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I destroyed those AIP come to find out that the girl from the pod was actually a 200 year old visitor who...knew nothing about the past. An innocent soul, with azure on top of it Myri's apparent friend took her in to the NOS...I still don't think that's the greatest idea, but whatever. Byakai while looking for me ran into trouble with that freak Fasado, but Red Thunder intervened in his battle and as I decided to head back to my usual path towards the Restricted area past within Area 5, seems the NOS had another surprise in the wings because I didn't even know this guy who attacked us. He kept up with me while I used my Azure...who the hell was he? I'll figure out who that guy was later...finding Myri is more important.

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"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Arc 1: Purity and Sin
Episode 13: Thoughts of Vengeance

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 4:12pm "
"Upper Levels, Area 3"

Exiting the central area where they'd met that demon of a man from the NOS, a frantic Myri calls out for help from a companion as she runs down the streets of the city.

Myri: (Running with a huff) Legna...Legna!

Worried for Nex, concern ringing strongly in her voice, she continues to call out. It wasn't more than a few moments before her call was answered.

Legna: (Appears to the side with her gold eyes looking toward her) There is little need to be yelling, I can hear you... (Scans around her, swiftly frowning slight as she doesn't spot him) and where is Nex...?

Myri: (Slows down to a halt) Nex he, he told me to leave... (Holds head down slightly) he stayed back to fight a man in the NOS.

Legna: (Sighs heavily as she looks over) Was it again Akuhei...? I told him not to--

Myri: N-no, not Akuhei... (Shakes her head before looking at Legna with serious eyes) but this person seemed to know who Akuhei was. He knew Nex too, but Nex didn't know him and he was more a demon then man. (frowns rubbing her shoulder and turning gaze downward) I don't really know how to explain it...

Legna: ... (Closes her eyes while thinking to herself) A demon...not the one attacking the city, he isn't involved with the NOS directly...but if he knew Nex then... (Opens her eyes) ...I see...and was he captured...?

Myri: (Frown deepens) I-I don't know...but he told me to go...Legna he could of gotten hurt, or even worse, all because of me.

Legna: ...Do you care for him...?

Myri: w-what? (eyes widen before she replies nervously, and loudly) No! Are you kidding? T-that jerk kidnapped me!

Legna: I see...that is the case isn't it?

The audacity to ask that question, Myri thinks to herself, but then she also wondered why she reacted so strongly. Pushing the thoughts aside, she replies to her.

Myri: The only reason I'm with him is to learn the truth. (Frowns as she crosses her arms, and then sighs) But, I don't want him to be hurt either by that man. Something about him was evil, that demonic presence he had...he wanted to do more than just catch us...(Lowers her arms and looks at Legna once more) where does it even come from Legna?

Legna: (Sighs quietly, looking over to the side) ...A source of endless darkness that corrupts the soul, mind and body...but it'll have to be put aside. We need to locate Nex, before they do.

Myri: (Stops fiddling with her fingers and nods) R-right.

A chilled wind floats by, ruffling Legna's hair and long loose attire a bit. Watching the clearly nervous Myri who fidgeted about, Legna seemed to be in thought. A feeling of urgency suddenly pricked her soul from within, and no longer able to bare it, the vampire women lets off an inward sigh.

Legna: (Looks toward Myri) I don't believe you've heard this before, but you've a strong soul. You might be meek, fragile and utterly incompetent right now...

Myri: (Shocked, she gazes up from her hands and frowns, puffing her cheeks) H-hey!! That's rude, where did it even come from? Don't say such things like tha--

Legna: And that complaining and whining...never seems to cease. You can't even defend yourself like this, and you're little more than a pampered child by the one who you care for.

Myri: (slightly annoyed she frowns strongly) ...I...I am not...I just miss Lazarith...can you blame me? I was taken from my home Legna! Removed from everything I cared about, (Gestures outward with her hands) and thrown into this dangerous mess that is Nex's pointless fight against the NOS.

Legna: ...(Sighs, shaking her head at her response) While that may be what you believe, you are an innocent soul. He is not.

Myri: I-Innocent...?

Legna: Nex walks the paths of sin, and destruction. You do not. But, it is vital that you make choices for yourself, and never for others. (Looks down at a pool of water made from the rain, she causes it to ripple a bit) Choice is a powerful tool in this world, it gives us the power to bring change, sets us free of utter control. (Looks back at Myri) And put simply the power of choice is scarcely given to but a few. If there is one thing that man has, it is an overwhelming will.

Myri: (Offscreen) Overwhelming will...? ...

Legna: (Eyes close slightly) Hardened and solidified after tasting despair more than he would have liked, for some reason no matter what happens to that man he doesn't break. He's an unbroken soul. The road only holds more strife for him, but he doesn't care...You can become strong willed as well, if you desire it enough, and continue to tread the path you do. (Closes her eyes as her tone shifts) But when that choice comes to choose a road, it is up to you to decide. Not him, Not Lazarith. Not anyone but you.

Myri looks a bit stunned at the sudden heaviness of the conversation.

Myri: You' cryptic. (Rubs her head, before she gains a sincere look) But, Legna...if we get a chance to talk...I want to hear more about him. And myself, that is, if you know anything.

Legna: (Closes her eyes) I can only say as much as I'm allowed. But I will given the chance. Now, let us find him. Goodness knows what trouble that man will find himself in.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 4:26pm "
"Upper Levels, Approaching Area 4"

Akuhei leers towards Siegfried from a bit away, and looks at Mysteria and his smile from his own earlier thoughts, vanishes.

Akuhei: (Turns his head to gaze at Mysteria) Why don't you go seek Nex out... I'll catch up later. (cocks his head and looks over toward the pathway, leading out of the area) I'm almost positive as we get closer to Area 5 where the branch is stationed he'll be around.

Mysteria: Yes sir. (Salutes him before she begins to walk away, before sprinting off)

Akuhei: Now then... (Looks over and walks forward)

Siegfried looks around for Sylar as he continued chasing after him in the streets, as he approached Area 4, the population would soon become thick, and there was hardly understanding for why someone like Sylar would be heading there. On his way, there wasn't much of a sign of the "White Demon". He had things he wished to question, ask, but he certainly split off fast. How'd he know Nex? What was that power? Who was that man he was chasing, that caused all the havoc earlier, and why wasn't he informed of it? It'd all have to wait.

Nonetheless, unaware of who he'd find he kept with his search.

Akuhei: (Offscreen) What's the rush Brigadier...?

The voice comes from the pathway that Siegfried passes, he recognized the voice almost instantaneously as he comes to a halt, footsteps soon fill his ears.

Siegfried: (To himself, as he slowly comes to a halt in his advance) Dammit out of all the people to run into now.. Why is it him?.

His silence brings Akuhei to attention almost instantly.

Akuhei: (Steps out and shoots him an icy look) You deaf? I asked what the rush was... (Gestures out with one hand rubbing his forehead) normally you reply to people when they speak to you.

Annoyance quickly crossed Siegfried's face, but he quickly pushed it towards the side.

Siegfried: (Turns to face him raising a hand in salute) I'm in the middle of chasing someone... But being called out to talk has never been one of my strong suits and you know that, sir.

Akuhei: (chuckles to himself, amused by the statement) ...Wow, most of that was just useless info that I really don't give a shit about. (Looks back at him with narrowed eyes of interest) But not all of it was useless crap, you were chasing someone? Who might that be?

Siegfried: (frowns giving him a look of distaste) A man known as Sylar... otherwise known as the White Demon.

Akuhei appeared everything, but surprised at the news.

Akuhei: Oh is he here? (cocks his head and shrugs casually) I guess we forgot to mention he was around in Kagusutchi, then again didn't see his appearance in the cards either. What was he up to.

Siegfried: Didn't see...? (Looks at him with curiously before raising a brow) So the NOS knew about him the whole time, but that doesn't matter right now. He was chasing after someone...

Akuhei: Yes we knew, though it was withheld from the public report, no reason to cause panic anymore then there already is... He's certainly busy isn't he, this one he's chasing after...must be strong to catch his attention. (grins as he fiddles with serpentine darkness around his hand) Can only imagine.

Siegfried: But still... You always seem know whats going on yet, It seems like I was intentionally not informed about the person Sylar was chasing, And you show no signs of worry about them both even though they pose a threat to this whole operation.

