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Akuhei Yamaorochi
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Alias: Akuhei Yamaorochi
Unholy God Serpent
Great Black Serpent
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: July 16th
Blood type: Unknown
Weapon: Anguis Inférnis: Leviathan
Personal Status
Status: Alive (During Irregularity & Crisis Sequence)
Deceased (as of Control Sequence)
Affiliation Status
Previous Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Previous Department: Unknown
Previous Position: Genesis Destroyer
Previous Partner: Lukain Necaros
Material Collection Information
Anime(s): Irregularity Sequence
Crisis Sequence
Control Sequence (Mentioned)

Akuhei Yamorochi was an individual who had a major role in the Third War and was known as a “Genesis Destroyer”.

He was under the NOS's command as the first wielder of one of the original Nex Exitium called Anguis Inférnis: Leviathan. His power was said to be incarnation of hell and despair itself and his design resembled a serpent giving him his nickname as the Unholy God Serpent.

His history in the war is completely unknown in Control Sequence, said to be held by the Sequence Intelligence Agency. After his defeat during the World Crisis, his weapon and name was succeeded by another

He is mentioned in Control Sequence's storyline and plays a large role in Genesis Destruction.

Character InfoEdit


Yamorochi was cruel and sadistic. He would use his power and Leviathan’s abilities to consume any he saw fit to strengthen his own soul. It wasn’t any secret that Yamorochi was one of the most insane and evil members outright. Supposedly he always remained under the command of the NOS. 


Known to have a form based on a serpent, he had two tone eyes of red and gold above black sclera and a tongue like a snake's.

Plot infoEdit

Genesis Destruction Edit

Yamaorochi is expected to have a major role in the series. He's the wielder of Leviathan and a member of an elite agency that was designed by a group known as the Architects of Origin. His role in the plot is so far slim in details but he's an antagonistic force opposing the Rogue Sectors and seeks to destroy what they protect. 

Control Sequence Edit

Yamaorochi was utilized in the war as one of the infamous Genesis Destroyers among two others. He is supposedly gone, having been defeated in the Third War along with his fellow duo of Genesis Destroyers by unknown forces and allies of the Rogue Sectors. It can be assumed that he’s done some questionable actions because even the top of the NOS, the Unknown Five (Overseers) have mentioned in story that his sadistic and brutal nature and desire to consume everything because of the powers he had made him into a double edged sword, and he isn’t spoken of fondly by many. He has however worked alongside Lukain and Fasado and others in the Third War, and according to the story in Control Sequence he bore witness to the design of the Original Azure Interface Primefields. But beyond that, their actions are veiled in mystery.

His only remaining link seems to be one of the original Nex Exitium Leviathan, which is held by Akuhei of the NOS.