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Facing off with that damn AIP led to a kid from the NOS intervening. Reiga, somehow he's able to control Azure energy without the need of a grimoire, Legna finally showed up with Myri and got us out of the area. Apparently those two I left got to the Ministry alright, despite the fact those bastards were right in their path...whatever the hell they're planning on doing I'll figure it out. Only problem is while I was away that group got attacked by Seithr Beings that are trying to kill Myri because of her power...I need to get over there, but right now I have to deal with Valetha...damned pain.

EvoBlaze Logo CTS

"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Arc 1: Purity and Sin
Episode 15: Foreboding Trials

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside Area 5's Barrier"

Valetha: Show me what destruction is like…!

As her yell of both fury and excitement sounds, blurs of darkness blitz by in vivid auras swelling from Iblisa’s barrels. Nex pushes himself forward with a hastened sprint weaving around the paths while in motion too fast for the eye to see he brings his sword out and in front of his body. As its edge glistens with a crimson hue, a growl emits from Nex when he strikes outward with several wide slashes leaving translucent scarlet trails. The women dodges the slashes, save one opening her a decent wound on the shoulder.

Barely grimacing, she leaps and pulls Iblisa together to make a larger weapon from which she fires. A concentrated stream of darkness howls by in a piercing shot aimed at Nex’s head, Nex swiftly dodges but too late as it grazes a side of his neck eating the skin right off on contact.

With a growling groan Nex’s fierce eyes look back at her, his hand clasped firm on the burning wound.

Nex: (Closes his eyes into a wince) Ngh...bitch…(opening his eyes to a narrowed gaze, he removes his hand with a scowl)

Of which continued to eat the skin to reveal a bit of black gleaming from underneath the last layer of flesh that looked now a bit like a ruptured black vein on his neck.

Valetha: I love that look, allow me to burn the remains of your humanity…

Nex: (Eyes gleaming from the azure’s influence he growls) There’s nothing to burn…my humanity died a fucking long time ago, you idiot.

He throws his blade to the side, still holding its pommel before charging again, as it became imbued in mantles of dark azure energy Nex watches Valetha become airborne once again, this time he in a wide yet swift underhand swing releases the darkness, jumping with it.

Nex: Wrathful...

A unholy image of a beast’s serpentine form curves up to follow his blade, as it rends through with a bellowing roar. Nex brings his sword back around midair, and in swift motion flips over using his opposite swing to finish the move.

Nex: Devour!

A second beast’s form striking her alongside the sword as she plummeted to the ground, sliding away, the women jumping to her feet lets off a laugh.

Valetha: (Smiles throwing her guns up they vanish into a dark ring) You ARE everything I’ve heard and expected! With you this world and humanity can burn to nothing, nothing at all! (looks at him as she puts her hand on Lilthel’s handle) Now...I’ll unseal this Norai Stigma...just for you.

Nex: (Landing he appeared confused, until he witnessed the sword she held pommel of) Wait...that Norai Stigma...that was from the Third War…

Valetha: Its unholy ties...the price to pay to use it, is hardly anything compared to the binds it can forge in a soul...or so I’ve heard.

Nex: How the hell...(pauses with a growl) how the hell can you use it?

Valetha: While Iblisa was designed recently, Lilithel has always been with me. As for why that might be, I’ll let you think on that Beast of Sin. You know more than most any about the real situation.

Keil watches the two with a slight frown, the blade she seemed to ready herself to pull was hardly anything to joke at, a blade like that, simply shouldn’t exist.

As a portal swells and finally tears itself open in a distorted area, Legna appears a bit away from Keil. Noticing that Valetha had her hand atop pommel ready to unleash the malevolence within its body her eyes widen. Quickly, she calls to Nex, in hopes that he’d listen. .

Legna: Nex…!

If Nex left, she could only hope it would take away the wicked motivation flowing through that girl’s mind

Nex: (turns his head to see her) Took long enough…! I already know what’s going-- (catching sight of another shot, he swiftly jumps away) …

Legna swiftly turns her attention toward Valetha.

Legna: (Eyes glimmer as she put her hand out slightly) This will have to wait...he has someplace to be.

As she did so, Legna’s eyes gleam brighter, she creates a kind of barrier around Valetha, and as hard as the Scarlet Demoness tries to break it, each attack is absorbed in the field like a sponge to water.

Valetha: …?! Observer Wretch! Witch! (Shoots at the barrier angrily)

Yelling furiously, Valetha summons Iblisa in crimson darkness. Gripping the sleek forms tightly in each hand her finger rapidly pulls the trigger, pointing opposite directions, she continues to drop a relentless flurry of shots.

Legna: (Eyes still glowing, she gazes at Nex speaking to him in urgency) Go, quickly, they have already arrived. (frowns as she looks back at Valetha) I can’t muster to teleport you there while I’m holding her back.

Nex doesn’t say a word, he simply acted on the situation, turning around he runs off toward the area.

Keil: ...(Sighs thinking to himself) I suppose the talk will have to wait now. (Looks at Legna) ...At least you've been taking care of him.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside Area 4's Borders"

Sithus: (Throws its arms outward) Oh good now we're talking! Lets just kill them all, how's that?

Mysteria: Why are these beings so evil? Who would even design them?

Sithus: (Cocks its head) The million dollar question right?

Reiga: Doesn't matter lets take them out. Mysteria, protect her!

Mysteria: R...right... (Backing away, she quickly puts herself in front of Myri and goes into a stance to protect her with the weapon)

Reiga rushes in, swords thrown to his side, he focuses an azure energy and spearheads it into his weapon before he leaps and pierces forward toward one of them. His attack misses its body, to his surprise it forms someplace else.

Sithus: Ah you seemed to have missed...

It grins and punches its unholy hand through an endless abyss it makes on the ground, from behind Reiga it pounces as an extended claw and tries to slice him apart from behind. Reiga with a spinning action saves himself from it, swiftly positioning the blades in front of his body to take the brunt force.

Reiga: Damn!

Mysteria: (To herself as she stays close to Myri) They each seem to have their own style of fighting...but it all utilizes that strange form of seithr in their weapons or body...

Kiryos leaps in the air creating a giant ice blade under his feet, then he aims it at Grau and dives downward, riding the blade like snowboard. Grau evades the ice blade, leaping up with its root like black feet, it generates a spear like weapon of darkness from its hand and hits the ground causing a bursting darkness to ripple forth.

Anna attaches a scope to her rifle and aims at Sithus's head waiting for a perfect opportunity to finish him off, then fires an energy burst. Sithus bends back as it takes the shot, Anna seemed excited that she got the hit in, and that things body drops to the ground on impact.

Anna: (Raises her thumb and extends two fingers, imitating a gun) Boom... headshot!

Reiga: Yeah, nice hit!

Reiga readies to focus on the other one, readying a spear head burst of manipulated azure energy.

Kiryos bounces off of the blade and throws a volley of daggers at Grau.

To everyone's surprise, Sithus's body slowly raises back up in an ere manner, its orbs for eyes glimmering crimson against the black of its skin. Its face missing, it somehow manages speech.

Sithus: ...Ow. (cocking his head around it reforms the part where his skull was blown off, the seithr materializing around him as his mouth spoke the words) ...That was rude.

Reiga: (Looks over at him) What the...?!

Grinning, that black thing called Sithus lunges into a prepping Reiga striking him with an elongated claw of darkness. Blown back through the air, Reiga crashes straight into Kiryos in the middle of his attack. Grau then throws the spear at them which ignites in a dark shadowy energy before it bursts to send them both flying back in a flurry of darkness.

Kiryos: Damn...

Reiga bounces across the ground and flips back over to his feet catching ground with his hand.

Reiga: What the hell. Ugh...that wasn't fair...

Sithus: Fair...? Okay what exactly about us says we'd fight fair...?

Anna: Oh hell no! (pulls a metallic sphere out of her pocket and throws it at the enemies) Get down!

Kiryos easily regains his balance and lands on his feet.

As they catch sight of the metal sphere, both Sithus and Grau vanish into a veil of seithr and into the shadow around them.

Anna: Dammit! (Enters a program into her gauntlet so that grenade doesn't explode) Freakin' cheaters!

Kiryos twirls his blades, remaining vigilant. The two beings reappear, and Reiga growls taking his swords up, they prepare to clash once again.

Reiga: (To himself looking at them with narrowed eyes) Damn, they're strong...At this point I'm wishing Nex were here...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Within Area 4"

Sylar: (Growls as he walked away, his temper gradually falls into indifference) Damned LSZ...and that girl, looking at me like I'm the demon here. She doesn't even know what LSZ has done in the past.

The White demon grumbles in a low tone as he makes way meandering through the ghostly streets of the 4th area still soaked from the downpour. He continues to make progress towards the branch with thoughts abuzz in his head, raising it to look at the sky he frowns seeing the moon shining down, reflecting in his white “demon” irises. Not a storm in sight, he thinks. Would have been fitting for the battle about to come, finding that man Zaezel...the one he was certain had answers to many of his questions. Sylar was less so concerned about passing through the thick of the population that would come up soon, and more so with having lost time due to the distraction by the Liberation forces.

Sylar: Nex is probably already there...I said I'd try and keep that guy off his back...

Hearing rapidly approaching running behind to echo through the empty street, he suddenly pauses with a growl escaping between his teeth.

Sylar: Oh what now...

???: W-wait up! (Panting heavily he approaches him)

Sylar: …? (halts his steps, turning his head to make out a figure coming at him)

The form of a young man with azure blue hair and eyes quickly comes to view, as he slows his advance and stops right in front of him. His expression one of slight fatigue, a quick glance by Sylar gave him this man’s appearance, average in height with a basic stature, wearing a unique twist on the uniform of the NOS, and having a headband tied around his forehead. However above all, the very first thing Sylar’s keen eyes catch weren’t this man’s appearance at all but instead his weapon. Over his dull blue shirt and beneath the belts he wore so roughly slung around his waist within an intricate and rather important looking sheath was Ettard, and its power drew Sylar’s attention immediately.

Siegfried: Listen you... I still have some questions, I believe you're the one that can answer them!

Saying it in broken pants, he pushes aside the fatigue slowing his body after the efforts to chase the White Demon. Although he had lost much time earlier from talking to Akuhei, he managed to catch up to him thanks to the LSZ's ambush.