Akuhei: (Laughs to himself hearing the words) Of course I know what's going on... (stops his laugh and narrows his stare) Idiot. its my job, that's the perks of the SD Division. And if you must know why you weren't informed its because we already have someone on the job of dealing with the attacks being caused by these forces. (Turns his gaze away with a slight frown) And that's none other then the Azure Prodigy. (Looks back at him gaining his smile again) Whether or not he can do it, well that remains to be seen now doesn't it?

Clear disdain could be discerned from Akuhei's tone concerning Reiga, but Siegfried didn't care about that. It annoyed him to think that Reiga received such high priority missions when he himself, was one of their best and in protest, the man speaks his mind with a fiery tone.

Siegfried: (Narrows his eyes at him) Whether or not he can do it...? You guys put too much faith in this so-called Azure Prodigy. (Laughs to himself) At the end of the day he is just some greenhorn kid, (stops laughing and shifts his footing) yet you guys treat him like he's the best one in the NOS. Why not just send me? I could've easily handled it.

Akuhei: (chuckles before laughing) Eheahahaa! (Turns away and walks for a moment as he looks over toward the central part of area 4 with great interest) someone has a bit of an edge to them now...I notice a certain, resolve with you now. Someone fired you up inside eh? Well, whatever it takes, I guess. Although, not to douse your flames of confidence but its still not a blaze hot enough for me to even glance at.

Siegfried: (Lets out a sigh) That still leaves the question...Are we really just going to let the Azure Prodigy deal with Sylar? That kid is no fighter by any means... heck he disdains fighting, and i'm sure Sylar isn't on the same boat.

Akuhei: (turns slightly and looks back at him) Now lets not try and sweep shit under the rug...Brigadier. (Gains an unsettling grin) To be fair, I don't have faith in either of you fact I can't stand the Lieutenant at times...for a lot of reasons. Not to mention, you haven't exactly completed your mission either yet now have you. (Walks forward, approaching him) So why the HELL would I trust you to do something as large as deal with someone that the white demon is chasing. Or the White Demon, who is, on a similar level as Nex? Who you lost against. 

Siegfried: (looks at him annoyed) And its because the Lieutenant failed at his mission I failed at mine. I had her cornered and beaten... I was so close to completing my mission, but then the White Demon showed up which allowed her the time to escape.

Doesn't that sound familiar...Akuhei thinks to himself. He'd just heard the same, not too long ago from Reiga. All these incompetent calv—no, insects. Calvary was too good for them. 

Akuhei: (Draws in right up to him and looks into his eyes with a piercing gaze as he mocks Siegfried) But General, the White Demon interfered! Its his fault that I failed! (Sarcastic tone, he leans close) Did he now? Well that changes everything! I'll just write it off as it was someone else's fault. (stands straight and laughs at him) You're a kid, you know that? Blaming others now for your incompetence? Sounds more like an excuse, desperate at that. (He grins) But you want to try and stop them...go right ahead.

Siegfried: (Stares back at him and looks at him with anger seething through, an angry tone clear) You bastard...I'm not a kid! I refuse to acknowledge that it was my own fault, when it was someone that should've been a top priority alongside Nex, and captured. And its precisely that exact person that ruined my mission in the first place. (He clenches a fist out of anger) Then to be belittled by you because of a situation that was far from my own hands. That's just outright irksome.

Akuhei: (Chuckles with his hand on his head) Shit Brigadier, you're just the uneducated little fiery ball of anger aren't you? But unlike Nex, its just laughable as hell! (Stops and puts a finger to his temple as he tilts his head) Well...No, actually his anger is entertaining too...(Looks at him, keeping his smile, unable to keep a straight face seeing Siegfried's anger, it only made him laugh, having a hard time getting words out) But, come on, I screw with whoever I damn please, why is it a surprise now all of a sudden? (Straightens out)

Siegfried: (To himself) Not that its much of a surprise to begin with... its still pretty damn annoying. (Releasing the fist he looks at him with disdain) Either way...I think its in my best interest to go after Sylar.

Akuhei: (Sighs as he looks up for a moment as though in thought, before looking back at him) Well... (Pauses) Fine. I'll entertain it. (Grins slightly) However just remember Brigadier, if you screw up you don't get to know what offer the Marshal has for you. (Grin widens as he turns away and gradually pulls away) And believe me, you'll want to hear it. It might even help you get that acknowledgment you seem to be so pathetically starved for.

Siegfried: (Raises an eyebrow) This is the second time you've mentioned this offer, but I suppose it'll have to wait until after i've done my job.

Akuhei: (Sighs, shooing him off) No reward without a damn result, now get going. 

Siegfried: (With a disdainful look he raised a hand saluting him) Yes, sir.

Turning around he began walk moving slowly at first before moving into a full sprint. Akuhei watches him go before with that serpentine smile as he thinks to himself  

Akuhei: (To himself) That offer will make Azure 0 oh so happy. For now, with you going there as well, it might just push things over the edge. 

The man then turns and walks back towards the station chuckling, pulling out something from his coat. 

Akuhei: (Pops a deviled egg out as he walks, looking at it in thought) I do wonder what he's up to... (Laps it in with his tongue and then grins after swallowing it) He has to be approaching the central parts of area 3 as well...seems its all pulling together in this part of the city eh...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 4:56pm "
"Upper Levels, Alleyway"

Byakai: (Hops down and goes over to the two, stopping to the side of the female companion)

Bitoku: (opening up a communication signal) Nicaiah this is Bitoku of red thunder do you copy? (Pulls out a first aid kit as she awaits a response) 

Nicaiah: (Offscreen) Copy Red Thunder.

Byakai goes quiet as he sits down curling his tail and going limp to allow treatment. He had a certain concerned look on his face as he heard Nicaiah's voice.

Bitoku: We ran into the plague doctor Fasado, Mujihi is engaging him, we also found someone else too...he seems injured.

The two enemies square off while the conversation is in play, the tension in the air thick as Byakai watches.

Nicaiah: Someone else...? (Disdained slightly) ...So I'm assuming Nex isn't with you anymore, or Valetha. Backup reported no activity in the area they'd arrived in.

Bitoku: Yeah, we kinda left before your back-up got apologies. (Rubs her neck as she begins to tend to Byakai's wounds in sequence)

Byakai: ...So... (Ears twitch as he looks uncomfortable) Nicaiah...this is probably awkward.

Nicaiah: (Surprised as she pops up a hologram to look at him) Byakai...?! What the hell have you been doing? You never even explained why you left. And you have a lot of other—

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the questions, Byakai tries to get her to slow down by raising his voice only slightly. 

Byakai: (Scratches his ears and then waves a paw) Just hold need to yell.

Nicaiah: There is EVERY need to yell! You who have a weight and responsibility after your father—

There wasn't a snowball's chance he was going to do this right now, Byakai thinks to himself. Before things could get way too complicated, he needed to back out of it. 

Byakai: Can we please do this another time? (Gets up with a huff, quickly making his way away from them) Yeah? Thanks? Bye.

Nicaiah: Byakai! (Angrily) Don't you turn your back on this!

Byakai: (Stops and sighs, wincing from the pain that courses through due to his wounds) 

Bitoku: (Offscreen) Wait! your wounds aren't healed!

Byakai: (Stops and looks back) I'm fine, really. 

Nicaiah: Dammit Byakai, LSZ needs you.

Byakai: No. (Frowns slightly in a distasteful mannor) They need you. You're the leader of the Zero Sector now... (Turns away again, flinching as the battle continues) For christs sake...

Bitoku: Byakai please! You need to stay still to let your wounds recover!

Byakai: I'll be fine! (Spins around sharply to counter with a scowl) I'm not going back while—

Mujihi and Fasado's clashes invade the premise as Mujihi goes sliding across the ground on his back, flipping up to his feet.

Mujihi: grrrrgh! Don't think I'll give up easily! (runs toward Fasado) you bastard!

Fasado: (running toward Mujihi) I'd love seeing you try to piece of trash!

Nicaiah: (Offscreen) Mujihi, dammit don't get too caught up in your own crap! If you can't win don't--

The scene focused on their fight, as they speed at each other with varying strikes which create blurs as sounds of battle ring through the air.

Byakai: (Offscreen) He wont listen...its the same reason Nex fought Akuhei. Personal enemies will fight each other whatever chance they get. Telling them to stop is like herding cats uphill.

Nicaiah: Nex fought Akuhei...? What is with you idiots...

Byakai: Mujihi doesn't seem to be doing very well though... (Winces as the bandages continue to wrap around his wound)

Bitoku: (Offscreen) Just imagine if it was me and Valetha! Why I'd--

Nicaiah: (Eyes widen as she looks over the map within her work area taking notice to an extremely strong pattern) Hold on...

