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After I decided to share a bit about my locket with Myri, we left the warehouse and I took us to a facility in hopes of finding info. Course instead of info...we get damned AIPs cornering us in the facility, and some odd girl fell out of that cryogenic chamber...certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I guess Sylar found the bastard he was after, but it led to a huge mess with Seigfried and that girl Komyo after the two had a fight of their own. Dammit Seig for how you treated her I really should give you a sound beating. ...But guess I should focus on the problems in front of me. 

EvoBlaze Logo CTS

"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Episode 12: Teal Troubles

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 12:00pm "
"Upper Levels, within a research facility"

Nex: (Off-screen, yelling strongly) Ravager!!

The body of an AIP crashes to the wall and slides down, an angered Nex standing on the other side, hand outstretched as a claw before it reverts. His eyes are quick to catch two move in to his side with weapons out to the side, carrying a volatile speed. Nex jumps right when the energy weapons clash, and gathering a radiant darkness into his sword he twists to release a powerful swing. 

Myri: Nex be care—Ahh! (Ducks and runs to find a ceiling plate crashing down from the strain

The plate shatters apart suddenly, in its place a glimmering gauntlent, Yumiko had her hand pulled back before she released a punch forward, generating a powerful white crystallized burst from seithr around her. 

Yumiko: (Puts her arms down and smiles) You okay? 

Myri: I am now...

Nex swings his sword full length around himself as he strikes an incoming AIP, the blade extending with a crimson tint, he jumps and brings the edge to the ground to release a cracking burst of darkness around himself into the second. It bends back as it falls to the ground like a cheap toy, it quickly jumps to its feet as she lunges at Nex with an energy blade to try and pin him. Nex with a firm scowl, sidesteps, twists his opposite arm and grabs onto her catching the AIP unaware. 

Nex: A soul like you, trapped by birth... I'll destroy you!

He drives his sword in, piercing its body in a black darkness, and into the core of energy it had within. Cracking apart, losing its luster as the energy from Nex's sword seemed to corrode its very form, the azure energy around it fading to nothing along with the AIP's life. Nex, tosses it to the side as it fades into nothing. Nex redraws his sword, watching as the other one comes at him, he wears a scowl of apathy as he punches his hand forward unleashing a claw through, rips through the core and holds it in his hand. 

Type 4 Beta: Fatal...impact... ...

It falls to the ground with a thud, wearing expression of brief shock.  Myri, watching it all could help but have a twinge of sorrow run through her eyes, seeing Nex turn that savage, but even so, he wore an expression of cold indifference as he placed the sword away, looking at the core. 

Nex stares deep into its azure depths, memory of what its owner remembered seeing in the facility. In a series of flashes he's shown memories and pieces them together. A set of caskets and pods, but not just one kind as silhouettes stand about. Suddenly, destruction reigns, as fighting breaks out within the facility. The caskets, broken into as shadowed people swarm and gather them. Lifeless bodies of others tossed about, as a bloody conflict fills Nex's mind. The loss of life, no, worse, the loss of ones own soul and current existence.  

Nex: (Opens his eyes, looking around the room as he walks) ...Sequence Destroyers...intervened in a conflict here...because different types of AIP were captured, likely to be used in combat against the NOS...but who? I couldn't tell from its memories if it was LSZ or...someone else...then again their bases getting run through isn't rare. 

Myri: (offscreen) How did you even-- 

Nex: (Looks back at Myri) ...I have a...connection with those damn things. I interfaced with the core of azure energy it had inside of it. They're its life basically, but it also contains a string of memories and sequences, with my own azure I can see it if I touch it. (Sighs in disappointment and shakes his head) Either way...this one wasn't one of the ones I was lookin for... (Crushes the rest of the core in his hand) Type 4 copies... (Walks back past them, grabbing the girl on the ground) Come on, before Sequence finds her here. 

Myri and Yumiko both look at each other and blink in surprise, before following him. 

Myri: Why do you think that girl was in there though? 

Nex: Probably couldn't figure out how to wake her up, or the people who came through didn't know she was there, who really cares. (To himself as he looks at her walking forward with heavy steps) ...The hell is this feeling I get from you...? 

The NOS would be all over this place once the Marshal got hint that they never made it to search the area with Yumiko. He just wanted to get out at this point, having caused a huge amount of wreckage, but in truth he didn't want to leave the girl there, but he can't help but think: This is just begging for trouble.

Surprisingly the sun greets them as they exit the old ruined place.

Myri: (Smiles as they exit the building) Its so warm! (Walking over to a small tree growing anew with fast and light steps she settles on the ground alongside Yumiko)  

Nex: (Follows them at his own pace, in usual uncaring nature drops the girl to the ground, ignoring a glance from the two toward his rough action) ...What? (Sitting down he places his arm over his leg and closes his eyes waiting impatiently

Yumiko sighs at his behavior, and then lets the girl soak in the warmth of the sun for a bit. For the time being the group simply waits quietly as Myri and Yumiko make conversation to catch up. A bored and annoyed Nex, simply rolls his eyes.

Nex: (Throws his head back and exhales a sigh thinking to himself) gonna be awhile isn't it...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 12:37pm "

"Upper Levels, Central city area"

Byakai: (Drops down from the building, his tails twitching about as he overlooks the place) ...Where the heck did that guy go...? (Sighs before he walks along the street) He was the only one who might of been able to tell me something. (Folding his arms behind his head he continues moving down the packed walkways, people all abuzz about something)

Byakai: I guess I should find Nex...that guy Keil said so anyway...he leads to truth huh... (Ears twitching as he contemplates, he turns his head looking over as he notices something)

Spotting a shady looking scenario going on in an alley with a few people surrounding a beastkin, weapons in their hands. The beastkin had some kind of container in its hands and Byakai wastes no time intervening.

Byakai: (Throws his arms down extending his claws in threatening manor, making his way over to the group) Hey! 

One of the group members look over at him.

Man: (looks over and scowls at him) What's your problem cat?  

Byakai: You know the war is bad enough as is...why don't you just screw off. What's going on anyway?

Man: (steps forward gesturing with a pointed hand) You a vigilante or what?

Byakai: (Moves ahead keeping his claws out as he radiates an aura around them) One could say that.

The group nervously looks at each other seeing the aura around his claws.

In the brief pause that Byakai creates, The emerald haired Beastkin who wore a helm on the top of its head obscurring the eyes looks at Byakai, before it bounds off. Its legs, kicking the two assaulting forces off their feet fluidly and the beastkin escapes, taking a container of energy with it.

Byakai: (Watches him go before returning his attention to the now angered group) Stopped whatever it was in its tracks.

Man: (Angrily) You idiot beast...that was a hostile beastkin! That man was seen near the sight of the attack and you just let it get away! No way that beastkin are going to be allowed to be the ones to threaten OUR peace given by the government!

Byakai: (Surprised, ears flattened sneering) Excuse me? Beastkin wouldn't do a damn thing to harm people. YOU'RE the only ones who—

The noise catches the attention of a passing governmental superior.

Man 2: (Twists his body to get up with a huff) Government...let em handle it, lets split. 

Man: (Nods and then looks at Byakai) You're in trouble now Beastkin! (Runs off with the other

The group breaks apart and disperses into the shadows down the street.

Byakai: Wait! (Extends a hand and then blows it off.) Idiots...targeting a beastkin...although... (Thinks back to the event) What did that guy have in that container...?

Byakai thinks to himself for a moment, that beastkin certainly handled himself just fine.

Byakai: (thinking to himself) sight of the attack...beastkin? That just doesn't sound right...I know things were getting hot but to break into a conflict where they'd be seen near the sight of an organized attack...?

Byakai's ears lower as he looks down for a moment.

