out to claw through. He spins and lands on the ground before turning around.

  • Byakai: You...again. Why the heck are you following me?

The presence of death became more apparent in the air as the temperature was lowering drastically. Suddenly someone's hand grabs Byakai by the collar and throws him against the wall. The man who was pursuing him earlier walks away from the shadows and stares into Byakai's eyes with icy determination.

  • Kiryos: Byakai Torayuki... seems like your fate will be sealed soon.

He grunts as he hits the wall but jumps right back up to his feet with agility. He growls lowly as he flashes his claws in a blue light.

  • Byakai: You have the audacity to show up and defile his memory even more by fighting me in his home?! You NOS members disgust me!
  • Kiryos: Hm. I must say I do not show disrespect to his memory.

It just happened to be the place where I found you. He takes up his blades and twirls them for a moment, moving into a fighting stance.

  • Kiryos: I am not going to play around have a chance to die with honor.

He creates a giant blade made of ice and then sends it at Byakai. The blade separates into several smaller ones mid-flight. He dodges the blades with quick steps.

  • Byakai: You ignorant idiot...Do you even realize what happened here? Someone died, and you treat it like nothing! You're as cold as that serpent who took Rau's life.
  • Kiryos: Do not compare a wolf to a serpent.

He rushes forward and attempts to strike Byakai with a vicious low slash.

  • Kiryos: You know nothing about me. So do not judge me.

Byakai simply frowns, disappointment shining in his amber eyes once he heard Kiryos's response. He jumps away from the blade while keeping himself readied in a low stance.

  • Byakai: Then why don't you tell me why you're trying to kill me. Give me one reason why I should die. I'm a vigilante, working in good terms with you guys. So why am I suddenly on the black list?

Kiryos sighs and shoots an icy glare at Byakai. His opponent was a tough one, so he had to be prepared for anything.

  • Kiryos: I have no idea. But orders are orders. If they say you need to die, so be it.

But deep inside the assassin wonders himself: why did they send him to eliminate this vigilante? Is it because of his father? But he is already dead, and his son has nothing to do with the past. Kiryos throws a dagger in front of himself, creating a tag on the ground. Byakai was again, disappointed to hear his response. This man was useless to him, he wouldn't say anything, he was just another drone in their ranks. Byakai leaps away shrouding himself in a blue fiery veil and he nimbly launches forward with his claws in an assortment of aggressive slashes.

  • Byakai: You all never have a viable reason for your actions...

Kiryos uses all of his agility to dodge the slashes and responds with a backflip kick empowered with ice.

  • Kiryos: You don't know a thing, as I have said. So save your words for somebody else and fight.

He throws a volley of ice daggers at Byakai and creates several more tags.

  • Byakai: I know enough to know that the NOS is hiding something, that its more than a simple government. My father knew something, and I'll learn it for myself, and what my father fought for I'll make sure I see through!

He keeps the veil around him as he spins using his claws to rend around himself in blue streaks to take out the daggers and then swings his tails like a whip at him.

  • Kiryos: Keep thinking so, and it will cost you your life.

Kiryos takes the hit, but the ice quickly covers the wounds.

  • Kiryos: Your death draws near, and yet you want to fight until the very last moment. Reckless fool...

He draws an icy sigil in the air, and suddenly a large white wolf lunges at Byakai attempting to pin him to the ground.

  • Kiryos: Koori... strike him down.

Show no mercy. Byakai dodges the wolf's lunge as he sticks to the wall and runs across before he slashes utilizing the midnight claw to extend his reach as he moves swiftly keeping the man guessing.

Kiryos blocks the slash with an ice shield. Then he leaps in the air and creates a chain he swings at Byakai attempting to catch him and bring him closer. Koori at the same time follows Byakai and lunges at him once again, trying to knock him down.

Byakai drops from the wall with a quick diagonal jump, the two missing him, he slides and drags his claws through the ground. Byakai's ears twitch as he picks up on another sound outside of the vicinity of the battle. All the same he remains focused as he cuts through the ground in a blue streak. Kiryos uses his enhanced reflexes to dodge the strike and then rushes forward with a flurry of slashes.

  • Kiryos: (If he keeps doing that, he will be exhausted and I will spring my trap.)