A screech is heard as a spinning whipping serpentine chain slashes at the idle group in a trail of strong energized seithr, creating a hellish snake that bares its fangs, adding to the weapon's power charging with it for a split second before it vanishes at the end of the attack. Noticing the blade from the corners of his cat eyes, Byakai growls, spinning himself around he pushes Bitoku out of the way as he then dives away.

The fighting stops for a moment as a man cloaked in a black attire with a wicked grin holds the pommel of a reformed blade.

???: (stalks forward twirling his weapon with a smile) Well now someone forget to invite me to the party...? I was expecting to see Nexi boy upon hearing all those sounds of battle, but I suppose the shitty son of Morkuv and the loser's duo is sufficient... (Releases the blade into a chain once more)

Nicaiah: Son of a bitch, Akuhei! that's one too many psychos on the field. Mujihi!

Mujihi goes sliding away from another strike by Fasado's rapier.

Akuhei: Psycho? ...Been called worse...I suppose...(Glances over toward Fasado)  oh hello Fasado. I guess you were the one playing with the garbage again.

Mujihi: (offscreen) Hey it's another douchebag of the big three of douchebagger-grrrgh....dammit

Fasado: Ah, good to see you too Akuhei.

Akuhei: "Big Three"? (Looks at Mujihi with a small grin) ...You must of spoken to Nex then... (scratches his head) I really have to muzzle him on certain things...

Nicaiah: Change of plans, pull back, that's an order! There's no way in hell you could fight both of them.

Akuhei: No way in hell you could fight one...fact of the matter is you're just extremely unlucky considering I wasn't even interested in popping by here until I saw our pretend vigilante here. (gestures to a kneeled Byakai)

Byakai's anger suddenly flares up, as he feels his claws sliding out with his increased tension. The man now before him who murdered a friend of his, he wouldn't stand for it. However, he also knew that lashing out at this man carelessly would only land him in an early grave. Something Akuhei would likely in his sadistic nature await with sick glee. 

Byakai: You killed Rau you son of a...

Akuhei: I did, and like your father, (Steps forward slowly) he didn't say a damn thing of what I wanted to know. Members of that shitty band are such poor sports. You know how much trouble they caused? Bout as much as the damn Rogue Sectors themselves...

Nicaiah: Bitoku, get Mujihi back, we have to pull back!

Bitoku: R-right...! 

Mujihi: (Offscreen) I'm gonna finish you...!

Bityoku soon grbabs Mujihi by his tail, before trying to drag him off.

Bitoku: Byakai what are you waiting for?! RUN!

Akuhei: Yes... (Chuckles as he leers toward Byakai) run off with your tails between your legs, knowing that LSZ is in a shit hole because (Points at Byakai with his blade while flashing a toothy grin) you refused to step in your father's place! Oh but, at least there's a more competent leader in place yeah?  

Byakai's ears go straight down as he scowls.

Byakai: You bastard... (Tenses up)

Akuhei: You want your answers shitty kitty...(readies his blade as he approaches) meow for me while I drive this blade through your skull and I'll think about it. (Swings out the blade imbuing it in a overwhelming darkness)

Nicaiah: Byakai, dammit, move!

Byakai catches himself and dodges the chain as it speeds by, cutting his shoulder, he jumps to his feet and rushes off after a glare to follow the others.

Mujihi: (Offscreen) This ain't over Fasado...!

Akuhei: (returns the blade to a neutral position as it clicks into place) ...Nothing but disappointments. Why's our position have to be so damn boring.

Fasado: Perhaps to prepare the best missions for last.

Akuhei: Scratch that...why the hell is my position so boring. You get all the exciting crap while I get stuck with...overseeing a bunch of people that can't seem to do their jobs. (Walks out of the alleyway with fasado following, there being nothing left in there but craters and damage from the earlier fight)

Fasado: I only consider duels with my targets as exciting Akuhei, and the Beast of Sin

Akuhei: (looks back at him while walking shooting him a roll of his eyes) Exactly what I mean.

Fasado: (sheathes rapier as he follows Akuhei) again it's not exactly a job worth doing...but as long as I get my chance to kill my target I'll be grateful for my position.

Akuhei: Oh give the petty little war in progress a chance, I know its nothing compared to 200 years ago, but things will get interesting soon enough. (Snickers) Want to trade spots? You can oversee all our cavalry... and I can go see the white demon whose infamous for attempting to destroy top forces of LSZ.

Fasado: ...if you leave him to me I'd agree...but even then I know you'd murder him just to spite me.

Akuhei: I'd...I'd what? Oh come on you wound me, I wouldn't... eheheh ...hahaaha...(contains himself and chuckles) ok, ok (Waves a hand and shakes his head) dammit enough with the bullshit. I actually have news.

Fasado:... (Gestures for him to continue) then speak, we don't have all day.

Akuhei: Yeah yeah...according to Lukain, the Demonic Seithr cores are again, a factor... (He slips out a red sphere with a pitch center long enough for Fasado to see it before he puts it away again) I've been harvesting the small amount I've found, hoping they were the real deal and it turns out they are.

He turns around and stops in the street.

Fasado: I see... (Looks at the core with interest) quite the extravagant find...we could use this to our advantage.

Akuhei: Exactly the point. (Points and looks back at him) Speaking of the remember the Azure Interface Primefields don't you? (Eyes narrow)

Silhouettes of three are shown with another set behind them of an undefined number, standing to the sides of each other they each were surrounded by a powerful and bright Azure aura as the two continue speaking.

Akuhei: (Offscreen) Ahhaa...well that's probably a silly question and ironic of me to ask.

Fasado: Ironic...200 years ago the first ones were designed, and your predecessor "Akuhei Yamorochi" was present.

A few of them are focused on.

Akuhei: (Offscreen) Exactly. They were beings of war, ones that paved the way alongside the Sequence Destroyers.

The silhouettes spread out onto the battlefield, utilizing powerful weapons to fight in the war under the symbol of the NOS fighting against dark beings, human, beastkin alike to bring peace in their name.

Akuhei: (Offscreen) You and Lukain said it yourself, that they were humanities "finest" creation. They're probably the smartest and in some cases...deadliest individuals designed in the Third War of Armagus. After all, some of them paid quite the pivotal role in the war...

Fasado: (Offscreen) Considerably after the Genesis Destroyers were defeated. The first three of the Sequence Destroyers, Yamorochi included.

Akuhei: (Offscreen) ...Yeah, well, anyway...Nex is after info on all them, and for good right.

The last main five are there, standing out from the others as they stand strong, one's eyes glimmer sharply in two toned of blue and red, before the entire thing to shatter apart to where Akuhei stands in front of Fasado once more speaking in the alleyway.

Akuhei: (Faint grin) The point is...we might actually have a controlled successful host from one of the primefields on our hands. That is if nothing screws it up. (He looks at Fasado with a slight narrowed stare) You know, like Red Thunder and LSZ.

Fasado: I have quite the idea in mind. (mask lens flicker off, showing his red eyes, before returning to it's solid blue coloration)

Akuhei: It all ties together... make sure that the fox child of that annoying band doesn't screw things up, the Marshal is set on this. (grins with a gesture) Zero Sector's forces are easy enough to put down... (Looks over to the deeper parts of the city) We'll continue this after the big scene unfolds in the city...I'm betting on my horse after all... (Starts to walk away adjusting his coat)

Fasado: You..a horse? heh, I see...let's hope it's as you say Akuhei.

Akuhei: (Without turning around) ...Have to get entertainment somehow don't I? Its going to be quite the spectacle.

Fasado: A horse race? I'm surprised they still have them by now...unless you mean you have a plan.

Akuhei: Yes, Yes, Fasado I'm going to spend my time and watch a horse race, because I love watching them. I'll bring you back popcorn. (Sighs as he simply continues walking away with a hand on his forehead) Go do your damn job...according to the Brigadier the White Demon is going to Area 4. (Shakes his head)

Fasado: Can't blame me for being curious. (turns around, lens flickering between red and blue before returning to a sold blue, afterwords turning to go leave there)

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 5:33pm "
"Upper Levels, Outskirts of Area 3"

Reiga: (Offscreen) Damn these attacks...they're getting way out of hand.

A chilly wind of the evening greets Reiga with a dreary grey sky overhead. He'd been spending his time helping the people who were afflicted by the recent attack, Akari by his side, taking several hours alongside the others of the squad to tend to the citizens. At first, the squad didn't bother helping these people, but after witnessing Reiga's actions, they seemed to pitch in as well. One act of goodwill seemed to lead to the next, at least, in this case.