The White demon’s eyes go up to Siegfried’s gaze as he heard the words, breaking him from his own thoughts of the weapon the NOS official held.

Sylar: Huh? (A blank look befalls him upon meeting Siegfried's determined stare) Who're you again?

Siegfried: You don't remember...? (Looks at him with a puzzled expression) Never mind that (shaking his head he firms his expression) you said you knew Nex.

Sylar: (Eyes look up in thought and then he snaps and he points at him once subtly when he recalls who stood before him) Oh Blue Blaze Boy...(Looks back at him) Funny seeing—Wait...why the hell are you following me? (Sighs) And why ask me about Nex? 

Sylar grumbles the response, breaking into a bit of a yawn as Siegfried starts to explain after being in heavy thought on telling the white demon about himself.

Siegfried: ...(Eyes look off to the side deep in thought) I if i'm going to get any answers, then telling you who I am is the only way. (Looks at him with curiosity) I'm Siegfried, a Brigadier with the NOS... and I'm friends with Nex.

That comment...Sylar finds himself unable to contain a laugh after hearing that ridiculous mention. No one was friends with Nex, and everyone knew that. Sure, Sylar jokingly believed at times he was “friends” with Nex, but he knew better than to push it as reality, after all Nex didn’t trust any but himself.

Sylar: Friends...With Nex? ... (Looks at him taking a deep, long pause) can you repeat that, one more time? I think I was hearing things...

Siegfried: Yeah...Its odd I know, but you have to believe me.

Sylar: Odd? Oh its not odd its fucking hysterical! (Holding his gut he laughs, flashing demon like fangs into a toothy grin) My sides…! Friends...Haahahaa! Destruction incarnate…! The infamous Beast of Sin! Friends with a NOS soldier... Haahaahaaa! 

Among all this uncontrollable laughter, Sylar’s eyes are able to catch that the man’s expression was completely sincere, as his laughs slow into silence.

Sylar: (confused expression) Eheh..ah...? (blinks as he lowers his arms) ...You're not kidding then?

Siegfried: Dammit, (Looks at him with a sincere expression) I'm not kidding...I really …”was” friends with him at one point.

Sylar: Wait, you were at “one point”? (Crosses his arms and looks at him curiously) Then, you're the kid who was raised with him by Imyo. (holds the side of his temple and sighs) And you're now in the government, why?

Siegfried: (Sighs) ...I'm getting really annoyed with having to answer that. (He mutters before shrugging, unsure of what to do) I've joined the government for a reason... one I cannot discuss with anyone.

Sylar: Can't discuss with anyone? (Cocks his head for a moment as he shifts his position) Shot in the dark here but is it because you want...answers?

Siegfried: H-how...?! (Shifts uncomfortably, as his green eyes widen for only a moment) T-that seems more than just a wild guess...

Sylar: (Looks at him, raising his hand and shrugging it out) ‘Cause it wasn't entirely a wild guess, Blue Blaz Boy. (leans himself to the side of the wall, cocking his head a bit as he closes his eyes) I figured someone who knew Nex, must be in a place like that for a reason. I don’t imagine you’d join because of the fact you like em.

Siegfried: (Nods slightly) I actually hate the NOS... But they have the answers I wish to find out.

Scratching his head of black spiked forward hair at that comment, Sylar shook his head as a small gust whipped by kicking up the singular tail on the back of his loose and long midnight jacket.

Sylar: Still doesn't change the fact it was a stupid choice. (Rolls his eyes)

Siegfried: It's my own choice. (Frowns crossing his arms) If I had any other choice I wouldn't be with them right now.

Sylar: You had no choice…(Falls to a look of indifference, laughing in placid fashion) hah...hahaaa... well I can think of several better ones that you could of made, but its not exactly my issue.

Siegfried frowns at the comment while the White Demon seemed to be contemplative as he stares.

Sylar: ...(Closes his eyes in thought, then opens them) But you don’t seem to be lying, and if you had the guts to spill your reasons, (looks at him with a slight narrowed gaze) make it quick cause I'm busy, what do you need to know.

Siegfried: (Raises a hand to his chin, deeply lost in thought) Okay, what I want to know is what exactly is Nex... And why is it that he seems to know a lot more about what's going on than anyone?

Sylar: (Sweatdrops hearing the request) Just ask the holy grail of questions why don’t you. (Closes his eyes) What the hell makes you think I know what he is? Not even he knows. I met him after he left you guys.

Siegfried: But you seemed to know a lot about him... Hell you said something about his powers...

Sylar: (Sighs in disgruntled manor, crosses his arms and leans further into the building) Yeah I do know about his power...

Siegfried: So I assume you know more than what you're willing to let on... Fine then, but what can you tell me about his azure grimoire?

Sylar: (Troubled, he runs his head through his black hair and groans) Look, I don't exactly feel comfortable throwing info about him around. (Sighs and looks into the air before looking back at Siegfried) Then again, he probably told you nothing. (Folds arms and tosses thoughts around)

Siegfried: (Shakes his head) No, he didn't Nex isn't one to exactly share anything to be honest... But i've always been curious as to how he obtained it.

Sylar: (Frowns) I doubt he'd tell you. Its not something he exactly cares to talk about. (pauses in thought and closes his eyes) Alright fine. Here's my policy kid. You want my respect, want me to talk, earn it.

Siegfried: E-earn it? Why the hell do I --

Sylar: (pushes himself off the wall with a single hand, then walks over across from Siegfried) Prove to me that you deserve to know about him. Shouldn't be hard, Nex wouldn't waste his time with someone pathetic, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

Lightning begins to swarm around Sylar’s hand, as he patiently awaits the Hero’s response.

Siegfried: (Sighs shaking his head) I'm getting really annoyed with being told i'm weak and pathetic... First by Nex and now I get to deal with your shit as well. This is starting to piss me off... I'm not weak damn it!

His voice filled with what could be called determination, the white demon appears unfazed as the body of a long pole arm spins itself between his fingers.

Sylar: (gestures with one hand as he gives a toothy grin) You think so huh? (switches the rod to his opposite hand) I'm not someone who just gives people what they want, I'm not the type to let others push me into submission. (Grins as he spins, then points the rod forward, lightning squirming around its body) Question is, (the rod taps the ground once before it again meets Siegfried’s gaze) are you?

Siegfried: ... (Focuses, with anger in his eyes)

The weight of the stare from those green eyes causes Sylar to give a mock cringe as he felt the strength sleeping behind them, and he smiles.

Sylar: There! That's it, (Shrugs outward with the opposite hand) You have power, (raises his opposite hand, then clenches it tight generating a black lighting through it) take what you want from me! You want the info? Gotta earn it just like anything else in the world. (Gestures) Show me what separates you from every other sad sack I've sent to an early grave in an unholy wreath of lightning. I'll let you have the first shot. Bring it, Blue Blazboy.

Siegfried’s hand quickly grasps, then draws his sword, twirling its edge outward as the man stares at Sylar with anger in his eyes—but Nex's words quickly rush into his head. Pushing aside his anger for the moment he let out a short, rough sigh, before focusing on the task at hand. A moment passes, his eyes don’t move as he rushes forward at Sylar letting loose a horizontal slash aimed toward his chest. His opponent doesn’t even flinch as the blade comes in with a howl, instead he comes out of his stance with a single step forward. Pulling the strange yet intricate black rod in front of him, he whips it around fiercely. Clangs of the weapon’s bodies echo through the quiet streets of the 4th area, and, Sylar in a second’s passing, pulls the rod back away from sight then abruptly slams the end into Siegfried’s gut. A growl of pain greeting the young man along with an unpleasant sensation of brief paralysis as darkness sparks around his body. A minor blow, Siegfried thinks, but one that had more power then it should of for sure.

Leaning back to the rod as Siegfried goes sliding back from the blow, Sylar flexes one of his hands playing with lightning as he scoffs a bit toward his effort.

Sylar: What was that? (Taps the rod on his shoulder and sighs) Strike 1. 3 strikes I'm done... (Takes it back off and moves to a stance once more) Come on now, you can't be the one Nex trained with when he was younger.

Siegfried: Damn you... Here try this you bastard! Destructive...

Recovering from the blow, Siegfried focuses again waving his blade in front of himself before, In attempt to surprise his foe he throws out a wave of azure fire.

Sylar: Oh, you've got power with Azure huh?

The billowing flames of azure course outward in wild power, while Sylar throws his hand out in an open motion releasing a branching bolt of a pitch black energy with an ere white glow and in a bursting collection of color they rip themselves apart with a high pitched crackling cry of thunder and fire. Taking note that his foe no longer stood before him, Sylar catches a glint of a blade from the night light, quickly gazing up. Siegfried comes down fast and hard, holding the hilt of his blade gleaming with a blue tint, he falls downward into a powerful slicing blow at Sylar’s body hoping to land the hit.

Siegfried: Fang Strike!

To his dismay, in response does his opponent raise his weapon overhead. The thick edge of Ettard should have sliced it clean in half but the rod remained ridiculously firm producing only a small ping as it took the blow. The demon’s white irises gleam with unmoved confidence as seithr sparks around him wildly in forms of small bolts. Siegfried paid no attention to that though as he lands on the ground with a small scowl of disdain—his attack still failed to break through. Whipping around in unorthodox patterns, the bolts of seithr glimmer as Sylar releases his rod to the side, before swinging his arms outward releasing the bolts in a concentrated and destructive pulsing black shock wave.

Sylar: Rings of Ruin!

Distracted by his lack of ability, Sylar’s powerful yell is the only thing he heard before Siegfried is sent backward from the force of the attack and hits the pavement hard with a pained grunt escaping his lungs.

Sylar: That's Strike 2... one more and you're out... (Stretches as he puts the rod to the ground) Not seeing what made you so gonna be serious or am I wasting my time here? (turns his tone slightly colder as he groans) Cause I really don't care for that, so you better get your shit together otherwise you'll end up like all the others who tried to fight me, dead.

Siegfried frowns, heavily annoyed at his own weakness. Sure, this was the White Demon, someone who could almost stand toe to toe with Nex, but the lack of being able to land even one hit pushes Siegfried into a bit of discouragement. Evident as his eyes lose their edge, delve into frustration, and waver from the blade. As his frown deepened and the thoughts of fighting with Nex came to mind.