Byakai: (sighs lightly as he sheathes his claws, hearing the approaching person) Wish you were here'd help a lot.

???: ... (comes to the center of the alley) ...I thought I'd have heard something...

The one who stepped forward decked in black, wearing an offsetting mask that came pointed out like a beak of sorts inches off his face. 

Byakai: (Looks at the man, raising a brow towards the mask before he sheathes his claws entirely.) No sir. (Turns to face him) Nothing to see here, was just...looking into something.

???: (sighs) what were you looking for. (small gleam of light from a lens of sort)

Byakai: Just a vigilante, looking for criminals as usual. And you who're you sir...? You don't look like... (Looks over his attire with a troubled expression) you don't look like the normal NOS soldier. Or even a normal commander.

???: (low chuckle) you may be right...I'm no ordinary NOS soldier.

Byakai in front of the strange mask wearing man decides to try and get what info he could. If he was high up on the chain as he proclaimed perhaps something of interest would come up. Little, did he know, that the man before him knew more than he realized.

Byakai: Right...well I'm looking for Nex, vigilante, and all that...(Looks around) so, why're you here?

???: Only to finish orders...and to finish something I should've a long time ago...

Byakai: (Ears perk up, suddenly interested.) Cut the small talk then huh. Wont pry on the orders since that's well, probably confidential. But, "Something you should of done a long time ago"?

Byakai chose his words carefully, doing his best to sound as though he was, and still is on the NOS's side of things.

???: it's nothing you should be concerned dates back to the third war.

Byakai: The third war...? (Pauses for a moment) Why on earth would the NOS be concerned with old war issues?

???: No no, it's my own issue, not the NOS in general. They don't want to get themselves involved with the person I seek...they know he's my prey. (Mask lenses beep a red tinge before reverting to a solid blue)

Byakai: (Smiles slightly) Hahaa...your prey? So... you're a guy with a complex? (looks away silently after seeing the lenses) okay, uh, anyway, I heard that there was an operation post war that occurred as well, events unfolding for the very same reason, the Third War. Though, I'm not sure what exactly happened, as I heard about it from an outside source.

???: (low gasp as he steps forward) how do you know that information?! Tell me everything you know!

Byakai backs off surprised.

Byakai: (Steps back slightly, with straight pinned up ears) Whoa, just a sec. I don't know more than that. I heard it from an outside source that's dead now. So there's really no... (Pauses as his eyes get big, realizing something he kept to himself) problem...

He needed to figure something out for himself and looks back at the man. 

Byakai: (regains composure and stands straight) So these people, interfered with what you and the NOS were doing I assume, because, it sounds like by your reaction that the operation did in fact happen.

???: of course...they've been interfering since the third war! (clenches fists)

Byakai: (To himself) Who were these people...? What were they interfering with? There's not a chance he'll tell me... (Looks back at the man) I see...and how'd the NOS deal with them then...? Just normal death? Or something more extreme? 

???: The latter...

Byakai again to himself pieces things together. People who were brazen enough to interfere in the works of the NOS, who likely knew matters, most didn't. He was now, almost positive there was a connection.

Byakai: (Gains a slight frown as his ears lower just a bit) Erased...they were erased weren't they?

???: so what if they were?

Byakai: Okay, fine I can understand that. They interfered. But what about this other man you've got a complex for? What are you so concerned about him for?

???: (growls lowly, instinctively reaching for his rapier) He's the only one left of that family! If he stays alive he'll just interfere like they did!

Byakai: (Tails twitch violently, he gives a firm aroused look) Forgive my rash thinking sir, but it makes the NOS look really bad, harping and relentlessly chasing people that aren't even on the public hit list. It makes enemies. Only makes more conflict.

???: he was my enemy for a while....he's like you too...a damned beastkin.

Byakai: (Snarls at the comment, letting his emotions slip into the next part.) Aren't you guys "Protectors of the world's peace" "Obtained" in the third war of armagus when you defeated the Rogue sectors my father led? Were these people that operation saw the death of, involved in the Rogue Sectors endeavors? (Eyes narrow as he clenches his teeth together, feeling his claws slide out from the tension as he lists off in his anger) Does that just "justify" the means to delete their existence? or was it to keep em shut? So no one would ever know what they had to say? Tell me that!

???: (small evil chuckle) it's none of your business...either you step aside or I'll end your life here...

Byakai contemplates to himself for a moment. They all knew something about the NOS, about what really happened, and he'd figure it out if it was the last thing he did. Why everyone who was involved, ended up dead. There was a reason beyond what they shoved down the throat in media.

Byakai: (scowls as he closes his eyes) ...Why am I not surprised by your sudden change in tone. No, I'm not interested in picking a fight with you "sir". I'm going to find Nex...who was coincidentally...being looked after by Imyo who was also erased... (turns and starts to walk away, disdained by the entire conversation)

???: hmph...I won't let you leave here alive.

Byakai: (Turns his head) Really...? Now I'm a target? (Stops as he unsheathes his claws, ears flat, taking a few steps outward) On that note. can you ask your high horse superiors, why I'm on the hit list all of a sudden? I've had an assassin on my tail for days now, and its getting annoying. I'm just trying to do my work, its hard to do that under heat like that.

???: (evil laugh) you don't get it..,you said your father was a part of the rouge sector no? You have no idea what kind of trouble you are in...!

Byakai: (Lowers his head and growls quietly) ...So it wasn't a stupid mistake by that guy. NOS does want me dead...(Scowls as he turns back around) Again, my father is dead, no thanks to the NOS...what does any of that have to do with me? Who are you anyway?

???: Hmph, I thought reputation would spread it far... (the man walks into a lighter area to show himself) Lt. General Fasado of the NOS...

Byakai simply has a stunned look across his face hearing that.

Byakai: Fasado? You're...then you're with those other father knew about you three. The Marshal, the General and the Lt General.

Fasado: I'm glad that you remember me... (mask lens flicker between red and blue, before going to a solid red)

Byakai: Hard not to. He told me you three were probably the most dangerous...(Backs off slowly keeping claws drawn.) and feared of the NOS, doing what all you see fit.

Byakai looks around, there was hardly a chance he'd win against the Lt General. 

Byakai: At least I got a decent bit of info though...but I don't intend to die, promised my dad I'd figure things out in his place if it came to that.

Fasado: hmph...looks like you've failed him unless you have a miracle to save you!

Byakai: (Looks at him with strong eyes) miracle...(unsheathes his claws as he points one arm forward) just my hope.

He lunges forward swiftly with his claws imbued in a feint aura, striking the ground while launching himself to make a shredding shock. Fasado grins (if it can be seen under his mask) as he steps to the side to avoid and counter with a charge attack with his rapier. Byakai twists his body to evade the charge midair before bounding off the side of the wall, swinging his left paw into a hooking sweep of his claw in a fast slash. Fasado gets struck down and skids into a nearby wall with a pronounced growl, the cat beastkin turns swiftly as he goes in again bringing his right paw around to strike overhead, the claws glow strong with a blue tint. Fasado growls lowly as he braces himself for another attack, a red aura about his person.

Down comes the claw, but the would be strike is swiftly and strongly countered by his opposition as his opponent deflects him off. Flung back, Byakai twists and swings his claws in a streak of fast paced slashes in many directions. He had to keep his pressure going as he slides, weaves and lunges into his strikes, claws ablaze a blitzing blue arc of offense from varying directions. Fasado attempts to block the strikes, but failed to guard the last few slashes, spinning into the wall, impact making a crater of where he was hit.

Byakai spins around and brings his claws in a light blue wheel like formation, a blur of slashes, while swinging his tails after. Landing on his feet, Byakai watches as Fasado gained his footing, as he evades the attacks with a small growl. 

Fasado: You wish to die don't you?

Byakai remains quiet as he slides into another attack, his enemy again quickly dodging. 

