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White Demon here, getting bothered by the LS tends to put a dent on my happy days...but apparently, it did let the others know about Zaezel's involvement. That's the real guy responsible for the attacks on the city, and now its a matter of time before that worm decides to strike a serious blow. Till then apparently Nex has been dealing with his own problems, NOS on his back as usual but there's a particular AIP that seems to not wanna back down from him. Don't know what's going to happen, but that kid had better get ready to deal with hell if Nex gets ticked off enough.

EvoBlaze Logo CTS

"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

...I'm sorry!

A strong yell piercing the silent air, Nex's eyes open as they reveal an unforgiving, unrelenting darkness within, the area around him a bit distorted in seithr he gets up from the ground, his eyes gleaming of a fiery destructive rage in an ere bright crimson. He shoots his demonic gaze up and roars outward to nothing in particular, though no sound comes, as a strong darkness crashes first down on him, and then pulses through the entire area engulfing everything in its wake.


"The limit is you can DESTROY it!"

A body breaks apart, torn apart utterly, viscera and gore of the victim disappears into nothing, devoured in the darkness, as a soul falls into the abyss of black.

This, reflecting in the glimmering iced blue shade eyes of Legna, she blinks with a look of horrified surprise. She recognized every voice in that, however, she keeps it to herself. Slowly, she composes herself.

Legna: (looks over the night sky, thinking hastily to herself) Was that a shard of the outcome...? ...A possibility in this world's eyes.

Myri: What's wrong Legna? (Looks up at her with curious and worried eyes)

Legna: Nothing...(shakes her head once before looking at the area she sought) I believe I know where Nex is however...near the outskirts of the 4th area.

Myri: Then lets hurry! (Rushes past her)

However, Legna stayed behind for a moment, the vision from earlier still on her mind prodding her with certain urgency.

Legna: ... (Frowns to herself) A tragic fate, threatens to occur...

Arc 1: Purity and Sin
Episode 14: Whispering Dangers

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 7:12pm "
"Upper Levels, Area 4"

A torrential downpour washed over the grounds of a tense conflict in the outskirts of Area 4, Nex's narrowed eyes glimmer as he backs away slightly from the approaching AIP. The blades behind her outstretch and fan forth, a visage of thrill on their owner.

Akari: Do you remember it? (Positions the blades as they each flip themselves forward with her hand) The day your life changed and you chose destruction?

Nex: (Continues gathering energy as he lowers his stance) Who the hell are you anyway? Which one of you has those memories? (growls out as he throws his hand in a side sweeping gesture) Tell me!

Akari: Which one? (blinks before she smiles and speaks with vigor) We all do. All fours do. We all do. We fours all seek...the our beginning.

That made no sense whatsoever, Nex thinks to himself.

Nex: ...What? (Scowls with a firm gaze) Who are the others?

Akari: (Offscreen) System Access Denied.

Nex: ... (Scowl deepens in frusteration) What do you mean beginning?

Akari: (Offscreen) System Access Denied.

Nex: ... (Growls and throws his arms up) What the hell are you talk'in about?!

Akari: (Smiles at him as she points her hand to ready to unleash the blades) System Access denied.

Nex: ...Fuck you. (Shoots an un-amused glare before he readies once more) I'm done playing this game, System Puppet!

The angered man retorts, throwing his hands to the side opening the shells on the back of his hands, a deep darkness of blues and blacks swarming, entwining the grimoire upon his arms and shoulders.

Nex: I'll lay you to waste, (tilts his head up and sneers with a slight grin) how's that sound!

Feeling that unholy power course through his body, his demeanor shifted. Nex losing his patience with the thing wore a grin of both frustration and desire to destroy what was in front of him.

Serza: ... (Watching with interest) wonder you're not off slitting some poor idiot's throat. Things certainly heating up between the two.

Akuhei: (Offscreen as Serza's eyes scan over the scene) Keheheh, I know right? Azure 0 has a relentless malignant hatred towards the things!

Serza: ...I couldn't imagine why... (Looks over at Akuhei) Still, just what kind of Four is this going to turn out to be? (Akuhei turns his gaze at him with a serpentine grin) Given what they are.

That arrogant and crude smile across his face gave Serza the idea that he wasn't going to speak, even if he did know. Hand atop his hat Serza gives a quick sigh as Akuhei begins trademark chuckle toward his response.

Akuhei: left the club remember buddy?

Serza: May be true, (Closes his eyes and smiles faintly) and I still consider myself in a better position then you.

Akuhei: (Cackles slightly as he raises his head) ...What I'd expect to hear. (Shrugs outward) Not that I give a shit, but who knows with the Four... its not my venture...well, not really.

Serza: (Looks back at the two facing off) So you say...

Nex bounds off of his enemies blades, as each time he draws in to strike, those swords repel and deny him contact.

Akari: There is no point in resisting the system's true wishes. Or ours... (Grins)

The blades fire forward in a blitz of energy toward him, Nex's eyes focused, he prepares to launch at them and strike them from the air, however--

Reiga: (Offscreen) Akari...! Stop!!

Reiga's desperate voice acted like a pebble thrown into a pool generating ripples in her mind; a turmoil of frenzied thoughts, disturbing the programming from unknown sources. Her cold and dark eyes give a quick flash returning to their normal shade, and she immediately backs away.

The blades lose their energy as her eyes revert, the girl quietly trying to gain a grip over herself once more.

Akari: (Turns to look back at him)

Serza: (Eyes blink after he adjusts his position) Interrupted the connection...intervention by human emotion. (tips the hat's brim down)

Akuhei: (Offscreen) Go fucking figure, then again with a link as pathetic and unstable as this it really doesn't surprise me. (Looks back at Nex)

Nex: (Pulls his arm back with a glowering stare toward Akari) Hell Raiser...!

Whipping his arm out he sprints forward without warning, darkness flowing around his hand morphing into a nightmarish claw with a crushing force which comes on an unaware and distracted Akari snaring her tightly. Encircled by a flurry of dark energy, wings meld outward with hellish stature as Nex shoots himself into the air carrying her with him, flakes of seithr trailing behind them as he reaches back for his blade. In seconds, the heavy sword is merely a set of crimson streaks as with incredible speed Nex slices across several times before he whips his leg downward at her head directly, to plummet her into the ground.

Nex: Break...!

A shattering thud produced by Akari's body hitting the puddle lined streets with force sounded. She doesn't budge, Nex pulling his now pitch sword forward slowly and approaches generating a mantle of darkening seithr with deadly intent.

Nex: (Frowns as he points the blade, staring down at the collapsed girl with distaste) I'll destroy your damn excuse of a soul, and figure out just why you're so different from the other models of the Fours. (Narrows eyes) Clearly, you're not a damn stock copy...that weapon, your personality, its all...-- (his gaze swiftly goes to the side) --huh?!

A blinding strong force of azure lights fills his vision following swift sensation of sharp pain as Nex finds himself suddenly staggering with a growl.

Nex: G-gurgh...! What... (Looks over to see an angered Reiga across from them)

Reiga: You think I'm just going to let you "Destroy" my partner? I don't care if you are the Beast of Sin...(Shoots a slight glare as he pulls his blades back, their surface gleaming in translucent light of vivid blues and reds) its not happening!

Nex: (clenching his teeth in pain as he thinks to himself) What...he can utilize that kind of a power with azure without the need of a grimoire...? No, he's generating azure energy, And whats more...that energy he's using with seithr is...light...?

Suddenly the NOS's investment into this child made more sense to the man. Wincing slight as he thought, Nex sways his head away from the edge of a blurred energy slash of azure tones, shoots his arm out, snaring Reiga by his arm and utilizing his momentum Nex flings him away after a low growl. Rolling and tumbling sideways from the counter move, Reiga lets off a groan as he turns himself over to shoot a stare of daggers toward Nex.

Reiga:'d kill her?! (Pushes himself up keeping his glowering look) Heartless, demonic--

Nex: (Closes his eyes with a clenched scowl before he snaps forward in a yell) Shut up! (Opens his eyes and stands fully) You're annoying me kid, who the hell are you anyway?

Reiga: ...I'm the NOS's Azure Prodigy, Reiga Sorairo...

Nex: Sorairo? As in Yyntal Sorairo's son? One of the Sequence Destroyers...? But that—

Another sound inserts itself between them, a voice that halts the two's bickering and standoff.

???: (Offscreen) I do believe that's enough, both of you.

Coming to recognize the voice, Nex searches around for it before spotting Legna on the top of one of the buildings looking at them with her gleaming eyes.

Nex: Wha...Legna...?

Legna: It took far too long to locate you, insufferable, impudent child.

Nex: (Blinks with a blank stare) ...The (To himself) Is she talkin about him or me? I'm not a child by any word...

Reiga: ...Who...what's going on?

Legna: Both of you at this point... (Looks at Reiga) that can wait, boy.

Reiga: (Scowls and gestures) H-hey! Where do you get off—

A girl with sapphire hair and golden eyes comes out in a hurry, her steps splashing up collective water on the street as she rushed to Nex's side with quick bursts of pants.

Myri: Nex, (waves out quickly as she approaches) please, stop!

Nex: (Looks back and scowls) Yeah, NOW you show up.

Reiga: Huh? You're the girl I met in the observatory match at the academy...

Myri: Yes! (stops by Nex's side as she tries to explain) I am, listen Reiga, Nex was only looking for me, he wasn't trying to cause trouble.

Nex: What the hell! Don't speak for me! (Folds his arms and makes a crooked frown as he sighs) ...although that's true...but still I can speak for mysel--

Legna: Silence Nex. You can't possibly manage speech without baiting some poor idiotic plebeian like this child into a tizzy and the end result being a complete disaster and waste. Goodness knows if you tried to speak normally and not spur a chaotic mishap every 5 seconds, heavens I fear the universe might implode. When others speak for you it is a god send for our ears.

