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Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence
EvoBlaze Series

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Director(s): ZeroXEbony
Episodes: 150+ (Written)
Running Time: 20-30 minutes
Opening: Promised Change (Lyrics)
Premiere Date: 2014 into 2018

Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence is part of the Control Sequence portion of the EvoBlaze series, and is a collection of Nex's Origin stories from his time as a child to current adulthood. It serves to bridge the gap of his time before coming into the city.


The prequel series before Nex arrived at Kagutsuchi. Prior to him walking the road as the Destroyer, as a teenager, Nex relied on the protection of others, evading close encounters with the Sequence Intelligence Agency, living alongside his new guardian before losing everything to the NOS once more. Entering an adulthood of loneliness, Nex tried to recover his distraught mind as he wandered the world, sinking into his anger and following a dark road until discovering new allies and hopes from the past, but nothing could prepare him for the remnants of the truth strangling his world, and the forces of the desire behind it attempting to weave fate before his very eyes, causing events that'd pave his road to becoming the Destroyer.


  • Locket of Resolution - Prequel, meant to be last after main story is over
  • Grimoire of Destruction - Obtaining the Grimoire.
  • Children of Sin - Struggle to escape the SIA after the Grimoire's awakening.
  • Divisions of Destiny - Time with Imyo and Siegfried.
  • Destroyer of Eternity - First assault on the NOS, takes place in Yamatsumi.
  • Savior of Promise - Encounter with the Liberation Sector, takes place in Kanayama.
  • Phantoms of Anarchy - Struggle in Taoreta, takes place in Ibukido.
  • Ideas of Evolution - Time in Kukunochi. (Current)
  • Xenologue: Darkness of Desire - End-story.



  • Nex - Nex is the wielder of a power of Azure, one he comes to understand over the course of his travel with Imyo. After his struggle to escape the SIA, he was raised to try and fight the NOS but would lose his guardian. When he began to wander the world afterward, he met new allies and slowly became more confident in his abilities as he fought to avoid using the Grimoire's power and comes to grips with the passing of Imyo. Over the course of events, he learns more about his role in the world and also discovers the lost truths humanity tried to bury away. While still cold and callous, he was far more open to letting people in, and actively fought to protect those who became close to him.
    • First appearance: Locket of Resolution
  • Cerea Anderson - Cerea lived a relatively normal life until being drafted into Imyo's mercenary group during an event in her home city. It was then she would later meet Nex after the cat beastkin rescued him and she spent time with him as a teenager, becoming one of his friends. After Nex successfully escaped the SIA she went on to train with the other mercenaries while Imyo took care of him. Although she lacks special powers or even a Drive, she is well-trained in swordplay.
    • First appearances: Children of Sin
  • Xendes - A strange girl who is watched over by Heilo Vashtor, her history being heavily guarded by him. After Heilo rescues Nex from the Abysmal Frontier's distorted realm, she would meet him. She began as a shy and rather co-dependent girl but had to grow up quickly and learn to survive on her own. As a result, she came to trust no one and preferred to be on her own, discovering her own abilities as she sought to live for Heilo's wishes. Xendes would later cross paths with Nex once more and travel with him in the hopes of helping him discover his own road. Oddly, she has similarities to him.
    • Appearances: Children of Sin
  • Sylar - The White Demon and a criminal who came from the ruined region of Taoreta and has a distinct hatred for the Liberation Sector. He wandered with no true purpose as a criminal, gaining a reputation as a violent and savage killer. Upon meeting Nex during his assault on the NOS, he takes an interest in his path to rebel against the World Order and decides to join him out of curiosity. However, he didn’t begin as an ally, Nex having to earn his respect through his skills in combat. As time continued, he becomes far more genuine, and it’s discovered that the Demon has a dark history in the ruined region, one that comes back to haunt him.
    • Appearances': Destroyer of Eternity


