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Akiko Itou
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Akiko Itou
Akiko in more relaxed clothing when she's home.
Gender: Female
Race: Fox
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Personal Status
Relatives: Mila (Step-Sister)

Kiyoko Itou (Daughter)
Aiko Itou (Daughter)
Ame (Son-In-Law)
Unnamed Grandchild
Unnamed Husband

Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Material Collection Information

Akiko Itou is a doctor.


At some point before her first appearance in The Strands of Fate, Akiko met her husband and they had a child named Kiyoko. She also met up with Mila, her superior, who gave her the opportunity to become a doctor in the field under her supervision.

The Strands of FateEdit

Akiko was first introduced after Miwa fainted in the hospital. She became the doctor for both her, and Yukiko Suzuki, Miwa's mother. After Miwa's mother passed, Akiko invited Miwa to her home. She felt sympathetic to Miwa, who now no longer had anyone to lean on. When Miwa showed up at Akiko and Kiyoko's home unconscious. Kiyoko panicked and called her mother home. From this point onward, Akiko has served as Miwa's caretaker. Akiko began to nurse Miwa back to health along with observing her and trying to learn about the 'child who doesn't exist'.


Akiko is kind-hearted. She is sympathetic to those she feels a common bond with. She can also be very stern as in the case with Kiyoko. She seemingly tries to reason with herself that Kiyoko's wackiness comes from her father and tries to reason with herself that she was never like her daughter.