Reiga: W-wha?! (Surprised he gasped without noise) Baiting?! And...I'm an Idiotic Plebeian...alongside being a child...? (Lowers his head and moans)

Nex: (Wide eyed, he blinks bewildered, before he closes his mouth) ...

Legna: This will be taken elsewhere. (Snaps as energy begins to gather around them)

Reiga: (Looks up confused) H-hold on where are we go--?!

A portal opens up beneath each of them and they phase through without warning.

Serza simply blinks, puzzled as he watched them all vanish in the span of about 5 seconds.

Akuhei: Whaaaaat a buzzkill! (sighs with a discontent stare) ...go figure. Well, saves me the trouble of moving that incompetent bag of flesh towards the 5th area.

Serza: Incompetence is everywhere in the world Underworld Serpent... (Turns his gaze toward area 5's massive stature) I'm surprised you haven't made a move to kill me. Then again I haven't made one to kill you either...

Akuhei: (Grins, standing up from his position with a shrug) Were it not for the fact I'm technically on an agenda, I'd hit you on the offer...but I have to head to the station and meet the Marshal. (Begins to walk away along the drenched pavement toward the station in the area)

Serza: Suit yourself... (watches him go before he leaves toward the 5th area)

Akuhei: Following them?

Serza: Its part of my job seeing all of them will be there, (Continues walking as he lifts his hat slightly with a firm look and slight smile) which is fine by me.

As his footsteps become distant, Akuhei cocks his head to the side thinking on the situation regarding his old partner, before he continues on his way through the downpour.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th "
"Upper Levels, Borders near Area 5"

In moments, the group pops out of their respective portals in the ruined remains of a surrounding area, a few pillars surrounded them, and the path to the 5th area could be seen.

Nex about to hit his head right on the ground, reaches out catching ground and lands on his feet, Myri flat on her butt, and a confused Reiga on his stomach.

Reiga: Ow... ngh--(Akari drops onto him and he flails on impact) OW! ...Why?!

As Reiga stood to his feet, he immediately focuses on Nex once more, obvious that the tension still hadn't settled down. The two exchanged looks of disdain among their disagreements on ideals. Clearly this wasn't going to end simply because the fight stopped, Reiga defending Akari continuing to pick an argument with a vexed Nex.

Nex: What's with the look. (Closes his eyes and fixes his ebony coat)

Reiga: (Angrily stares as he spoke) You expect me to just be okay with the fact you harmed her?

Nex: (Narrows his eyes and shifts) For christ's sake... Let it go. And you're lucky I didn't do worse. She was the one who attacked me idiot or did you forget that?

Reiga: (Shakes his head) And clearly it was out of her control.

Nex huffs as he listens to him banter, Myri sitting across from the two now holds her hand to her head.

Nex: (Grins sarcastically and gestures outward) Oh yeah because you know so much about the AIP and Type 4's right? (Scowls and rolls his two toned eyes in sheer annoyance)

Reiga: What does that have to do with anything you Beast of Dicks?

Nex: ...B-Beast of--?! (Shakes his head in surprise, blinks, frowns incredibly puzzled, as he goes silent for a moment) ...Tch. She was following program orders you childish moron.

Myri: (Offscreen) Guys stop arguing... you're both acting like kids right now...

The two continued despite her pleas, the young women buried the side of her head against the pillar with a frown.

Reiga: That doesn't explain why you had to near kill her! (Counters strongly as he stepped forward slightly)

Nex: (Leers forward as he frowns) Give me one single reason, why I should explain anything to you.

Reiga: What memory were you even bantering about and vaguely relating to Akari?

Nex: Tch. (Looks away) Governmental Dog... get outta my face, before I make you worse off (gestures toward Akari returning a fierce gaze to him) then your "friend" there.

Legna: (Opens eyes with a stern gaze at both of them) Enough! Both of you.

The noise quiets for a moment, before Reiga's gaze swiftly turns toward Legna and the scarlet haired young man makes protest to her, clearly tired of being disrupted every time he tried to make a point.

Reiga: I--

Legna: (Looks at Reiga) You child, are far out of line.

Reiga: Enough with that dammit! (shakes his head and frowns strongly) I'm protecting her!

Legna: (Replies coldly with her fierce gaze piercing right through his confidence) And as you are right now, nothing should be left in your hands let alone her protection.

Reiga: W-what... (Frowns, crushed hearing that as he thinks to himself) that a way of saying I'm not strong enough to protect her...? or...

Reiga fell silent on those thoughts for a moment, his head becoming filled with a swirling violent storm of doubt but only a moment before his fiery retort continued.

Reiga: (turns his gaze to Nex, who had a firm scowl with his eyes shut) This...this man nearly killed her! And no real reason why other then a random as all heck hatred! (Throws his hand out in gesture)

Nex: (Opens his eyes as he thinks to himself) ...Yeah random. Just blame me for everything. Your friend is SO damn innocent.

Reiga: What do you expect me to do? Let him get away with it?

Legna: I understand you were only defending your... (Looks toward a resting Akari) friend...however she did from my understanding dip into the collective memory of the Type and it is sparking a recollection. There was nothing you could have done.

Reiga: (Lowers his hand as his eyes widen) ...Memory Recollection...? So...Nex was... (Eyelids drop in troubled thought)

Nex: (Offscreen) Yeah. I wasn't lying idiot. Why the hell would I waste my time, lying to--

Legna: Silence Nex... (Turns her icy gaze at him)

Nex makes a disgruntled expression as he averts his gaze from hers.

Legna: If you two are done with your petty quarrel...

Nex: (Replying gruffly) Whatever...

Reiga: (Frowns and rolls his eyes) Fine, but don't you dare touch Akari again.

Nex: (Ignores him as he closes his eyes) What was that light you were usin...

Reiga: Huh? (returns to a neutral expression, before he appears slightly confused) Light...?

Nex: (Sighs before he points, the scene changing to the two swords Reiga held) What you were channeling through those blades.

Reiga: (Looks at his twin swords for a moment) ...they're swords from my Father, said to be used by someone in the Third War of Armagus. They apparently work best with my ability to channel and generate Azure energy. I don't know what you mean by "light".

Nex seemed to be thinking to himself for a moment as he stared at the man.

Nex: In other words, you don't know a damn thing. Well, that I thought you might actually know somethin...

Reiga: ...Well...(sits down and contemplates) The NOS helped me refine it, learn to use it, it was a unique potential that they helped me bring out...or so I was told. And because I have this ability to manipulate azure, I was chosen early on as a prodigy. (Frowns as he dips and moves his head) But to be honest I really don't care for any of it.

Myri: (Offscreen) You were forced into your position?

Reiga: (Eyes close) Pretty father told me to always use it with the wishes of what I wanted in life. (Opens his eyes with a small smile) And told me if I wanted to end the wars, and change things for the better, maybe one day I could so I--

Nex: (Offscreen in tone of disdain) That has got to be the most idiotic crap I've ever heard...

Reiga: ... (gazes back at Nex with a slight frown) Why doesn't that surprise me.

Nex: Power that could change the world for the better? Do you REALLY think half the Government gives a rats ass about that? No they--

Legna: (Eyes quickly shift to Nex as she frowns) ...Nex.

Nex: (Quiets with a growl)

Legna: (Offscreen) It is not your place to speak to him of such right now.

Nex coils his hand around his sword's pommel listening to her and sighs inward. He couldn't stand having to always shut his mouth about everything.

Myri: ... (Looks at Reiga, giving a small sigh before she gives a cheerful grin toward his idea) ...Well I think its a good vision.

Reiga: (Smiles slightly with his eyes partially shut in thought) Thanks, at least someone does...

Reiga: (Glances at the resting Akari) I guess then I wait for her to recover... (huffs lightly, leaning back calmly against a log looking at Legna) What's the big idea teleporting us out of nowhere...?

Legna: ...There were people present earlier I rather would have avoided. ...speaking of visitors... (Looks to notice two approaching figures) It appears we have company.

The man in a black coat scans the group with his icy blue eyes and stops his gaze at Nex, while his companion, a crimson-haired girl in a white jacket, hides behind his back and silently watches. The man raises his eyebrow and folds his arms. It seemed both Kiryos and his companion were heading toward the 5th Area for their own reasons as well after their encounter with Sylar and Serza.

Kiryos: What an interesting turn of events... (Glares at Nex) Beast of Sin... we meet again.

Anna: (Whispers) Okay, now things are getting serious.

Nex: Of all people... had to be you.

Nex doesn't turn his gaze, instead remaining focused elsewhere in disinterest. Reiga's attention caught hearing the familiar voice, his gaze changed almost instantly upon seeing the man.

Legna: (looks at Nex then sighs, turning a quick glance to Kiryos) So this is the man you decided to spare...

Kiryos: (Looks at Legna) And you are...?

Legna: To you, I am no one but an acquaintance to this ruinous man.

Nex: ... (Remains quiet as he rolls his eyes toward her wording with a slight grin) Ruinous... ...bit of an overstatement...

Reiga: K-Kiryos...?

Myri: Reiga... (walks up next to Reiga to look at Kiryos with him) do you know this man?

Reiga: He's my friend...

Kiryos: (Looks at Myri) Miss Kukiyona, is it not?

Myri: Yes...

Kiryos: I am Major Kiryos Hikamigawa. (Gracefully bows to her) Pleased to meet you.

Myri: (Smiles and bows back) Yes, me as well. At least you appear friendly...after what we've gone through its a nice change.

Kiryos: You had it rough. I understand.

His eyebrows furrow for a moment, but he shakes his head and looks at Reiga.

Kiryos: So... what happened here? Have you fought?

Reiga: ...I saw Nex earlier and tried to talk to him, things escalated after he and Akari got into a battle... (Looks at Akari and frowns) then this women (turns attention to Legna) Legna transported all of us out of the area before things could get any worse...