Reiga: (Finishes healing a citizen from an earlier strike as Akari has her tongue poking out to the side slight as she concentrates, and wraps the wound) I hope these people are able to evacuate fast enough, the Marshal said he'd give advisory to get out of the area.

Akari: Mmm...Like this? (Smiles as she fastens the wrappings) It should be better soon. You should leave as soon as you can.

Reiga: Hey, you did a good job Akari. (Smiles at her as he pats her, Akari smiles in response) These people at least will be able to return to their families and get to a safer area...but (Frowns as he looks perplexed) I can't get over how much Seithr was in the area...that's a dangerous buildup...

The women nods and takes the child who was being healed by the two, before they hurry away. The child gives a wave to Akari, and she does the same.

Akari: (Stops waving, as she feels a tug of powerful energy suddenly, turning her head to see where it was she gasps) ...Reiga...! (Points with a surprised expression) Isn't that...?

Reiga: ...? (Stops, raising from his knelt position, and looks over to see)

The scene shifts to a man clad in a long and rough black jacket tinged with crimson highlights on various parts of the attire, his arms exposed, the crystalline black formation on them visible. That alone made it impossible to mistake him. Nex seemed distant from everyone, as he focused looking around for something.

Nex: (Sighs to himself as he thinks) God damn I didn't ask her to fall off the face of the freaking planet. Where'd she go...? that I think about it this place has been hit pretty hard...i swear to god if she tried to go back home...

Reiga: That's...Nex? What the heck is he doing here? (Shakes his head as he starts to go over to him) Doesn't matter though, now's my chance.

Akari: Reiga, I... (Seeing he already was going ahead, she frowns with concern and follows him)

Nex: (Hearing footsteps, he turns around to look at Reiga with a scowl) And you are...? (Stops with a slightly surprised look) ...wait you're the kid I saw after I fought Sieg...

Reiga: Yeah, I--(scrunches his brow in protest and frowns) Wait, no I'm not a kid! (Points with a blade) Beast of Sin! What's your connection to the Brigadier, and--

Nex: (Sighs with a disgruntled look as he interrupts him) Tch...if he wants to tell you he will, but my guess is that he isn't gonna say a damn thing. (Rubs his head and begins to turn around) Get lost kid, I'm not in the mood to deal with the NOS's bullshit right now.

Reiga: Not this time Nex. You're the one whose causing all this to happen aren't you?

Nex: (Stops with a slight annoyed scowl) Me, causing this to happen? (Looks back at him with a fierce stare) You've got a lot of nerve to say that.

Reiga: The outside forces attacking the city, you have to know more about it right? Tell me, tell me why that girl is killing people.

Nex: (Sighs and looks away) I don't have to tell you you really freaking think I have anything to do with it? Do I appear as the type who gives a rats ass about the majority of the people here and if they live or die? They're gonna die anyway...

Reiga: She said she was looking for someone, (Looks strongly at Nex) that person is you isn't it?

Nex really wasn't in the mood for 20 questions, and it showed through his expression of annoyance. He sneered at Reiga, to get him to get off his back.

Nex: Oh for...yeah, yeah she was looking for me. Why? Don't know, (Throws his arms out) I don't really care! Those god damn weapons are probably amplifying her obvious as hell hatred towards humanity, and for some idiotic reason she thinks that I'm going to help her. But I'm not, I'm ON MY OWN. I don't know how else to put that to you governmental dogs.

Reiga: (Stops and thinks) Her weapon—you're referring to those riffles? What did she call them... Iblisa?

Nex: Yeah its... (glances over at Akari who simply stares at him) Another Type 4 AIP? (Scowls strongly as he growls) What the hell is an AIP doin with you?

Reiga: Akari? (Looks at her, then to Nex gaining a scowl) She's my partner...

Nex: (Eyes widen for a moment) Partner...? (rolls them) How the hell can something like that be your partner? Its nothing but another copy.

Akari: ...What...?

Nex's eyes glint strong with a certain distaste, a sudden hatred clear as crystal expressed across his stare. Akari's own light eyes were filled with confusion, as she falls into a frown.

Nex: I remember. I saw one of you...those memories... (Sneers)

Nex revisits the nightmare once more, if only it were a nightmare. Restrained up against a pitch pillar, his body torn into previously by the pair of people who stood before him. A girl with the same colored hair as Akari stood there, in different, loose attire and her hair let down. She gazes up at the younger Nex, humming, with a child's grin as some kind of procedure took place, he couldn't remember, it was just painful as all hell.

Nex: (Offscreen) To see her, singing, smiling, while I suffered, nearly died...! (His eyes gleam strong with anger as the memory fades into them) I hate those memories!

Reiga: (Looks at Nex in surprise as he attempts to defend her) Hold on! It isn't Akari's fault, she doesn't have her memories, she's still learning about the world around her, I don't see how you can possibly relate her to something like this!

Nex: Doesn't have her memories...? What the hell? They erased her memories? Or are they not letting her have access to them?

Reiga: S-she...she just doesn't remember anything. Not all the Types, I know it wasn't Akari, it couldn't of been! She hasn't even been alive for very long! She'd still be a child if it weren't for the fact she was weaponized!

Nex wasn't going to buy into it, and Reiga becomes concerned about how things were going to turn out, by Nex's expression of loathing, he probably wasn't going to settle it over conversation.

Nex: Tch. You know nothing about the Azure Interface Primefields kid.

Akari: Don't...don't look at me with those eyes...I don't want to be hated! (Closes her eyes and shakes her head)

Nex: Too damn bad. (Growls as he moves forward, his eyes gleaming) I'm not going to let them get away with their bullshit, I'll destroy...every. single. one of you.

Akari goes quiet as she hears those words, looking at Nex for a moment.

Akari: You... want... to destroy me...? (Snaps straight as her eyes change) Identified as Nex Azure 0. Objective realized.

Nex: Programming finally kicked in huh, whose the one you answer to then?

Akari's eyes shift color as she seems to stare deep into Nex, info begins to relay to her about his origins and power, however its swiftly ended.

Akari: Analyzing... Possesses unknown form of Azure Grimoire. Soul is unknown, corruption level by seithr unknown...origin unknown, restricted access. Denied analyzation of Sequence history in the system...system's orders highly prioritize apprehension.

Reiga: H-huh? Hey what the hell is going on?

An azure spiral of energy forms around her as from it meld out twelve individual swords spawning forth and glimmering as they fan out in the air. A light futuristic and sleek armor of a blue silver forms around her and clicks to her body instantaneously.

Akari: Combat mode engaged, objective realized. (Looks at Nex) Commencing orders.

Nex: (Glowers strongly as he throws his hand out changing it into a claw briefly before he takes his sword in hand) Yeah come and try.

Reiga: (Extends his hand and steps forward) Akari, Wait...!

The girl in a completely different state of mind ignores Reiga's yell and rushes at Nex, blades in tow. Lowering his own stance, Nex preps to charge right at her, breaking into a sprint he leaps and turns his leg into a downward arch of offense letting off an axe kick.

Nex: I'll break you...!

A smashing thwack echos as the swords block the strike, but Nex aggressively presses on, throwing his body forward he swings his sword in an uppercut slash of crimson darkness. Akari's blades block the hit, blown back by the energy following she slides away hardly detered.

Nex: Just like you did me...When I didn't even have a shot at defending myself!

Akari sees a memory in her head, but it wasn't hers, at least she didn't believe. Seeing through someone else's had to be. While the younger Nex was upon that pillar, that girl strikes him with blades, in the shoulders, in the knees, in the arms, blood spattering floor and pillar as he remained firmly restrained in a worming darkness that spawned from a mouth of black oblivion behind them. His wails pierce her mind,

Akari: (To herself) W-what...those memories...

Nex's sword comes at her again from a different direction as he dives at her, she dodges with a quickened step back. A flurry of assaults come at her once more, Akari using every single blade, pulling them back and launching them to bound him off he flies back and hits the ground. Suddenly as she sunk into those memories a different ideal all together sets into her, a different mindset.

Akari: (to herself) W-what's going on...whose...are they?

Nex: Guhah! (rolls over on his side, growling and shooting her a look of sheer burning contempt) ...You...piece of...

Akari: ...You were broken in more ways then one that night.