Fasado:'re quite quiet for the son of a traitor!

Byakai: Talking to you seems pretty pointless. (Extends his paw into another swing) and most importantly...I've nothing to say to the ones who murdered my father.

Fasado: (charges his red aura) heh, you still seem to have something I need! Hopefully you won't die before you tell me...Where is Mujihi Mazio!?

Byakai: ...Why the heck would I know...? I'm not part of LSZ anymore.

Fasado: He's the one I search for! You of all people ought to know where he is if you know at least a THREAD of LSZ. (lens go to a crimson tint)

Byakai: Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you...I'm not exactly the type to throw people under the bus. (Swings out claws in front of himself) If there's one thing I knew about LSZ, it was that until my Father died it was respectable, and I'm only sorry this guy has to be in it while its under the watch of... (He scowls slightly) ...someone else...

Fasado: (blocks the attack) oh?

Byakai: Yeah. (Presses against the attack, before striking with his hind legs, rather attempting to.)

Fasado: how s-- !? (falls over from the attack)

Byakai: (Bounces off with his claws out)

Fasado, clearly becoming annoyed, Byakai notices that yes, his hits were landing but they weren't doing much to stop him any.

Byakai: (Growls as he lands on the top of a nearby metallic crate)

Fasado growls as he regains his stance, before striking the ground, causing a large red spike to trail towards Byakai. The spike rushes forward in a speeding trail of crimson and, like a knife through butter, cuts through the crate Byakai stood upon. The Beastkin is blown forward by the strike as his foothold breaks apart.

Byakai: Gah...! (Flips forward and lands on the ground bellow)

Fasado grins udner his mask as he slowly walks forward

Fasado: are you going to speak? Or will you pay tithe in blood?

Byakai: (pushes himself off the ground, looks up and growls as he slashes with one of his claws)

Fasado strikes the ground again to try and counter the slash. Despite Byakai's effort, after a few interchanged blows, he slides back, striking the wall on impact.

Byakai: ...ungh...! ugh... (Dammit...guess Nex can't get me out of this one...)

Fasado: heh...give your father when you see him my Hell! (lens flicker to a blood red tint as he pulls back his rapier to deliver a final blow)

Byakai: (Remains quiet as he gets up.) Dammit... (Closes his eyes

Seeing Fasado in front of him, Byakai's body shakes a bit from the pain. Prepared to take his fate, however,  the blow never comes. A bright energy flash sounds off as it hits from behind, revealing two other people. One of them holding a gun forward.

???: (offscreen) Hmph...finally found you...Fasado.

Fasado growls seeing the gun-wielding person

Byakai: (Looks at the two) ...huh?'re... (eyes widening he pushes himself to his feet)

Both people soon walked into a lighter area, They were both fox beastkin

Mujihi/Bitoku: ...

Byakai: (To himself) I...wasn't expecting him to be the one to lead Red sense now that I think about it... (Rolls over and jumps onto a higher crate)

Mujihi: ... (looks to Byaki) got any beef with Fasado? If you do you're not alone...

Byakai: (to himself as he looks toward him with strong eyes) He's in a similar position that I was...I guess that was one good choice made...its...good to see he's still alive. (Shakes his head) You're the leader of Red Thunder then...

Mujihi: and only

Byakai: (Smiles slightly as he pushes the pain away) My father would be happy to hear that you made your own force. (Looks back at Fasado) Not the best time to chat though...

Mujihi: yeah...I get the idea...

Fasado: I have no use for you anymore...seeing my target is now here!

Byakai: (To himself) Then you're stupid because I know quite a bit now to share, Lt General.

Mujihi: despicable really are desperate...

Byakai: Have at him... I guess I'd say I owe you now.

Mujihi: heh...all right...Bitoku, tend to his wounds and give Nicaiah a report that I found the plague doctor...

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 1:23pm "

"Upper Levels, outside the Research Facility"

Meanwhile outside the facility, time passes like clockwork for all but Nex, as he becomes fed up with waiting exhaling a huff with his head planted in his hand. 

Myri: (offscreen)  ...I think I saw her twitch...

Nex: (sitting on the ground, the man rolls his two toned eyes) Oh awesome she twitched...(scratches the top of his skull) yeah how friggin long is this going to take? I have a lot better things to do besides waiting on sleeping beauty here.

Yumiko: Be patient. (Raises her hand and bonks Nex over the head with the bottom of her fist

Nex: Really? (Scowls and rubs his head

Yumiko: Yes Really. You—

The girl's eyes slowly begin to open. 

Myri: (Looks at the two with a smile) Guys, guys she's waking up...! (Points at the women excitingly

Nex: (Offscreen) Finally...

The girl yawns and stretches. She turns over to her side.

???: (Yawning and stretching, the girl turns over to her side) Five more minutes...

Yumiko: Yaaay! (Rushes over leaving dust as she smacks Nex in the face with her tail, on accident)

Nex: Hey what the-- (Nex didn't appear pleased, or amused, choosing to stay in his spot with a grumble) ...damn squirrel tails...

The girl then realizes things aren't as they seem.

???: ........? (Looks around at everything and everyone, an expression of confusion and loss.

Myri looks at her alongside Yumiko both with excitement in their eyes. Opposite of Nex, whose eyes glint with disinterest.

Myri: (Waves slightly with a small smile) Hi there.

Yumiko: (a fast spurt wave, happy grin as she over zelously greets her) Hi hi! Good to see you're awake, we were hoping you'd be okay after we found you.

She seemed nervous at the three of them, and the man especially made her uncomfortable. She didn't know what to say to the strangers.

This girl was probably confused to hell, Nex thinks. 

Nex: (To himself) Could they be anymore boisterous with their damn greeting... (Cocks his head to the side and rubs it

Not sure what else to do, she forces her lips to utter at least something. 

???: ........hi....

Nex: ...(voice loud and demanding, he leers at her) Yeah we said hi. Who the hell are you?

It'd likely scare her off if he was the only one there, but Yumiko quickly tries to stop that.

Yumiko: (waves her hand trying to tell her it was okay) Please don't worry about his crude demeanor, (glares at Nex before looking back at the girl and introducing herself) I'm Yumiko.

Myri: (puts a hand to her chest with a pleasant grin) and I'm Myri...(grin vanishing as she looks towards the man in the black coat) that man there is Nex.

His harsh demeanor didn't want to make the girl speak anymore. She feels around for the sword and makes sure she has it, placing both hands around it and places it between her and them.

Nex: (Alert, he jumps to his feet, scowling strongly with eyes on her) huh? What's your deal now? (slowly his hand reaches for his blade, Myri's grasp on his arm stopping him cold)

Myri: (yelling at him, shaking her head in hopes to stop him) Stop that...! You're scaring her!

Nex: (Counters in annoyance) She was the one who went for her weapon first. And stop touching me! 

Yumiko: Stop it dangit. ...I'm so sorry. (Sighs as she shakes her head) Um, maybe you don't remember your name. Can you give me something to work with?

Nex's angered growl is heard as he rips his arm away from Myri's hold and sits back down burying the side of his head against his palm. Myri sighs exasperated.

???: .....Miwa. My name is Miwa.

Yumiko: Miwa? That's a pretty name...

Myri: Do you remember anything besides your name...? (Comes back over to her and sits down) We found you in a cryogenic chamber in that building there. (points to it, seeing Miwa's confused look, she tilts her head

Miwa: What's a cryogenic chamber? I've just been asleep. Mom gave me this sword and said that I was just going to take a nap

Nex: (offscreen...Take a nap...?  (The other's look at him, and Nex looks right at her with serious narrowed eyes) Sorry to break it to you kid but your mother wasn't around when we found you. A Cryogenic chamber is something someone uses to put someone to sleep for a long time. It preserves them that way.