Sylar notices his discouragement glazing his eyes, and shakes his head.

Sylar: Ah come on, how do you expect to learn what you want, to find answers, to get anyone's attention like this. As you are right now Nex wouldn't even speak to you. (Turns away) and neither will I.

No, Siegfried thinks as his eyes sharpen once more, determination burning as hot as the fire through his sword. No, he wouldn’t walk away, he wouldn’t turn his back... Nex got away with it but it’d be something even he regretted eventually. With that thought...

Siegfried: (Offscreen) You bastard... (Sylar turns around to notice his eyes focused) I'll make tell me everything I want to know!

...He knew now wasn't the time for him to doubt himself, and picking himself up from the ground he points the tip of Ettard at his foe. As the anger, the resolve burned through every part of his body his sword begins to glow darkly with azure energy, shrouding itself in a blazing veil. Pushing fatigue to the side, Siegfried advances at rapid pace, eyes narrowed in with complete sudden focus, confidence and strength, exactly what Sylar waited to see.

Sylar: (To himself) There he goes...he does have power behind his stare.

Taking a single step to the side, Sylar adopts a defensive stance to try and catch his foe off guard but a determined Siegfried doesn’t waver. He brings the sword around to swift for the eye to catch, its blue edge a blur as Siegfried slashes cleanly with a horizontal motion letting off a strong yell and unleashing a massive collection of azure fire that bursts with incredible force in a consuming flare around Sylar.

Siegfried: Azure Burst…!

His eyes open in surprise as his defense falters for a split second in sheer awe, he’s blown back only to be met with a follow up uppercut from Siegfried’s fist. Midair, the white demon twists his body and flips over with his groan transitioning into a slightly impressed laugh.

Sylar: (Grins as he throws his hands out) Now that’s more like it! (seithr generates violently)

Throwing his hands back a generated darkness swarms around him, branching bolts of the energy fly off him before Sylar throws one of his hands crudely toward the ground and in response the bolts dive in an angle toward their target.

Sylar: But, takes more than that to convince me kid! Hell... Volt!

The bolts crackle and burst individually in white darkness and lightning as they pelt the earth, the surface explodes in electricity as it webs toward Siegfried uncontrollably.

Sylar: Dodge that!

Sylar is slight surprised to notice that his opponent remained completely calm, wearing a smirk. Acting fast in the face of the advancing lightning, he tosses his sword into the air, launching himself off the ground, the lightning’s path shooting right past him with a rumbling growl. Sylar is the one to wear an expression of shock this time, as Siegfried then reaches back and catches his sword.

Siegfried: Nice try, but no dice sadly!

Sylar: (To himself) What the--?! He dodged?!

With that trademark smirk, Siegfried began concentrating his azure power directly into blade igniting it in azure flames which grew larger, and larger consuming the blades entirety.

Siegfried: Why don't you try this! Azure's... Inferno Destruction!

Grabbing the hilt of Ettard he slashes the air releasing a multi-explosive orb of Azure flames, of which sail towards Sylar exploding in the air one after another trailing in a path of ruin to consume everything in the way in their blazing energy. Explosions surrounding him, Sylar comes to a realization that he’d underestimated his foe all too late.

Sylar: Oh shi—Uugh!

The White Demon has a rare cry of pain escape him, as he goes flying skyward in a burning aura from the residue flames. Landing in front of him with his smirk as he twirled the sword, Siegfried watches Sylar hit the ground with force bouncing across a bit, before he moans. Siegfried in arrogant fashion points the sword at him, the white irises of the white demon show no concern, as he raises his hand off the floor and pushes the blade to the side.

Sylar: Confident bastard aren’t you. Though, guess I'm not one to talk... (pushes off the ground) Urgh...well... (Gets up rubbing his head which was bleeding from the impact) Ow...that really, (Closes his eyes with a scowl of pain) I guess that I underestimated that power. That's the second damn time I've done that. Probably should of taken things...a bit more seriously. Normally...I'd continue seeing things were getting interesting, but a deal is a deal... (Sighs and kills his aura)

Siegfried: (Smiles sheathing his sword) Damn right we had a deal...

Sylar: (Sighs) Yeah yeah... (walks over to a collection of tables on the outside of a building, throws out one of the chairs and sits down at an empty table )

Siegfried: (Frowns, following him he sits on the opposite end with a stare, holding a coffee cup as he awaits Sylar to speak)

Sylar: (Rubs head) Anyway...Nex... (Looks up as it cuts to the night skies above the two) where to even start...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Within Area 4"

As the group continued to face off with the beings of seithr, things weren't exactly going well for them their foes were stronger then anticipated, unfamiliarity and uncertainty weighed their mind down.

Akari: Reiga...(frowns as she watches) let me help...!

Reiga: (Looks back at Akari, swiftly flashing her a look to stay where she was) Don't, you stay right there! I'm fine...!

Akari frowns with concern evident in her bright eyes, but she remains put, next to Mysteria and Myri as the others continue to face off with the Seithr Beings. 

Akari: (To herself with a small frown) I'm supposed to help you though...I can protect you too...

Sithus: (Offscreen) Screw playing fair...

He appears behind Mysteria and pausing for a single moment, strikes, elongating the claws with a creepy grin as its body flashed to reveal the veins.

Reiga/Kiryos: Mysteria!

Hearing the two, Mysteria instinctively swings her weapon behind her and stops his attack but a second impact causes her to be blown back away from Myri. On her stomach she raises her head to notice the pitch weapon of Grau readied to spear Myri through next.

Akari: (horrified) Oh no...!

It would only take a split second for that attack to be unleashed, before Akari could even summon her blades, another voice, rather a roar, pierces the air as a flurry of darkness becomes visible.

???: Reaping Fang!!

A bursting darkness in the form of a serpentine manifestation crashes with a high pitched roar into Grau's body before the spear could even pierce Myri's skin. Grau vanishes along with Sithus in a flurry of darkness, before they reappear away from them on a slightly higher area. 

The blade of Necros glimmers strong in dark energy, as the sharp, angered eyes of Nex stare right toward the two with immense disgust. His black coat tossed by the winds, splashed with blood as he slowly moved with hateful intent and stature gave him appearance of approaching death in the nightlight. 

Nex: (Growling, lowering the blade as he moved forward, his eyes narrowed) You pieces of trash!

Myri: (Looks over) N-Nex!

Upon hearing her cry, Nex quickly looks over, moving himself in front of her as he continues to leer toward the Seithr beings. Reiga glances at him, and has a feint expression of relief. 

Reiga: (Lets off a held breath in relief) The one time I’m actually happy to see him...

Kiryos: (Looks at Nex) Just in time. (Shifts his focus to the seithr beings)

Sithus: There you are, was wondering if you were even going to come. You kept us waiting so we decided to--

Nex: Shut the hell up! (Scowls, drowning out Sithus’s voice with a yell, and throws his hand out in angered gesture) I knew it the moment I saw that damn body in the ruined building.

Sithus's black head moves to the side in a motion of interest upon hearing Nex's bellowed statement. 

Sithus: You saw that huh...

Nex: Yeah I saw it, what were you doing there?

Sithus: Killing people mostly, making a statement of how pathetic humanity is. (shrugs slightly as it looks at him) Was likely more to it, but that doesn’t concern you, you don’t care anyway what happens to the worms that infest the world, do you? 

Obviously an attempt to provoke him, but Nex doesn't bite the lure, instead he falls to a frown. 

Nex: (Growls ignoring the last statement) ...Look, what do you guys want?

Grau: If you didn’t interrupt him, we would have said we were sent to find you and pass a message. We're only emissaries to our leader.

Nex: Leader? (Stops and thinks for a moment) Dammit, so then this one attacking the city is one of you. Then my thoughts were right… here I thought you were all out of the picture. Apparently not.

Sithus: Humanity can’t outrun their sins. It was bound to happen…the question more so is what the hell you're doing among the ranks of these ...fleshlings. 

It spoke with a clear distaste, glancing toward the group, then back at Nex. 

Reiga remains silent as he listened to them speak, these were what he was going to have to fight? People like this? No, they weren’t even people. He could only wonder why he was put on such a mission.

Kiryos: (to himself as he puts his hand on his chin) So Zaezel doesn't dare to face Nex face to face… is he really afraid of this power? Or he is just bluffing?

Nex: Does it really matter? What I'm doin' has nothing to do with you. And what’s someone like Zaezel want with this city? Just making a statement?

Sithus: What we seek is in this city. Nothing more, that's why he came here, killing people is just along the way.

Reiga: ...Tch. (Raises an angered gaze to them) What the heck would be in Kagutsuchi that something like you would be after? Let alone, worth killing people for?

Grau: Naive child, the government doesn’t tell you everything...why would they? Why would we?

Sithus: (Offscreen) Coincidentally enough Nex, that's where you're going to. (Nex looks over to him and openly frowns) The restricted area...underneath the branch...but, yeah, said for you to meet him in the 5th area. He wants to fight you.

Nex: Fight me...?

Grau: A matter of which you should be honored for, he will fight and evaluate you, in the stead of our Lord of Destruction. 

Nex: Are you tryin’ to screw with me? (Frowns strongly and growls) ”Lord of Destruction”? (Rolls his eyes at the comment) If you want me to destroy your leader just say so but don't spew that crap. I've got no time for that bullshit. 

And yet, Nex found himself in wonder of just what those worms rambled about, but he remains firm to his statement keeping his sword readied to send them to oblivion. 

Sithus: If you're going to be that way... (gains a sinister tone as its eyes leer at the group in front of Nex) they might make nice meal for the grimoire and you, it would get you in a mood to cause ruin, (smiles as it points a claw) not as though you have a choice. 

Myri: W-what?

Reiga: --?! 

Kiryos: (glares at the beings) Not a chance.

Nex: Oh you cocky worms of destruction keep thinkin' that...(Points his sword out at them with a slight growl) I'm gonna send you back to hell personally. (Sneers)

Sithus: Good he's in a better mood, now we can really enjoy this.

The things seem to grin as Nex fights to stay composed. He wanted to tell the others to run away, he knew what havoc these things were capable of as beings of a pure destructive essence.