  • Yami Akuhei - The General of the NOS and SIA, who has been involved in Nex’s past since the beginning, he is considered to be the most sadistic of the Sequence Destroyers, and is the one behind other destroyers hunting Nex and his allies. Although he follows the orders of his superiors in the SIA, he appears to be interested in Nex’s actions for his own reasons and has always been one to do as he pleases. Wields the infamous Nex Exitium called Leviathan.
    • First appearances: Grimoire of Destruction
  • Serza - Akuhei’s partner who is ambiguous in his actions but just as sadistic as the ones he works with when he’s holding his weapon Ophius. He has a history with Nex, meeting him during his first arrival to the NOS. Trained to become a Sequence Destroyer, and has the ability to read into others desires, using them against his foes.
    • First Appearance: Grimoire of Destruction
  • Arcius - The Blood Reaver, a combat-addicted Sequence Destroyer who serves without question and prefers to live life carefreely. He can be quite cruel though, wielding Belial, one of the most bloodthirsty weapons of the Exitium class. Having been one of the primary hunters Akuhei sent after Nex, he proved to be a major threat in his own right. He appears often as one of the two with Akuhei, the other being Serza. Arcius also would, later on, come to be responsible for looking after Agnos during one of their missions.
    • First Appearance: Children of Sin
  • Lukain Necaros - The Marshal of the NOS, and a primary overseer of Akuhei’s actions. While he doesn’t often appear himself, he is challenged by very few in his absolute authority over the power the Government holds. Referred to as one of the brightest and innovative minds, he is detached from the world around him and observes the desires of others. He meets Nex face to face during his first attack on the World Order.
    • Appearances: Destroyer of Eternity
  • Cetan - A Sorcerer who stays in Taoreta for his own reasons. When Nex and his allies come to Ibukido he takes an interest in their activity while pursuing his own goals in the ruined region. Although refined and incredibly intelligent, he is arrogant and will stop at nothing to achieve his ambitions. Has a proficiency with magic, wielding telekinesis and a twin-blade.
    • First Appearance: Phantoms of Anarchy


  • Imyo - Nex's guardian who came to be much like a father to him. He also took in a young Cerea, bringing her into his group. After being given the mission by Legna Alucard to stop the Azure Grimoire from being implanted in Nex, he felt a overwhelming guilt when he failed and felt Nex's safety was his responsibility. His strength helped Nex get through to adulthood, but Imyo would, unfortunately, perish afterward. He was the leader of a small group and they all saw him as an incredible man.
    • First Appearance: Grimoire of Destruction
    • Last Appearance: Division of Destiny
  • Nicaiah - Nicaiah is the leader of Sector 0, and was helping Imyo in his missions. Although she has a disdain for Nex's Grimoire, she aids him many times in Imyo's wishes. She despises the Boundary's darkness and the knowledge it gave for some reason, seeking to forever close the Gate to the theoretical powers within for herself. Highly bossy, unsociable, and prefers to handle matters her own way.
    • Appearance: Grimoire of Destruction
  • Heilo Vashtor - A mysterious individual who watches over Xendes, and also claimed to be trying to protect Nex. Although he displays an intimidating vibe, there is something genuine about him despite the lack of emotion in his voice, however, he also seems to carry a solemn air of guilt about him. Heilo has avoided many close encounters with the NOS, and was even capable of standing against Akuhei at one point. Leaving Xendes alone one day, he was unable to protect either of the two he wished to.
    • First Appearance: Children of Sin
  • Lazarith - Lazarith is one of the Council's primary soldiers, and serves the Templar as the titled 'Angel of Salvation'. He is the assigned guardian to a girl named Myri, but in Rebellion Sequence, he is sent out on several missions to battle the horrors of the Boundary utilizing his specialized abilities. He encountered Nex during his first attack on the city. Lazarith has a strong sense of morality, and absolutely can not stand the forces of the Boundary's corrupt natures, or those who would misuse it.
    • First Appearance: Destroyer of Eternity
  • Agnos - A young male under the watch of the SIA, though he possesses far more knowledge than most due to his upbringing. Akuhei sends him against Nex, but Agnos shows he has a mind of his own and doesn't appear interested in antagonizing others for no reason. His power is impressive for his apparent age and he holds a connection to the Boundary. He mentions he can easily keep up with someone like Nex. Aloof and doesn't appear to care much about anything, including the state of the world.
    • First Appearance: Phantoms of Anarchy

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