She smiles, those were the only words that she could say. The others were lost in some kind of fog and wouldn't leave her mouth. She didn't understand what had come over her, around Nex, but she couldn't stop. Remaining mute after that, she launches at him swinging her blades in varrying directions at him at high speed, jumping around him, Nex growls swinging his hand out.

Akari: (Enthusiastically and darkly) I'll let you feel it again...!

Laid on his stomach after the blades broke through his defenses, Nex raises his head to see a set of them hail down at him in the form of piercing energy. Swiftly he rolls back, and jumps to the side.

Reiga: (Watching in complete shock) ...W-what the hell is going on?! ...I've never seen her like this before...

Nex: Screw you...(Growls out as his eyes narrow) I don't know what the hell kind of twisted type 4 they made you into but...I'm not playing your games.

Akari: Nex...hates me...?

An annoyed Nex tries to abandon the battle, turning sharply around and runs off, only to have Akari chase after him. Reiga worried about Akari chases after the two in a hurry.

Reiga: Akari!!

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 5:53pm "
"Upper Levels, Outskirts of Area 3"

As night begins to creep over the horizon, Bitoku, Byakai and Mujihi all finish recovering after barely escaping the two superiors of the NOS. Byakai remains quiet, thinking about what Akuhei had said so strongly. Sitting outside of the limits, Byakai looks over toward the taller buildings and military branch in the distance.

Byakai: (Tails twitching, sits quietly overlooking his claws as he thinks to himself) ...He's wrong...

Bitoku: (offscreen) are you okay?

Mujihi: (offscreen) I'm fine's Byakai you should be tending to....he's got worse wounds between the two of us.

Byakai: I'm fine...I've taken worse. (Gruffly responding, he sighs looking to the ground, tails falling limp, ears pointed down)

Nicaiah reaffirms connection after the situation calms down.

Mujihi: (offscreen) well still don't go off anywhere with your wounds like that.

Byakai: I'm fine, I appreciate the help but I need to get back to--

Nicaiah: You need to sit down and relax is what you need to do. You were this riled up when you went off after that Sequence Destroyer.

Byakai: (Looks at the others before he frowns) I'm not stopping...

Mujihi: (thinking to himself) at least she didn't call me out for fighting Fasado...

Bitoku: (offscreen) still sorry about losing Valetha Nicaiah

Nicaiah: Its fine Bitoku...we'll get another chance. (Returns attention to Byakai) Byakai.

Byakai: (Looks at the screen again after a sigh)

Nicaiah: I didn't say you needed to stop. I said calm down. That aside... (Looks at him seriously and with concern) when are you going to come back?

Byakai: (Shaking his head, he looks away) Not going back. You have to admit Nicaiah, ever since my father... (Frowns and dips his head slightly, before looking up once more) ever since my father died, LSZ has fallen apart.

Nicaiah: I'm not denying that, and down this road this war will end.

Byakai: (Raises his voice to stare with strong eyes) But that's not how my father wanted things! (Gestures out widely with his arms) He didn't want all this to spread into an endless war!

Nicaiah: Byakai...(Lowers head sadly, as she speaks) your father isn't around anymore. I have no choice but to listen to our new commander and chief.

Mujihi: yeah...whoever that is, is the reason I'm still alive and out for Fasado's neck, though I admit I was forced to be in LSZ. Didn't have a choice.

Nicaiah: I know you can't accept him, but he's all we have.

Byakai: (Shakes his head angrily) He's why the LSZ has a ruined reputation, because of the things he's done with power. He's why Mujihi is under his contract until who knows when, because of that god forsaken chaotic element, and I will NEVER go back if he's there. And I--

Mujihi: (Surprised) how do you know of chaotic element?!

Byakai realized he let that slip and then shakes his head.

Byakai: (Looks at Mujihi, with a twitch of his ears.) Nothing...listen...I'm not going back.

Nicaiah: Your father and he were close allies he-- (Drowned out by Byakai's tone once more)

Byakai: I don't want to hear how they were allies! I don't trust him, I never will Nicaiah! (Turns away and starts to veer away walking with his back to the others.)

Nicaiah: you can't do this on your own, is all I'm trying to tell you. Your father couldn't.

Byakai: (Continues walking) Nex seems to be doing just fine on his own...

Nicaiah: For god sakes Byakai don't take lessons from him.

Byakai: this point I have more respect for him then LSZ. I'd rather do it alone then for something I don't believe in...

Nicaiah: And you expect things to change if you never try to change them? I can't go against my superior. I have lives underneath my belt.

Byakai: ...Then don't...but I still have things I need to find for myself. And until I do LSZ is a second priority.

Mujihi: ... (slowly grasps his handgun) you better get going then...I don't think you'd wanna be at gunpoint by the guy who wants answers about how you know of chaotic element...

Byakai: (Frowns before he turns away and leaves, sheathing his claws) Fine, want me to leave, I'm gone...I hope you like working for a lunatic.

Nicaiah: Dammit Mujihi... (Sighs while holding her head in her hand)

Bitoku: I even wanna know what their talking about?

Nicaiah: They're talking about the "Chaotic Element" was the highest order to not let it be put in anyone because it was a project based on something we didn't exactly count on ever being infused in someone again. But it was the only option...and so an idiot in the LSZ saw fit to put it into him to keep him alive. At the time even I didn't think it was the greatest idea. In exchange...the top of BD-51 demanded that he worked for us. (Closes her eyes)

Bitoku: BD-51? So...whoever is the leader of that was the one who forced him to work for the LSZ? ... I see. (bows head)

Nicaiah: I wasn't aware Byakai knew about the project, but its likely his father said something to him before hand. If he knows anything there isn't any way he'll tell us at this point after that argument...

The two get up and begin to walk back towards their target location.

Bitoku: should I...tell him about BD-51 or...keep it from him??? I don't like keeping secrets honestly...

Nicaiah: (Eyes travel down in sorrow) We're all guilty...of keeping secrets Bitoku. ...Try and focus on the mission for now, Valetha and getting to the restricted branch underground levels.

Bitoku: (nods) Yes ma'am...

Mujihi: (turns around) who's guilty of what?

Bitoku: (eyes widen) N-nothing at all!

Nicaiah cuts her connection after a sigh and then leaves the two to themselves, and they continue on their way in a solemn silence. Bitoku worried with the thoughts of keeping something from her partner, and Mujihi curious to how Byakai knew about the Chaotic Element.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 6:23pm "
"Upper Levels, Approaching Area 4"

Sylar moves forward intently as he looks for the man Zaezel that'd just ran off. The white demon looks around through the carnage, for any signs of the man, but there were none. Fires around him, people scattering, Sylar paid no mind to the chaos, and simply continued walking forward.

Sylar: What's that guy gonna do anyway, going after Nex. Not that Nex can't handle him anyway, still, I wanted to learn more before he just bolted like that.

Sylar notices the presence of another person in the area. Him being in the middle of a ruined town didn't exactly help his image any, it made him look like he was responsible for it. Sylar stops suddenly.

Sylar: ...LS...? NOS? None of the above? (Speaking Sarcastically as he gestures and changes his tone) Thou who greets me on this fine bloody night...I ask you reveal thyself.

Clearly goofing around, he looks through the smoke. The one near him was a woman from LS, though Sylar couldn't tell yet and he doesn't show any signs of concern, shrugging it off when there's no immediate response and then continues moving.

???: Well, guess you don't like company. (Runs her hand through her hair, shooting an interested glare at Sylar)

The woman runs her hand through her hair and shoots an interested glare at Sylar.

???: So they call you White Demon...A true demon, or the one who acts like hellspawn? (Pulls a small metallic sphere out of her pocket, tossing it up and catching it) Want it? I can see that you're interested.

Her gray eyes scan Sylar as a cocky smile appears on her face.

Sylar: (Looks over at her, as he continues to walk) Yeah, I'm the White Demon I guess. How "True" I am, depends on who you I'm talking to. I can be as human or as "demonic" as I want to be.'d you know I've got a thing for round shiny objects? (Eyes watching the sphere)

???: I just guessed. (Tosses the sphere to Sylar)

Sylar: ... (Catches it and looks at it curiously)

Suddenly the sphere explode in a cloud of smoke as the girl claps slowly as Sylar coughs.

Sylar: ...Hah... (Smirking as he clears his throat, he again turns away and walks off) Aren't you mature...sorry don't have time to deal with this.

???: And I don't have to keep running after you.

A sleek futuristic-designed rifle appears in her hands.

???: Freeze... (Points the weapon's barrel at Sylar) or there'll be a lot of blood.