Miwa: Why would I be in something like that? (She looks around again, puzzled

Miwa: Come to think of it...nothing looks like what I remember

Myri/Yumiko: (Both confused as they put a hand to their head

Nex: ... (Closes his eyes for a moment) ...What year is it.

Myri: What year, why ask her th--

Miwa: Huh? If I remember correctly, its 2200...

Nex: no. (opens his eyes and replies with utter certainty) Its December of're 200 years into the future. So you were put to sleep during the third war of armagus by your mother likely so you wouldn't be harmed or captured.

Miwa: (Eyes widening, taken aback by the answer) T-two hundred years...?

Nex: Did I stutter? Welcome to a world of hell by the way... (Gestures out and shakes his head) (Although I sense something in her...a source of purity? That's not possible though...unless she really was completely sheltered)

Yumiko: This must be confusing for you, and probably a bit scary...

Miwa: S-stay away from me! (Her spare arm clenches at her chest)

Yumiko: Oh...I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to startle you...We're not going to hurt you. (Tries to approach again

Nex: Tch... (Rolls his eyes as he shrugs the entire thing off) if you're just going to whine about this I'm out.

Myri: Hey, Nex, that's not nice. (shoot him a look as she shakes her head) She's confused, lost, she doesn't know who we are, doesn't know about our world or anything. (frowns) And your attitude isn't helping.

Nex: Cry me a god damn river...

A surge of pink comes forward to them.

Miwa: (Offscreen) AGH!

Nex's eyes open wide and he stops the surge with his own as he radiates a pitch aura. He lowers his head still keeping his gaze at her as he frowns. 

Nex: Azure...that explains a bit. (keeps his guard up as he walks over

Myri and Yumiko were both shocked to see it. The pink aura radiates around her.

Miwa: Too powerful...hurts! (Pink aura radiating around her, she wrenches away

Nex: (Sighs at the sight) Stop panicking. You'll only make it worse. Azure intensifies with emotion and if you lose yourself in it you'll be consumed entirely by it.

Miwa: (Panicked, she breathes in and out in attempt to calm herself) Huh. That worked. (The pink aura fading away, she looks at Nex curiously) What is Azure?

Nex: (Goes at ease for a moment as he sighs once more before explaining) Its power...a power that allows people to do incredible things. Brings change, can make nightmares real and cause destruction, or even miracles I've heard. Its power taken from a source we don't understand, and then becomes part of that person when exposed to it. (looks away for a moment) Its different for everyone...but its a power highly sought out. And its also extremely dangerous depending on that persons willpower. (Looking back at her, he frowns) And right there yours overpowered you, you couldn't handle using it.

Miwa: Mom said I had a special power. She didn't tell me what it was or how to use it. So...I have azure, and its pink. (Looks at Nex once more)

Miwa: do I use it?

Nex: H-huh? Well...  (Runs a hand down his neck as he tries to figure a way to explain it)

Suddenly Imyo's words come to his mind.

Nex: ...first off don't let it overpower you...command it, its yours. (Radiates a black aura around his hand) A power that'll become part of you. (Looks at her seriously) Until you become comfortable with it don't use it when you're angered, or saddened, emotions intensify it and while it'll give you the power... (His eyes go to the side as he frowns slightly) it'll eventually break you completely if it becomes too strong, and you'll be consumed by your emotions and its power. You risk a lot using it in those scenarios.

Miwa: Okay (Nods). I'll give it a shot. (Calming herself, she places her hand on a nearby withered plant and allows the pink aura to engulf her

As she does, the plant seems to regain its glow and looks healthy once again. The pink aura fades and she looks to see if the plant had become what she wanted.

Miwa: It worked! (Smiles

Myri:  (Offscreen) Wow, that's incredible...!

Yumiko: (Offscreen) What a beautiful this what it can do if used in the right hands?

Nex frowns and looks down away from them.

Nex: (To himself as the screen focuses on the flower) To see azure, give a world like this...

She was a pure soul for sure, that much Nex could tell, coupled with an azure definitely made her an oddball in this world. The two Myri and Yumiko look at the plant that was alive after being eaten by the converted seithr pumped into the world by the generators. While harmless to humans in the current amount for the most part, it devoured life from all else that was weak enough like the small plant. 

Myri: The power of miracles and change...maybe it could even change the world. (closes her eyes and smiles at the idea) I'd love to see a more peaceful place.

Miwa: Then that's what I'll strive for! I'll change the world so people can live in peace.

Nex's black aura flickers out as he shuts it off. 

Nex: (Offscreen) What? Is that a joke? This world can't--

Myri: I'm glad to hear you believe in it too, I guess Reiga and I aren't alone in that endeavor.

Yumiko smiles and nods, she loved the thought, though she deep down had a difficult time believing it could really happen. But she was hopeful.

Miwa: I wonder...can I use my azure on Nex?

Nex: (Raises a brow and frowns)...use your azure on me...? The hell are you talking about...?

Miwa: Well, you look like you have a lot of cuts and scars...maybe I could heal them?

Nex: (Suddenly a bit concerned) H-huh? ...I don't need it I'm--

Yumiko: (looks at Nex and puffs her cheeks) Don't be like that, let her try.

Yumiko: Go on. (looks at Miwa and smiles)

Miwa nods and stands up. She walks over to Nex and does exactly as she did before, however this time, nothing happens.

Miwa: seemed like something a different color was interfering with wouldn't let me do anything.

Nex: (Sighs and shakes his head)..Its because my Azure interfered with yours...

Miwa: So my azure can't interfere with other azure? I wonder why...

Nex: Because mine is stronger then yours. If yours was stronger it'd overpower mine, but I didn't want you coming near me so it stopped you. That and... (Frowns as his eyes close slightly) I didn't want you seeing how dark my azure really is. You don't need to see it...

Miwa: So I guess tell me what's happening? I'm not really sure what's going on here...

Yumiko: (frowns for a moment as she sits back down with her head down) We're in a state of war currently...two organizations of the NOS and LSZ that have been fighting for ages.

Miwa: (Frowns with a sigh) So even here the world is at war...

Myri: Sadly...

Nex: What? (Returning to his usual demeanor he glowers at her and approaches) You expected it to be any different?

Miwa: (Rubs her shoulder) I just thought...

Nex: You thought what? (Steps forward as he asks sharply, he lets off a slight growl pointing to the world around them in clear disgust) This world is about as dark as it gets under this candy coating it has.  

The cities, tall and powerful, the strongholds beautiful, but all of it was artificial. None of it was natural anymore. 

Nex: People die every day, erased without question or reasons to why. (Narrows his stare with each saying) People harm each other because they can. (Curls his lip, snarling as his hate becomes evident) Feuds over power and weapons of god damn destruction. Wars that never end.

Miwa: The world could become a gentler place...

Nex: A gentler place? (Rolls his head in amusement) Oh sure, when hell freezes over. (Looks back at her again and shakes his head) It doesn't matter who you are in this world, there's no standard of right or wrong. Don't try to bullshit me with the Government being in the right either. The war will end, sure, but will it end with everyone getting along? Hell no.

Yumiko frowns on that statement towards the NOS, she did believe in the NOS somewhat.

Myri: (Offscreen) She can believe what she wants to Nex, and personally I want to see it come to reality someday.

Miwa: The end doesn't justify the means...

Nex: (Almost laughs) You're looking at a world built on that principle now. Good luck getting it the other way around. The world is violent, its not gonna change. 

Miwa: But if you do it the way they do it, you're no better than them...

Nex: I'm no better than them? (Rolls his eyes and steps in) Really, you just now noticed that?

