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Alexis Hua is the older sister of Meifeng.


Alexis' family was not one of problems until Meifeng's conception. Her family began to break down and fall apart well after Meifeng's birth. After both incidents, in which her father forcefully used Meifeng to murder a beastkin, and the concussion she sustained resulting in Meifeng losing the first ten years of her life, Alexis ran away with Meifeng. During that time, Alexis and Meifeng were helped by several different beastkin who took them in at different stops. Once Alexis felt like they had a reached a place where they could be safe, the two of them settled down and Alexis found a place where she could work and sustain the two of them. A year before the beginning of the Black Azure Revival arc, Tabor and Alexis became known to each other. At the time, Tabor, who had just finished learning of Relius Clover's techniques, was looking for an experimental subject. He chose a guinea pig he felt that, 'Would not be a problem if she went missing'. To that end, Alexis was chosen. While she originally refused, Tabor blackmailed her into becoming her guinea pig. He promised that he would not harm Meifeng as long as she agreed to do as he said. To that end, she became Tabor's new 'doll'.


Alexis was said to be over-protective of her sister, Meifeng. She was always around keeping track of her and didn't want to see her harmed because of her parents erratic behavior. She was said to be courteous, strong, and independent. When Meifeng withdrew after the first incident, Alexis was the only one who would come visit her, very much caring for her younger sister. From that point on, she hated her father for treating her in such a way. She began to look for opportunities to escape. This was the onset of her craftiness, as she planned carefully each step for them to escape, including when their parents were in a state of drunkenness and escaped that night. Because Meifeng did not know who Alexis was because of the loss of memory, Alexis took it upon herself to sacrifice everything for her. She wanted to make sure Meifeng never had to suffer again.


Alexis used to wear a long black skirt that reached her feet, with black heels. She'd wear multiple one-colored collared shirts for work and always kept her hair short. She dyed her hair brown. Despite being young, she was said to have a mature feeling about her, and was always professional in her demeanor.