Sylar: ...Well when there's a gun at my head, I guess I don't have much choice but to listen huh. (Stops and rests his cheek on the top of his fist) Really though, I prefer people not running after me. I mean, I'm not really doing anything that concerns authoritative forces. Why bother me?

???: I'm from LS, My boss, Nicaiah, sent me after you. The name's Anna.

Sylar radiates energy throughout his hand as he grins out of her sight, keeping his back to her. His hands fiddle with a dark energy like lightning.

Sylar: LS...that explains a lot. (Radiating energy throughout his hand, he grins slightly keeping his back to her) ...I remember saying I didn't want them bothering me. (Fiddles with the lightning as it dark energy solidifies over a part of his arms) I'm not bothering them...right now, anyway. But, I guess that doesn't matter clearly, seeing you're pointing a gun at me.

Anna: Wanna do it the easy way or the hard way? Your call? But I have my orders, so I have to do what my boss said, so you better come with me... or else things'll get worse.

Sylar turns around and takes out a black and white rod.

Sylar: I'm quite perceptive actually despite my "demonic" appearance...(Turns to look at her as he takes out a black rod with intricate designs) compared to you pathetic blind as hell government establishments. ...Do you even know why you fight? I bet you don't.

Sylar grins as he holds the dormant rod behind him.

Sylar: (Grins as he holds the rod behind himself) Me on the other hand? I know EXACTLY why I fight. Go ahead, try and carry out your orders. Make it quick cause I'm trying to find the real "evil" here.

Anna: There's no real "good" in this world. We all make bad things, but we try to choose the lesser of two evils. I do what I must.

Sylar: At least let me finish saying what I meant by "evil" in someone who is targeting the god damn city. Now I could be wrong, but think that's just a bit more concerning then me.

Anna: (Takes her hands off the gun's trigger for a moment) What are you talking about?

Sylar: I'm talking about this! (throws his hands to the side and gestures to the ruined area around them, before he stops and turns his gaze upward) ...Not that I really care about it, but come on, (looks back at her) shouldn't you guys be more concerned with whose causing these attacks rather than me?

Anna looks at the area and puts on yellow shades for a more complete analysis.

Anna: (Hm. Interesting. A powerful trace of energy... it's different from the Demon's one.)

She twirls her gun and points at Sylar.

Anna: (Twirls the gun and points it at Sylar) Now we know that there's someone else who's responsible. But we still need to keep you away from the NOS.

She starts sending the data to Nicaiah.

Anna: (To herself as she begins sending data to Nicaiah) You have to see this, Sis.

Sylar: ...What you thought I did this? (Rolls his eyes, shooting a blank stare) Hell no...I destroy the LSZ's crud sure, but I'm not so demented that I'd target cities. (Changes his look as he raises a brow and taps the rod across his shoulders) What do you mean you have to keep me away from the NOS?

Anna: It means that these guys are gonna send people after you. They'll catch you, and then... I don't know, maybe they'll use you for their experiments and stuff...Anyway, better to be with us than with them. Come on, you can't just fight them alone.

Sylar: ...I'll be the one to judge if I'd be "better off" with LSZ. It'll be a cold day in hell before I believe it. (shrugs outward as he shakes his head) Also, I've got no interest in the NOS right now. I'm going after a specific man and he's all I care about at the moment. The last time I saw him he said some things that I need to figure out for myself. If the NOS comes after me, let them, I'm not too worried.

Anna: Geez, stubborn as a mule. Okay, so... you think you can take this guy on alone? Judging by this kind of destruction, he's pretty strong.

Sylar generates a coursing black energy then fires it off in a screaming volt of darkness at the remains of a building behind her.

Sylar: If I wanted to destroy this place, I could. (Pulls back his hand with a scowl) This guy walked into my territory, destroyed a base "I" was after and went ahead and tried to be all buddy buddy with me at first. He came out of nowhere and interrupted what I was doing. Guy hates humanity. He killed all the people there and then I got blamed for it...(Rubs his head with his eyes closed) though, probably would have done it anyway...but still.

He clenches his hands as energy whips around him violently.

Sylar: I need to find this guy. (Stares with dangerous intent) I just saw him and he ran off. And the only thing that's keeping me from leaving...(Narrows eyes) is you.

Anna: Really? So he showed up at your turf? Well, sucks for him... because I'll be the first one to kick your ass!

The rifle's mouth opens and releases a rocket in a smoldering burst.

Anna: Launcher Shot! Don't think that I can't fight!

Sylar: Well... (Looks at the rocket as he brings his hand forward, generating energy around it) that talk was completely pointless.

Jumping up into the air to evade the rocket, Sylar swings his hand in a sweep, releasing a crackling flurry of black energy outward storming forward like lightning.

Sylar: Hell Bolt!

The bolts of seithr pulse and burst with dark energy one by one creating powerful shocks. As the shock waves break outward, Anna activates a barrier around herself but one of the bolts shatter the barrier and hits her with force. Tumbling back she jumps to her feet with a nimble flip throwing her hand in an underhand swing and an ice grenade flies out toward Sylar. A whipping wild white darkness courses through Sylar while he utilizes the seithr, landing on the ground he spots the grenade and swiftly manifests the energy around him like a protective translucent spark of black electricity to take the shock as he gathers more seithr into the aura around him.

Anna touches a wire on her glove and makes a laser blade appear in her right hand, rushing in towards the white demon she swings toward him twice with the blade forming a green cross in the air. It collides against the form of the strange rod as Sylar places it firm standing on the ground before him and with a small grin, Sylar whips it back behind him before charging in, discharging a burst of energy from the seithr around him in the form of a translucent shockwave. The shock causes Anna to stumble back, eyes quickly opening wide she attempts to roll herself out of the range of Sylar's next attack. Throwing his hand back white darkness creeps through them, solidifying part of his arms like a dark crystalline gauntlet, generating an insanely bright streamline lightning around it as he rips forward with one of the claws.

Anna: (To herself) Damn!

The claw hits her hard and sends her tumbling across the ground. She swiftly rises to her feet and shoots a death glare at Sylar.

Anna: Now you've made me angry!

She pulls a metallic sphere out of her jacket and throws it at Sylar. The sphere creates a vortex of energy that starts sucking everything inside.

Anna: Negative Matter!

Sylar lacks any kind of anger in his own stare. He brings the rod to the side and leaves it there in the ground as he channels a sparking white aura gathering energy in his own body. He makes a field around himself which grounds him. Items fly every which way around him into that void, but he doesn't move while in that field which the force of her attack couldn't penetrate temporarily.

Sylar: Jesus. Talk about a temper...worse than Nex. And he gets pretty angry sometimes...

Energy shots begin to hail down on Sylar's defenses trying to smash through but the White Demon doesn't budge.

Anna: It's not gonna last forever. I can do this all day.

Sylar: Yeah well...I'm not going to.

Swarming and pulsing energy converted from the seithr radiates strongly around him within the bubble before he throws his arms outward with a roar of power.

Sylar: Oblivion...Discharge!!

He lets the field fall as rings of crackling white darkness spark outward continuously for a short time based on how much energy he'd gathered, they strike the vortex to cancel it out in a surrounding burst that sends them back.

For a brief moment, The buildings rattle.

Anna hits the wall with a thud and falls on the ground. While Sylar slides back and reaffirms his stance with a slight huffing pant.

Anna: Crap... (Tries to get back up, falling to the ground with a grunt. She quickly clicks her earpiece) Sorry, Big Sis... looks like I screwed up.

Sylar: (Approaches pointing a claw toward her with a slight scowl) I can't deny how good it feels to see people like you on the ground. It suits you, someone who works for the government...just inches from suffering. (Narrows his eyes as he explained) You know I've done a lot of that in my lifetime, been at the mercy of someone else. this world's game. Its nice, to see karma take its course, that its the other damn way around. (clenches his claw tight)

Sylar: (Growls) I'll see the LS and everyone who follows it burn in hell for everything its done.

Anna: Shut... the hell up. Not everyone there... is responsible. And you're a goddamn psychopath. You think you're fighting for the right cause? No, you're just making people suffer. You're no better than the Destroyers.

Sylar: Oh I'm making people suffer? I'm making the government suffer because this is THEIR fault. Did I ever once say I was fighting for the right cause? No. Did Nex? No. We're fighting for what we believe in, and what I believe in is that the government needs to disappear. (Looks back at her) Calling me a psychopath...before you even know who I am? (Grins and shakes his head) What an awesome world.