Nex: Who did you think I was some bullshit hero out to save the world? Here I'll entertain the idea: I'm only interested in destroying Sequence and their "protection" they have over the world. (Points to himself in a slight sneer) I'm the only one who can, and that's all I care about along with personal matters concerning them. If you want to go and try and "Save the world" be my guest. (Lowers his tone in anger) But don't try to push your ideals on me got it? I'll believe, and do what I, and only I choose. (Steps away pulling his hand away

Miwa wasn't sure how to respond. He seemed to have a remark for everything she said.

Miwa: I'm sorry...

Myri: (Approaching her, she looks at Nex disappointed) Nex...that's enough...

Nex: Tch. Whatever...You want to give her false faith and sugarcoat shit do it all you want.

Yumiko: But you don't have to be so mean about it... (Puts her hands on Miwa's shoulders in attempt of comfort) she doesn't know, leave her alone. (Stares at Nex angered slightly)

Nex: (Looks back at them with a glint of displeasure) So she can be the rest? (Remarking coldly, he turns away and then walks across away from them

Yumiko: (Ears drooping slightly as she watches him pass them) It doesn't give you the right to--

Nex: I said. Do what you want. I'm done here. (Back still turned to them he continues to pull away

Yumiko frowns, Myri gives a troubled expression. Turning his back to the rest of them, he starts to walk away.

Yumiko: (Frowns strongly as she gets up and yells to him, pumping her fists at the ground) You're just going to leave her like this?

Nex: (Offscreen as scene focuses on Miwa as she begins to look on the verge of crying with every word he said) Its not my problem, figure out something to do with her. She's just going to be trouble for me.

Sure she wasn't aware of what was happening, but she just wanted to be helpful. 

Myri: H-hey, don't didn't do anything wrong...

Nex: (Hearing her, he stops, frowning definitively and closing his eyes)

He suddenly remembered speaking to Seigfried at Imyo's a long time ago and he frowns in thought. Painting a picture of the scolded Siegfried in his mind, looking at the ground away from someone's cold gaze...his gaze. 

Younger Siegfried: (In his head, from a memory) What exactly have I done to make you hate me...? Is it just the fact that i'm here...?

Younger Nex: ...Tch, just go away. Why the hell did Imyo save you anyway...he knows that I can't be around people, I have too much damn hatred that to get out of here...I don't care where you go. 

Younger Siegfried: ...I...

Younger Nex: Not leaving? Fine, I'm going, and don't you dare follow me. 

Nex: (to himself offscreen as the memory fades away into his eyes) I let my grimoire and those feelings of anger get the better of me that time...

Nex: (sighs) ...Dammit. Don't, don't freaking cry. (He turns around and opens his eyes, losing some of the cold edge in them)

Miwa: I know...things are different then two hundred years ago...but that's no reason to be mean...(Sniffles)

Nex: (Grasps his forehead with an open hand) Stop, stop... (He sighs as he looks up and tries to think of something to get her to calm down) Alright, I'm sorry. (Looks back at her) I shouldn't of...yelled, or been so harsh...its just (Sighs deeply) its how I am I have this, hatred that sticks to me like glue. Its bad of me I know, but I wasn't trying to make you cry.

His words lacked the sharp edge for once and Myri was at least happy to see that he came and apologized. 

Miwa: (Wiping her eyes) You're forgiven. I'm just...I feel lost.

Yumiko turns her head as she tries to think of something. She smacks the underside of her closed hand against her opposite palm.

Yumiko: (Turns her head as she thinks) Hmm...  (Smacks the underside of a closed hand against her opposite palm) I can come with me. I'll take you back to the NOS. I'll contact Lazarith and have him help.

Nex: ...You're taking her to the NOS? (Gives a look of disagreement towards her) That sounds like the most idiotic idea I've ever heard.

Myri: Hey! (frowns and she crosses her arms in defense of the idea) Lazi can help her, don't be so dismissive Nex. Besides. (Counters while looking at up at him) Do you have any better ideas? 

Nex: No, but I don't agree with all. (Dismisses the argument with a gesture and huff) But you do what you want...just don't drag me into it. (Looks at Yumiko, intently with a dire gaze) One thing though...don't let the higher ups catch word of it. Or you, and her will be in a hell of a lot of trouble. 

Yumiko: (A bit stunned by the sudden change in tone) W-what's wrong with letting the higher ups know...? (Straightens and looks him right in the eye) It WAS my mission after all.

Nex: I don't give a damn if it was your mission. (Turns looking at her) They don't want anything good of her. Believe me or don't. 

Yumiko: (Troubled expression, she shakes her head) Those are my superiors you're talking about, and to be fair Nex how can I even trust you? 

Nex: (Steps in closer) In your shoes, probably can't. (Narrows his eyes, lowering his gaze) Walk in mine, put yourself in my position, deal with your government as they try to rip everything you start to gain and everything you will ever have away from you, then dangle it in front of you like a lure... (Scowls strongly as he pulls away from her) But believe what you want. 

Yumiko just stares for a moment, as a moment of silence passes. Nex's words, oddly, seemed genuine. But what would she do, what could she do to lie to some of the most powerful people in the NOS? 

Yumiko: ...(Sighs with the heavy thought of lying to her superiors in her mind) So as far as this is concerned, you're not part of it...?

Nex: At all. (gestures at her) You don't know me, you didn't see me. I don't need another problem. 

Yumiko: R-right, okay. (Puts her hands on her hips as she lowers her head in thought) Fair enough...

Miwa having been quiet as she watched the two finally speaks out. 

Miwa: So...I'm going with the Squirrel Beastkin? Yumiko? 

Yumiko: (Returns to a smile and then turns to nod at her) Yep. 

No other words come from Nex, instead the man turns away from the group and starts to leave.

Myri: Good luck Yumiko...Miwa. (Looks at both of them and smiles) Let me know about Lazarith's status if you can sometime. I want to talk to him soon.

Yumiko gives a quick hug to her and then nods.

Yumiko: (Gives a quick hug to her) you got it. (Nods) You're always welcome to come with us if you want...I mean (Looks over to the quiet dispersing Nex) if you don't want to travel with him. I mean I know Lazarith would want to see you too. 

Myri: (Lowers her head, thinking about Lazarith with a sad look in her eyes) I know, he probably is worried about me but... (Looks back at Nex, then at the others) I want to go with Nex. Its for my own reasons...

Yumiko gives another quick nod in understanding, and Myri gives a wave before she goes to follow after Nex. Eventually, the two are long gone from her sight, and Yumiko lowers her hand, unable to hide the concern in her soul for her. 

Yumiko: (To herself) Alright, so long as you know what you're doing...

"Otoko December 24th 3:32pm "

"The NOS Ministry"

Mountains stretch tall around the vicinity of a misty horizon with a faint blue tint. Several Pillars encircle around an otherworldly looking building bending the light around its great presence, the pillars themselves imbued in a deep aura as it channels through its body a fluid energy. Within the divine structure, large and regal white doors steadily push themselves open. Out comes a man walking upon the white stained tile with purpose, his right hand clenching a spherical object as he advances forward. Approaching a location where he'd speak to those never seen by any aside his own person—The "Unknown 5".

For now however, his attention was taken by the round object he'd received from Akuhei. The man called Marshal Lukain focuses closely on the core with his navy blue eyes. A firm form of concentrated seithr containing powerful converted seithr energy found nowhere except "Beyond the Gates". Since the end of the Third war of Armagus the gates were kept shut in all but a few areas in the world. However the NOS did draw on this energy, in relatively safe manor through the seithr converters.

Lukain scans it intently, looking for certain properties in the core. A deep crimson body, the pigment was correct; the energy emitted was strong, and within the black center an invisible force of power.

Ministry Guard: (Offscreen) Sir!

Lukain: (Looks up from the core, putting it away within his breast pocket, taking note of the guards salute) Proceed.  