Kiryos: I see...

Reiga: (tries to smile, in order to lighten up) Good to see you though I guess...hope you've had a bit of a less ordeal then we have.

Kiryos: I guess. (Sighs) But I've got a tag along.

Anna: (Inhales deeply and waves) Um... hi.

Reiga and Myri both greet her.

Nex remains quiet among the chatter, he didn't have any interest in carrying conversation with them. Three were in the government, and that was more than his liking, of course he could leave, but Myri wouldn't come while socializing with thse people. With his luck, he'd get scolded for leaving Myri again, and that wasn't exactly something he looked forward to.

The annoyed man stays put, with his hands folded over his sword's pommel as he tries to relax in the embrace of the cooled airs, lifting and brushing his white hair slightly. Nex's mind swirled wild with thoughts of his own as their chatter continued.

Nex: (gazing at a collapsed Akari he ponders) That AIP...what's with that one. And why's this kid paired with it... (Closes his eyes) still to think someone like him is in the NOS. At least Myri isn't...

Anna suddenly notices Akari and puts on her shades to confirm her suspicions. As the scanning concludes, she squeals with joy.

Anna: Sweet Jesus... she is an AIP!

Kiryos: (Utterly deadpan) Well, duh. Her name is Akari. She is my friend.

Reiga: Yeah, she is...

Myri stares at her for a moment. Akari remains quiet as she shifts a bit as though sleeping, her body recovered of the wounds she suffered fighting Nex earlier.

Reiga: Her being an AIP is what got him all bent out of shape.

Nex: (Closes his eyes with a blank expression) If you're gonna keep on taking cheap shots at me from there then screw off. I'm not apologizing if that's what you're waitin for. If I didn't defend myself she would have caused me hell.

Reiga: (Frowns and sighs, giving up the argument) Fine.

Even said, Reiga couldn't exactly understand what there was to Akari that Nex seemed to be so detesting towards, or even the AIP in general. But its not like the man would speak to him on friendly terms. Still, he himself couldn't quite understand what happened to Akari from the memory link that Legna explained.

Myri: ...Nex destroyed two AIP earlier...(Looks toward Akari and gives a slightly troubled expression) but he called them replicas.

Kiryos: Well, I guess Akari is much more advanced compared to the stock models.

Reiga: (Frowns) ...stock models...designed for combat potential in wars and researching the gates...thank god she didn't have a fate like that.

Myri: Yeah, I think Akari is lucky to be with you.

Reiga: ...Though if I didn't decide to be her partner...things might of been different...

Akari: mmm... (Rolls over and hugs onto Reiga with a small smile of comfort)

Reiga: ... (Looks at her) I don't want Akari to have to see the cruel side of the world...

Legna: (Offscreen) My your intentions are pure for one in such an impure and loathsome world...

Reiga: (Dips his head and blinks) But its harder then it looks to do that...

Kiryos: (Closes his eyes) And yet the world does not favor pacifists. It is full of cruelty, and the only thing you can do is to stand up and fight. (Sighs) The only other option is death. I do not like violence, but in the end we are forced to use it. An imperfect solution for an imperfect world.

Anna: ...

Kiryos: (Opens his eyes) Sometimes I wonder: for what purpose were we born? To become famed in history? To die in oblivion, forgotten by your loved ones? To continue the cycle of violence? And yet there is no answer, and there will never be, because everyone has their own answer that is shrouded in the fog.

Nex huffs to himself as he listens in, tuning out and into his own thoughts as he heard that question.

In an ideal world, the answer was simple: You were in charge of your own story. You wrote your chapter in the verses of life.

However, in this world, were truth was alterable, that was hardly the case.

There was little to nothing separating it from a systematic world and it was hardly an understatement to think the souls of such a world were trapped.

Reiga: ...A world of cruelty and violence... (pauses his words, listening to Kiryos, before he looks at Nex) Hey, why do you want to destroy the government?

Nex: ...

Reiga: (Offscreen) One, which offers protection to a world filled with rebellion threatening to cause chaos?

Nex: (eyes go to the side as he tosses words in his mind) ...

Why. Where to begin. The government that stands for the world.

What good is this world?

You were limited to very few choices, to the point it felt like nothing more than a fabrication to some. You'd preform your role as desired by this world of "peace", you would contribute to the grand vision of perfection, and you would do so with no questions, no "why" no "how" no matter if it was right or wrong because you simply would never get your answer to said questions. They're not necessary.

Nex furls his brow as he remains quiet.

Reiga: Don't ignore me! (Growls and stands up walking right up to him, Nex stays put looking up at him and blinks with an emotionless, cold gaze over his look)

Nex: (Stays put, looking up at him, blinks with an emotionless, cold gaze in his eyes and his head cocked into the rivet of his fist) I'm not...

Reiga: If the government fell, you do realize people would cause a huge discord. The problems seen to by the Sequence Destroyers would fall out of hand, the cities overrun, death rampant, and (frowns as he thinks, before lowering his arms) ...people might even resort to the powers they did in the Third War. The very reason the Rogue Sectors were destroyed. So, again, why?


As long as you didn't ask questions, as long as you obeyed this'd be fine and enjoy what appeared to be endless peace, a synthetic paradise. But it crumbles every day as people's emotion and choice outweigh control, push it toward questioning it all as the flames of resistance and desire burn in their soul, lies and truth the fuel of the growing infernos of revolutions of destruction.

The resulting effect of the resistance to this world's way?

War. Endless war and a cycle of violence that this world constantly doesn't agree with but can't end it as hard as it tries because it lacks the power to do so. The real reason for fighting the world is forgotten in this never ending spiral of conflict.

Nex: Hah... (smiles slightly as he then looks at him with a firm scowl) its like your friend said. We all have a reason, I have mine. I'm not willing to share it with anyone. To be honest, yeah, I don't care what happens to the world.

It being called an imperfect world, was an understatement. Oh it went so much deeper then that, Nex thinks to himself with an evident disdainful scowl.

Reiga: Tch, that's cruel... (Discontent look)

Nex: You're just another one in the world who listens to everything you're told...believes everything the world shows you. You'd never understand where I'm commin from.

Reiga: (gestures out in frustration) Not if you don't share it and not if you just spout random nonsense, no. How could I?

Nex: Tch. (rubs his temple, with his fingers) why would I waste my breath. I'm your enemy aren't I?

Reiga: ...Well yeah but--

Nex: So why would you care to know my reasons. probably wouldn't like how I put the government and your friend there (gestures at Akari) in a bad light. I'm not here to sway your opinion, you do as you please. Just don't screw with me.

Reiga: ...You're hard to understand "Beast of Sin". (Shakes his head, holding it)

Myri: Can agree with you on that.

Kiryos: (Puts his index finger on his temple) Strange people live in a strange world...

Nex remaining silent as usual, rests his head on his palm once more.

Legna: (Looks at Nex with brisk and firm intention) Be aware that it is in his best interest to be cautious of who he speaks to and what he speaks of...that said, a moment, Nex.

Nex: (Lifts his head scrunching his brow slightly) What now... (he sighs and gets up)

Legna: (Offscreen as Nex makes his way over) Quell that demonic scowling and come with me.

Nex: (Rolls his eyes and follows her)

Legna: We'll return in a bit, Myri, don't wander. (Turns her stare to the others only momentarily)

Designing a portal, she quietly steps through awaiting Nex to follow.

While he was a bit annoyed that she took the time to pull him to the side, Nex couldn't shake the feeling off his heavy chest that he wouldn't enjoy the conversation to come. Steeling himself, he passes through with a few steps as well.

Myri: Yes ma'm. (Nods in understanding)

Anna: What do you think they're gonna talk about, Kir-san?

Kiryos: (Offscreen) I have no idea.

Myri: I don't know, but I'm sure its nothing to worry too much on, besides... (Sits down) This gives us a moment to relax.

Akari shifts a little more, and she opens her closed, tired eyes slightly, the voices of her friends and allies dragging her back to conscious levels.

Myri: Its probably cryptic stuff...I remember talking to her and that's what I got. Cryptic messages. (sighs)

Kiryos: Cryptic does not mean undecipherable. She seems to be a wise woman, able to express her thoughts in more ways than one. If she would tell you what you needed to hear in direct manner, the result would not be the same.

Myri: (Offscreen) I...guess so...

Akari pops up eagerly with wide and bright eyes.

Akari: What a what? (Blinks with her hands pressed to the ground) What are you talking about Kir-kir it makes my head hurt... (rubs her head with a frown)

Reiga: (Looks at Akari, seeing Reiga, she smiled) Hey, you're okay... (smiles back at her)

Kiryos: (Offscreen) Are you all right?

Akari looks at Reiga and Kiryos, and seemed confused.

Akari: Unh? (Tilts her head) Was I not okay?

Reiga: ...Well uh...

Akari: Reiga...Why're you looking at me like-- (Eyes open wider as she remembers what happened) Wait...I was fighting that man, Nex. (frowns slightly)

Reiga: Y-yeah...

Akari: But I'm okay Reiga. (Smiles)

Reiga: No, (waves his hand at her with a smile) that's good, I'm glad, that's the most important thing. (Stops and sighs) But why did you...fight him like that?

Kiryos: What exactly happened?

Akari: I...(frowns and sighs) don't know, it was just (shakes her head trying to figure it out) when Nex was talking, I felt... his hatred from his soul...something dark.

Reiga: (Offscreen) His Hatred...?

Akari: ...I didn't understand it, but something in me... ...did. And, I just fought...I felt like I suddenly knew him. Not anymore though.

A few moments pass as the rain continued to fall down, he tried to think of anything that might give him a clue to what was happening to Akari, but he makes an exasperated sigh, drawing a blank.

Reiga: (rubs his head in confusion) ...I wonder if the Marshal knows anything... (sighs) well, in any case I guess it can't be helped right now.