The beings phase in around them and lunge with a sharp weapon of darkness—makeshift weapons that pierced and eroded the flesh in crude and painful manor. Nex weaves away twisting his body and barely evading the weapons. Myri rushes away to safety with Mysteria who guards her from the second attack from Grau. A skinny and thin black claw tries to pierce forward as Sithus comes forward in a blur of darkness with a toothy grin.

These things knew nothing but to kill, but were horridly good at it and intelligent.

Myri: Ah… (frowns as she tries to hide away thinking to herself) why are these things here...why do they exist...

A dark whipping strike comes from Grau down on Nex's blade, he could feel its desire behind the blow, followed by a piercing pain erupting from Nex’s chest from a thrusting strike which forces him sliding back a bit.

Grau: Why don't you wait until these flies are swatted down, then you can devour them into the azure what will bring this world to its knees. 

Nex: Can devour you instead, how's that sound worm? 

He growls out in retort with disgust after recovering his stance. Pulling the sword up, Nex drives the tip of it into the ground, as seithr swells and swirls around its body it erupts to release a violent black burst around him, sending Grau back as he phases into darkness again. 

Sithus grins, lunging with his fingers claws of darkness to rend the two before him. Kiryos constructs a shield of pure ice to protect himself and Anna from the attack, before striking the ground with his fist to create several giant icicles, which covered the ground before him in a straight line.

Kiryos: Cocytus!

Grau releases a piercing red pulse of darkness from its body to shatter the shield.

Sithus evades the icicles as he glides back; he phases out and strikes Nex unaware from behind, raising its limb and driving a sharp manifestation of darkness into Nex's shoulder like a makeshift dagger. 

Nex: Agh...!

Whipping his head in short lived pain, Nex turns and retaliates with two claws raised over his head, as he then releases a strong slash to rend his foe. 

Nex: Screw off, Destructive Ravager…!

The strike sending Sithus away, Reiga comes in behind and strikes with several slashes in attempt to add to the damage, but the thing phases out of his path, and Reiga slides to a turn with a firm growl.

Reiga: Damn...

Anna: Come on! Energy Barrage!

Anna turns her rifle into a gatling gun, starting to spray her surroundings with energy shots, not being strong enough to handle the recoil and control aim at the beings.

Anna: Eat lead, you freaks!

Sithus and Grau both phase out of the wildly fired shots, Nex shakes his head.

Nex: Idiot. (dodges the shots jumping around) You really thought something like that’d work…? Causing more damage to us then it is to them...

Kiryos: (dodges the shots dashing around) Couldn't you use something more accurate?

Anna: Sorry, didn’t have anything other than that in mind!

She notices her weapon’s energy started to decrease drastically and stops firing.

Grau and Sithus reappear once more after the barrage ends.

Growling as he throws his arms out, Nex manifests the seithr into wings that he launches forward with while bringing his sword into several powerful swings aimed at the beings. Sithus weaves in different directions evading each strike.

Sithus: Beast is getting serious. Guess he doesn't like having a shard shoved in his body.

Nex: Hell Raiser...!

Nex's claw strikes Sithus, as Nex hunkers before he ascends utilizing the wings to carry them up before slamming the being the ground with an axe kick to his foe’s head, sending them to the ground before he dives at the being with his sword set to pierce in a comet of dark energies and seithr.

Nex: Nether Crusher!

Sithus phases out before hitting the ground as it coughs a bit.

Sithus: Strong...aren't you. I guess that's why he wants to fight you...

After his attack ended, Nex shoots back to the ground, the wings dispersing as he takes his sword to readied position once more.

Grau snickers as it comes around and dodges the shards before extending a dark spike into Kiryos. The assassin takes the hit freezing the wound, and swiftly retaliates with a cross slash, instantly covering his leg with ice. He follows up with a backflip kick and then a dive kick, attempting to overwhelm his opponent with sheer speed of his strikes.

Kiryos: Eclipse! Shatter!

Grau takes the first two hits but drives his hand as a skinny sharp claw forward to hit and pierce him in the middle of the dive kick, extending the spike through him a bit, it seemed to grin as blood seeped down the makeshift weapon.

Grau: You'll make a decent sacrifice for him... 

Reiga: Kiryos!

Reiga's yell sounds, as concern appears in his eyes he charges in throwing his swords outward, the concern within his azure eyes transitions into anger as his blades become shrouded in light azure energy. An extremely radiant blue shines around his irises, before he leaps right at the enemy.

Grau: ?! This kid has--

Reiga: Cross of the Divine! 

A voice that was almost so strong that it didn't feel right to call it Reiga's bellows out in overwhelming dominance. Releasing both blades into a moving outward slash, as ruptures of the Azure energy burst outward around him, he strikes with ferocity, his blades whipping blurs of rending azure. Grau's body damaged severely by the strikes from that energy, it retreats into the darkness.

Kiryos lands on the ground with ice covering his wounds. He was injured, but his condition wasn’t critical, so he steps away to avoid being hit again. 

Kiryos: I owe you one. Usually the opposite happens.

Reiga stops his attack and pants afterward, his blades losing their sheen for a moment.

Reiga: That’s what friends are for, yeah? (Pants thinking to himself) How the heck did I pull that off though...

Nex in the brief moment he watch Reiga's impressive display is hit by a claw that pierces him in his state of distraction. Sounds of it piercing through just below his shoulder fill his ears along with his own curdled groan.

Sithus: (Offscreen) Why do you even pretend. Its unbecoming.

Sithus remarks, as the claw flexes before it pulls itself out of his flesh with a sickening pop revealing a large trench where it completely tore him open bone and flesh alike, his arm dangled awkwardly for a moment as he lost the use of it with the blow.

Nex: Guhagh--!

Myri: Nex!

He cringes only for a moment, taking a forced step forward as he tasted the blood in his mouth, felt the pain rush through his body and just as soon does he turn to snare Sithus with a claw from his opposite arm. Leering with his eyes completely red, the blade of Necros glimmers crimson, as Nex thrusts it right through Sithus into his chest where it pierces its inky body.

Sithus forces a grin, chuckling in that strange manner as the blade penetrates it.

Sithus: Shatter me then, Beast...take in what I've to offer you...haaakk...kaak... 

Necros glimmers with energy intensely, before Nex's eyes narrow and he releases it in a consuming black burst that consumes Sithus's soul energy rapidly, as its all goes into Nex, along with the wound he suffered, all of the ones across his body close themselves. 

Nex: Go... to hell!!

In the end, its form breaks apart hastily, leaving a blackened husk as Nex dislodges his sword from it. 

Grau: Well damn...that didn't exactly go as planned. (Phases out, snatching something from the black husk, vanishing after as it flashed a grin)

Myri still doesn't move, unable to, feeling chills up her spine and terror paralyze her.

Nex: (Panting, looking down at the husk) Dammit...

The husk flakes away, leaving that red hued dust like seithr behind which slowly crystallized hard. Nex drops to the ground for a moment as the sword returns to normal, he simply stares at the strange energy.

Nex: (To himself) Innocence...and...sin...

"Unknown Area, December 24th "
"Within the Ministry"

Miwa keeps her eyes closed. Scared stiff about what was happening around her and to her She clutches her sword tightly

Yumiko: Its okay. (Speaks as she places her hand on Miwa’s,) Its supposed to do that. (smiles at her)

Miwa: (Eyes wide with horrified expression) Its SUPPOSED to do that?!

Things slowly warp back to reality outside of the light, twisting, turning. But in reality, nothing was moving at all, its was simply the light bending around them. Soon the walls, floor and area around them all comes to stabilization.

Yumiko: (Makes a w-shaped smile as she answers) Yep.

Miwa: Isn't there a safer way to travel? (Closes her eyes as she fights for footing on a dizzy head) I already feel sick...

Yumiko: (Giggles watching her,) You get used to it after a few times. (and steps off the platform, turning around she waits for Miwa) Just don't leave the light until it finishes.

Miwa quietly follows, to let her eyes examine her new surroundings.

The room was… White. Very white with light tones of colors to compliment it. The floor beneath her feet almost glass, it was transparent, reflecting with various colors giving the entirety of the room a sense of divine presence within it. As Yumiko raises her head to gawk at a ceiling stretching high above them in a fashioned dome, her eyes were wide—it was beautiful, that's for sure. For Yumiko, she’d never even seen the inside of the Ministry building where Lazarith resided when he'd work.

Yumiko: (Lowers her head to a normal position) Never once did I think I'd be in such a place… (Closes her eyes and smiles)

Miwa: (Offscreen) You've never been in this place?

Yumiko: Are you kidding? (Looks at Miwa, as the conversation goes off-screen to show the area) This is the highest of places the NOS has, the most sacred building... not just anyone gets to see the Ministry.

Footsteps come as one of the doors creaks open.

Lazarith: Indeed. (Offscreen, Yumiko and Miwa both turn their attention to the doors to see Lazarith step forward) Its guarded by the SIA, and was made in honor of the ones who protected the world in the Third War of Armagus after the Genesis Destroyers were lost. The souls of those protectors are said to reside here. Closest to the "Heart" of our Protection. 

Yumiko smiles.

Yumiko: (Smiles as she waves at him) Hi Lazarith.

Lazarith: (Stops at the center of the room, folding in his makeshift wings of energy) Hello. (Looks at Miwa for a moment)

Miwa: Third war... (Lowers her head, remembering wars causing a frown to appear)

Miwa still remembered reading about the first and second wars. All the death and loss of life, the broken families. It saddens her just thinking about it.

Yumiko: This is Lazarith, he’s a highly respected figure in the ministry. He was trained just for his position, and everyone calls him the Angel of Salvation, and his teacher is cool too, he’s supposedly been--

Lazarith: Yumiko, please… (Closes his eyes) I don’t enjoy having my history spilled out like that…

Yumiko: But it… (stops, seeing his look, and respects his words with a nod) Okay sir…

Miwa: Mr. Lazarith, (looks up at Lazarith with a serious expression) why must war exist?

Lazarith: Well… because...

Miwa: Why can people not simply learn to get along?

Lazarith: (Sighs as he speaks) It seems as though peace always comes with a price. (turns his gaze down slightly,) And even then...its impossible to please everyone, everyone has different views on what the world should be. I can’t deny I wish the war were over, (then looks back up, with a certain strength glimmering behind his strange eyes) but as long as there are people who threaten the peace then there are going to be those who defend it with their lives.