Noting the guard's salute, the man in uniform steps aside as Lukain approaches and lifts the security defenses over the room beyond. He enters the cathedral like area boasting a highly detailed and ornate design—one felt like they were in the presence of something divine moments of entering.

Lukain: (unpinning a emblem from his uniform, he moves gradually towards the middle setting the elaborate object sporting rims upon a pedestal)

A bright light emits from the surface of the pedestal, Lukain steps back before he stands there waiting patiently.

Slowly, the premise warps beyond reality. A sea of blue twisting and turning, it melds together a sealed space of existence that shatters forward into the room consuming it in its presence. Before him is a being covered in shadow to conceal identity yet light to give them power behind his presence.

The "Unknown 5", the one before him simply called Quis.

A total of five, they were known as the all seeing in the NOS, the closest to the "Heart" of their entire government systems. Said to be the souls of those who were made and designed to protect the world in the Third War of Armagus during a time of crisis.

The strange form sustained by a blue light within the core of their presence, a body of nothing but energy and auras. Lukain raises his head and looks upon him as Quis stands quietly.

Quis: (standing quietly, looking toward him) Marshal Lukain...Did you have a concern?

Four more appear around Quis at the sound of his ethereal voice. Three female and one other male, all of them lacking definition of a human form. They looked a lot like a transparent humanoid light, simply spirits. Quis, Duora, Trium, Tetra, and Quinticus stand before him. The members of the Unknown 5 were only spoken to by the military head of the NOS, the Marshal himself. These spirits could never leave their prison here, and thus the Marshal acted as their body of action.

Lukain: (Raising head to look at him he gives a small shake of it continuing to gaze on them) None really, I merely came to hear the situation from those closest to the "Heart" itself. Those who see what we do not, and keep us where we are as the protectors.

Quis: (Floats around slightly to his level) Matters are controlled as always, nothing has slipped our notice, but the situation in Kagusutchi is going to escalate very quickly. It needs to end.

Lukain: Its going to escalate? Pardon me saying that I've yet to notice any disturbance whatsoever in terms of the war. Nex isn't behind the attacks on the city, it is the unknown factor. 

Trium: Speaking of the attacks, it isn't the war to be concerned with, BD-51 hasn't intervened. (Adds in as she looks at a streamline energy) We've also discerned there's a force targeting the city itself. But how they plan to get the power to do this, or what their goal is we don't entirely understand. Like the unknown factor we can't see it directly. 

Lukain doesn't appear surprised to hear any of it as he looks to the side.

Lukain: (Unsurprised, he looks to the side) A force targeting the city you say. (Looks back at the five) Sounds as though one of the imprisoned might of escaped if its that large of a threat. Or perhaps a force working with one. 

Duora: A direct attack on humanity itself. Its inexcusable. Isn't this just one more reason the SD Division should be deployed?

Lukain: That's entirely up to you, Quis. (Looks at him with a look of indifference) If you want me to deploy them I will.

Quis: ...that is not an option. Even the one we had planned on sending to Kagusutchi as a mere Intel agent was dead before last night. For whatever reason, this force doesn't want the SD Division intervening in this affair, and they have means of fighting back. 

Lukain: Of course, I can understand the reasoning to not deploy them. However it would help our situation greatly...fighting Nex and forces in the like are difficult without them. They are the means to an end. Regardless of it, the last statement to the city attacks begs the question...(Looks at the five again) have one of them been released? Those who use energy form the other side? You'd see it before any would.

Listening to Lukain's words carefully, the first four exchange looks with each other, before three look at Quis for guidance. 

Quis: (Remains quiet before in reluctant tone, he answers) Somehow...yes. The public can't know.

Lukain: How has to wonder who exactly would release such a force on the world. Incredibly spiteful, and it had to of been someone who knew part of what occurred prior to the event of a near war with LSZ.

Trium: (Offscreen) Its a remnant of that time 200 years ago. Letting them come into matters would be a large mistake and only raise questions toward the government. It would threaten our peace.

Quinticus: (Glimmering violet eyes going to the side as he listens, finally chiming in out of annoyance) ...Yes. Heaven forbid there ever be strife...would be more interesting then this. (Eyes follow over as he hears Quis's voice to silence him

Quis: Silence Quinticus. You are disrespectful to our very existence and purpose.

Lukain: ...Regardless...I was there for every experience. I realize how important it is to not allow this to grow out of hand.

Tetra: (Offscreen) For what they are, it must be dealt with if they do in fact involve themselves in this war. Their very existence is hazardous.

Quis: (Raises voice above the others) Enough of that.

All chatter among the four silences in a single instant, as Quis moves the subject with a pronounced sigh of sorts. 

Quis: What of Azure 0 and his actions.

Lukain: He's going to the restricted area hidden within our branch to learn more of the AIP I'd imagine. (Steps around as he looks at the them) Other then that, I've not a clue what Nex wants here. 

Duora: (Offscreen) The AIP? If he reestablishes his knowledge about them...then...

Tetra: Then we could be in trouble. His power is capable of destroying them.

Indeed, it was reason for concern among the five, however Quinticus doesn't seem bothered at all. He holds his tongue from making a smart remark. Though no expression could be seen on the five, the mannerism alone hinted his edgy language dying to come out. The one aside from him Tetra speaks clearly to offer the only solution.

Tetra: The only choice is the same no matter what. Bring him to the Heart, (Floats down to Quis's side) he is to the point of threatening the world's protection with his demonic rebellion. It is our job to contain that threat, and in our stead, yours, Lukain. That aside he's key to any real end to this war. 

Quis: That much is true..."Breakouts" occur in the mind, control slips. People begin to ask questions, and some now seek the truth. In order to obtain the world of peace it must be stopped so there is complete control.

Lukain: Then forgive me for saying you shouldn't of messed up by letting that problem with LSZ occur where we lost what could of become, valuable assets in the war. (stops and turns his gaze to the others) Assets that could have assured the governmental system's purpose successful and unchalleged. 

Trium: (Offscreen) That's irrelevant at this point. I thought the Divine Vessel was key to ending the issue with Azure 0's recalcitrance.

Duora: The vessel isn't even awake at this point. She doesn't even know of her power and until she gains a firm realization and control of it there wont be of any point to bring her to the system. However that doesn't mean she shouldn't be brought back to the NOS, all things considered.

Quis: The Vessel is with Nex as of now. I would prefer if Minister Lazarith not be involved until we confirm that she is staying with him of her own accord.

Duora: What would Nex want with the vessel?

The annoyed voice of Quinticus pierces the air and forces the four's attention.

Quinticus: Oh for the love of the Heart! You're all sad as hell...why am I stuck with such idiots? (Floats down releasing pitch wings from behind he seems to leer) He's doing it to keep her from us, its just one less advantage we have. He already knows what will happen; it doesn't matter that he can't tell her what he knows, he still sees through the eyes of "Truth". And to put it bluntly if we were on the field ourselves, none of this would be going on. Nex isn't strong enough to defeat us right now.

Quis: (Turns his attention to his fellow member) ...We're here for a reason, and that aside we're not to fight again unless necessary—in a time of crises.

Quinticus: (Doesn't back down, keeping gaze firm) No we could...we just don't. Just let it progress to the last moment and THEN intervene, sure, why not. Oh and, stuck for what feels like eons waiting for a crises, has put me to sleep. 

Lukain: (Offscreen) Indeed, having you would be a sizable advantage, however, manifesting you is not possible to do at this point in time.

Quinticus: Of course its not...(Looks back at him and backs off from Quis) too much to hope for.

Quis: Then that ends the conversation. Quinticus, I don't want to hear another word from you about it.

A surly Quinticus gives an irate huff at the order, and Quis sighs.