Kiryos: (Opens his eyes) Things are getting worse. If you think you knew Nex from somewhere... no, there's a lot of pieces missing in this puzzle.

Myri: ...The AIP and Nex must have some sort of connection then (folds her arms with a slight look of thought) ...after seeing him "sync" with the memory of those other ones using his Azure to communicate with their cores.

Akari: Oh did you see more? (Looks at Myri with a smile as she leans over to her) What were they like? I've never seen another one.

Myri: Um...well he destroyed them for one... (Frowns)

Akari: ...Des... (makes a crestfallen expression as she looks away and tries to think of something else) ...I feel bad though, I don't know why all that happened...(Looks down with a frown) I don't normally fight. Reiga doesn't like it.

Reiga: Hey, its no big deal though Akari really. It wasn't in your control.

Myri: Yeah (Nods) besides no one got hurt badly.

Akari: Bad things are in Nex's soul...I couldn't even tell what he was when I tried to analog him.

Reiga: (Blinks) ...Analog him?

Myri: Bad things? (eyes widen slightly)

Akari: ...or no, analis? ...mmm...

Reiga: (Sighs) S-sorry, Akari is kinda still learning things for herself...

Kiryos: Maybe you mean "analyze".

Akari: Yes! Analyze! (Points, Smiles, and nods) Analyzee him and I couldn't see anything.

Myri: Um, excuse me, but what do you mean by Analyze him?

Akari: (Puts her finger to her chin) Its something certain types of AIP can do, we look into the soul of a person and collect data...but Nex it just doesn't work with for me...its like he's blocked.

Anna: Well, apparently he has something that shields him from your analysis. If an AIP can't "read" him, that means he is quite prepared for any kinds of mental attacks.

Myri: ... (To herself) What's wrong with Nex's soul though?

Kiryos: He is not quite a brute as he wants us to think he is.

Reiga: (Shakes his head) Man what the heck is he then? Cause he isn't human that's for sure.

???: The only thing that man is, is trouble.

Reiga looks over to the voice, his eyes widen as he recongnized her voice and frowns slightly, still remembering their last encounter. A girl with violet hair, dressed in uniform of complimenting colors and slim stature with a unique spear slung on her back she walks forward with a certain stern gaze.

Reiga: M-Myster--...I mean Lt Colonel...

Kiryos: Mysteria...

Mysteria stares toward the group, piercing the atmosphere with a certain tension.

Mysteria: Someone who seeks to collapse our government which is the world's form of order, and stability, he's an agent of chaos.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th "
"Upper Levels, Area 4, nearing the station"

A relentless wet weather continues to dump down throughout the area, including that which Yumiko and Miwa traversed making their way steadily towards the station post in the 4th area of the Upper Levels.

Yumiko's tail twitches a bit as it shakes off the water, the two keeping dry on the sidewalk underneath the roofing.

Miwa: (Offscreen) So was that girl your friend?

Yumiko: (Looks to Miwa and nods as she continues walking) Yeah...she is. I don't exactly like the idea of her hanging with someone like Nex...I mean, he's been a target of my organization for a long time.

Miwa: Well, as my mother used to say, you can't believe everything you hear.

Yumiko: I believe that to...that's why I decided to listen to him when he asked me to keep you secret from the General and Marshal. (Folds her arms and looks down for a moment) He wasn't exactly what I thought he'd be...

Miwa: (Asks curiously) This general and marshal, are they bad people?

Yumiko: Bad people...well... (tilts her head a bit) I don't know if I'd say that. Its no secret that its thanks to the Marshal's guidance that we won the wars. And the General is an absolute terror on the battlefield being in the Sequence Destroyers...he ends issues very quickly. But... (Her ears droop after a long pause)

Yumiko: (shakes her head and sighs) I guess sometimes they could be considered to use inhumane methods...the price of protection I guess. I don't always agree with them. But no one challenges those who stand at the top.

Miwa: (Frowns with slight uncertainty) They sound as scary as some of the NOL people I used to see...

Yumiko: Oh, you saw people from the NOL? That was a long time ago, they haven't been called the NOL in nearly 200 years. Who did you see?

Miwa tries to recall.

Miwa: There was a blonde girl, a long red-haired girl, a girl with a squirrel tail, and a guy with green hair. The guy with green hair was really creepy. He was the one who escorted me to my NOL entrance exam.

Yumiko: I don't know any of those people...before my time, but there was a man with green hair recorded in our records...he was defeated though after he was a loose cannon. one actually knows what happened to that man or the one who fought him...

A man with snow white hair and red jacket is shown next on opposite ends of one with glimmering yellow eyes and a smile, are both shown briefly as she explained, before it returned to the duo walking along toward the station.

Yumiko: (Offscreen the screen focused on a sign) Hopefully at this station I can contact Lazarith...

Kagusutchi Upper Level Station—Personnel only

Miwa: Like a train station or port station?

Yumiko: Well kind of... (Looks at her) for emergencies we're allowed to use a transporter instead. And they're stationed in the same stations as trains and airships and things like that. I'm going to try and get us to get over there as soon as possible.

Miwa blinks as she listens, trying to figure it all out.

Yumiko: (Smiles) They might let me since I'm on a mission from the Marshal himself and... (She pulls out the paper and points to the seal on it) it pays to have your superiors stamp.

She walks forward, spotting the building as they finally left the inner parts of the area leading them towards the 5th area. Because this area was inching closer and closer to the branch it served as an easy method of transport from there to HQ for the military as well as offered the same reign of free movement to the citizens on a normal basis.

However they were in the middle of war currently.

People stood guard in uniform as vigilant as ever, always overseen. The building painted the mind with something of a futuristic appearance as is spanned for a ways, wide imposing walls and a shiny blue tint to it all. As glimmering energy runs through tracks into various around it, formed by the gathered Seithr that the city's generator fed into it.

Miwa: Forgive me if I sound ignorant, (looks at it with wide eyes and a puzzled expression) but that looks like something out of a book to me...

Yumiko: 200 years later is a long time. Not a lot looks like you remember it I imagine, ever since the Government attained power they made changes to everything, and this entire area is owned by them.

Miwa: The government? Do they help anyone?

Her ears perk up hearing that.

Yumiko: Well they...offer protection. (Offscreen) See we have barriers on the outsides of the city thanks to them, and without those barriers we'd likely be in trouble.

Zooming out from the two, the outside of the city is shown with a barrier flickering around it on occasion, dense seithr in dark flakes whisk around it every now and again. Miwa listened quietly, frowning slight hearing the problems that ensued.

Yumiko: (Offscreen) These invisible barriers of protection keep an extremely deadly type of seithr released in the third war, from coming into the cities. From what I heard, that form of seithr was too aggressive and too harmful to people, there was apparently a particle in it that when highly dense, responded to people in an awful manor if over exposed to it...while I don't know exactly what this form of seithr caused, it wasn't anything good.

Yumiko: (Looks up) After the war it was impossible to get rid of all of it, it corrodes and corrupts everything...its an agent of death... (looks at Miwa) So these barriers were designed by the NOS. Cities that were a decent way away from the site of the war, received the generators to give people a constant supply of seithr and the converters would make sure only the good parts of the seithr were drawn out for use which the government has used for a great many advances like this station.

Yumiko: ...So I figure the government has to be some type of good if they keep us safe...

Her ears droop as she lets off a long sigh.

Yumiko: Unfortunately, not all the cities received the barriers, and many of them are simply dead wastelands now due to it... (sighs) no one exactly knows what goes on in those places, its all confidential.

NOS Soldier: (Offscreen) M'am, your business here?

Yumiko looks at the soldier and immediately comes to attention with a brisk salute, coming out of her thoughts.

Miwa: (Smiles and gestures widely) We're here to go whoosh!

The Soldier makes a confused expression.

NOS Soldier: (Looks at her with a frown) ..."Whoosh"?

Yumiko: (Chuckles nervously as drops her hand and rubs her shoulder) She means we're trying to go use the transporter.

Soldier: (Regaining his composure, his expression becomes serious once more) Do you have permission or reason to do so? A valid reason aside "Whoosh"?

Miwa: I'm not allowed to say. Its top secret

The Soldier raises an eyebrow at the comment.

Soldier: Not allowed to say? Top Secret? M'am your friend is a bit suspicious if you don't mind me saying.

Yumiko: (A bit hastily rubbing her head) Um she's uh, a new recruit.

Soldier: (Offscreen) A new recru—

His sentence is interrupted as a piece of paper is shoved into his vision, with a visage of confusion he sighs as Yumiko begins to explain.

Yumiko: A-anyway! I'm on a mission from the Marshal himself, its very important and I need to use the transport...

The soldier a bit surprised looks it over silently, skimming it with his eyes for Lukain's seal, and it was in fact present.

Soldier: (Looks up from the paper) And you want to return to the HQ then?

Yumiko: Actually I was hopping to go to the ministry first...

Miwa: (She chimes in quietly) So can you let us go please?

Soldier: ...I suppose its not my place to question orders.

An order from the top which he'd had no right to question, killed his curiosity.

Soldier: (Hands the paper back to Yumiko) I'll contact you to Minister Lazarith then... (steps to the side and looks to the building) if he approves use of the transport then you're free to do so.

The two give a quick bow and then go into the room through sliding glass doors.

Pitter patter of steps on the ground echoing in the near empty yet spacious station, the duo is led to a smaller room. The Soldier goes to a panel to its side, holding a piece of paper for referencing the coordinates he typed in, and within a span of seconds the minister is contacted. His job done, the man in uniform leaves the two, closing the doors behind him.

Lazarith looks at the two from a different area and room entirely, but it seemed like he was right in the room with them. His black irises look at Yumiko, his expression on of surprise as he folds his wings behind him.

