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EvoBlaze (エボブレーズ EboBureizu) is an alternate universe spawned from BlazBlue and has its own timeline and characters while taking place in a world similar to BlazBlue's own using existing elements of Canon but twisting them in a different direction while using completely new elements as well.

It is a collaborative series taking inspiration and spun off of BlazBlue to make its own alternate reality spurred off the failure to defeat the original control mechanism that upholds order, the NOL.

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Not a Hero

"Icy huh…? Well I guess thats nothing new to me… Besides i’m not a hero… I leave that role to you. You're the Azure Prodigy after all, besides you beat me, remember?"

--Siegfried in a future episode of CTS, speaking to Reiga.

-BlazBlue: Control Sequence (Verse 2)-
-Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence-
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-Genesis Catastrophe-


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