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Foreshadowing Horizons

Name: Foreshadowing Horizons
General Information
Episode Number: Episode 3
Opening: Ao Shinko "Blue Faith" Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Ending: Soul Devotion, Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Anime: Control Sequence
Season: Verse 1: Purity and Sin
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Seeking Innocence, Sequence's Prodigy
Next Episode: Colder Side of Choice, Purity and Sin

Foreshadowing Horizons is the third episode of Control Sequence and is the third episode in the First Season of the series. It saw the official introduction of the girl Myri Kukiyona and the deployment of several NOS characters to the field. 




Major EventsEdit

  • Episode 3
    • The SIA isn't able to join in the fight for reasons of a higher or equal power to Lukain keeping them elsewhere. Reiga and Siegfried are both asked to deploy to Kagutsuchi.
    • Myri is introduced as she walks home with a friend named Yumiko Nanaya. She mentions that her guardian Lazarith didn't want her to get initiated into the NOS, despite the special treatment that would be given just like Reiga had at an earlier age.
    • The two Myri and Reiga talk, they have similar ideals for a peaceful world—and feeling some sort of connection to the girl confuses Reiga slightly, but it isn't able to be addressed as the Lt Colonel Mysteria is deployed to find Nex asap who had been spotted in the area of Kagutsuchi.
    • Rau is revealed to of known Imyo who was Nex's caretaker four years ago who'd since perished in the wake of the government. Though it wasn't Nex's first time of losing anything. Rau knew of and was a part of those forces aside Morkuv who was a member of the Rogue Sector Leaders. He apparently was hiding from the government looking into matters occurring in the city and Nex immediately becomes concerned that he might bring in trouble if they tracked him here.