Lazarith: Yumiko...? (Black irises focusing in on her, his expression shifts to one of surprise) I haven't heard from you for a while... (Folds his wings in and gives a small sigh) why might you be contacting me...?

Yumiko: Hi Laz—sir, sorry for such a sudden contact I was just wondering if I could speak to you about a--

Lazarith while listening to the squirrel girl's hasty replies, takes note of another with her and immediately keens in on only that.

Lazarith: Hmm? (Looks at Miwa as he notices her behind Yumiko) ...And who is this?

Yumiko: (Looks at Miwa and smiles slightly) this is Miwa.

Lazarith: (Offscreen) Miwa...?

Yumiko: She's a... Friend of mine.

Lazarith: Yumiko, I mean why did you bring her here? (Crosses his arms looking at them from his chair)

Feeling the weight of his stare, Yumiko crumbles and gives a long sigh.

Yumiko: ...Okay I'm just going to get to the point...I found Myri and--... (Stops and thinks about her words)

Yumiko decides to leave Nex out of the conversation, as she told him she would.

Yumiko: We found Miwa, together...

Miwa hides behind Yumiko. The person in front of her was someone she had never even seen before, let alone a race of people she wasn't aware of.

Lazarith's eyes change and he pays attention.

Lazarith: (His expression turning into one of concern he leans forward slight) You found her? Is she okay? Where is she now?

Yumiko: Yeah, she's fine! (Smiles in response and looks at him) Myri and I both think Miwa is a good person though Lazarith.

Lazarith sighs as he rubs the side of his temple. It seemed Myri would have to wait, as he knew what was coming next from the Squirrel beastkin.

Lazarith: Don't I know that look and tone... (removes his hand, placing it on the desk) What are you going to ask me this time?

Ever since he decided to help her by letting the squirrel girl stay with them after she had nowhere else to go, Yumiko had grown incredibly fond of him and looked at him like a family member. Needless to say, he'd seen this look countless times, she sought out his help, and the Ministry's Angel of Salvation braces himself for the question.

Yumiko: (tilting her head as her eyes dart to the side she tries to ask) See the thing is, I don't want my superiors knowing about this... (fiddles with her fingers)

Lazarith's eyes become wide with surprise before they return to normal with a troubled expression across his face.

Lazarith: ...You're hiding something from them? (Gazes at Miwa) ...This girl?

Yumiko: (Breathes before saying it quickly) Long story short yes. (Looks up at him with big pleading eyes) sooo?

Lazarith: (Rubs his head with his palm, shaking his head) Yumiko...

Miwa: (Meekly peaks out and speaks) I'll behave, I promise.

Lazarith looks at her and feels his weakness show. She reminded her of Myri in a way. Innocent, pure, something about her he couldn't help but smile at. hide something of this degree, it could land him into a heap of problems.

Yumiko: (jumps up and down with clasped hands) Oh Please, oh please pleeeease. The Ministry is our only shot Lazarith...they can keep secrets from the Marshal even.

Lazarith: (waves his hand for her to stop) Yes, yes I know...But this could also land me in a huge amount of trouble if I'm realize that right?

Yumiko goes quiet, the last thing she wanted to do was place him in a bad situation, but

Lazarith: (Offscreen as Yumiko continued to pause in thought) Not to mention the fact of Akuhei being in the SD Division which they're stationed here in our building...

Yumiko: But (looks at him) the General is deployed right now. He has no reason to come there.

Lazarith: That might be true, but what if he does?

Yumiko: We don't plan on staying. We just need you to help us for a bit. I promise we'll be out before anyone knows we're there.

Lazarith pauses and contemplates once more. His desire to help the one he'd given shelter to, outweighs his sense of duty, and the man heaves a sigh announcing his choice. Yumiko waits with baited breath, crossed fingers for the best.

Lazarith: This is perhaps the most dangerous thing you've ever asked of me...(closes his eyes) but if Myri said this girl shouldn't be with the top three I wont dispute her wishes. (Opens them) I'll give you sanctuary.

Yumiko lets out a held in sigh of relief hearing his agreement to the idea.

Miwa bows respectfully.

Miwa: (Bows respectively) Thank you sir, your kindness won't be forgotten.

Lazarith: Well...I certainly wouldn't expect you to fend for yourself. (looks at Yumiko) Yumiko, I assume you want permission to use the transporter, being you're at the station.

Yumiko: (Returns to a firm respectful gaze and nods) Yes sir.

Lazarith: Consider it granted then... I'll support you the best I can Yumiko, but lying to your superiors is a huge danger.

Yumiko: (looks at him strongly with determination) I know, but I'd rather take the risk.

Lazarith: (Smiles slightly) That somehow never surprises me...

He then sits down once more and motions with his hand to dismiss them.

Yumiko: Thanks again Lazarith. Really, it means a lot, but you always help me out anyway.

Lazarith: (grins, closing his eyes as he shakes his head) You owe me for it. See you soon.

He ends the transmission and the hologram vanishes. Yumiko smiles, happy the idea went through without too much trouble.

Part of her felt bad for putting Lazarith in that position, but she also knew she could trust him.

Miwa: That went well.

Yumiko: (nods and breaths a sigh of relief) For once, it did...

Miwa: So now...whoosh?

Yumiko nods with a grin, grabbing her hand, she takes them out of the room and walks them to where the transport would be.

Yumiko: Yep, and then we're home free!

"Kagusutchi, December 24th "
"Upper Levels, Borders near Area 5"

Cold airs whip by as a feeling of tension grips the atmosphere, rain pelting down, Mysteria bites her lip slightly. Upon seeing all of the familiar faces, it was as though she'd stepped back in time. Floodgates in her mind open to let memories pour in, of all the simpler times not engulfed in the heartache and dangers of war.

A short sigh comes, the women couldn't let herself indulge in the idea of company right now. She was after all, on duty. Slowly she approaches the group, making sure to avoid small talk.

Mysteria: (Looks toward the others after she brushes her hair slightly with her fingers) So all of you are here...I thought I picked up Nex's signal but he doesn't appear to be around.

Reiga: ... (Eyes dart to the side as he frowns, unsure of what to say to her)

Reiga avoiding any kind of eye contact remained quiet for the time being, his mind drawing a blank on what to say after the harsh verbal lashing last time.

Myri: (Speaks up as she turned her gaze to her) He left to speak to someone...

Mysteria: Myri, (turns her attention to her) why're you still with that man? He's dangerous.

'Myri: (Turning her gaze down, she sighs) I, I know that but there's a rea--

Mysteria: That, and Lazarith is worried sick about you...

Myri doesn’t say a single word.

Mysteria: And again, Reiga you let him walk. (Shakes her head as she lets off a sigh) Am I the only one with any sense left at all?

Reiga: ...I...I was just... (Looks down)

Expecting a response, she gets none, leaving the frustrated Mysteria with a hanging sense of disappointment; having expected Reiga to be prudent.

Mysteria: (Sighs, shaking her head) Listen...Reiga, I need to focus on my own mission. If there's nothing to be said... (Walks forward) I have to find that man Nex.

Reiga: ... (slowly raises his head) Mysteria...wait…

Mysteria: ... (Sighs quietly, turning her head back at him to show her eyes) why?

Reiga: ... ...I…

Throat suddenly feeling strained as though someone stuffed it full of barbs, a prickling sensation fills him, makes him warm and uncomfortable. In front of the person he both respected and desired approval of, he can't find any words to say.

Mysteria: I understand that you want to relax, but I'm in the middle of an operation. (Turns herself back around, firmness glimmering in her magenta eyes) What you have time for I don't, and also, this is incredibly irresponsible towards Akari who is an AIP you were trusted with by the Marshal!

A silent Akari turned her gaze downward, it wasn't Reiga's fault in her eyes.

Reiga: This isn't about Akari! (His own gaze firms) It isn't about missions or Nex, or any of it! (Throws his hand out and steels himself, closing his eyes) This is only about you, and myself!

Mysteria: ...? (pauses for a moment in confusion) What are you--

Reiga: (Exhaling, he speaks, opening his azure colored eyes) My...My main mission is to go right to the source of the problem! Stop the one who’s causing all these deaths, the attacks on the city, breaking past the barriers, threatening to cause everything we've fought for to be lost THAT'S my mission. (Looks down afterward)

Mysteria: (Surprised tone as her eyes widen slightly) Y-you're...fighting them by yourself...? (A frown appears on her face)

Reiga: (Raises his head again with a serious frown) So yeah I'm relaxing with the people I care about, (Closes his eyes slightly as the frown deepens) because I don't know if I'm even going to be able to later. I'm not like you, (shakes his head in solemn manner) I hate fighting, I don't want to do any of this. But...after hearing you talk to me the way you did...

Feeling words come more naturally, he begins to feel a slight spark of confidence rush through his body, invigorating him.

Reiga: You reminded me that its my job to protect those in the NOS, just like anyone else. So, I need to focus, that's exactly what I'm going to do...

Mysteria:' ... I didn't mean I wanted you to get kill--

Reiga: I'm not going to get killed! (Grins somewhat as he moves forward, right up to her and pumps a hand down in front of her to show off his enthusiasm) When I set my mind to something I can do it.

Reiga's heart heavy as he spoke, he tried his hardest to mask his fear within this brisk fleeting confidence. It was a front in every word, but he for now, he just continued reassuring her.

Kiryos: (Faintly smiles) As you can see, he is not a child anymore. Just needs to take some things more seriously.

Mysteria: You're—that's just reckless...! (pulls her head away as she lowers her gaze) ...and yet...brave...

Reiga: (grins with a small laugh as he rubbed his head of short, spiky scarlet hair) I have to at least try yeah? No more hesitating on orders, no more disgracing our name. (Lowers his hand and nods in assurance) I can ask questions after this is taken care of.