Miwa: Yumiko is no different from me. (explains with certainty as she looks at her) We're both people. (sighs and closes her eyes speaking quietly) I wish people could see the world through my eyes. All the beauty the world once held, and now...

Lazarith: You sound like Myri and Reiga. (Smiles) They're always speaking about peace, a rarity in the world. I always told her if you want something enough, just keep wishing for it and you may get the power to make it reality. There was once power that could make it happen, perhaps its just been forgotten.

Miwa: ...I sincerely doubt that. (Shakes her head with a brimming lack of confidence and frown to match) The wishes I could make would never come true.

Lazarith: (frowns) Don't count yourself out so quickly. World might say you can't do something, doesn't mean you can't. Don't give up on what you want.

He then looks at Yumiko while Miwa reflects on the words with a heavy heart.

Lazarith: I can't look after you guys for long, so this will have to be quick. I can cover your tracks, give you anything you need, but the rest Yumiko is going to have to be on you.

Yumiko: I plan on going to follow Myri, after that, well we'll figure out something.

Lazarith nods, thinking to himself. If it weren't for the fact Akuhei was in the Sequence Destroyer's which resided here for now, due to the war, he'd likely take the both of them into the Ministry, but it was simply too risky right now.

Miwa: Then bring my mother back, Mr. Lazarith. (Stares at him seriously)

Lazarith: I can't do that Miwa...that's something that is impossible to mend unfortunately.

Miwa: Then I am forced to give up on something I want. This is what I meant when I said the things that I wished for could never come true. I am alone in this world.

Lazarith: ... You're not alone. (looks at Yumiko) You have a friend beside you who is willing to help you. You may not be able to recover the past... (Closes his eyes, reflecting on his own words) But it is never too late to take hold of the future.

Miwa: I have no choice but to go toward the future. These people around me I have no choice but to depend on them. That's why I have no choice but to trust you and Yumiko with my life. (Grips the sword tightly)

Yumiko: Yeah, I'll be more than happy to stay with Miwa. (Turns to her with a cheerful grin) It'll be fun, we can change things together.

Miwa: I have one other thing I must admit. (rubs her shoulder) Despite this sword I have with me, I will be rather useless in a fight. I know neither how to fight nor how to wield a sword.

Lazarith: (Sweatdrops, and rubs his head thinking to himself when he hears her) Doesn't know how to fight and we're in the middle of war...that's quite inconvenient. Still... (speaks) Not a problem, you two can train here and I'll oversee it for as long as I can before I have to leave. You'd be amazed what the body will do in order to survive.

Miwa: I don't know how useful I can be, but I will certainly try. (Looks back up at him) I have always been taught to talk things out, resorting to violence seems like a last resort if I must

Lazarith: Sometimes to protect what you care about you have to fight. (quietly speaks) I learned that long ago.

Yumiko: You say that but you look so young, how long ago could it have been?

Lazarith: …(keeps his eyes closed, lost in his own thoughts) well, anyway…(comes back to, opening his radiant eyes again) I'll oversee the training for now.

Miwa: (Protect me, mother.)

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Within Area 4"

Though only about a half hour had passed, it felt like forever to Siegfried, with a sigh he buries his head in his hand awaiting Sylar to speak. The White Demon looks in no particular direction as he sat across from the NOS Hero, his focus on contemplating. 

Siegfried: (Offscreen) ...Are you going to talk or what? (Looks at Sylar with a frown) You've just been lost in thought for--

Sylar: (Offscreen as Siegfried looks over interested) You asked how Nex knew more than most people. That's because he knows the "truth" surrounding this world, in fact its part of why he's trying to destroy it as well. Least, that’s what he told me. He was targeted by the government before he even was a threat.

Siegfried: --? Finally spoke...

He finally spoke, Siegfried thinks with relief.

Sylar looks back down at Siegfried with a certain look to his white eyes. This man needed to understand that it wasn't simple, it wasn't just giving info. It was telling him something that Nex held as personal, and would likely never say to anyone. The only reason it had been different for the White Demon, was because they had a shared disgust of the governments, or maybe it was just spur of the moment, after all he was a mess when they met.

Nonetheless, not many in this world shared their views. Siegfried, a member of the government couldn't begin to understand their position. All the same, Sylar was one to keep his word no matter what.

He looks at lightning around his hand, its darkness compels him as he tells his allies tale that he likely never would share with Siegfried.

Sylar: (Offscreen) While he was living with some kind of family, Masume, I think it was? Anyway it was near the Liberation Sector's headquarters in Ikaruga... he went out one day with a kid he knew named Niko Masume, he was a friend to him, hell, Nex actually cared about him. He told him his parents saw something really cool in the gate once, and decided they should go explore there. They were just idiot kids, but, Nex was friendlier back then, and did just that.

A young Nex is shown who goes with Niko into the large vicinity of a sector, the two goof around for a minute, exploring things and their surroundings. Eventually they come to the gate in the sector, a massive structure is laid out which Nex doesn't seem to care for. 

Siegfried: Friendly...Nex?

Sylar: That kid...I guess he had something of an effect on him, they were the first people to treat him with kindness, I guess...

Siegfried: ...first...? (Raises his brow) He was with others...?

Sylar: (Sweatdrops as he sighs hearing all the questions) Look, I said I'd tell you about his grimoire not his life story...just let me talk dammit.

Sylar: (Offscreen as he sighs) They found the old remnants of a gate...Nex didn't exactly care for the place, and wanted to get the hell out of there. But never got the chance as apparently someone ambushed them at this gate, and he ended up suffering severe injuries.

Doors slamming shut and sealing themselves, the younger Nex is stricken down by a set of blades and pinned to a monolith by his arms, legs, shoulders, and pierced through the middle. The one who used the blades is revealed to be a Type 4 AIP just like Akari today. Niko is knocked out and thrown to the wall by a man kept in shadow who begins working on opening the gate with the AIP's help.

Sylar: (Offscreen) Summoned some kind of darkness from "Beyond the Gates" with that AIP, after they were done destroying Nex's body, making it pretty much useless, he passed out witnessing some sort of Unholy Darkness from the Azure I think he called it? It consumed him completely, he says most of the rest felt like a nightmare, and refused to share it with me. Not that I blame him. But anyway, when he woke back up, the grimoire was part of him, his eyes were different, his body was infested with some sort dark energy, lookin like veins that slowly faded to his skin color. That guy and the AIP were gone after...

A darkness comes from beyond the gates, snaring him tight it seeps into him as a blue light within him is consumed by it, slowly twinning spiraling around every inch of his body, Nex eventually cant keep his eyes open any longer and falls into an unconscious state.

Waking up, he sees his body is completely useless to him, and Niko quickly tries to drag him out of there.

Nex's eyes open wide all of a sudden as he feels energy rushing through him. No longer green, they glimmer with crimson and a small hint of azure hue towards the center, his hair stained in vivid hues of creeping veins of black and reds. He freaks out upon seeing the black all over his body, but Niko refused to leave him there, and gets him out of the sector.

Sylar sighs as he continues.

Sylar: (Offscreen) ...But his problems were just getting started. The government came after him the moment they heard that he had released that destructive "power of azure" within that sector. Nex ran away, he didn't want to fight, didn't want to be anywhere near anyone, he just wanted to flee. He couldn't return home with what the grimoire had made him become either.

The forces of NOS and LSZ's highest are informed and immediately sortied out to catch him. Nex runs off, stopping when he sees a shadowed figure, the screen swiftly goes red.

Sylar: (Offscreen) The area was about to become a huge war zone. His grimoire activated beyond his notice... the next thing he knew, everyone around him, on all sides, was dead from that conflict over capturing him, the governments tore each other apart.

Nex wakens to see a scene of bodies, torn apart, mauled, from all sides. He stays on his side just looking for a moment as the night sky hangs above and blood runs red across the ground.

Sylar: (Struggles to get his words out for a moment before he speaks) There was so much blood. Just kept saying that for the longest time, the horrid smells of decayed bodies, the after taste... those signs of the carnage everywhere. Bodies torn apart, dismembered all over the war between the two forces of NOS and LSZ and his home was gone long after he got to his senses... (Shakes his head) Everything after it was too much for him to talk about, I knew he was genuine though, he had despair in his eyes, he was helpless to do anything to stop or change any of it. (closes his eyes)

Siegfried: ... (Turns his gaze to the table in shock)

Sylar: (Sighs as he continues) Someone from the NOS captured him after that...and in one of their areas, is where he remained, left to seethe in all he had left: Hatred. While he didn't speak about what happened, it wasn't long until Imyo helped him... I believe that's when you came in a few months later...

It remained quiet for a bit after that, Siegfried having a difficult time finding words.

Sylar: Nex doesn't know his real origins, but he is after them... (Sighs and looks up after he finished, resting his hands on the stone bench and leaning back looking at Siegfried) But, that's pretty much all he told me. He probably never would of told you, or anyone. The only reason he told me was cause the guy needed someone to talk I can relate... (closes his eyes) in a way.

Siegfried: (Blinks, looking up after a long pause he finally nods his head) I... I can see why Nex, never would've shared this with anyone. He doesn't like to discuss personal matters, but I can see why he holds such contempt for the NOS...

Sylar: Contempt doesn't do it justice. But, Yeah. ...he's going to kill me once he finds out I told you...(grins and shrugs it off) but I think if you are in fact his childhood friend that you deserve to know. Even if I still think its batshit insane for you to be in the NOS.

Siegfried: I wouldn't say I was his childhood friend if I wasn't... (frowns) Jeez is it really that hard to trust me...?

Sylar: (Gives him a blank stare) You’re in the NOS...An organization he thoroughly despises. Why would people like us, on the outside, trust you? (shows a slight frown)

Siegfried: I know I'm with the NOS, but I have my reasons as you know for joining them... (pauses as he thinks about his words) It has something to do with my Azure power...

Sylar: Azure power… (scratches his head and shrugs) To be fair, I don't know much about how his grimoire works, its power is ungodly though. He activated it when he was with me once...and I've never seen a more destructive power than that. You ask me he definitely could give the NOS problems with that kind of power.

Siegfried: Yes, Nex is someone you don't want to cross.