Anna: (counters strongly) Still a psycho. Don't try to justify your actions Idiot. You never heard it's rude to hit a girl?

Sylar: I didn't choose to be this way. I'd love to walk around and be normal, I'd love to not be looked at like a criminal. But... (Stops and glances to the side in a solemn anger) no, no its not even worth it. I'm wasting my breath on you. (closes his eyes) You wouldn't know. (Removes the claw and walks away from her)

Nearly all his fury melted into a kind of despondency, but it could quickly flare back up any moment. Sylar picks up the rod from the ground and tries to leave.

Anna: Tch. Whatever. (Gets up, dusting herself, using the earpiece to contact Nicaiah) Nicaiah, it's me. This guy is pretty tough. Can't beat him alone.

Nicaiah: Anna, dammit, are you alright? (Picks up the energy signal and opens up a transmission hologram) ...Sylar, is that you?

Sylar's eyes gain their edge once more as he spits out a response.

Sylar: ...Gee I wonder. (Scowls, taking the rod up to his shoulder) If it isn't the leader of the 0th Sector under the god forsaken hands of BD-51...(Growls)

Cool breeze brushes her hair, and the girl closes her eyes and sighs. She hated to admit that she was defeated, but the mission is too hard for her.

Nicaiah: I'll try and get back up over there.

Sylar: ...What's with this crap huh? I'm not going after you guys right now. So why can't you just let me be?

His aura sparks strongly.

Nicaiah: Its not a matter of you not going after us Sylar, you being here now, is going to cause problems. Not only that but you're far too dangerous to just let roam around. You're more of a loose cannon then Nex is when it comes to things, like that weapon of yours. (Glances at the rod)

Sylar doesn't say anything as he taps the rod across his shoulder.

Nicaiah: But beyond that even, the NOS is going to bother you. We don't need to risk you getting caught up with them. All I'm asking Sylar is that you step out for a while until the threat of that man is dealt with. You don't need to speak with that man, he has nothing to say to you worth your time.

Sylar: (Laughs slightly) You want me to just step out... (Stops and looks at her with a unshakable determined gaze) after the guy clearly has more than "nothing" to say. And another thing, don't decide what's worth my time for me. I can make my own decisions.

Anna: Tch, yeah. Go ahead, get yourself killed. Nobody cares. (She starts tossing another grenade in the air and then catching it) No one's gonna look for your body if you die.

Sylar simply glares.

Sylar: (Glares at her) Oh really. (Returns attention to the hologram with a firm look) Nicaiah...tell me what my destiny would be, if I simply laid down to you and accepted your conditions.

Nicaiah: Sylar, just...

Sylar: You all make me sick with your "Judgmental eyes". (Leers with a growl) This world would have people like us, on our knees no matter where I go if I wasn't fighting. Its no different for Nex, treat us like we're diseases, the world look at us like we're the demons while you get off Scott fucking free and ignore what you've all done. "Liberators" hah...order? Please.

Nicaiah: Here and now isn't the time to discuss that...

Sylar: Then WHEN Nicaiah? When? Answer me that. (angrily gestures out with his hand as he channels energy through his body)

Nicaiah: ... (Looks away for a moment)

Sylar: Yeah, (Straightens out with a disappointed look) never, right? The only one I even consider close to an ally is Nex. Because he's probably one of the god damn few people I can relate to.

His eyes glimmer intensely.

Sylar: I'll bring you and your "boss" to the level of hell. I promise you that. You can forget about me stepping out, I'm figuring this out for myself whether you want me to or not. Got that?

Nicaiah: (Sighs) Recalcitrant as hell... (I've sent the back up signal at least...)

Another person enters into the field seeing the destroyed area turning Sylar's attention, but he doesn't do anything as he hears steps. Icy blue eyes scan the three as he walks towards them, twirling a dagger made of ice in one of his hands.

???: An interesting turn of events, I must say. I don't think you've gathered here to sit near the firepalce and sing songs. (Twirls a dagger of ice)

Anna instantly recognized the man whom she met two years ago, her savior, the man who freed her from that abuse.

Anna: (To herself, surprised) Kir-san... what are you doing here?

He looks at Sylar and shoots an icy glare at him.

Kiryos: (Shoots an icy glare at Sylar) White Demon... (Looks at the others) and the LS... what is your business here? This territory belongs to the NOS.

Sylar's anger vanishes from his eyes and simply returns to its usual indifference.

Sylar: (Anger vanishes from his eyes, and he returns to his usual indifference) I don't care whose "territory" it is. I was looking for someone...

Kiryos: It that so? So they're after you. (glares at Anna somewhat) Am I right, girl?

Anna: Yeah, you are, Kir... Kiryos.

Kiryos: I am not here to fight you, Sylar, so you should better get out of here.

Sylar: Don't tell me what to do, NOS flunky... (looks at him for a moment and then blinks lowering his arms slightly) ...Huh. You're the one Nex spared...

Kiryos: Does it matter?

Sylar: ...Guys strange sometimes...but even from here, I can tell you don't care for where you are in life. (Grins slightly as he lowers his head and thinks) Funny how that works with certain people...I've had enough of eyes on me though, I'm gone.

Sylar hears Nicaiah call out to him, as he begins to walk away and the man sighs to himself.

Nicaiah: Sylar, wait...! At least--

Sylar: (Ignores her with his hand in the air slightly) Not listening...don't bother me. (Puts the rod away, continuing to leave)

Nicaiah: Its my orders to whether you like it or not Sylar. If nothing else, at least don't listen to anything the NOS says to you, or to that man who caused this.

Sylar doesn't say anything more as he leaves the area with heavy weighted steps, sick of talking to people involved with the governments. Nicaiah's sigh fills the air.

Nicaiah: Dammit...back up didn't arrive fast enough. The head of BD-51 is going to chew me out for this...

Anna: (Looks at Kiryos) Kir-san, what are you doing here?

Kiryos: (Glares toward her with a frown) That is none of your concern. Don't expect me to be your bodyguard, girl. I saved you only once.

Nicaiah looks through files as she remains on the other end of the connection waiting for her back up to arrive to pass new info to him.

Anna: (Looks at Kiryos) What are you even thinking? That I will go with you, a murderer? No way in hell I would!

Kiryos: (Faint smile) You're overreacting.

Anna: (Argues) No, I'm not! (Looks at Nicaiah) Tell him, Nicaiah!

Nicaiah: ...What you do is up to you. (Sighs, cradling her head in her hand as she shifts through papers) Though the heads tend to frown on any involvement whatsoever with the NOS.

Anna: I know. But I owe this guy. You should understand... (makes puppy eyes at her) Big Sis.

Kiryos: She owes me, yes, but I don't need anyone to tag along with me.

Nicaiah: (Rubs her neck) ...You two are going to get into trouble if you're together is my only worry...I don't mind it. However...I don't imagine the heads if they knew, or your own superiors would be thrilled with the thought.

Kiryos: Fine... (sighs and folds his arms) you can go with me... but don't do anything stupid.

Anna: Sir, yes, sir! (Marches next to Kiryos and stops with a smile)

Footsteps echo through the feint crackling of the remaining fires, and out steps someone toward the group, Nicaiah switches her connection to the person who just arrived, an annoyed scowl present on her.

???: (Arrives with a hand on the hilt of his sword, a long blade glimmering neon and another firmly on the top of his hat) Guessing he's already gone huh?

Nicaiah: Dangit Serza, you're late.

Serza: (sighs and adjusts the hat as he puts the blade away, sensing no threat) So sorry. ...Since you prioritized coming here I had to leave Komyo and abandon the search for Nex... (looks at the others for a moment) She can handle herself I imagine...if you're that concerned I can go after the White Demon, not like he could have gone terribly far.

Nicaiah ponders for a moment, as Kiryos seems to become slightly offset with the former SD member's arrival to the scene.

Kiryos: (Grabs the hilt of his blade and glares) Serza...

Serza: (Glances at him) Yes hello, major Hikamigawa...

Kiryos: You're looking to be quite calm...(glares) for a traitor.

Serza: Playing that card huh? (Unfazed as he looks at him and sighs) You're as cold and quick to draw the blade as ever.

Kiryos: Hmph, I'm not here to fight you...(Folds his arms and releases his blades) that's not my job.

Serza: (Ignoring him, he looks back to Nicaiah) I hate to say this but you shouldn't exactly shrug off that man the "White Demon" is going after...he's quite the threat.