Mysteria: ... (Looking up at him she gives him a warm smile that spoke a thousand words)

Reiga feels a bit hot and coy as she spots her grin. The weights of worry lifted off his shoulders briefly, he coughs into his hand cupped at his mouth as he tried to gather words once more.

Akari and Myri both find themselves taken by the good atmosphere, smiling from ear to ear at the two. Akari in particular, thought on the situation for herself. Seeing Reiga this way, filled her with joy. All the same, something didn't quite agree with it, but for now, she embraced the warm feelings for her friends.

Akari: (To herself) You're happy with her aren't you...

Kiryos: (Looks at Reiga and speaks in somewhat playful tone) Feeling quite confident, aren't you?

Reiga: W-wha--? (loses his stance with a flustered look, quickly spinning his body around to face his friend) No...! (Pulls away as he scratched the side of his head) Not at all, just...trying to make things right is all...

Kiryos: (Smiles) You're obviously overreacting. Still hot-blooded as hell.

Reiga: S-shut up Kiryos! (Counters flustered, waving his hands, before he gestures outward) Hey, At least I'm not cold as ice like you. (Counters with a playful tone, folding his arms with a smile to follow)

All three of the girls laughed at the twos light hearted, playful comments.

Mysteria saw the same spark in Reiga that she did when the two first trained, that boy that wouldn't let himself be slowed by anything right now. And was only a seed still, but, it was something, if allowed to flourish, he would grow strong, she thinks to herself. While everyone else was laughing, she found herself blushing slightly at her inner thoughts seeing Reiga right now.

Anna: (snickering) You know, he's kinda right, Kir-san...

Kiryos: (Casually shrugs) Well, we all have our flaws. (Closes his left eye and smiles like a cat) At least I'm not trying to hide them, like someone else.

Reiga: Dangit Kiryos! (Frowns dissatisfied in a childish manner he rubs his head and tries to think of something to say) I'm gonna... ...uh... ...

Akari: (Laughs as she sways sitting, wearing a cheerful grin) Reiga can't come up with good comebacks.

Reiga: Hey, (flashes a look at her of fake betrayal) don't you turn on me too Akari!

Akari: (Smiles innocently and rolls onto her stomach as she tugs at Myri's shirt) Myri protect me, Reiga is getting mad~

Myri: (Laughs as she thinks to herself) I wonder though...

Reiga: Oh...forget it... (Smiles and sits back, falling on the ground, completely content despite the weather)

Myri: (To herself as she leans and looks back) I wish Nex would let himself have fun once in awhile...seeing everyone happy like this, its nice.

Akari: (Looks up at her with a grin) Hey, Myri, whatcha thinkin?

Myri: Oh (looks back at her, shaking her head), nothing really. (Smiles)

Kiryos: (Sits down next to Myri) Does something bother you, my lady?

Myri: (Brushes her sapphire hair away a bit) no, nothing...just thinking (cups her hand underneath her head as she sighs) wondering what Nex would do if he were here...would he be distant (stops and looks at him) Or would just a little?

The others busy chatting, enjoying each other's company, and they didn't exactly hear Myri speak of Nex.

Kiryos: To be honest, I have no idea. But a man like him... he had a rough life, judging by his demeanor. If nothing else, he would just watch and listen to what we say... all those silly things... (faintly smiles)

He looks into her eyes and then swiftly turns his head away.

Myri: Yeah, (exhales as she let go of her thoughts) probably... (Looks at him) What's wrong?

Kiryos: It's... it's nothing. I was so rude that I dared to look into your eyes... guess I am not good enough at being courteous.

Myri: Rude? (surprised tone as she shakes her head, keeping a smile) No, that's not rude, I don't think so anyway...

Kiryos: (Raises his eyebrow) ...Do you think so?

Myri: Yeah. (nods as she looks up at the clouds) We should be able to act how we want, you don't have to feel bad for anything around me Kiryos.

Kiryos: (Smiles at her) I... I guess. Well, I lived in a society where emotions seemed unnecessary, so I… (Pauses as he tried to gather his words) I am kind of awkward in these situations.

The scene switching to just on the outskirts of the entrance to the 5th Area, Legna and Nex are seen speaking, Nex's eyes close slightly as he looks away after listening to her words.

Legna: (eyes glimmering, she keeps her gaze away from him as she focuses on the night skies, the moon quietly beginning to peer from the clouds) Did you understand Nex?

Nex: ...yeah. (Offscreen, before he turns his stare toward her) It explains a few things...if there is one of ‘em here...

Legna: (Looks at him as he has his back to her sitting on a ledge) What will you do then...?

Nex: ...I'll find it, and I'll destroy it. (Lifts himself off the ledge with a heavy breath) That's the only way I do things. (Looks down at his blade's crimson edge as he places it in front of his sight) I swore my road to that path.

The two continued to speak on both sides.

Myri: (Offscreen) That's okay. We all feel a bit awkward sometimes. But showing emotion is important, at least, I believe.

Kiryos: (Offscreen) ...Maybe...

Legna: (Sighs) And yet, you don't even know where to start searching.

Nex: (Looks back at her for a moment) That's why you're sending me to the restricted area isn't it. To learn more? I figure you don't just spout cryptic nonsense for no reason. Kagusutchi… one of the cities that houses a cauldron. Cauldrons are still in various controlled cities, hidden, no longer in use by the NOS's word. If I remember right, the prime cauldrons were utilized to summon something in the Third War…

Legna: You would be correct...but Nex, what you find in that may disturb even you. It is but one step of many to piecing your own missing parts together.

Nex: Just goes to show, I don't know everything. (Scowls as his eyes narrow) I'll figure it out. I swear that much, and once I do, I'll break it all down. (Clenches his hand tight as he stands up quietly)

Myri: (Offscreen) Emotions are what back our choices after all, if we have none, then choice...doesn't that vanish too?

Nex: That was my choice afterall...

Kiryos: (Offscreen) Our heart makes the choice, not our mind, of course. But in some situations logic is more useful than emotions.

Myri: (Offscreen) Maybe its a matter of finding that balance...

Legna: (Looking down slightly, she closes her eyes in thought) I see, and what of the other matters?

Nex: Huh? ...Figure I'd leave it up to her... (Walks past her slightly, Legna's eyes wide for a moment)

Legna: ...Leave it to her?

Nex: (Offscreen) Yeah.

In all truths it had surprised her to hear him say such words, evident by her shaken tone. Nex didn’t turn his gaze, remaining focused on the 5th Area’s towering structures.

Legna: You're willing to take that chance? To leave that in her hands, out of your control?

Nex: ... (Closes eyes) Yeah, I am. By the sounds of it, I won’t have control anyway.

Legna: ...

Nex then leaves Legna, as she lets off a long and quiet sigh.

Kiryos: (Offscreen) Perhaps. But it is not easy for me to find that balance. I am a cold-blooded predator than has only a few real friends, and they keep me from becoming an unrepentant murderer.

As Nex made his way back through the winding path, the scene returns to Myri and Kiryos speaking.

Myri: (Looking down, she lets off a sigh) And I hope we don't ever experience it.

Kiryos: (Closes his eyes) If that happens, then I will lose every part of myself than makes me human.

Myri: (Quietly as she looked on) A cycle of violence...

Reiga: (Offscreen) Hey, what the heck are you two talking about over there?

Kiryos: Don't worry, nothing inappropriate for children. (wryly smiles)

Reiga's voice catches the two back to attention and Myri smiles getting up.

Reiga: (Pauses for a moment thinking about that) Huh…? (Shakes his head) Hey don't even say things like that...and I'm not a kid!

Myri: He's teasing you Reiga. (Smiles and puts her hands on her hips with a smile)

Akari: (Giggles)

Reiga: (Blinking he tilted his head slightly) Ah, well, Mysteria is even loosened up a bit, that's rare. She and I were talking too you know.

Akari: Its super secret stuff! (Smiles)

Mysteria: Um...yes...

Akari: I just...wonder would Reiga be aggressive or would Mysteria?

Reiga: I would, and--... (Stops realizing what he just said, shaking his head at rapid pace) He...hey! (Flails) What the hell—where did you even hear something like that?! I definitely wouldn't talk about way...

Kiryos: (Gets up and raises an eyebrow) Oh, I think I know what was it about...Don't get your hopes too high, mon ami.

Reiga: (Turns beat red as Mysteria seemed embarrassed as well) Oh come on Kiryos stooop. Come on, for me?

Mysteria: ...Major please…(Looks away with a slightly embarrassed expression) it was nothing, really.

Akari: (Peeps in) Liars~

Reiga: (Wails and brushes through his hair rapidly) God dammit, all of you...just stop!

Mysteria: It seems rather futile around them...

Reiga: (Dips his head and sighs) Ugh, my friends sometimes...

Kiryos: (Laughs and taps Reiga on the shoulder) Relax, man, just joking. And Mysteria, you look quite beautiful today. I am impressed. For all this time I’ve known you…

Myri lets off a small giggle, suddenly a few shadows squirm along the ground behind Reiga, Mysteria and Akari, Myri's eyes widening as she spots it.

Mysteria: That's kind of you, Major...

With tension gripping the air around them, an alert Kiryos reaches for his blades.

Kiryos: (To himself) Strange...

Myri: (To herself as she trembles) This...feeling...

The shadow worms through the ground at a high speed, going right past Kiryos and the others.

A humanoid being infused with Seithr, notable by the veins across a part of its body springs out and strikes the group in a pair. The two, apparently men turned around one with a grin and the other a disgusted frown. They didn't have any entirely distinguishable features aside the pitch bodies and glimmering eyes, each had their own look to them however sporting different colored veins. They had strange solid formations on their body, similar to that which raised off Nex’s shoulders.

Seithr being: Humans… How fun.

Seithr Being 2: Only humans...? Strange, I thought that the other one was here… The one who isn't human.

