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Nestled Hope, Catch 22

Name: Nestled Hope, Catch 22
General Information
Episode Number: Episode 5
Opening: Ao Shinko "Blue Faith" Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Ending: Soul Devotion, Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Anime: Control Sequence
Season: Verse 1: Purity and Sin
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: The Colder Side of Choice, Purity and Sin
Next Episode: Advent Hatred, Agencies at War

Nestled Hope, Catch 22 is the fifth episode of Control Sequence and is the fifth episode in the First Season of the series.

It saw the introduction of a primary antagonist, Yami Akuhei.




Major EventsEdit

  • The General of the NOS is revealed to be Yami Akuhei. One whose left in the dark for a bit, even on entrance as he kills someone and removes a shard of energy from their body and then sends it to some unknown location. As Lukain mentions that there was another member of the past group spotted in Kagutsuchi aiding Nex, Akuhei mentions he'd enjoy killing them.
  • Kiryos is told specifically by Akuhei not to bother with Nex, apparently Akuhei isn't supposed to be in Kagutsuchi but he came on his own whim. He has extensive knowledge of the Azure, specifically that surrounding Nex's.
  • Nex apparently knows a lot of things in this world are lies or false truths, as he mentions that he wants to try and give Myri a chance to see her own truth rather than let the NOS decide it for her. Though Myri doesn't understand this and definitely seems to be whinny about the situation at first.
  • Akuhei's psychotic side is shown when he torments Rau, Akuhei was responsible for most of the deaths of their group. What the group which Imyo was a part of did is left unknown as Akuhei decides to use Rau to toy with Nex when he shows up.