Swift strikes rend the air as Kiryos keeps attacking faster and faster by every second.

  • Kiryos: A wolf versus a cat... who will emerge victorious?

Byakai matches his speed as he dives in. The two collide in a flash of slashes between them, the collisions with their weapons high pitched wails fill the air.

  • ???: Iblisa...Fire and destroy!

Suddenly something breaks the air.

A merciless burst and hail of concentrated energy blasts the side of the house with immense force, ripping a path through the wall and hitting both Byakai and Kiryos by surprise. The one who fired the shot of energy from a pair of futuristic sleek guns stood there with the barrels gleaming with black energy. Byakai gets sent away with a surprised gasp as he hits the ground. He gets back up with a cough as dust and seithr swarm to see the sudden attacker through the hole left behind. A women with long black hair and red highlights stood there with a cold gaze from her red eyes.

  • Byakai: Ugh, what the...

Kiryos quickly recovers and scans the intruder with a surprised gaze.

  • Kiryos: What is your business here?
  • ???: ...More filth. I should of let you kill each other...but you.

Her words piercing as her gaze, she looks at Byakai. Byakai could tell she had nothing but contempt in those scarlet eyes. He finds hard time getting words to form.

  • ???: You've encountered him, the one who holds the powers of destruction and azure. Where is he.
  • Byakai: ...Who the hell...

Kiryos glares at her and examines the guns.

  • Valetha: Valetha...the scarlet demoness. I'm not playing the games of war here between your pathetic governments.

She walks forward into the room, her red jacket had dried blood stains on it. Its slim form hugged her body as she pointed her weapon outward once more.

  • Kiryos: He is mine. Leave at once.

Kiryos' tone became far more menacing as the woman stands between him and Byakai. Koori growls at her and prepares to lunge when the opportunity arises. Valetha points her gun at Kiryos and pulls the trigger releasing a flurry of darkness that blasts the ground. Behind her was also a sheath of a katana. She grins slightly in a cold and unforgiving manor.

  • Valetha: Those people screamed when they died...Insects, all of them. Kitten, be good, and tell me where that man went.

Byakai scowl is strong as he coughs with the thick seithr.

  • Byakai: What makes you think I know where this man is? (Nex why do you attract such freaking psychos...)

Valetha spins her gun, "Iblisa".

  • Valetha: Don't lie to me...I can tell you met him. You have the residual azure energy all over you...its disgusting on filth like you.

Kiryos hits the wall with a thud and coughs up some blood. He shakes his head and swiftly recovers. The icy sheet he covered his body with right before the shot saved him from grievous injuries. He growls and glares at Valetha, walking towerds her, his arm covered in ice.

  • Kiryos: If you want Nex, then go after him. Leave my target to me.

Valetha takes hold of the hilt of her sword sitting in the sheath, a sword known as Lithel, a demonic katana that was made of pure converted seithr and hollow darkness.

  • Valetha: I can't stand're pissing me off. Play your games of war someplace else, I don't care about your petty affairs.
  • Byakai: I don't know where Nex is okay? And what's with that contemptuous glare?

Valetha doesn't say anything with a colder gaze setting in.

  • Valetha: I don't have to tell you filth deserve to be expunged from this world.

Byakai was surprised by the harshness of her words. This women looked human, but her mannerisms were demonic. She takes her guns in hand again and moves.

  • Valetha: I'll say it once more, tell me where he is. Tell me or I'm going to kill both of you.

Hearing the hard click pull back on the gun as she holds her trigger fingers ready, Byakai sighs, put in a difficult situation.

  • Byakai: (I don't want us to die over it, and I'm sure Nex can handle himself.) Fine. He's going to the higher levels of Kagusutchi. He left not too long ago after he recovered from an earlier fight.
  • Valetha: Iblisa!

She shoots the ground where Byakai stood and barely avoiding the explosion of darkness he leaps away, using the opportunity to his advantage. He vanishes out the hole in the ceiling and rushes away. Valetha watches him go, unconcerned as she spins the guns.

  • Valetha: Run like the scared kitten you are.
  • Kiryos: Damn...