Sylar: (Shakes his head as he taps the table with his hand) You don't get it. He can control it. Perfectly. He has no issues and that power its just…just unholy, in sync with him. People have limits with Azure its like his are non existent. (Sighs with the thought)

Siegfried: (Looks away for a moment before looking at him) I can get that much, I fought him and he was leagues out of my own level...

Sylar: But anyway...where'd you get your power with the Azure from anyway?

As Siegfried heard the question, he quickly becomes apprehensive. He didn’t trust anyone enough to say how he received his power, though he was fully aware of how it happened, he lies to Sylar.

Siegfried: (frowns, his eyes going to the side) I can't really recall how I got my own Azure power…

Sylar: ...That so... (Holds his hand up, looking up at it as he generates white darkness, making a claw he fiddles with lightning) ...makes two of us. I couldn't tell you where I got this from. (Looks at the 5th area, Siegfried turning his gaze over to it as well, as it fades to the city entrance, his voice offscreen) but you can bet I'll find out...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside Area 5's Barrier"

Nearing the 5th area were Mujihi and Bitoku of Red Thunder, the two fox beastkin continued their mission with a stable stride. However the night air stirred up a certain fog like Mujihi’s own thoughts, still lost in heavy thoughts about Chaotic Element, and how exactly the ex member of Liberation Sector Zero Byakai, knew about it.

Bitoku remained quiet in thought as well at first, hearing from Nicaiah about BD-51.

Mujihi: (Walking along, his tail twitching about) ...I get a feeling he knows something (closes his eyes as he concentrates) I just know it...

Bitoku: (looks at him with curiosity in her eyes) About what?

Mujihi: Chaotic Element… (turns his gaze to her for a moment to answer, before he looks over again) Byakai seems to know of it. If he doesn't seem pissed after our encounter, I wanna ask him of what he knows.

Bitoku: (To herself) I'm fearing if word of BD-51 goes out he might have to stage a rebellion on them if he realizes they forced him into this fight…

Mujihi: (Offscreen as Bitoku’s ears twitch picking up his voice) Bitoku I need to ask you...did I do the right thing that day?

Bitoku: "That day?" (Looking at him she blinks)

Mujihi: You know, the one I saved you.... (looks up as he thinks on his own words) was it right that I stopped him and brought you into my fight?

Trying to think of how to answer, Bitoku stays silent for a few moments before replying looking down from the moon's face as she recalled the events for herself. That day in which her parents were targeted and the day her own life changed upon meeting the man who stood beside her now, giving her a second chance. 

Bitoku: It...was.

Mujihi: Why say that?

Bitoku: Because my parents are likely dead and… (pauses, closing her eyes for a brief moment as she gathers her words) you're one of the few beastkin I know that are good so (looks at him, nodding) you did the right thing when you saved me.

Mujihi: You flatter me... Still back on subject… there's a question I wanna ask you...

Bitoku: What is it, sir?

Mujihi stayed silent for a couple of moments, before shaking his head

Mujihi: (giving a short chuckle he replies)  Never mind...I kinda lost my train of thought.

Bitoku stares at him for a moment.

Mujihi: (runs a hand through his hair,) Why was I forced to do this? (ears twitching furiously,) I woulda been fine living and be off on my way…(As he sighs heavily, shaking his head) nothing seems to be just out of the good of heart anymore, y'know...?

Bitoku: I can't answer that well...sorry sir.

Mujihi: It's fine, and please...if it's just us, no need to call me 'sir'.

Bitoku: Y-Yes, Mujihi...

Mujihi smiled a bit seeing Bitoku's nervous reaction.

Mujihi: ...Still we should be focusing on the mission.

Bitoku: You're right about that...!

Mujihi: ...I dunno if we can reach the sector, but at the very least we'll get there alive goddammit! (Pumps his fist to the air while letting off a enthusiastic cry)

Bitoku: (Sweatdrops as she rubs her head) Okay that's a bit overzealous.

Mujihi: It's still good to have fighting spirit! (lowers his hand keeping a smirk)

The duo continues walking along until the sight of area 5 and its large populous, massive structures come into view. With increased militia activity, they needed to be cautious to say the very least. Taking careful steps toward the tall gate surrounded by towering formations, the two slip through into the 5th area stopping right before the barrier.

Mujihi worriedly looks around before whispering to Bitoku

Mujihi: ... (Worriedly looks around as he leans over, whispers to Bitoku) Yeah I think that was a lucky break...

Bitoku: Ya think?

Mujihi: Well, it's only the beginning...we have a lot of reasons to hope we don't eff it up.

The branch and the restricted area was still a bit away, but nonetheless it was progress. Seen in the foggy night, the branch could be seen reaching high into the sky with its imperialistic body.

Soldiers: Halt! (March out) Identify yourselves.

Just as the two begin to relax, a set of soldiers step out of the wreathing fog and into the nightlight, their uniforms glinting from the glimmering moonbeams piercing through the clouds. Within a veritable squad they advance toward them. Was safe to assume they were likely waiting for Nex or someone else, however Red Thunder was seemingly unfortunate enough to catch their eye.

Mujihi: (To himself) And right when I said we should worry about fucking up, we DO fuck up…

Mujihi and Bitoku's eyes widen considerably as weapons raise to their eye level.

Soldier 2: (Pointing weapon before it lowers slightly) Ah, its not the Beast of Sin, not even the ones attacking the city. Its justa' couple of beastkin.

Mujihi: (To himself) Sorta helps our case unless they realize we're from LSZ...

Bitoku: (Nervously) Anything you...want from us?

A beastkin wearing a protruding helm across its face and donning a symbol across its loose fitting attire for ease of combat watches the scene unfold. Legs bent down into a hunkered position they rest a hand atop their cedar and black worn pants, watching the scene. Their short emerald tone hair lifts a bit by the breeze, as a pair of white fuzzy ears twitch.

Soldiers: (Looks at the others and lowers the weapons only slightly) Should conserve our strength.

Guard: All the same, what are you two doing in the 5th area? Its under alert by the Marshal of the NOS. Only militia forces are allowed. No one comes past this point.

One of the larger ones spoke, more dignified looking then the others, if it could be called that. Flashy outfit, a large weapon and a domineering presence representing the NOS. 

Mujihi: ...We thought it was the quicker route....but mind if I ask why it's on alert?

Guard: Its being targeted by a confidential force that the military is seeing to handling. We have to avoid casualties and anyone entering can be suspicious...for that reason we’ve tightened the security and put the barrier in place.

Solider: That and the Beast of keeping him out of the area along with this force is our highest priority right now.

Mujihi: I see. A good idea honestly…(scratches the back of his head, trying to come up with something) even though in our respects we're actually after him ourselves. Bounty hunters… yeah, we’re bounty hunters.

It helped that Red Thunder was a lesser known group allowed them to walk around anyone. But what unknown force could that be, he wondered. Valetha? Not likely, even if it she was waiting for Nex, she wouldn't target the area.

Mujihi: ...Who is this "outside force" you speak of anyways?

Soldier: Its confidential information by the SIA, even we don't entirely know. They won't inform the public.

The beastkin sits down continuing to watch from a distance as it tosses a container of energy in its hand. Putting in coordinates the container vanishes to an unknown location and he stands up quietly.

Mujihi: I see....again, understandable.

Bitoku receives transmission request and, nervously, she keeps it from answering in front of the soldiers.

Bitoku: (To herself, as she quickly smacks the communication bracelet in an attempt to get it to stop) Oh, not now...NOT NOW!

Mujihi: (Noticing his partner having slight...issues, he quickly tries to close the conversation) Guess we should be going...sorry for the trouble.

Nicaiah: (Broken up with tons of static in between each syllable) B...toku, an...god....mmit!!

With all of the static noise cutting into the message, a nervous Bitoku fakes a laugh. The soldiers stare for a moment.

Mujihi: And that was...our cellphone. It's, sentient. (While maintaining a smile, he thinks to himself) DAMMIT NICAIAH YOU’RE SCREWING US OVER!

Suddenly something of a polearm comes into sight and a cracking smack fills the air as a soldier is hit into the others, a bladed head of energy cuts through another’s chest as the emerald haired beastkin with the helm jumps into the middle of the area taking the neon halberd like weapon in hold.

???: ... (Looks at the others) you're "Red Thunder". 

Guard: Alert! Formations! Formation! Hostile is in possession of high grade strongly concentrated armagus! They violated the law!

All the bellowing from that man catches the beastkin's attention, turning he gives a slight scowl to the guard. 

???: What?

Guard: Nobody breaks the law on my watch, you criminal scum!

Bedlam takes hold of the night as soldiers march toward the attacker, Mujihi's ears straight down as he wore a vexed scowl and shook his head. 

Mujihi: ....Nicaiah, if you can hear me through Bitoku's communication bracelet...THIS IS YOUR FAULT!

Bitoku: (counters) She didn't know!

Mujihi: I don't care, right now we need to survive!

Soldier: That's a black market weapon! They aren't a part—Gaahk! 

Their sentence is cut off into a throaty gurgle as the halberd tosses them to the side in a bloodied heap.

???: (pulls back the weapon without remorse, turning to face the others) Seems humans are the ones who “bark” now.

The beastkin with great prowess dodges the attacks coming at it, leaping and twisting away as the helm hid its unwavering eyes. The beastkin takes fast paces across before jumping in using the momentum and striking with a sideways kick to ones jaw before bringing the weapon in to slice their chest in one clean sweep. The soldiers drop like flies.

Mujihi: But tell her I retracted the blame in case she did hear it.

Bitoku: Y-yes, I'll do that...stay alive too!

Mujihi: (Nods with a present grin) Count on it.

Nicaiah: Damn better well retract the blame! (Pops open the hologram) What the hell is going on?

???:  Sorry but Area 5 needs to have free access.

The beastkin raises the weapon and bringing it down upon them, finishes the last, the squadron downed in mere moments as blood runs through the street.

???: (Twirls the halberd and puts it to their side) Damned governmental human scum. You think you know what's best for the world. I say not.

Bitoku: We were interrogated by the soldiers earlier...

???: (Looks back at the two) Red Thunder. You're nothing but tag along to LSZ aren't you?

Nicaiah: Huh? (To herself) A beastkin...with a helm...wait...that symbol...

Focusing on the symbol upon his shoulder, she frowns.

Nicaiah: (To herself) A force outside of the government…? ...that can’t be the force Morkuv knew about, could it?