They speak in tones that sent chills down the spine, unnatural auras about them as they maintained a demonic presence. Their skin shimmered a dark radiance every now and again, glimmering eyes of a certain malevolence.

Mysteria: W-what the...

Reiga gets over instinctively as he draws his blades, Myri froze, terrified of the beings.

Kiryos: Oh hell...

Anna's eyes widen as she compares these beings to the saved image of Zaezel shown by Nicaiah, which flashed across a small device she pulls out. Wavelengths matching, appearance uncannily similar, she quickly discerns the answer.

Anna: They're the same as Zaezel!

Quickly, Anna snatches the riffle from her back in hastened fashion, and points it at the closest being in her scopes range.

Seithr Being: Oh they know!

Seithr Being 2: Perhaps they're not as stupid as they appear.

Myri: W-what...they're...infused with seithr...they're not even human!

Reiga: Zaezel? (Looks at Anna confused before he turned attention to the beings of seithr before them) H-hey! What are these things?!

Kiryos: (Offscreen) They are fused with seithr, and Zaezel is their apparent leader. Sylar went after him.

Reiga: Sylar? Who…--

Mysteria: ...Someone known as the White Demon… He’s in a similar league as Nex. But...

Sithius: (Grabs their attention with a sharp reply) Hey flesh bag we're not things! No more than you anyway...we have names you know! I'm Sithius, this is Grau, pleased to meet you. And would you stop staring at us like we're monsters… (grins) We're only what we were made to be.

Mysteria: M-made? (Eyes widen at the thought) Someone made these things?!

Kiryos: I guess... Since Zaezel was forced into cryogenic sleep.

Grau: Isn’t that obvious. (moves a bit and shakes its head) This is boring, the Beast of Sin isn’t even here, Sithius.

Myri: (To herself as she trembles slightly) Why do they want to see Nex?

Sithius: Yeah. Kinda pointless to be here then… But... (Grins wickedly ) SHE'S here, and without his protection. Why don't we send him a message! A message in these maggots blood and flesh.

Grau: ...A pure one, yes, we'll kill her.

Myri: ?!

Reiga: Not happening, you freaks. (Growls as he spins his swords forward) I dunno what you are, but you're not killing anyone!

Kiryos: (Covers his arms in ice and twirls his blades) If you dare to lay a finger on her, I will shatter you.

The beings simply exchanged looks before Sithius let off an unreal laugh from its bowels. 

Sithius: Or we can just kill all of them...

Kagutsuchi, December 24th

Within the Area 4 Station sector

As time continues to pass, Yumiko awaits the transport to ready. Nothing interesting had happened for the good past hour or so. Walking along showing her companion the area had allowed her to pass the time.

However, she stops dead in her tracks the moment she spots a man who stood there his back turned to them. His black jacket hung down as he stood leaned against a support beam. He awaited someone from the transport himself it seemed. Yumiko's blood runs cold as she tries to think of how to hide Miwa. Akuhei. Of all people, she thinks. Why would he be here?

Yumiko: (To herself as she quickly changes directions, sharply turning taking Miwa with her) Crapcrapcrap... Miwa, I think we should go this way for a minute...

The Squirrel Beastkin’s heart pounds at abnormally fast past, taking quick short breaths she tries to relax.

Miwa: Oh, okay? (Dragged along with a confused expression toward Yumiko’s actions)

Yumiko peeks around as she waits to see what he does. She peers over the small metal headrests several times, hoping, praying that her superior would move on.

Yumiko: (To herself with a worried expression) Come on General... move, please...oh why's he have to be there now of all times...

Turning his piercing gaze over, Akuhei hears people a bit away from him. Shrugging it off the General remains quiet, waiting and tapping his shoe on the floor. A short huff leaving him, he manipulates a dark neon seithr as he tries to remain patient.

Akuhei: (Thinking to himself, Shifting slightly as he keeps attention on the transport) Damn idiots never shut up, it all sounds like barking to me…

While Yumiko and Miwa remained still, something manifests from the light the transport generated.

Akuhei pushes himself up and off of the support beam as he witnessed the same event.

Akuhei: Oh hell, finally. Only took all damn day.

A low whooshing noise is heard as collective energy forms a worm hole and out walks a man donned in an imperialistic outfit with cold navy blue eyes.

Lukain: Waiting never is your forte. (Approaches Akuhei, stopping in front of him)

Akuhei: No, it’s not. (Straightens out somewhat) Anyway...the attack hasn’t occurred, the 5th area hasn’t been infiltrated yet.

Lukain: Then it affords some time.

Yumiko: (thinking to herself as she crouches low again) the Marshal is here too... She catches sight of a red crystallized organic core of pure seithr in her superior’s hands. Just as quick does it slip away as Akuhei let off a short chuckle.

Akuhei: Just need a few more...should be more than enough...

Yumiko looks and tilts her head.

Yumiko: (Tilting her head she tried to catch sight of the strange object) what was that thing the General had?

Lukain: ...?

Yumiko: (Quickly covers her mouth with her hand) Crap, said that outloud…

Catching onto the sound, both of the higher ups look toward that direction.

Her heart skips a beat as she knew what would come next, she’d have to go out, by herself to ensure Miwa wasn’t seen.

Yumiko: (To herself as she glances at Miwa) No choice then...sometimes I wish I didn't slip up like this so often… (Moves her hand slightly, trying to tell Miwa to hide herself)

Luckily for her, they didn't really catch what she'd said, only picked up on the sound of her voice.

Yumiko: (Quickly coming out in front of the two she inhales) Marshal Necaros, and General Akuhei… (Nervously salutes the two) good evening.

Akuhei: Eh? (gives her a sharp look) ...weren't you supposed to be on a mission...?

Lukain: (Offscreen as Yumiko with wide eyes struggles to find words under pressure) Do you have a report on your success then?

Yumiko: Actually, I didn't find anything...the pod was already opened.

The look on her superior’s face seemed to give clear inclination that he didn’t buy into it.

Akuhei: Bullshit… (glares slightly with a grin) who else would have the code, hmm?

Yumiko: (quietly replies) ...It was destroyed, sir….

Akuhei: … What?

Yumiko: The...pod… (Replies in clarity as she raised her gaze to his, trying to shake the chill) it was destroyed...

She lied.

But she knew it was likely the best thing to say to get the General to stop being so curious, being the sort he was.

Akuhei: Destroyed eh? (a smile flashes across his expression) Well...that’s a shame.

Having spoken in a condescending tone to his comment, the man contained a chuckle.

Yumiko didn’t let her guard down though, even if it appeared to have worked and fooled the Underworld Serpent.

Lukain: How unfortunate...Nex must of stumbled on it. Was he nearby?

Yumiko: (Quickly looks over to Lukain and shakes her head) I don't know, I didn't see him anywhere near the area. Why did you come sir?

She tries to shift topic.

Lukain: Its not of your concern, (turns his gaze elsewhere) an order from the top you could call it…

Akuhei: (Offscreen) Well, technically, she’s a friend of girl…

Yumiko: (Surprised) ...Are you talking about Myri?

Akuhei: Yeah...her. (glances at Yumiko and gestures) Her being absent has caused a huge amount of discord with the top.


Akuhei: I mean no one even knows where she is, and there’s rumors she’s with Nex… Not exactly the best rumor.

Yumiko: R-rumor… (rubs her shoulder) yeah. .

Akuhei: (Looks at her intently) Why are you so...nervous?

Yumiko: (Snaps to attention) Intimidation sir...I wasn't expecting you two.

Akuhei: Ah...that so.

Though Akuhei seemed a bit suspicious of the reply, Lukain’s voice called him to attention and the General drops the subject for now.

Lukain: Akuhei, we should leave. (Offscreen as Akuhei turned his attention to him) The mission was a failure, Nex destroyed the target. Nothing more to be done about it at this point.

Akuhei: Yeah, yeah alright. (Straightened out and walked away from Yumiko)

Lukain: You are returning to headquarters I assume?

Yumiko: Sir. I'm going to see Lazarith first.

Lukain: ...I see.

Akuhei: Oh hell… Why.

Akuhei's voice filled with disdain he scowls at the very mention of his name.

Yumiko: (frowns slightly at Akuhei’s comment) All due respect sir I happen to like him as a friend.

Akuhei: (Closes his eyes) Wasted potential is what he is... (turns around and walks away)

Yumiko frowns heavily towards that statement.

Lukain follows Akuhei quietly.

Yumiko: Wasted potential…? How rude. (folds her arms in disagreement, before she turned a gaze to Miwa) can come out now.

Miwa: (Peeks around the corner) Um, those were your bosses? (Quietly walks to Yumiko)

Yumiko: ...Yeah that was them… (Sighs)

Miwa: (Nervously replies) They look scary…

Yumiko: Not the first time I've heard that. (Shakes her head) Its really hard to talk to them sometimes...

Miwa: (Offscreen) Its not like that first guy though.

Yumiko: First guy? (Looks over at Miwa)

Miwa: I mean Nex. He seemed like a good guy at heart.

Yumiko: …um…well he did say not to let you be seen by the higher ups…I don’t know if he’s exactly a “good” guy but… (Trails off)

Miwa: Not that you aren't fun to be around though. I like traveling with you. You're easy to talk to.

Yumiko: (smiles hearing her comment) That's nice of you to say...but, we should probably use the transport now.

Miwa: Okay…(gulps)

Miwa clearly nervous upon seeing the transport, approaches quietly alongside Yumiko. It seemed strange and unnatural, it was something she had never used before. Stepping onto the platform, Yumiko guides Miwa to follow her.

A light emits around them, a faint light that slowly grows and makes a bit of a low pitch humming. As time continued, it increased its tone slightly higher.

Yumiko busily thinking about what the higher ups were after in all this, she remains quiet, keeping thoughts to herself.