Quis: The only matter that is of concern is Nex, the rest can be dealt with after he is. Winning this war, keeping peace and stopping or containing threats, those are priorities. The SD Division is busy keeping LSZ's forces at bay, making sure the imprisoned are still dormant. They will not be deployed. 

Lukain: Understood...I'll work with what I have then. Have I full permission to do anything necessary, as far as Azure 0 and this operation? 

Quis: ...You do Marshal. Also, go yourself and bring the vessel back, Lazarith won't want her harmed.

Lukain: At your leave then. (Gives them an acknowledging bow, before he turns and walks towards the pedestal, moving a hand to remove the emblem of the Marshal of the NOS from the light)

Quis: (Offscreen) Marshal.

Lukain: (Stays his hand) Hmm?

Quis: The Sequence Destroyer you have deployed...did he not get the message that none were supposed to be there? What is he doing?

Lukain: (Turns his head to look at them) The General was already in Kagusutchi before your order. He's looking after the others and overseeing their missions. As well as sticking close to the Lt Colonel who I've sent after Nex.

Quis: One of our strongest in the history of NOS, you don't recall from the field? What if he is stricken down by the force that's been targeting the others?

Lukain: Stricken down...Akuhei? (Looks up with a slight grin) Something about that in the same sentence is laughable, you must admit. Or do you forget who he is?

Quis: He is hardly as strong as his predecessor Marshal. ...Though I'd be lying if I said he wasn't capable of becoming as dangerous.

Akuhei, took more than just name from the infamous first of the Sequence Destroyers: Akuhei Yamorochi. The Unknown Five supposedly knew not of Yamorochi's story or origins, but they did have the displeasure of witnessing his nightmare borne power during the Third War of Armagus for themselves. Suffice it to say, he was one they didn't speak of often outside of what was known to the world today and who they called the "Underworld Serpent" held his Nex Exitium, the unholy weapon Infernal Serpent: Leviathan. Despite lacking the godly force that Yamorochi had before him, he was still terror in his own rights, but on occasion just seemed like he was a double edged blade to their endeavors.

Lukain however looks unfazed by the matters returning focus to the emblem atop the pedestal.

Lukain: If you desire me to pull him back, then I will. Although something tells me that he will do as he chooses regardless, unless control is "enforced".

Quis: ...No need, we'll trust your decision then Marshal.

With quick acknowledgment, Lukain takes the emblem and places it back across his uniform. As the space slowly melds back into the bright yet empty cathedral, he leaves silently. He takes his hand to his pocket again and walks back to his own room to look over the core.

Lukain: (As he fashions the emblem back onto himself, and adjusts the uniform he thinks to himself) Another pointless meeting, although that did give me info on the situation. Now for the core. Lets see if what Akuhei found was indeed what we've been looking for after so many failures.

As he arrives within it, he flicks a light on and takes out a crystalline black mass from a sealed area and compares it to the core's wavelengths. He appears surprised for only a moment as he realizes something.

Lukain: So it is real...(Holds it in his hand and then smiles slight) I haven't seen one of these in a long time. A Demonic Seithr core.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 3:54pm "

"Upper Levels, Outskirts of the central area"

A hollow unwelcome feeling greeted both Nex and Myri as the two walked along the pathways, Nex intently making way towards the restricted area, going into the heart of the upper levels, just one last stretch till he'd be near the branch. He'd been expecting to see someone on the sides chattering as usual. However, there was none, just silence. 

Myri: ...I wonder if that girl will be okay in the NOS...I hope Lazi helps them. 

Nex: (Looking around as he walks, feeling a sense of tension welling from within him, he thinks to himself) Its way too damn quiet...

Myri: (turns her head to look up at Nex's shifting gaze) And you're ignoring me again... (sighs seeing Nex come to an abrupt halt) What's bothering you no--?

A spearhead weapon shoots down from the sky glinting in the light, Nex's eyes widen in alarm as he acts fast. 

Nex: (Looks up and jumps back, grabbing Myri in the process) Tch what the hell?! (Turns around and shoots a glare at the source while releasing a terrified Myri)

???: well, seems you've still got some semblance of ability after being Akuhei's whipping post

Nex: (Glares, annoyed by the comment as he gestures out) Sorry, what was that?

Myri: W-who... (peeps quiet as she stays behind him)

Gallus: (lands in front of the two) Been a while hasn't it, (Glances toward Myri hiding behind Nex) I see you've got Lazerus' bitch with you as well.

Nex: Been awhile--? (Scowls as he looks at the man, rather, more demon then a man, he remains on guard) The hell are you even talking about? Never seen you in my life.

Myri: Wait... (Looks at him) You know Lazarith? (Surprised)

Gallus: (glowers at Myri) yes I know your self-righteous bastard caretaker. (Returns to looking at Nex) Yeah keep believing that.

Nex: (To himself looking at the wings, the vibe, all of it felt off) What is he anyway? One of those things? (Looks back at him afterward with a firm glare

Myri: What do you have against him? (She seemed annoyed at the comment)

Gallus: Difference of moral beliefs (eyes Myri) and unless hes a huge fucking hypocrite you're still not broken in yet, shouldn't have an untrained bitch wandering around, thankfully I'm here to help.

Nex: ...What ...the... (Unsure of how to respond) twisted freak aren't with Sequence? Or what?

Myri: (Doesn't even know what to say as she shrinks toward Nex once more)

Gallus: Sort of, the NOS keeps me around for some twisted reason, can't say why, now are the two of you coming quietly? Sadly, I have orders to keep the two of you alive (sweeping his trident to a ready position) though that's all they said not to do to the two of you.

Nex: (Glares at the man) You're not doing anything freak. (Slides the blade out of his belt and moves it to a readied stance) Sequence just doesn't get it. No matter who they send its not gonna matter.

Gallus: (laughs in a creepy high pitched way) good, you're not the sniveling coward you were back then, lets see what you can do.

Nex: (Eyes widen for a moment before he scowls firmly) Again with the "Back then"...tch, whatever jackass. (Moves his hand back as he radiates darkness around himself and then readies)

Gallus whips his hand around throwing several javelins at Nex in the process. As they come in toward him, Nex jumps away side to side bounding off the ground, before he lands, runs in and makes a sweeping action with his right hand and generating a darknened claw to rend his enemy. Gallus leaps back from the claw and weapon in hand, sweeping his trident at Nex's chest. 

Gallus: that can't be the best you can do

Nex throws his blade in front of his body, strength of Gallus's blow shaking through his weapon and into him but it endured the blow and he remained firm with a strong stare. As soon as Nex blocks Gallus runs up and slams his hands into Nex's chest and head, hastily Nex twists his blade vertically to absorb the brunt of the blow once more, with a growl Nex remains grounded. He needed to get some kind of ground, switching ideas, he twists his body, and swings his leg into a powerful whipping kick aimed toward his enemies skull, but Gallus ducks under the kick using his wing to knock Nex off balance. Loosing his footing, Nex grunts as he reaches to try and flip himself over from the floor. Nex realizing his enemy wasn't exactly as incompetent as those he'd fought, aside the superiors. He's taken by brisk surprise, as he feels pressure crush him on the arm, before he's slammed into the back wall. 

Gallus: You've grown soft hanging around the bitch

Nex: Urgh--! (To himself as he struggles a bit) Damn he's strong...where's he get that power from?

Against the wall he gives a growl and slips out of his hold, firing his leg out into Gallus's chest as he flips back away from him. 

Nex: Screw you...

Gallus takes the blow without flinching and takes to the air. Nex rushes ahead to get himself out of that corner, in a second he turns, readies his sword once more imbuing it in a red and pitch dark energy, and lets off a growl. Swinging his blade to try and slice Gallus across as he comes swooping down toward him, his opponent's reach greater than his own cost him in that brief moment. A painful burning feeling runs hot across his back as the weapon cuts in, twirled around he plants himself and shakes it off with a firm growl and glowering stare.