Mujihi: ...You could say that. (looks at the man)

???: (Seems to leer, even though they had the helm on part of their face the white ears twitched) Your family...a part of the mercenary forces that aided the Rogue Sectors. Their ways were far too soft. (scowls) Too idealistic, believing in something that never will happen, may as well be a fantasy. 

That caused Mujihi to come to attention with an audible growl.

Mujihi: (Shakes with anger) Take... that... BACK…

???: That's why the members of the Rogue Sectors and that “group” alike, are dead, and why WE still stand.

Nicaiah: That’s from the black market outside of the government's enforcement...

Mujihi's blood boiled with this person talking that way, like his family was weak. He didn't appreciate it a bit.

Mujihi: Take your works BACK, YOU BASTARD, or I’ll make you EAT THEM!

Nicaiah: (Becomes deadly serious) Mujihi! Calm down dammit! (To herself) Thank god Byakai isn't here or he'd be at this person's throat too for speaking of the group and his father this way...!

???: (Unfazed by Mujihi’s rage) They were too soft for this world, and perished as the consequence.

Nicaiah: You've a lot of nerve mouthing off about my former leaders. (Angrily) Who is this "We"?

???: (Looks at the hologram) I don't answer to you...human.

Mujihi was getting fed up with it all, finding his anger taking hold tight.

Mujihi: I...AM GOING…(reaches for the weapon, swiftly pulling them out and moving into a stance with an angered, continuous yell) TO KILL YOU! (aims handgun, blaring with energy)

The person swings the halberd in front of themselves and leaps over the energy shot from the gun, before they spin releasing a concentrated green burst down at them which bursts with the force of rending earth.

???: Terra Ripper!

Mujihi strikes the ground with a blistering shot, causing a trail of lightning to clash with the burst. Landing on the ground, the Beastkin charges at Mujihi, smashing the end of the polearm into his foe’s gut before swinging the bladed head around which brings with it a whipping collection of sharp stones of energy.

???: Break.

With his words, the stones shatter in sequence, Mujihi growls in pain at the attack.

The Beastkin then lowers and sweeps Mujihi off his feet with the weapon before launching and kicking him back into a wall of a nearby building. Mujihi sticks to the wall for a moment, before he collapses to the ground with a pronounced groan.

???: How do you expect to stop anyone let alone me, with a pitiful display like that? I guess I shouldn't expect much from LSZ though.

Nicaiah: Dammit... (Looks down at the radar as she observers the match, noticing another approaching force)

Mujihi: (Pushes himself from the ground) Hold your tongue, (and returning to his stance he sneers out) you damned wretch!

Nicaiah: (Types in coordinates) Serza has reported that we know who the unknown force is...damn that's a strong source coming your way... (Looks through it, her eyes open as she looks at Mujihi's opponent) Zerde... ? That can’t be him...can it? He joined them...

The fox beastkin jumps away from a blast as his ears twitch when his opponent places the weapon away.

Zerde: Despite you having power from Chaotic Element, you’re still disappointing. And you're still too soft. That'll get you no where but dead in this world, just like the mercenary forces were annihilated. (Turns away and begins to walk) I'd work on a plan of escape if I were you, a tragedy is about to occur.

Mujihi: (surprised, he steps forward) You know of it too!?

Bitoku quickly grabs Mujihi by his tail before he could pry answers from that Beastkin.

Mujihi: Hey, get back her—ack--! (Struggles as the tail is pulled)

Nicaiah: A traged--... That source is approaching... (Eyes widen)

Zerde: (turns away from the two) Slow to the draw... (leaves the area)

As the beastkin's form vanishes into the fog heading toward the rest of the area with steady long steps, Mujihi growls lowly in frustration. 

Mujihi: (to himself) What does this man know?

Knowing for sure there was more to all this then he'd first thought. To hear his family spoken of like that, annoyed him greatly. But to know they were in the mercenary force, explained a lot for him as they were enemies of the NOS, it pieced it together why they'd been attacked. But what they did, and what part Mujihi might play, he just didn't know yet. Meanwhile, Nicaiah is busily searching for the signal trying to figure where it would pop up.

Bitoku: (looks at the hologram) Did you get anything, Nicaiah?

Nicaiah: ...Go on into the city you two, I’m not certain why that man took out the barrier, but we don’t have time to waste thinking about it.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside Area 4"

A high pitched wailing echoes, as the blue haired man Siegfried has an expression of surprise come over his face. White irises of Sylar also keen in on it, noting that it came from Area 5 approaching the branch of the NOS stationed here. Both of the two are able to catch a glance of the massive barrier, standing tall over the area suddenly drop without warning.

Sylar: (thinking as he turns his head in that direction) Zaezel...?

Siegfried: What the hell was that...? (Looks over at it, his expression becomes serious) The Barrier just fell...?

Sylar: Your side is about to get its ass kicked likely... 

Sylar replies casually as he leaves the chair across from Siegfried, adjusting his jacket, placing the rod away fully, and taking intentions elsewhere. He makes his way without pause out of the dampened streets intent on avoiding the military. 

Sylar: (to himself as he brought his rod to his shoulder continuing on his way) I'll get there without going through all the military crap at the entrance...

Siegfried's jade eyes don't spare a glance to the departing demon, but glimmered with strong intent. He knew this was his shot to end the nonsense himself so he could again focus on his mission and learn what the Marshal had for him.

Siegfried: (to himself) Was that an attack by the LSZ? ...Doesn't matter, I'll go deal with it, the sooner this is over, the sooner I can focus back on what I want. 

Swiftly, the NOS's blue haired hero begins to move toward the area, the sound of his footsteps catch Sylar's attention only briefly. 

Sylar: (Stops, looking over his shoulder) Going after it?

Siegfried: (continues to move while he replies) Yeah... why wouldn't I be going after that thing...? It clearly has intent to attack the 5th area.

Sylar: (turns his gaze back forward) ...Idiot, you'll piss of Nex if you--

Siegfried: (closes his eyes as he scowls with a loud reply) If I what?

Sylar: (tails off into a mumble before he lets off a quick sigh) Never mind. (Continues walking thinking to himself as the rod slowly bounces off his shoulder with each step) You wouldn't let yourself be stopped anyway, but you're too damn arrogant for your own good. What you're going to face off with is beyond you. 

Siegfried: ...Whatever...

The White Demon gains a frown as Siegfried disappears from sight into the shadowy veils of the night. 

Sylar: So that's Siegfried... Hero of the Azure Flames. (Thinking to himself) Don't die, you don't have the feintest clue how upset Nex would become if you do. But, why were you sent to the area Zaezel is in...and by who? 

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside outskirts of Area 4"

Reiga: (Sheaths his blades with a quick huff) Dammit...that was too close… (quickly looks over to Mysteria with concern) are you alright, Mysteria?

Mysteria: I...yes...

Nex remains in place, staring strongly at the fragment of darkness left over, it looking a lot like the crimson remnant he saw before in the building wedged in the black corpse. 

Myri: (Remaining silent, she finds herself unable to move for a moment)

Nex makes a small grunt, as he brings his fingers to clasp his weapon's hilt tightly. With swiftness Nex moves the tip of his fell blade over the crystallizing seithr in preparation to destroy it. 

Mysteria: ...Those things...who would make something like that...?

Just as Nex is about to drop the blade down upon the solid formation of seithr, he stops momentarily to answer Mysteria, and his two toned eyes glint with disdain. 

Nex: (huffing slightly around the seithr, he found it hard to speak) Humanity would...they've made mistakes in the past...and they'd do it again...

Myri shudders at the very thought of making one of those beings, the purpose made no sense to her. 

Kiryos feels a strange pulsation in his head that starts spreading through the rest of his body.

Kiryos: Ugh… no good...

Reiga: Whatever it was, it was bad that's for sure. If those are what's attacking the city then… (Stops for a moment as he pictures the seithr beings once more, a frown quickly appearing on his expression) well I might have a bit more on my plate then I thought… (Looks at Kiryos with a bit of concern befalling him) hey, you okay?

Kiryos: (shakes off the pain and looks at Reiga, nodding his head) I'm fine. Just a headache… no need to worry about me.

Nex closes his eyes as he contemplates.

Nex: ...One thing you need to realize...those things are everyone's enemy. Even mine. They only seek to kill and destroy everything, pretty much an embodiment of destruction.

Mysteria: ...

Reiga: Damn...

Kiryos: Isn't that obvious?

Reiga: Hey, (looks at Kiryos) I didn't know, I don't even know what they are (frowns as he shook his head) not everyone is a know it all like you Kiryos…

Kiryos: (Shrugs and looks at Reiga) Judging by their intentions, it wasn’t too difficult to guess they were up to no good.

Reiga: They’re intelligent as hell though, but I wonder...if they even have a conscious or a soul?

Kiryos: Who knows.

Nex: (Looks at the crystallized red dust, feeling a mental pain from it)

Accidently, or perhaps because he waited to long to get rid of it, the substance is absorbed into him in dark ere strands. Seeping into the formations infused within his body, Nex falls into a deep wince momentarily as briefly the blackness of the solid seithr lights up with a single pulsing and branching red vein before it vanishes.  

Nex: (to himself) Dammit the grimoire ...ugh...

Nex curses underneath his breath, feeling a rush of energy make its way through his entirety. Forcefully, he turns around and walks back toward the small group wearing a pained frown. 

Nex: ...ungh... (stops suddenly, placing his hand over his head as he clenches his teeth with the thoughts running through) Shit, not now...its been dormant for so long... 

He becomes light headed feeling that unpleasant sensation, if only briefly.

Myri: (a bit concerned she looks at him) H-hey, Nex, are you sure you're okay?

Nex: (Removes his hand from his forehead, grimacing in slight discomfort) Head hurts...that's all...

Reiga: (turns his attention to them) Huh?

Kiryos: (Turns to face them and puts his hand on his chin) Strange…

Myri: Well...okay...

Nex again cringes as he feels the rush, his emotions swirl from deep within, like hot lava waiting to erupt from a volcano prone to bursting. He was far from okay, and Nex knew what was going to happen. His hand makes an awkward jerk toward his chest as he hunkers, clasping the surface of his black coat with a strong grip. His feet moving him back in an unsightly way, slowly he falls backward into a metal archway behind him and then clasps that with his opposite hand. Heart pounding much faster then it should, Nex's eyes shut themselves tight as he heaves. 