A energy whisks around them beneath their feet and soon enough the entire area around their scope of vision shrinks into the light as it comes up and around them. Their bodies feel a bit light as it envelops them. Outside all that was visible was a radiant crackling orb that gradually vanished, taking them with it.

Kagutsuchi, December 24 Outside the Area 4 Station

Meanwhile, outside of the station, the two higher ups of the NOS made their way through the dimly lit streets as they conversed. Rain ceasing its constant downpour, the air around the two seemed frozen in tension. People spotting them from the streets and buildings remained within their own vicinity. 

Akuhei: (Walks behind Lukain, twirling a knife formed of seithr and darkness between his hands) So...not much longer than eh?

Lukain: ...All with patience...Akuhei.

Akuhei: Yeah, yeah.

Lukain: Where is the Lt. Colonel right now…? (Looks at Akuhei briefly) I thought she was with you. 

Akuhei: I sent her after Nex… (Stops the knife as he relinquished it in a flurry of darkness) it is her mission to follow him after all.

Lukain: So she should, provided nothing interrupts them, meet with him. ...And What’s the SIA’s status...

Akuhei: Well, now that Zaezel is out and about I’d say they’re probably going to pay a bit more attention to the shitstorm unfolding. ...Though if they leave their position well that risks letting others slip past their notice. (Snickers) Seems our headmaster of operations is in quite the tizzy on what to do…

Lukain paused for a moment in brief thought, his mind working out every move that could be made strategically. Closing his eyes he finally spoke.

Lukain: Then we’ll make the attempt here… (Stops after they leave the station) I’ve been tasked with getting that divine vessel back anyway.

Akuhei: (whips his hands into a shrug) Well you know if I wasn’t being assigned pointless tasks… (closes his eyes and shakes his head with a smile) I might of already been able to take care of that…

Lukain: Knowing you it wouldn’t be any challenge, you’re not one to end things quickly unless you feel need to. (Doesn’t look at him at first, continuing to move ahead)

Akuhei: (Following he chuckles, amused) Fair enough. Then, since we have time to spare... I assume you want me to-

Lukain: No.

Akuhei: … (frowns slightly, narrowing his eyes, changing his tone) Why, if you don’t mind me asking. (Gestures out with his hand in a challenging manor

Even with his change in tone, Akuhei clearly attempting to intimidate him, it doesn’t work. Lukain shrugs it off with no change in expression.

Lukain: Testing me…? (Unfazed as he replies) Regardless, I desire to make an attempt personally, very few things manage to strike worth or interest to me in this world.

Akuhei: ...Damn, you’re truly completely hollow aren’t you? I find it hard to believe you were once well not.


Akuhei: Anyway… (Thinks on it) Fine, fine whatever… (loses his fake edgy tone and gives an ill willed smile) do what you want. I’ll play along, your endeavors usually lead to promising results.

That being the truth in every word, were it not for Lukain a lot of the advances made couldn’t of occurred, he went further than anyone would dream to, it wouldn’t be illogical to think that he likely threw away humanity for it all.

Lukain: Being said…I do need you to make sure of something if this even stands a chance of working.

Akuhei: Hmm…? (Turns his sharp, intrigued gaze at Lukain with a grin) Listening

Lukain: They're watched are they not…

Akuhei: Ah… (fiddles with energy before he gestures outward with his hand twirling the serpentine darkness) No interruptions... (The dark aura vanishes as he smirked) consider me on board with that.

Kagusutchi, Upper Levels

Outside Area 5's Barrier 

As the night winds breezed by, a women donned in scarlet and black attire sits stop a fallen pillar overlooking the distant 5th area, ambient hatred glimmering in her eyes. In her hand she held an intricate and sleek black gun, as a dark energy traversed its body she outstretches the barrel toward the city in threatening gesture.

Valetha: The clock winds down on these maggots time… (Pulls the rifle back as she scowls) the LSZ...NOS, those unaffiliated...humanity in general will begin to answer for their irreconcilable sin.

???: The Norai Stigma...a cursed weapon and mark of sin.

As the tone of a man sounded from below her, Valetha turns her attention to it. She turns her gaze down to see a pair of radiant eyes looking at her from behind a white hood.

Valetha: Cursed...

???: Weapons with converted seithr from beyond the gates flowing through their bodies, making into an aggressive agent of death. Weapons with only purpose of destruction, and the prototypes of what would become those unholy accursed instruments…

Valetha: (Smiles slightly) Unholy...that depends on your people like myself they’re a tool of salvation.


Valetha takes a closer look at the person’s attire, rather sacred looking, it was brightly colored and loose upon the man. 

Valetha: (Turns her head) ...You’re simply a minister, one who wouldn’t preach of fighting and “violence”. What would someone like you be doing in a place like this…

Keil: I’m minister Keil, merely observing the events. (closes his eyes) I’m aware that forces outside of the government are targeting the city.

Valetha: And have you come to do something about it…?

Keil: (Shakes his head) No, I am a simple soul of peace, I will not intervene.

Valetha blinks as she looked away from him.

Valetha: A soul of peace… there is nothing that sets you apart from this filth.

The man doesn’t respond to her crude dialect.

Valetha: I’ve sensed you before, in the sub levels of Kagusutchi. You were with that kitten in that beastkin’s home. Rau. (Twirls her gun with a quick glance)

Keil: Morkuv’s son, Byakai, yes I was there. Merely to pay respect to the one who fell. Even if they were a is still something that should be tended to.

Valetha’s expression wrinkles hearing his droning words, she huffs. Hearing about it only served to annoy her, as she sharply responds.

Valetha: I don’t exactly care about something like that, humans and beastkin alike deserve no respect. The world is in this state only because of them.

Keil: (Closes his eyes and sighs quietly) Darkness had to be let in, yes, it didn’t simply come with no catalyst, and that probably was our fault, a sin. It isn’t the agents fault alone for doing what it does in nature. But even so, (eyes glimmer) it is an enemy.

Valetha: In the end to all of you, yes...however I see it as otherwise.

Keil walks forward and gazes at the city.

Keil: Do you seek destruction, when what this world needs is salvation? Saving?

Valetha: Don’t even begin to preach to me… (Closes her eyes) The government is just as corrupt as the world itself, and it’ll all burn.

Keil: (Offscreen) And that’s why you’re after that man who can bring that desire to reality.

Valetha: He’s one who will allow the punishment that this world deserves. Bathing it in the hellish reckoning that is, the “Truth”.

Keil: (Looks down) The truth, yes, that man does seek to destroy.

Valetha: He’s yet to realize what he can truly do, whether he does it now or later doesn’t matter because it will happen...instilled in my very mind is the truth that it will end in destruction. (lowers her head looking at the guns)

As the two spoke, Valetha spots someone walking along the road.

A long black as night coat with blood red accents on it in certain places, arms left exposed hugged loosely by an intricate brace leading to a strange formation atop it infused to his shoulders of pure seithr exuding a dark aura with a demonic blade slung to his back to complete the image gave the man in question a certain foreboding appearance.

Valetha: Nex…(Raises to a stood position, jumping off of the pillar in sudden haste)

Making her way over in moments, Keil watched from a bit of a distance now.

His path blocked off as a blur of black and red shoots down in front of him, Nex doesn’t blink as he made out Valetha.

Nex: (Halts his steps, his expression falling into a frown) You again…?

Valetha: An honor again, (spins the gun to readied position once more as she looks at him with intent) Beast of Sin.

Nex: Tch. (Raises his head looking past her, noticing Keil his expression shifts again) ...A, A minister? What the hell is a Minister doin’ here?

Keil: (Sighs) No doubt on are him aren’t you…

Nex: (Appears puzzled for a moment before he swiftly glares) ...Why are you here? Are you after me too? .

Keil: No...I’m a soul of peace. We don’t fight unless necessary. All I’d ask is you change your path, but I know you won’t.

Nex: (Annoyed tone) I’m not in the mood for preaching or studies thanks, I didn’t sign up for lectures from “Souls of Peace”. (Turns his gaze to Valetha briefly) From either of you for that matter.

Valetha: I couldn’t help but notice you ditched that bitch, the “Foe”. Have you realized you don’t need her?

Nex: Tch, screw off I-- … (Pauses as he feels a sense of urgency wash over his mind, feeling his grimoire sense something in the area, an unpleasant sensation tugs him) W-what’s… (looks over at the area he felt it resonate from)

Keil turns his own gaze toward the area Nex stared at, wondering what concerned him, he pieces it together quickly as he feels a force of malevolent nature toward it.

Nex: (To himself) They’re here… (frowns strongly) They’ll kill her…

Without a second thought every instinct tells him to get there, running off he doesn’t get far as a blistering blaze of darkness cuts his advance. Jumping back away from it, Nex turns to see the bleak auras emitting from the barrels of Iblisa in Valetha’s hold.

Valetha: (Keeping her weapon pointed she grinned) Beast of Sin I ask you listen to what I have to say this time... from one force of destruction to the next.

Nex: (Growls as he shoots himself around fully to face her) Screw that...I don’t have time for it...Are you with the ones attacking the city? Are you doin’ this?

Valetha: No, I want to speak with you, and only that. If it interferes in your affairs I apologize. (raises her gaze with an eccentric look) What happens to the people of this city, I don’t really care, because you’ll make them all burn anyway. (laughs quietly)

Nex: Damned Norai Stigma… (sneers throwing his hand out) fine I’ll give you what you want, (Opens the shell on the back of his hands releasing azure darkness from it as it twines he lets off a yell) I’ll give it to you damn hard, I’ll lay you to waste!

Keil quietly observes with a frowning visage, thinking among himself.

Keil: (To himself) You don't have time for this Nex...they'll be in danger…

Valetha: Please do, I can’t wait (points Iblisa forward) show me what your power of destruction is like…

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive

End of Whispering Dangers
Next time on Control Sequence: Foreboding Trials