This page is official BlazBlue Fanon RP Wiki Policy

Administrators on this Wiki are here to help you with any issue you might be having. Contact any of us if you’re having trouble.

Admins on the Wiki

ZeroXEbony • Status: Active • Bureaucrat and Admin
TheKeyofTwilight • Status: Active • Admin
MegaSonic55 • Status: Active • Admin
Black Rose • Status: Active • Admin
StyleMazter • Status: Active • Founder

Abilities Admins have

  • Removal or Deletion of Pages, if you request a page be deleted an Admin will handle this. Do not remove info yourself.
  • Protection or lockdown of a page to prevent editing (exceptions being by other admins)
  • Ability to alter the theme on the wiki, including skins and system properties.

Bureaucrat differences

The Bureaucrats have the ability to make other trusted users Admins on the wiki.

Admins Don’t do

Don’t abuse power, we’re not here to settle arguments or disputes, there are bound to be disagreements and we should remember that oftentimes most of this is in “Good Faith”. (Meaning that most edits are done in interest of the wiki) In example we shouldn't lock a page for mere editing dispute that is not vandalism, spam or malicious editing. Admins are here to help the user base, and keep it clean. We aren't to be looked at as “in charge” or the “bosses” of the wiki.

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