He sighs and snaps his fingers, making Koori disappear. His target escaped from his grasp yet again, but he doesn't feel devastated by it.

  • Kiryos: (You deserve some more time to live. But if you show up before me, I will show you no mercy.)

He shoots a glare at Valetha.

  • Kiryos: I don't know who you are, but I ask you just one time: do not interfere.
  • Valetha: Do you honestly believe I care? Don't interfere in my goals either human. Or you'll taste more than my gun next time. You'll get to see Lilethel. I only have one goal in this, so play your war games.
  • Kiryos: Keep your threats to yourself.

I've heard enough of them in my life, and those who said them are now lying in their graves. His eyes glow briefly with a bright blue light. His hatred for this woman was immense. His whole being was somewhat shaken by the power Valetha emanated.

  • Valetha: don't even know what this is about. Nor can you. Puppets on a string, lamb to the slaughter. I more say its you who not run into me again.
  • Kiryos: Then who are you? A player in this game? No, you're just another puppet. A puppet like all of us. So don't think you're better than anyone else.
  • Valetha: I'm an "unknown" factor in this.
  • Kiryos: Tch. Think what you like. We'll see who is right and who is wrong.

She walks out of his sight, holstering her weapons.

  • Valetha: Unknown, at least to those who are ignorant...and I'll fight the entire world to get my point across. LSZ, NOS, doesn't matter, for all of humanity deserves to perish. And he...he can make it happen.

Kiryos leaves the house and walks towards the more populated districts of Kagutsuchi. That woman was disgusting to him. His soul was filled with unease, as she caused something in his spirit to hate her for unknown reasons.

  • Kiryos: (All of this... this is just the beginning.)


Kagusutchi upper Levels 6:23 pm
Secluded alleyway

A cold wind greets Nex as he walks silently, having not uttered a single word since they'd left. Myri remains silent, not wanting to bother him. Nex holds his head in his hand as he stops suddenly.

  • Myri: ...Nex...? Nex...are you okay?

Nex growls lowly as he punches a wall to his side furiously, unable to contain his emotions any longer.

  • Nex: Damn them damn them damn them DAMN THEM!!

His grimoire emits an energy as his chest heaves.

  • Nex: How could he have been so stupid?! He went to the damn government!!

In a way...Sequence did still take him.

He punches the wall again.

  • Nex: Imyo asked me to protect him!! To keep him out of Sequence!

What Imyo died for, meant nothing to him right now.

He punches it yet again, darkness swarming violently. The thuds of his hand against the wall gradually increase in ferocity.

  • Nex: Sequence... Akuhei...I KNOW you're behind this...

"Didn't this piece of crap's, Imyo, take care of two kids? You and another brat? Don't you ever wonder what happened to them? Or are you just too damn cold to give a shit?" Nex's teeth bare themselves into a tight scowl. Dark auras fly viciously around him as he pulls his hand back.

What Nex tried to prevent by leaving Imyo...still occurred anyway. His leave meant nothing but his own safety, which he could care less about back then.

For him...that's what hurt the most—The cold touch of inevitability.

  • Nex: I wont let it go any further...I'll take you out of there by force if I have to next time we meet Sieg. I SWEAR IT!!

With that final roar of anger, He destroys the support pillar within the wall driving a claw into it and ripping it apart from the middle. Nex turns his back to the wall as it crumbles into ruin. Like the wall which collapsed, his tolerance for what that man was doing did. He didn't care that Legna said to stay away, he was going to make Akuhei pay. If he had to use the grimoire to do it, he was prepared to do so. He lowers his head, narrowing his eyes as he moves forward toward another populated area of the city, the night soon greeting his embittered advance.

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive

(Nex): *Grumbles*
(Myri) I think we need to take a break, you definitely need to cool off.
(Nex) ...
(Myri) Well I'm going to look for info on my family. I don't know what you're going to do.
(Nex) ...Wonder what those bastards have been up to anyway...
(Myri) You're not supposed to worry about them right now Nex.
(Akuhei) He doesn't listen...
(Nex) Akuhei! Come on lets go, right now!
(Akuhei) You'll have your fill of fighting, relax. Next time in Control Sequence; Shades of Harbingers.
(Nex) The hell kind of title is that...