Gallus: Time to roll over and give up.

He opens the shells on the back of his hands slightly, as a blue and black light faintly glimmers, he rushes forward with power enshrouding his blade in black, and releases a sweeping spiral slash generating a serpentine darkness to strike.

Nex: Like hell...!

Gallus: Now you're going to get serious, lets see what your damn powers are good for.

Gallus jumps up and over Nex, grabbing Myri and throwing her into the path of the attack, the sword's power dies instantly as Nex forces it and his advance to stop. Growling out from strain, his blade comes to a dead halt, Nex cusses underneath his breath, with Myri letting off a gasp. A whooshing hiss sounds, as a flying Javellin strikes him in the shoulder, Nex stumbling back before he rips it out. He lunges with power, jumping forward and releasing a strong over head swing of his sword in a crimson trail, directed right at Gallus's head. Necros hits air as Gallus sidesteps and grabs Nex by the neck, stopping him cold.

Gallus: yeah, i'm not going down that easily not like the other fools you've fought so far.

Nex growls, wrenching himself, again struggling from the grip, and focuses darkness into his hands. Watching carefully as Gallus leaps into the air, spreading his wings to hold him aloft. Nex jumps up and gathers seithr around himself, releasing and spreading out wings briefly to chase him up and swings his blade multiple times toward Gallus. His foe flies around at high speed, dodging and deflecting all but one of the strikes and launching his trident as a counterattack against Nex. Barely dodging the trident, the weapon scrapes his shoulder ripping a wound open. Shaking the pain off, he brings his sword to his side once more, imbuing it in crimson darkness. However, before he can attack Gallus swoops in slamming Nex to the ground.

Nex: Ugh--! 

Smashed to the ground, head rattled, and body shaken by the pain, Nex groans slightly. On his back he opens his eyes again as he regathers himself. Gallus lands beside him and stabs his trident into the ground so Nex couldn't move. 

Gallus: (sighs) well that wasn't very fun, maybe your companion will be better company?

Nex in a look of annoyance sneers, as his eyes notice teal and black blades of the trident on both sides of him.

Gallus: You never learn do you? Oh well, you'll be back in sequences hands eventually.

Nex: (To himself) Stronger then I gave him credit for... (smashes his hand against one of the blades, an invisible dark force keeping it firm) Dammit what the hell...

Gallus: (To Myri) Lets see how bit of a coniption I can give to Lazerus when you go back (advances quickly towards Myri picking up a javelin in the process)

Myri: (Backs away with a look of fear) N-no, get away...

Nex: (Looks up from the ground, eyes widening, he growls as he smashes against the blade, trying to get it to budge) Shit. Come on...(Azure energy swarms his handBreak!! 

A screeching groan, the weapon finally gives as Nex makes a sweeping action with his hand and sends it flying with a claw. Without even thinking, only concerned that Myri get away, he rushes in, putting focus into the next hit with his sword as it glimmers with dark energy carrying a serpentine manifestation with it.

Gallus: (spins and attempts to use the javelin to deflect the strike but is shaken but jumps up again quickly)

Nex: (To himself as he lowers his blade landing on the ground) I can handle this guy if I utilize more of the azures power... (looks at Myri briefly) But not around her. (Moves back into stance and yells at her fiercely) Go! Get out of here and find Legna!

Myri: (Quickly, nervously, she looks at Nex) W-what?

Nex: (sneers) Dammit, just do it! (Gestures strongly as he slashes toward her to shoo her off)

Gallus: Awww little bit of a lover's quarrel

Myri: (Backs off in shock, before she looks and runs away)

Nex: (Looks back at Gallus, shooting a scowl, and rolls his eyes before he with a pumping action of both hands, opens the shells on the back of them) Hilarious.

The shells emit a blue and black darkness intertwined that enshrouds him as pitch aura as the formations across his shoulders fight to open up, exuding seithr and dark energies.

Nex: (holds his hand out as the opposite hand carries his sword, now imbued in darkness) But you're getting annoying to say the least.

Gallus: Trust me the feeling is mutual.

Gallus charges at Nex once again trident in hand, as Nex sprouts the wings once more and flies in with speed and power, raising his hand he sweeps out with a claw, and promptly following, a forceful horizontal swing of his sword leaving a wake of translucent darkness streaming behind it. Pushed back, Gallus blocks the blow but is obviously shaken.

Gallus: You really think your azure tricks will save you? 

He swings his trident around a few times, but Nex deflects each blow with a focused aggression backing each of his strikes. Darkness flashes and rends every which way in blurs as they clash. 

Nex: (Ignoring him as he focuses his next blow) Piss off!! Devouring Nightmare!

He growls as another swing of his sword imbued in swirling and rippling dark energy, releases a blitz of rending black energy slashes in a storm of offense. Gallus uses his trident to deflect the energy while the power in his trident slowly fades with each strike. Nex taking note that he was gaining ground, then punches forward with full on force making a claw to follow, and keeping his pressure with a firm glowering look and roar.

Nex: Who the hell are you anyway? How do you know me? (Pushes against him with his claw) and how the hell are you able to keep up with me like this? (Sneers with a growl

Gallus: (Emits a slight growl, as he catches the claw and struggles to push it back) I'm not ruining the surprise wheres the fun in that...

Nex: Just gonna play games then huh. (Takes the claw away) Screw that then...(pulls back his blade with his free hand as he lowers) I'm done with you jackass!!

He thrusts forward in a crimson, piercing darkness right into Gallus with full and fluid force.  

Nex: Fall beyond hell, into the abyss of darkness! Soul...

Swinging his blade in an unholy mantle of energy as he makes contact, a beast's aura and serpentine form flow along his blade, and smashes into Gallus with a roar leaving a carnage of darkened energy slashes ripping by.

Nex: Eradicator!

Nex then strikes next with a piercing swing of his sword, ending up behind him at the end of the attack.

A pause, before Gallus simply falls, unconscious and bleeding from the blow.

Nex: (Looks back at him and then groans, promptly placing his hand on his chest, he closes the shells and the formations across his shoulders release any excess energy.) ...gah... (panting, he looks around) I need to find where she went...

Letting off an exasperated sigh, he reflected on the fact his enemy was able to keep up with him. Wasn't even a Sequence Destroyer, nor a Superior. He scrunches his brow at the thoughts before he leaves the area with haste to find Myri.

"Kagusutchi, December 24th 4:12pm "

"Upper Levels, Leaving the central area"

Akuhei moves along his own pace with a quiet Mysteria far behind him, she hadn't said a word after leaving Reiga's side earlier. Approaching the next area out of the limits, he notices a contact.

Akuhei: Yes...? What is it?

Lukain: (on contact only) I've finished my talk with the Unknown 5, and have been asked to arrive myself...let me know when you are at the station. The Demonic Seithr core is real.

Akuhei: (stops and gains a grin) Heheheh...then just need one last thing... (spotting Siegfried going across the pathway, he walks forward) And I think I know how to get it to happen...

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive

Myri: Nex just told me to leave? What am I supposed to do now...? 

Legna: He'll be fine Myri. I'm more concerned with what LSZ is doing, and what those three superiors are planning. I certainly hope that girl will be alright with your friend. 

Myri: Yumiko is strong, she'll be able to help her. Also--

Akuhei: Shut up bitch, no one cares about the squirrel or her... tag along. That the Lt General plays with the Red Thunder trash, I might just have to join in the fun after speaking with the Brigadier...

Sylar: ...Would you do me a favor and tell Blue Blaze Boy not to follow me? LS looks to be giving me a greeting call.

Akuhei: ...Blue Blaze Boy? (Snickers) Ah...Next Time on Control Sequence: Thoughts of Vengance