He wasn't expecting it to react this harshly, but there was little he could do about it now. As Myri quickly approaches, shocked at what occurred, Nex violently shook his head with a growl at the action. 

Nex: (holds his head, unable to finish his words)

He says it roughly as he tries to get the energy out.

Myri: What?

Reiga: (Gives a troubled expression) What's he saying? I can't understand him...

Kiryos: (Frowns as he looks at Nex) This is no good.

Nex: (Yells out suddenly in sharp tone) Move away...!

He roars in repeat sending a chill up the spine. Destructive tendencies gripping his mind hard, a darkening azure energy flares strongly around him twining and building up in intensity of hue, sending out vibes of raw malice and hate from a pure evil force. Lowering his growls as he coils his head, he then releases a powerful black burst around him that sends all the others back in a strong blast. 


The energy grows, darkens in its malevolant presence. Nex's hands clench up tight as he hunches over panting heavily. Nex grinds his teeth as he keeps it at bay, restraining his power as he exudes it trying to get it out of him. His emotions were still extremely hot, he only saw red, and approaching him wasn't the smartest idea.

Myri flies back and, as Mysteria catches her, she quickly looks over at him in surprise. Reiga follows after, tumbling away before he jumps to his feet. Kiryos easily rights himself in midair like an experienced acrobat and gently catches Anna as she is about to hit the ground face-first, and then lands on his feet.

Anna: Thanks, Kir-san.

A deep growl, followed by a sinister voice that could be heard only by Nex as he remained focused.  

???: Uh-oh! That tiny little taste woke it up...whatcha gonna do kid...? Hold it back? 

Nex: Nngh... (To himself as he sneers) Oh god not you, shut up. I wont..release it. Not like this... 

???: Yes yes the speech of having control. You do have control its your choice, I'm just your adviser. But its been dormant for so long... (changes its tone to one of mock affection) and you cut my damn connection keeping it quiet you shitty little azure whelp. Not nice. I'm here to help you. Say why not let it rage, you're gonna have to conquer its full power you know, if you wanna succeed and destroy everything. (in ere fashion it laughs) I don't care...I like playing this game. 

Nex: (Growls thinking to himself) Would you shut the fuck up?! Go back to hell! 

Myri: What the heck just happened? Nex, what's wrong?

???: (Sarcastically with a slight chortle) As you command...

Nex: (Growls lower as he tries to keep himself stable, thinking to himself) ...just...endure it...

Finally that voice silences itself, and Nex is able to focus on the task at hand, holding back that energy.

This being a lot like what Nex had dealt with during the times he’d go down to the abandoned ruin and practice harnessing his grimoire, it fought him hard right now, sending pain through every inch of his body and mind. Too much energy caused him to go into a state of overheat with it, all he could do was wait it out. This however wasn’t nearly as bad as that time seeing it was a simple dust like form, but it still wasn’t pleasant. No, the last time it caused him to pass out, Imyo had to get both Siegfried and him out of the area the overheat occurred in. But, it wasn’t the overheat that made him uneasy, it was what came after, what that damned voice would laugh to see happen. Closing his eyes tight as he had the thoughts go through his mind, he keeps the energy at bay through sheer will alone.

Reiga: What the hell, (steadies his stance after he blinks) where did THAT come from?

Kiryos: (Puts Anna on the ground) Must be connected to those freaks...

Nex doesn't move, keeping his power restrained by his own will until that debilitating pain would subside.

Nex: ...hah...hah....agh...

Myri: I don’t understand, what’s going on…?

Mysteria: That vibe...something...

Mysteria goes over to him cautiously holding her weapon.

Reiga: (Extends his hand) Mysteria...hold on a sec!

Kiryos: Mysteria… wait.

Nex stiff as a brick, continues to emanate darkness around him. Mysteria slowly drawing in closer with her weapon drawn. Nex stares toward the tip, with teeth bared behind a frown. 

Nex: Don't...idiot...Don't...

Nex again repeats as he does nothing but give a deep growl. Mysteria's eyes widen as she looks into his eyes, seeing nothing but darkness as something inhumane stared at her behind them, seeing that darkness, her mind is filled with a forceful and malignant desire from that thing.

"Destroy...kill...consume...bring it all to waste."

"Pathetic soul..."

Whispers of strange voices begin to come in with a sinister ring to every syllable, as she feels her heart begin to race and backs away.

Mysteria: (stepping back looking only at Nex's eyes) W-what...?

Reiga: (concern over his expression he tries to call to her) Mysteria…!

But she couldn't hear him, rather couldn't tear herself from that those voices continue to resonate around her.

"An Unholy Sin, calamity...

"End this world"

"Destructive side of azure, its despair..."

"This world is lost, you're lost! You're lost lost lost lost LOSSSSST!! Hehehahahaa!!"

How she looked into him like that, she didn't know, but it left her shaken to the bone as those voices continue to swarm her relentlessly. She stumbles to the ground as Myri and Reiga come over.

Mysteria: --! (Looks at Nex, wide eyed)

"Destroy the gods, humanity, this world consume all of it!”

"Gods of creation"

"Gods of Death"

"Leave nothing, unforgiving, all consuming hatred...!"

“...Consume kill destroy consume kill destroy consume kill destroy…”

It played like a mantra around her that wouldn't end, no matter how much she wishes it to.

Suddenly she is able to breathe as it seemed to quiet.

Reiga: Mysteria...! (kneels down next to her trying to get her to look at him, but she wouldn't)

Mysteria: (Trembling voice as she stays glued to his gaze) W-w-wh-what are--

Kiryos: (Approaches Mysteria and kneels down, trying to make her look into his eyes) Mysteria... look at me! Snap out of it!

She wouldn’t move, but it was as though another force altogether kept her staring, no matter how much she wanted to take her gaze off of that darkness behind Nex’s glimmering two toned eyes she couldn’t. At the same time, Nex couldn’t stop the energies around him right now.

In that fleeting moment, a piercing pain wells through her mind as she hears those voices suddenly shoot through the roof in decibels, making their unholy cries and screams impossible to shut out her hands go to her head.

The Azure's power...





Mysteria: No...nononono stop, WHAT ARE YOU?!

Nex: (Closes his eyes as he thinks to himself, his body trembles to stay up) I told look...damned idiot…

Nex drops down further as he continues to keep himself from lashing out, the desire scratching like an animal at the wall. But he refused to let it slip out of his control. As long as he kept these destructive feelings...he'd be fine. The pain could be felt for sure, but at least it was only a small amount of the energy. But that girl looked into his eyes while his Azure was malicious.

Myri: Mysteria...are you okay...? Hey...

Reiga: Mysteria!! (Goes over to her and holds her)

Mysteria's eyes are small with her heart pounding.

Akari: (Hides her eyes) She saw something...something bad...

Myri: In Nex? But... (Looks at him)

Kiryos: Doesn’t matter… she is safe for now.

Myri goes over to Nex, cautiously, as the others remained with Mysteria.

Mysteria:  (After a long silence, she begins to speak, albeit in broken words) so...much darkness...destruction...hatred...he all... (closes her eyes)

Nex: ...

Mysteria: What are you--? ...why do you...exist...its evil...

Nex doesn't do anything except stare with those same eyes of hatred. He couldn't change his malignant look while that energy influenced him. A look the pierced the soul, and just as soon does it fade into pain once more as he groans.

Reiga: Mysteria! Please, look at me!

Mysteria: U-uh...?

Her eyes return to normal as she finally is able to looks at him and removes herself from Nex's own glistening azure and crimson irises.

Quietly, Myri comes next to Nex, she didn’t know why but feeling a sudden need, she places her hand atop Nex’s head reaching into the torrent of chaos behind it. To which, the man reacts angrily as he’s touched pulling away in defense with a clear disdainful glimmer in his eyes, but Nex didn’t have the energy to do much to retaliate. That aside, the touch was gentle, but he remained apprehensive. 

A bright aura shrouds her hand, her eyes flash with a certain radiance before a small light blue and white celestial energy touches Nex just briefly. His eyes close slightly as he buckles and collapses completely after that—What would have lasted several hours got cut down to minutes as the emotions silence and that dark aura vanishes.

Nex: …ungh.

Myri: (Blinks, her eyes returning to normal as she drops down slightly) …

Reiga: (Offscreen as Myri looks over to the others) Are you alright...?

Mysteria: I-I'm fine...

Reiga: Thank god... (Turns his attention to Nex) Hey what was that about anyway?

Myri: Is she okay…?

Reiga: Yeah she’s fine-- …? (stopping he feels that familiar feeling with her as he had the first time they’d seen each other back in Torifune, the feeling halts his words) …uh, is he okay?

Myri: (Looks at Nex, who remains on the ground with a rare look of fleeting tranquility) Yes, he’s fine I think…

Kiryos: (Looks at Myri, a look of concern appears on his face) Good… and what about you, Miss Kukiyona? Are you all right?

Myri: (Nods to him subtly, as she sits down) I’m alright…

Akari: (Blinks as she remains next to Reiga, looking at Myri thinking to herself) The Divine Vessel...her soul is--

???: Quite the will you have Azure 0...

Nex makes a small noise of discomfort, lifting his head with a returned scowl.

???: I'd stay away from him Myri, he's quite...violent.

A man donned in a darkened uniform with unwavering sharp navy blue eyes steps out which Kiryos, Mysteria, Reiga and Akari all recognize, their Marshal.

Reiga: M-Marshal…?! (Immediately stands to attention as Akari remains quietly to his side with a small frown but at attention as well) Sir.

Kiryos: Sir… (Straightens up and allows Anna hide behind his back)

Mysteria also raises up, holding her spear she comes to salute in sequence. Myri, watches all of them, as she and Nex remain the only ones not giving him their undivided attention.

Myri: (to herself as she tries to keep her own fear at bay) Why...why is the Marshal here…?!

Nex: (Pushes himself from the ground shooting a glare forward, clenching his hands and gritting his teeth) Lukain…

Nex’s gaze heavy, he’d waited for this man to finally show, now that he did, Nex had every intention of making him pay and answer for what occurred that night. Emotions stirring hot as he felt only one thing right now: Hateful Indignation.

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive

End of Foreboding Trials
Next time on Control Sequence: Concealed Menace