Nicaiah: I realize that...Anna I'm leaving you with directive of finding Komyo and making sure she isn't involved with anything that man does. Until we figure out exactly what we're dealing with I'm not taking any chances...that aside a certain someone would kill me if I let anything happen to her. Serza, go after Nex, Sylar and that man, keep close eye on them.

Serza: Very well...

Anna: Understood. (Nods)

Serza: Best to do that, seeing that this man is capable of high level destruction...things will get quite... (pauses as he tries to find the words) eh...messy.

Nicaiah: On what level are we talking about...? Serza do you have a report...?

Serza: (glances around at the others before he shifts positions) Well...if you don't mind these others hearing it, yes I do.

Kiryos: (Closes his eyes and contemplates) hm. Interesting. Lets hear it then.

Serza pulls out a device and releases a hologram display of the man who had a tribal vein running down the side of his arm, glimmering with darkness. His skin flashed black, his hand a straight claw on one side with a serpentine devilish tail and horns of seithr on his head with his eyes slits.

Nicaiah: (eyes widen) This man...then he' of what we thought...

Serza: Indeed, he is Nicaiah. This man is Zaezel. One of the ones who was sealed away into a cryogenic sleep after "that" event occurred. Brought us into a near war. Beings the public knows nothing about. Sealed away along with others of his apparent kind, in order to cut off their access to the seithr which they convert into destructive power. (frowns as he contemplates) Somehow, someone managed to destroy the chamber and awakened him.

Nicaiah: ...dammit. This is only going to throw a huge wrench into things. Why the hell would someone wake one of those things up, its going to make the war that much worse! They were sealed for a reason!

Kiryos: I assume he's the enemy of everyone then...?

Serza: He is an enemy to humanity. These beings despise them, more so then even riled up beastkin these days. My Division knew about them, they're far from human and are capable of incredible destruction. Baring strange veins across any part of their body stronger ones are capable of taking a human form utilizing seithr, but their true essence is demonic and purely result of consuming seithr from the otherside of the gates corrupting their very existence into ones of complete and utter malevolance.

Kiryos: (Sarcastic voice) Well things are just getting better and better on the horizon everyday. But why is he here, simply to destroy? Or to bring more seithr?

Serza: (Offscreen) Sarcasm aside... While I've yet to exactly figure what he's after, Zaezel is the one responsible for the attack on an LS base earlier and he came to Kagusutchi with a highly destructive agenda to fulfil for his "Lord".

Sylar and Zaezel are shown to be looking at each other as they stand across from each other, in the wasteland sits the crumbling foundation of an LSZ pavilion, fires surrounding them ablaze with billows of smoke wreathed in the night sky.

Anna: Serza I think that Zaezel is the one Sylar is after...he said he came to Kagusutchi after a man who interrupted his attack on a LSZ base, just a theory.

Nicaiah: Dammit of course...that's why Sylar is here. ...He shouldn't be talking to Zaezel...but dammit why is Zaezel even after? He's a force of destruction but not mindless, he's after something... (To herself) and is Valetha...damn it she better not be with him...

Anna: (Concerned) Someone has to figure it out...! This is only getting worse...

Serza: Yes it is urgent...isn't it? ...Well he's been jumping from area to area wreaking havoc, killing others and gathering the soul energy as well as seithr. I don't know yet what its for, but he's approaching the most populated area near the branch, where and when he'll strike, I don't know. But, he has his eye on the same man everyone else does, Nex-Azure 0. I don't believe he's working with anyone, but again...its all speculative. The guy is creating quite a mess.

Nicaiah: What would one of them want with Nex? And the seithr and energy from souls...?

Serza: Only a guess, but he IS the bearer of a power of Azure, and one of destruction. They tend to like that.

Kiryos: It seems everyone is hunting after Nex for their own reasons, understandable given the power he has.

Serza: (shrugs outward) Isn't that the truth, he's a holy grail who brings destruction.

Nicaiah: I definitely don't want Komyo in any of this...I need to think of a sollution to this... (Closes the connection with a hand on her temple)

Serza: (Sighs) Well being sent after three of the most dangerous people, how fun.

Kiryos: (Looks at Serza strongly) I've only one question for you: Why?

Serza: Hmm? (Looks back toward Kiryos with a finger on his head) Why what? Why did I leave?

Kiryos: Everyone looks at you as a traitor now, (Closes his eyes as he thinks, folding his arms) and yet I do not think you left because you were a mole.

Serza: Ah...I had my reasons, Major. Am I willing to share

Kiryos: Fine, keep them to yourself.

Serza: (Lifts the bottom of his hat with a finger as his eyes gleam a piercing green) Nex paves a path of sin and destruction, but its for his own reasons. Just as I left for my own reasons, just as Sylar fights the governments for his own reasons...there is always a reason that most don't and wont ever understand.

He moves his hat down as he looks past the wreckage of the area, a faint rain begins to drizzle and smoke out the fires.

Kiryos: (opens his eyes) But what if I want to understand. What if I get to understand why they do what they do?

Serza: Heh... (Gazes up watching the rain) people guard their secrets and truth heavily in a world like this when one slip up could mean your demise, or your imprisonment. But who knows, perhaps you will get to know what most don't... (Smirks before he looks back at him)

Kiryos: (puts a finger to his temple) This world is filled with crazy people, and I believe I'm crazy enough to believe the truth as it is. After all, strange people live in a strange world.

Serza: That is true isn't it...but then again you never know who you should trust. (closes his eyes as he pulls his hat slightly) ...Reiga would do well to know that.

Kiryos: I can relay your message to him if you wish.

Serza: Considering the kid is still..."Pissed" (under his breath) if that kid can get pissed, (normal tone) at me for trying to kill him...yeah probably best you tell him.

Kiryos: Yeah...right, well, good luck, Serza.

Serza: Oh I don't need luck, but you may. So, best of luck finding your answers. (Flips off his hat and twirls it as he turns and walks off towards area 4)

Kiryos: ...Thanks, I guess. (Turns to Anna) Lets go, do everything I say and follow me. (Pulls his hood over his head)

Anna: Yes sir.

Making a thin sheet of ice over them to protect them from the drizzle, the two leave the wreckage of the area.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 7:11pm "
"Upper Levels, Area 4"

As rain increases to a pour, Nex sprints continues to try and gain ground from his pursuer. Much to his surprise she keeps up with him.

Nex turns his body sharply as he evades a blade that shoots out at the ground by his feet. He climbs over freight as he tries to ascend to a higher level to shake her. Meanwhile, a confused Reiga pursues the two trying to figure out what was going on, having kept up for the over hour long pursuit.

Reiga: (To himself) This is insane...

Nex: (Looks back evading another sword that misses his body by mere inches) Son of a bitch...

Absorbing the seithr in the air into himself he turns his body, throwing his hand out to bring his weapon into a forceful side swing, a collection of energy bursts forth in a roaring offense of serpentine crimson darkness. Akari's blades wheel themselves and in moments the energy is reduced to flakes of seithr, she charges forward taking two of the blades, and slicing outward at Nex's chest. Wails of metal sound as Nex swings rapidly to block and deflect her strikes, before he growls lowly.

Nex: Damn you system puppet...

Akari: Never forgive it (smiles darkly) This spiral of pain, we never want it to end...!

A bit away, footsteps approach and focuses on Akuhei looking over the scene, watching the two go racing by, and he watches with a grin across his face.

Akuhei: Ah there's Azure 0...and T--

???: (Offscreen) Type 4.

Nex and Akari bound off each other, as they strike in unison, swords wailing in high pitched cries, he paints the girl in front of him as the one who he'd saw that night.

Akuhei: (Looks over at the man) Well look who it is, the traitor. (Grins as he lowers his head slightly, he fiddles with serpentine darkness in his hand) How funny it is to see you here Serza...

Serza: (removes his hat and looks at him with glowing eyes, in sync, do Akuhei's glimmer) Can say the same to you... (Walks forward quietly stopping at Akuhei's side, watching the fight) Underworld Serpent.

Nex cringes, as he hears her voice in his head from that night playing the memory fresh in his mind.

???: (In a rythmic child's tone of song within Nex's head) Nex... Nex... don't cry in pain Nex... It'll all be over soon Nex... you can't forgive me, this world...this is where...your new life begins.

Nex: (Eyes widen as he thinks to himself) What's with this one...? Doesn't matter... (Growls as he generates seithr and darkness around himself opening the shells on the back of his hands) I'll make sure there's nothing left of it!

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive

End of Thoughts of Vengeance
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